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For any married couple, life can become somewhat routine with each passing year, especially in the bedroom.

Not so long ago, after recognizing the sameness that had crept into their sex life, Dick and Melissa decided they needed to spice things up a bit. So they began experimenting, Trying a little of this and a bit of that. After some trial and error and much discussion, they finally found the perfect solution. They began inviting a special friend to join them in bed.

It’s now going on 16 years since they got hitched. They have a pretty good home life and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. And even after all those years, they both have retained the strong sex drives of their youth.

Like most guys, sex has never been far from Dick’s thoughts. And as they enter middle-age, Melissa’s libido has also remained strong. In fact, at certain times of each month, her sex drive shifts into high gear.

Every twenty-eight days, mid-way between her periods, Melissa’s sexual urges increase dramatically. Compared to any other time of the month, she turns into a sex maniac with a nearly insatiable appetite.

Just in case you have forgotten basic biology, that mid-point between periods is when a woman is ovulating. Meaning she is fertile — it’s baby-making time. And Melissa has always been extremely receptive to Mother Nature’s signal for procreation. As such, like clockwork, she becomes super aggressive in bed, as if trying to heed that call. Like alarm bells, With each passing month, her biological clock sounds its alarm bells just a little louder.

When they first married, there always seemed to be more pressing issues than starting a family. It was agreed that having kids should wait. At first, their individual careers and making enough to buy a house took precedence. Then with employment longevity comes additional benefit time and the opportunity to travel. Early on, Dick often extolled the benefits of remaining childless. Kids would only slow them down, he said. The truth was, Dick felt no need to expand their family. Melissa wasn’t as committed to that cause.

It just so happens that Melissa had adverse physical reactions to the pill. She also resented that it was her responsibility to prevent pregnancy. So years ago, Melissa stopped using any kind of birth control. Deciding instead to let nature — and condoms — rule the day.

You can see how a hyper-sex drive and Mother Nature’s call to procreate just might work in her favor. After all, accidents happen.

As time passed, keeping a supply of condoms on hand for when she was in heat and fertile became a nuisance to Dick. And neither of them enjoyed sex as much when using a condom compared to when one wasn’t necessary. There was something much more pleasurable and preferable to the spontaneity that condom-free intercourse provided. Even if it did create a mess.

Well, Dick wanted to fuck with the same abandon his wife did. Whenever and wherever — especially when her drive was peaking. Yet he disliked worrying about what could result when she was ovulating. So he decided to surprise his wife by getting a vasectomy. In his mind, that would solve everything. Once it was done, they could fuck with abandon without fear of pregnancy. He scheduled the procedure to coincide with her birthday. A surprise birthday present, if you will.

Arriving home after the surgery did not deliver the results Dick had expected. Melissa burst into tears. Now she would never bear her husband’s children. Melissa didn’t keep news of his “present” to herself either. After informing both sets of parents not to expect any grandchildren, she proceeded to tell all of their friends that Dick got snipped.

That was several years ago, and as they say, time heals all wounds. The disappointment that she would never get to experience motherhood slowly faded. Instead, she and her husband did as he had promised; they took several fabulous vacations to very romantic getaways. Always timed to coincide during her sex drive peaks. This resulted in having sex, LOTS OF SEX, in very memorable places.

So, anyway, getting back to that friend of theirs. You see, it was maybe two years ago when Dick returned from work and was greeted at the door by his wife. That, in itself, wasn’t so unusual. What made this particular time different was that Melissa was dressed in her sexiest, sheerest lingerie and saying, “This year, I got to pick out my birthday present. I want you to meet my present.”

In her outstretched hand, she held a dildo. It didn’t matter that her birthday wasn’t for several more days; the prideful look on Melissa’s face was irrepressible. “Isn’t he beautiful?” she asked. “Here, Dick. Check it out.” But it was the way she said, “Check it out,” that sounded more like a command.

Hesitantly, Dick raised his hand only to have it filled with an elongated hunk of rubbery silicone. No sooner had it touched his palm when odd sensations coursed through him. Some sort of instinct caused his fingers çankaya escort to curl around it. The weight of the dildo was surprising, as was its thickness. He had never held anything like it in his life.

Dick found himself mesmerized by its texture and its detail. Not since the high school locker room had he personally seen another penis besides his own. And none of them had been erect. But the veining on the shaft and shape of the crown looked every bit as real as anything he’d seen on the Internet. Even if this was as black as night.

Melissa said, “I can hardly wait to put it to good use, but it just arrived from the shipper, and I didn’t have time to wash it off. And since I’m counting this as your present to me, I want you to wash it. It will give you a chance to really get used to holding it and thinking how you will use it on me.” Dick hardly knew what to say or how to respond. A part of him felt uneasy even touching this ‘thing.’ It was too much like he was getting queer with another man’s cock. But at the same time, curiosity was kicking it. Using it would allow him to get a close-up view of what his wife’s pussy looked like when a cock tries to enter.

Melissa’s voice interrupted Dick’s thoughts. “Remember to wash it really good. The whole thing, from end to end. I’ll be in our bed waiting. So hurry up. I want you naked and hard.”

That was enough incentive to push aside any remaining uneasiness. With dildo in hand, he hurried into the bathroom while Melissa softly chuckled in the background.

No sooner was he in the bathroom when Dick had stripped off his clothes, washed himself, then prepared to wash his wife’s birthday present.

Dick couldn’t get over just how oddly kinky holding this dildo made him feel. Slippery with soap, his fingers wrapped around the circumference. Sliding his hand up and down the length of it, he was struck by how much more noticeable the molded veins of the fake cock felt. The foaming of soap against its blackness even highlighted the most minute details. He wondered if the inside of a woman’s vagina was sensitive enough to feel such textures. Something else became apparent; the ginormous size of it. Dick had always been proud of his own erections and the way he could please his wife with it, even if it was only “average” in size. But by his calculation, this dildo had to be half an inch broader across and at least two inches longer than even his best hard-ons.

Dick’s face flushed when he realized that holding and caressing the phallic had prompted a stiffy of his own. Rinsing it of all soap, he was ready to help his wife try out her new “friend.”

But first… He had to know. Stroking his already semi-hard cock until all six inches stood stiff as a board, Dick held the dildo next to his erection. The increased thickness was even more noticeable. The black beauty was also WHOLE INCHES LONGER than his pale-skinned cock. That stark contrast between the two cocks created a mixture of emotions. Oddly, the most prominent was one of arousal.

For more than a decade, his cock had been doing just fine at satisfying his wife. Now he held a cock that would open his wife wider and penetrate her deeper than he ever had or could. Instead of jealousy of feeling threatened, it excited him greatly.

Upon entering the bedroom, a sudden wave of embarrassment washed over him. Here he was, staring at the beautifully seductive and sexy woman he was married to, sporting a turgid erection while grasping another cock in his hand. The deep black color of this new cock, her “friend’s cock,” only emphasized the differences between the two.

Melissa smiled broadly at the spectacle before her. “Come to momma.” Dick practically leaped onto the bed and snuggled up to his wife. “I hope you washed my present properly.” He assured her that he had. I want you to prove it. Show me that it is thoroughly clean. Clean enough to be inside me.” Propping himself up on one elbow, Dick looked at her questionably. Melissa took hold of her husband’s hand, the one still holding the dildo, and raised it until he was face to face with it. “Before I can let my new friend inside me, I need you to show me that you cleaned him properly.” As she said those words, she pressed the tip of the phallic to her husband’s lips.

Without a word, Dick relaxed his jaw, allowing the tip of the dildo to slip easily between his lips. The look of the dildo was so realistic and felt so sensual. The thought of a cock entering his mouth — and that his wife was watching him do so without resisting — caused a sudden queasiness to sweep through him.

“OH, DICK!” his wife exclaimed. “That looks so hot and sexy.” The excitement in her voice was intoxicating. The nauseousness evaporated as quickly as it had started. Just that fast, he told himself that what he was doing wasn’t so bad after all. Even if it meant dislocating his jaw to accommodate the thickness of the cock in his mouth. After all, it was just between cebeci escort the two of them. No

one else would ever know that he had pretended he was sucking a cock.

She removed her hand from his. “Oh, babe. Keep that up. YES! I love it.” Proud that he was pleasing his wife caused him to obediently follow her instructions. “Turn sideways so I can see it going into your mouth. Move it in and out. YES! That’s it. Suck that cock! Oh, babe. You are making me so wet. Take in deeper.” Motivated by her praise, he would have deep-throated it. But no matter how hard he tried, only between three and four inches could be managed. Just the same, Melissa cooed, “OH GOD! I’ve always wanted to see you suck a cock. It’s even better than I thought.”

This was news to Dick. She had never even hinted that she thought such things. And why the hell would his wife want him to suck a cock?!?! Still, her words inspired him to continue. “You look so fucking sexy!”

Dick had gotten so into fillating the dildo that he hardly noticed that his wife had removed her lingerie and was now completely naked. That is until she rolled him onto his back and straddled him, rapidly impaling herself on his drooling erection. Mashing her furry bush against his own pubic hair.

Melissa rode her husband like he was a wild bucking bronco while shouting. “That’s it! SUCK THAT COCK!” Dick’s attention was divided between the exquisite sensation of his wife’s cunt bouncing up and down on his man meat while entertaining her by maintaining a steady rhythm sucking on the dildo. “Oh yes. Fuck and suck. Fuck and suck,” she encouraged.

He couldn’t believe just how turned-on his wife had become watching her husband pretending he was sucking a cock. Melissa said, “Oh god! It’s almost like I’m having a three-way.” Her breathing became more labored. “My husband is fucking me while he’s sucking another guy. This is so fucking hot!” and with that, she began quivering and shaking as an intense orgasm washed over her.

That was enough to push Dick over the edge as well, shooting a massive load of his sterile cum up into his wife’s cunt.

No sooner had the last of the strong jettisons of cum ejected itself from his cock when Melissa anxiously said, “Time to switch.” With that, she rolled them both over so that now she was on her back. “Now it’s my friend’s turn.” Wrapping her hand around her husband’s, she unceremoniously pulled on it withdrawing the dildo from Dick’s still gaping and drooling mouth.

Pushing her husband and his dildo grasping hand down towards her midsection, she said, “I want you to be the one to put my friend in me.” There was an urgency in her voice. “Quick! You need to keep the three-way going. Show my friend that you want him to fuck your wife. Put his cock inside. Tell him how much I need to feel his big cock inside me and how much you want him to do it.”

Dick was beside himself with the exoticness of everything. His wife’s authoritative commands. Pretending that they were actually taking part in a three-way with another man. A three-way that included him sucking the guy’s cock. And now he was about to give his wife to another man.

The idea of Melissa having sex with another man was something that had crept into the couple’s foreplay fantasies, even teased from time to time. The truth was, this was something that had floated around in Dick’s more depraved thoughts for many years. There was some strange attraction to the idea of sharing his wife with someone else. To share his pride and joy with others.

Then, one night he accidentally let that notion slip out. Surprisingly, Melissa readily began including that idea into their sex play. At least the “fantasy” of doing that.

But this was the first time they were role-playing that another man was in bed with them. And he was about to fuck his wife. “DO IT, dammit!” she shouted. “Help him fuck me. He likes sloppy seconds. Show him the way and tell him to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Dick’s hand was shaking as he parted the thick hairy bush that surrounded her pubic area to press the tip of the phallic to his wife’s vaginal opening.

Following his wife’s request, he said, “It’s okay, buddy. My wife wants you. And I want to see you fuck my wife. I’ll even guide you.” A small trickle of his cum had begun leaking from the opening. The pearlescent white of his cum stood in stark contrast to the pitch-black dildo.

Slowly, he began to insert the massive schlong, pushing any other escaping cum back into the depths of her womanhood. Suddenly, Dick wondered if the larger phallic it would even fit. Could his wife’s cunt even stretch that wide? Melissa’s pleading voice was all it took to proceed. “Stop teasing me. Shove it in me. I need his big cock inside me. NOW!!!”

“You heard the lady. So give it to her.” Surprisingly little force was required to open the lips of his wife’s cunt as it readily accepted the mushroom head. Melissa let out a small gasp of glee. çubuk escort With practically no further effort, Dick watched mesmerized as inch after inch of the dildo quickly and steadily disappeared from his view and into his wife.

This had to be the most erotic thing he had ever seen in real life. And most fascinating was how even after he had inserted the first six inches, the same length as his erections, even more of its great length was readily accommodated.

He was only forced to stop pushing when he was left with just enough to maintain his grasp on it. That she could take such a great length so effortlessly left him with the impression that his wife’s pussy was like a bottomless pit. He wondered just how much longer a cock it would take before she cried out to stop.

Obviously, his own cock had never come close to truly filling her.

“Fuck me. PLEASE FUCK ME!” Melissa barked. “Fuck me with your big cock. I need to cum.” Dick’s ears were ringing, and his heart was pounding. Excitedly, he withdrew the dildo until the crown was barely visible, then shoved it back in as far as he could and still hold onto it. This made Melissa groan with pleasure. The sound of her moans delighted Dick and inspired him to repeatedly slide it almost all the way out then back in again. The sight of his cum coating the black marvel added to his euphoria.

However, what she said next really struck a nerve. “Come on, lover. Fuck my married pussy. Fuck my husband’s cunt until I cum.” Those words lit a fire deep within Dick, and he began thrusting the dildo in and out of her violently. The cum he had deposited just a short time ago was being churned into a frothy foam. Thoroughly caught up in the fantasy, Melissa moaned and urged her imaginary lover to fuck her harder.

Then, out of the blue, Dick heard his wife say something completely unexpected. “Dick, baby. I want both of my men pleasing my pussy at the same time. Please, baby. Lick my clit. Lick it while my friend is fucking your pussy. Help him make me cum. I need this bad. Lick my slutty pussy.”

* * *

Seeing the cock ravaging his wife’s cunt, the very cock that he had submitted himself to suck on was intoxicating. The pitch-black cock that now so vividly showed the cum that coated it. His cum. He had never tasted cum. And now… Now he was being asked to lick her cum smeared clit as it rubbed itself on the dildo with each insertion. To place his lips and tongue on the cum coated cock as it fucked his wife. Dick’s instincts told him to refuse. But there was something so depraved about following his wife’s demands that he could not turn down.

Slowly at first, he lowered his head. Then with a burst of bravery and lust, he dove right in on the slimy, cum-coated, distended clit. In doing that, what happened next was unavoidable. His lips were also coming in direct contact with the upper side of the dildo, which, with each outward stroke, brought with it a fresh coating of cum. With each stroke, the dildo also left traces of cum on the side of his cheek.

By sucking on Melissa’s clit, his man cream was also being drawn between his lips. As it covered his tongue, he got his very first sample of what cum tastes like. Like it or hate it, Dick would not be deterred. Sucking on her clit was like sucking a miniature cock. A tiny cum leaking cock.

Without any additional mental input on his part, Dick’s hand was thrusting the dildo in and out.

Having adjusted to the taste of cum, his tongue bravely ventured beyond his lips to graze the slimy dildo. As it steadily pumped his wife’s cunt, its veiny texture passed across his sensitive tongue. This sent shivers down his spine straight to his reawakened cock.

Between the fucking and sucking, it wasn’t long before Melissa was convulsing and vibrating through the most violent orgasm Dick had ever witnessed. Her contractions were so strong that the dildo just about shot out of her vaginal canal and through Dicks slippery fingers. Somehow he stayed with her maintaining suction while wagging his tongue. However, no sooner was the dildo out of the way Melissa’s hips rotated upward. Before he could react, he found his mouth fully encircling her entire pussy.

In the past and on very rare occasions, Melissa had orgasmed so strongly that she squirted. And only once had Dick been in just the right place to catch it in his mouth. When that happened, he almost passed out with delight. The intense stream of thin liquid was unlike anything he’d tasted before. It left him moaning appreciatively while swallowing every drop.

Anyway, just as it was registering what was taking place now, a hand pressed against the back of Dick’s head, forcing him to remain where he was. This time, his mouth rapidly filled with a creamier liquid than he expected. Sure, there was the super sweet flavor of her juices. But there was also a tart, semi-saltiness to what filled his mouth. Sucking on Melissa’s clit while coated in his cum told him precisely what was causing this confluence of taste and texture. This was a mixture of his wife’s syrupy fluids accompanied by the semen from his earlier


Melissa begged, her voice quivering, “Oh god! Yes! Lick me! LICK ME NOW!!! I’m still cumming. OH, BABY! Don’t stop. PLEASE!!!”

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