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So, here we are again, me, you, and the chair. I can’t wait to meet you, and so I sat down, imagining what it would be like. we’d made plans to meet today, you called saying you would be here, but you didn’t quite know when….sometime in the afternoon. So, I’d gotten everything ready, dressed, and sat here in the chair….. and waited.

Soon, I heard a knock, and then the doorbell rang. I stood straightening my clothing, and then answered the door. I was slightly moist from just the anticipation of the whole thing. I answered the door, hanging behind it a bit so as to build on the surprise, and there you were! You stood there smiling, and I tried not to show how excited I was. However, with me, holding back the excitement is the same as shaking up a Coke can…the timing of opening the can has to be just right, or……

We stood and looked at each other and I gave my you my usual hug…. only yours could melt cheese the way you held me. I had to prevent myself from going totally off! I said hi, my voice shaking, still holding back.

“Hi, I hope I wasn’t too late, you answered back. You had something in your hands. For you…. you said sitting it on the coffee table. You can open it now, if you want.”

I nodded. That hug made me so my circuits were screwed. You seemed to know what I was thinking, and hugged me again, this time with a rocking motion, running your fingers around my breasts. I held tight around your neck, but like an instant reflex, I ran my hands down until they were right around your hips and lightly brushed against casino şirketleri your crotch. My thoughts lay there feeling the hardness until I heard you speak…..

“Find anything you like down there?” you looked down at me and smiled slyly. I was embarrassed now. So, I moved away and gestured for you to sit down. We talked about video games, and I pointed out my game consoles out and showed you my computer….but I couldn’t get my thoughts off of how hard you were. I could feel myself getting very moist. As usual, it felt like something everyone could see but me, so I did my best to not bring attention to it. I showed you around and you seemed intrigued and looked at my books. For awhile, I sat down in my chair. You continued to look at my books telling me what a nice selection I had. “Some on sex too, you said turning to me. Then you came and knelt in front of me. I think we’re gonna get along just fine.” you smiled.

I felt you running your fingers between my thighs and I looked down and smiled, then quickly stood. On my way up, I grabbed your crotch again. You looked like you wanted to say something, so I stopped, removing my hand. You put my hand back and asked “What would you do next?” I softly brushed my lips all over your face, nuzzling the stubble on your cheeks. It reallllly turned me on. You kissed back, your arms tightening around me, everything was going very quick as I felt your arms move down and open your pants. I could suddenly feel the heat as you grabbed one of my hands and put it on your very swollen cock. I felt a brief surge go casino firmaları up my arms and all through my back….orgasm one. I felt you put your fingers between my legs as you kissed on my neck, rubbing your cheek there. The stubble was turning me on more than I could say. I felt another surge go down my back as I shook….orgasm two. Now I could hardly stand. Your hand still rubbing my crotch, I undid my pants so you could feel the wetness there…..I heard you moan….”Gosh, you’re wet.” I was so turned on, I could hardly stand, almost falling back in the chair……

“Wanna go back in the room? I heard you whisper. I think you need to lie down.” I quickly shook my head, and felt you run your hands across my sweater, your thumbs massaging my nipples. You seemed to know exactly what to do. As you did this my fingers caressed and massaged your stiffened cock. I crouched down and nuzzled it against my cheek, kissing it, licking it, then I stood and led you back to the room……

In the darkness, I watched you undress , removing your pants, until all I could see was your cock moving around in a thick patch of hair. As I touched it, you proceeded to lie on the bed and look up at me. I slowly undressed…pulling my sweater over my shoulders and undoing my bra. My breasts tumbled out and you seemed to have pleasing grin on your face as they did. Then removing my panties, I jumped in with you. It was instantaneous as we went for the full body hug! I wrapped my legs around your thighs and yours around mine. You held me tightly and kissed me as your fingers güvenilir casino wandered into my pussy and felt the extreme wetness. I heard us both moan as they rubbed there. My other hand felt and stroked your cock as I kissed you. Your cheek caressing me as you ran down my neck . Ohhhh, I felt you kissing and nuzzling my breasts…. the other you pinched and rubbed until I was shaking all over! From there you wandered to my crotch and gave me a very deep tonguing ….stopping ever so often to nibble my thighs. When you felt me gripping your shoulders you knew it was time. You stared at me, quivering and yet, almost sedated…orgasm three. You pressed my legs open and stood on your knees….massaging my pussy with your cock…. now it felt like a tease….I wanted you inside… PLEASE, NOW…. you plunge….just into the opening, and then pull back. Running your hardness around the edges. Now I knew you were teasing…. I heard you whispering “How hard do you want it?”

“V..very hard, I muttered. Please, now, ram me now!” and so you proceeded to screw my brains out pushing deeply coming close to me and hitting it very hard. Ohhhh, it’s soooo good! Was that me or him? Until I heard the familiar guttural sound, and your hot juices sprayed into me….then you flipped me over and inserted your still swollen cock into my ass. I proceeded to get on my knees and moan, moving with you, as you went slow, then faster. Mmmmmmm! It felt so good! You hit it hard bending to kiss me on the neck, now and then, until you came again….lying on my back and holding me. You kissed my neck and I lay there… lips dry. I was barely conscious…..until I opened my eyes again….. seeing my clothes on, my pussy – soaked fingers, and myself still in the chair. I sighed to myself saying…”Game over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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