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“What made you fall in love with me?” Lisa asked Drew as she lay, full clothed, atop her equally fully clothed boyfriend. They lay on the bed in Drew’s off-campus apartment. He no longer had a roommate so they did not have to fear an intrusion.

Drew’s hand pulled at the back of her dark, pleated skirt, then traveled under it to her ass. “You mind and your behind,” he replied with a smile. “In that order.” He was not lying.

Lisa giggled. The 22-year-old technical virgin did not have trouble believing him. A history major, she knew she was smart as she was always toward the top of her class and made A’s, at least when she put in the proper effort. Drew was a political science major so their interests were pretty compatible and they spent much time discussing contemporary politics and historical periods that interested them both. Lisa had a special interest in World War II while Drew had a thing about the Civil War. They often took some of the same courses.

She also knew her ass was one of her best features. Lisa was slim, of average height, and deprived in the chest area in which she sported micro-tits about the size of cherries. Her buttocks were not fat but stuck out sharply and were perfectly round. She had a pretty face with fair and creamy skin with a sprinkling of freckles across a small softly curved nose, green eyes, and dimples when she smiled. Her face was framed by thick, wavy, chestnut-brown hair that she wore parted in the middle and spilling onto her shoulders.

Drew was just her type: a handsome, slim, lanky guy with dark blonde hair. Of English, Scottish, German, and French background, he was often mistaken for Jewish. “I’m smart and I have a big nose,” he would say, “so for some people that seems to clench it.”

They had been going together for over two years and were a pretty solid couple. Of course, there’d been a few blow-ups, especially after Drew found out Lisa had been out with another guy, but no actual break-up ever.

Lisa kissed Drew, a long deep tongue-lolling kiss. He kissed her kaçak iddaa on the neck, causing the nipples on her small breasts to sting with desire. She rubbed her pussy against his leg and his hands pulled down her panties and cupped and squeezed on those round, full buttocks. Lisa unbuttoned the front of Drew’s shirt, then licked around his nipples and let her hands run over his chest which was hairless save for a few brownish fibers down the middle of it.

“Are you ready to get ready?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding and causing her brown hair to swish. A sound he found charming.

Neither of them had engaged in vaginal intercourse either with each other or anyone else. Lisa was determined to keep it that way, at least for a good while, and Drew did not mind as he was happy with what they did.

Together they peeled off Lisa’s clothes. She stood naked before him, her flesh creamy and soft but still youthfully taut. Then she turned around and the couple headed for the bathroom, Lisa walking before Drew. Once there, she slid down on top of the dark green throw rug and stuck her rounded, cleanly defined ass up in the air.

Drew always liked to see her like this, looking so very vulnerable. He got a twin-pack of enemas from the cupboard under the sink. With care he inserted one of them into her rectum, then squeezed. He pulled the enema out, put the cap back on it, and threw it into the trash.

“Are you OK?” Drew asked.

“Yeah,” Lisa replied.

“Ready for the second?”

“Yeah,” she again replied and he repeated the procedure.

Then Drew turned the fan on and exited the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He took his own clothes off, then lay down in his bed to wait. He had a stack of Playboys and Penthouses in a cupboard under the little stand by his bed so he pulled one out and began thumbing through it, enjoying the lovely displays of naked female flesh as he anticipated his own and Lisa’s lovemaking.

Soon Lisa stood naked before him.

“Beautiful,” he said.

She giggled kaçak bahis and got on the bed with him.

They knew it would be about twenty more minutes before her insides were ready so she could be butt-fucked so they rolled around on the bed petting and kissing.

“Did you put the tampon in?” Drew asked. Lisa always wore a tampon in her vagina just on the off chance that some semen could drip into her vagina. They did not want to risk her getting pregnant.

“Yeah,” she said, then slid her tongue along his neck and up to his ear.

His hands went to her small perky breasts and squeezed gently. Then he put his mouth over one of them and sucked. Lisa felt that sucking like a pull on her clit, making it harden with an exquisite pain-pleasure even as her vagina warmed and moistened. His hands went down to her buttocks, cupping them. In response, her legs moved against his sensuously.

Lisa put her mouth on Drew’s. First they kissed closed-mouth, then Lisa slid her tongue in. Drew felt his hard dick pound like a hammer. Lisa rubbed her crotch joyfully against his hard thigh.

“I think it’s about time,” Lisa said. She took up one of the packets of condoms that were on the little stand and tore it open. She let out a giggle and the two of them together wrapped the rubber around Drew’s stiff dick. Then Lisa started licking delicately on Drew’s balls, taking them gently in her mouth. She went up and down on his condom-covered dick.

“Let’s make love,” she said with a smile that showed the dimples Drew found so cute.

Drew got off the bed and hurried to the living room where he pulled back off the big red easy chair. It was covered in a cotton fabric with a plump stuffing and was a thick back with two winglike sides for people to rest their arms. He brought it to the bedroom and put it on the middle of the bed. Lisa obligingly climbed on top of it. Once again, the lovely pale orbs of her ass cheeks were prominently displayed. Drew’s heart sped with excitement but he knew he had to be careful and go slowly.

She illegal bahis grabbed the big tube of K-Y jelly from atop the stand and handed it to him. He squeezed out a generous amount onto a palm and rubbed it onto his fingers. Very slowly and gently, he slid only his index finger up her asshole. He left it there for a moment and felt her anus relax around it. Then he pulled it out and put in two well-greased fingers.

“Ah.” A slight exclamation of pain escaped Lisa’s lips. It did hurt, only a little but it did hurt.

Drew waited for the rectum to relax, then he stretched his fingers against the walls of it. Lisa made no noise but again she suffered a mild discomfort. Drew put three fingers in. Then he pulled them out, squeezed some more jelly out of the tube and slathered it over the condom.

While he was out of her, Lisa slid both her hands to her crotch, between herself and the thick red cushion, and pressed on her pussy. As Drew looked at her profile, he could see a certain tension. He knew she wanted him to proceed despite it and he did, very carefully inserting his thick, throbbing, eight-inch cock up her asshole.

“Ah!” she let out a brief sharp gasp at the pain.

He waited. He kissed and licked on her shoulder.

She began masturbating some more, grinding her hips sensuously from side to side. Drew went slowly in and out, in and out, in and out of the muscularly tight asshole. “Ohh,” he moaned as his hands reached to fondle her tiny tits and his passion was stoked. He slowed down while she sped up her side to side motion.

Lisa felt a dull pain in her asshole even while she enjoyed delightful waves of arousal coursing through her body and prickling across her flesh. It was usually “ladies first” between them and this time she came powerfully, shuddering, yet without making a sound from her mouth.

Drew felt the special pressure on his dick and he sped up his fucking, going in and out in and out in and out faster ever faster until finally an orgasm seized hold of him, shaking and shivering him from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.

Afterwards, they threw the cushion to the side of the bed and lay together, quietly in each other’s arms until they fell deeply into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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