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Big Dick

Officer Kenny Pierce had been fidgeting in his squad car – parked on the shoulder of the highway for 30 minutes – as he studied the traffic. He wasn’t holding his radar gun, but it was within reach, fired up and ready to go.

He looked back at the consistent smattering of cars approaching and saw the headlights of what appeared to him to be a red Ford Mustang moving much faster than the other vehicles. It was the car he had been waiting for.

Officer Pierce retrieved his radar gun and aimed it toward the front of the speeding vehicle. Satisfied with the number on his readout, he placed the radar gun back in its holder, flipped on his police car’s lights and siren, and pursued the Mustang.

It took Officer Pierce a couple of minutes to catch up to the offending vehicle as the driver was moving more than 30 miles over the speed limit. His hands were sweating as he paced his breathing to bring it under control. He could see his police lights reflected in the back window of the Mustang as the driver slowed and pulled over to the right side of the highway.

As Officer Pierce exited his cruiser and moved toward the vehicle, the driver lowered the window. Reaching the driver door, he paused and took a deep breath. He then steeled his nerves and placed his hand on the door frame.

Looking for her license and registration, the driver of the Mustang said, “Officer, I am so sorry. I know I was really speeding… really speeding… but I was trying to make it across town to a date on time. If there is any way… “

She stopped speaking when she turned to look into the officer’s eyes.

“Hi,” Officer Pierce said with a stern look.

Her mouth hung open for a few seconds before she said, “You have got to be shitting me.”


“Get anything on the menu that you want,” Kenny said to Sandra as one of the servers from Sandra’s favorite restaurant awaited their order.

She gave a forced smile as she nodded. “Thank you, Kenneth. I will.”

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he noticed the tension in her voice.

“Nothing. Just…you always say that.”

“Oh. I…I just want to make sure…”

“Thank you, Ken,” Sandra interrupted.

The server waited as she tried not to allow the expression on her face to betray her discomfort at the situation.

Sandra quickly surveyed the menu. “I’ll take the salmon and the grilled asparagus,” she said.

“And for you, officer?” the server asked Kenny, who was wearing his police uniform.

“I’ll have the same.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, taking their menus and speeding from the table as Sandra stared at her date.

“What’s wrong?” Kenny asked.

“You wanted salmon?”

Kenny hunched his shoulders. “I like salmon.”

Sandra rolled her eyes before tending to her cell phone.

“I like your dress,” Kenny said.

“It’s a LBD, Kenny. Every woman has one.”

Kenny looked at her for a few seconds. He then asked, “Are you having a good time?”

“We just got here,” Sandra said, not looking up from her phone.

“Yeah. But…it’s your favorite restaurant.”

Smiling and nodding, she looked at him and said, “I know, Kenny. I know you know this is my favorite restaurant.”

“Did you want to go somewhere else? We can cancel the order and go somewhere else,” he said, turning to look for their server.

Sandra held up her hand. “Please. It’s fine. We’ll…eat here,” she said before returning her attention to her phone.

After a few seconds, Kenny asked, “Did I upset you?”

Sandra’s head shot up as she glared at Kenny. She then exhaled. “No, Kenny. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

He nodded, not quite convinced of the veracity of her statement. He then said, “I was hoping I could talk to you about something tonight.”

“OK,” Sandra said, still focused on her phone. “What do you want to talk about?”

Kenny flashed a nervous smile. “Well…I know we’ve been dating for a couple of months. And…” Sandra’s eyes shot from her phone to Kenny as he continued. “…I know we said we are still free to see other people. But…I was hoping maybe…”

“Kenny…” Sandra said as she placed her hand on his. She then shook her head. “I don’t think we’re ready for that.”

Kenny sat silent for a few moments, his head downcast and his shoulders slumped. Just then a restaurant guest came over to their table. “Good evening, officer.”

Kenny’s demeanor transformed. He sat upright, his shoulders straightened, and he wore a confident smile. He looked the man in his eyes and extended his hand as he said, “Hi. How are you, sir?”

“Oh, great,” the gentleman said. “My wife and I were finishing dinner. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for serving our community.”

“That’s much appreciated, sir. You two have a great night.”

Kenny then turned toward the first genuine smile he had seen from Sandra in some time. “What?” Kenny asked.

“That’s the man I remember when we met. Where has he been?”

“What do you mean?”

Sandra put her head down and pulled her hair behind illegal bahis her ears. She then, without looking at Kenny, said, “When I met you, you looked so strong…and so hot…in your uniform. You seem to have lost your confidence. I miss it.”

Kenny sulked. “I’ve just been trying to make you happy. The more I try the more I seem to frustrate you.”

“Stop trying so hard,” Sandra said. “Just be yourself.”

Sandra’s phone then rang. She looked back and forth a couple of times between it and Kenny. “Give me a minute,” she said before rising from the table and disappearing around a corner.

Kenny didn’t know how to feel or respond. He sat looking despondent. When Sandra did return he didn’t look at her. She sat down and waited for a few seconds before saying, “Kenny, I’m sorry. I need to go.”

He nodded. He then looked up at Sandra who was staring at him with sympathetic eyes. After a few seconds, she said, “I’m sorry, Kenny.” She then collected her things and left him alone in the restaurant.


“Officer, I am so sorry. I know I was really speeding… really speeding… but I was trying to make it across town to a date on time. If there is any way… ” Sandra immediately stopped speaking when she turned to look into the officer’s eyes.

“Hi.” Kenny said with a stern look.

Her mouth hung open for a few seconds before she said, “You have got to be shitting me.”

“I’m going to need to see your license and registration, please,” Kenny said, looking as nonchalant as he could muster while Sandra attempted to process the moment.

“Look, Kenny. I know I bailed on our date and I am sorry. But you can’t just…”

“You were going more than 30 miles over the speed limit, ma’am,” he interrupted. “That’s criminal speeding. I’m going to need your license and registration and I need you to step out of the car.”

“Step out of the car???”

“You were criminally speeding, ma’am. I don’t have a choice but to place you under arrest.”

Sandra sat for a few moments with her mouth hung open. She then grinned and shook her head. “Kenny, you aren’t about to arrest me.”

He then opened her car door and said, “Ms. Bryant I need you to step out of your vehicle, please.”

Sandra paused for a few seconds, staring at Kenny in disbelief. She then chuckled before exiting her car.

Kenny closed Sandra’s car door and took a deep, silent breath to steady his nerves before turning to face her.

As she stood in front of him. Sandra reached toward Kenny with her documents in hand. “Here’s my license and registration, Mr. Officer.”

“Thank you,” Kenny said as he accepted her papers and put them on his clipboard. He then placed everything on the top of Sandra’s car. “OK, I need you to hold out your wrists.”

“You’re cuffing me, Kenny?”


Kenny rang his brother Ronnie’s front doorbell and waited. Half a minute later Ronnie answered with a confused expression on his face. “I thought you had a date with Sandra tonight?”

“I did,” Kenny answered before entering Ronnie’s home. “Here,” Kenny said, handing his brother two take out boxes from AG’s Bar and Grille. “Two salmon with asparagus.”

“What happened?”

“She left,” Kenny said as he plopped down onto Ronnie’s sofa. “Before the meal even got to the table. She just walked out. She left.”


Kenny shrugged his shoulders. “I guess she had something more important to do.”

“Hold on,” Ronnie said. He then took the two boxed meals into his kitchen. Kenny could hear Ronnie talking to his wife, Veronica, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying.

About a minute later both Ronnie and Veronica emerged from the kitchen. Her look of pity wasn’t doing Kenny any favors. “Hey, Kenny,” she said, bending down to give him a hug.

During the long embrace Kenny shot Ronnie an accusatory look. “Sorry,” Ronnie mouthed to his brother.

Finally releasing him, Veronica asked, “Are you alright?”

Kenny nodded. “I’m fine, V. Thanks.”

“Really?” Veronica said. “OK. Well, I’m going upstairs. You two talk as long as you need to.”

Kenny forced a smile as Veronica kissed her husband and headed to her bedroom.

“So why did Sandra leave you at the restaurant?” Ronnie asked. “Did you two get into a fight?”

“No. She got a call. She left the table and took it. She came back and then she left.”

“And she didn’t say why she needed to go?” Ronnie asked.


“Another guy?”

“What else?” Kenny said.

“Wow. That’s rough. Sorry, man.”

Kenny nodded. “We did have a lovely discussion just before the call, though. Apparently she thinks I’m not confident enough. Whatever that means.” Ronnie dropped his head and smiled.

“What?” Kenny asked.

“You’re a pushover,” Ronnie said as he looked up at his brother. “At least when it comes to women.”

Kenny rolled his eyes. “Not this again”

“Yeah, this again. You let women steamroll you. Women don’t like that.”

“Steamroll? Aren’t you the one who illegal bahis siteleri taught me to please the woman I’m with?”

“Pleasing her doesn’t mean… Look, it’s good that you want to make your woman happy. But that doesn’t mean just giving her whatever she wants all the time.”

“So I shouldn’t give her what she wants?” Kenny asked.

“A woman wants you to be strong. Assertive.” Ronnie paused for a few seconds before asking, “Who chose for you two to go to AG’s for dinner tonight? You or her?”

“I did. It’s her favorite restaurant.”

Ronnie nodded. “And how many times have you taken her there since you started dating?”

“A few times. It’s where we usually go. It’s her favorite restaurant.”

“I understand that, Kenny, but it’s not the only restaurant in the city. I’m sure she’d probably like a change of pace sometimes.”

“Yeah, but what if I pick a place she doesn’t like?”

“Then you don’t go there again. You act like you are terrified that she is going to leave you if you make a mistake.”

“But what if she does leave me?”

“What if she does? Kenny, there are quite a few women out there. And none of them want a man that seems desperate. A woman wants a man that chooses to be with her. Not one without options. That means that if a woman chooses not to be with you, you have the self-confidence to find another one. That means you have the confidence to go get the woman you want. Not to dominate her but to show her you want her and you are man enough to do what it takes to get her.”

“She did seem annoyed that we were at AG’s again,” Kenny said.

“I bet she did. Take her someplace new. Take her someplace besides a restaurant. Surprise her. Go… kidnap her from work and take her someplace romantic. Take charge.”

“She said she likes my confidence when I am in my uniform dealing with the public.”

Ronnie nodded. “Women do love uniforms. But I don’t know that I would recommend arresting her.”

“That would be sexy,” Veronica said.

Both Kenny and Ronnie turned around on the couch to find Veronica standing at the top of the stairs. “Handcuffs?” she said, staring at Ronnie. “Hot.”

“Uh… handcuffs?” Kenny said as Veronica descended the stairs.

“Well, she wants you to take charge… Right, Ron?” Veronica said to her husband with her eyebrows raised. “You’re already in uniform. Might as well lean into it.”

“She hasn’t committed a crime,” Kenny said as Ronnie smiled at his wife.

“How long have you been listening to us?” Ronnie asked Veronica as she made her way to the back of the couch.

Veronica wrapped her arms around Ronnie’s shoulders from behind as he continued to sit. She then whispered in his ear, “Long enough to need you to take charge of something for me upstairs.” Veronica then kissed Ronnie’s ear a couple of times before gently biting it.

Ronnie eased his ear away from his wife’s mouth. “Uh, OK baby. Kenny is sitting right here.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you were done,” Veronica said, resuming her work on Ronnie’s ear while rubbing his chest.

“Baby,” Ronnie said, clearly trying to fight his enjoyment of the moment. “Kenny…”

“It’s OK,” Kenny said. “I do need to get to work soon. Thanks for the talk.”

Ronnie nodded, his eyes half-closed. “O… OK, man. You… uh… I’ll see you… “

Veronica, releasing Ronnie’s ear from between her teeth, looked up at her brother-in-law with a sly smile. “Bye, Kenny. I’m sure everything will work out.” She then moved from behind the couch into her husband’s lap and resumed her foreplay.

“Thanks,” Kenny said as he rose from the couch. “I’ll see myself out.” Neither Veronica nor Ronnie acknowledged him as he made his way to the front door.

Kenny sat in his car, in his brother’s driveway, contemplating where to go next. Though he was in uniform, his shift didn’t start for three hours. And he felt weird camping out in front of Ronnie’s home while his brother and Veronica were carnally enjoying one another.

Starting his car to head home, Kenny looked in the rear view mirror at himself. He was dejected by the slumped, defeated figure that looked back at him. He then sat up straight and pushed out his chest.

He caught a glimpse of his badge as he admired how quickly he could project confidence in his uniform. Still, it was easy to project confidence wearing a badge, a gun, and handcuffs. Handcuffs? Kenny thought. He then smiled. He had an idea…


Kenny closed Sandra’s car door. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves before turning to face her.

As she stood in front of him Sandra reached toward Kenny with her documents in hand. “Here’s my license and registration, Mr. Officer.”

“Thank you,” Kenny said as he accepted her papers and put them on his clipboard. He then placed everything on the top of Sandra’s car. “OK, I need you to hold out your wrists.”

“You’re cuffing me, Kenny?”

“Ma’am, you were criminally speeding. The law says…”

“Will you stop with this ‘ma’am’ shit, canlı bahis siteleri Kenny! I know you might be mad at me but this is some bullshit! You can’t arrest someone for leaving a date early.”

Kenny pulled his handcuffs from behind him. “Ma’am, I need you to hold out your wrists.”

Sandra turned her head away from Kenny and lifted her hand in protest, pushing away the cuffs. “Kenny, you’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m going to let you…” Sandra’s head then snapped back toward Kenny as her anger gave way to astonishment. The handcuffs he held were black leather with a fur lining and had a metal chain attaching them to one another.

Sandra studied them for several seconds before looking back up at Kenny. “Ma’am,” he said with a raised brow and a smooth voice. “I need you to hold out your wrists. You are under arrest.”

Sandra’s mouth began to hang open. A subtle smile then crept onto her face as she slowly held her wrists out to Kenny.

As the red and blue lights from his police cruiser continued to flash onto her Mustang, Kenny eased and secured the leather cuffs onto Sandra’s wrists. He then, without a word and without looking at her, led Sandra to the back of his police vehicle. Once she was inside, he locked up her Mustang before entering the police cruiser with her.

As Kenny pulled into traffic he flipped off his police lights and silently drove down the road. Occasionally he would glance into his rear view mirror at Sandra who looked pleasantly curious. After a couple of minutes, Sandra asked, “What about my car?”

“Your vehicle is secure, ma’am,” Kenny said without looking at her.

After another minute or so of silence, Sandra said, “So… where are we…”

“No more talking, ma’am,” Kenny said in a deep voice that sent a quiver through Sandra. She looked into the rear view mirror but he continued to face forward and resisted the urge to return her gaze. He knew that if he looked at Sandra he would break character, so he made sure to stay focused.

As Kenny approached his driveway, he pressed his garage door opener and pulled his police cruiser up next to his civilian vehicle. Sandra had only been to his home one other time so she struggled to recognize where they were. He exited the cruiser as the garage door closed behind them and opened the back door for Sandra.

She looked down at her fur-lined leather handcuffs once more before she exited the back of the police car. That’s when she and Kenny finally looked at one another for more than a couple of seconds. The sexual need in their eyes seeped through. “Turn around, ma’am,” he said.

A grinning Sandra slowly turned her back to Kenny. Her vision then fell dark as he tied a soft, black cloth over her eyes. “Come with me.” he said, his pulse racing as he led Sandra inside his home.

After a couple of turns, Kenny stopped, turned to face Sandra, and lifted her by the waist, sitting her on a firm surface. She flinched at the cool, hard feel on her upper thigh as her little black dress rode up.

Kenny then slowly eased Sandra to a lying position until her head fell onto a plush pillow. The softness was contrasted with the unforgiving firmness of the surface on which the rest of her body laid as her lower legs hung off the edge.

He brought her still cuffed wrists up and over her head until her arms were parallel with her body. She then heard a soft metallic clanking sound.

Once the sound stopped Kenny released Sandra’s wrist. She attempted to move her hands but couldn’t do so more than a few inches. She felt around until her hands grasped, what felt like, horizontal metal piping that her handcuffs were attached to by a short chain in the middle of them.

Kenny slowly walked from Sandra’s head around to her feet on the opposite side of the rectangular surface on which she was laying. He studied her as she lightly squirmed and fidgeted, a soft smile on her face contradicting her body’s angst at the unknown.

He waited for her body to settle down before reaching for her black heeled shoes and easing them off, one after another. Sandra’s mouth fell agape as she gasped at the feel of his hands on her bare feet.

Kenny placed both of Sandra’s feet flat on the surface, her legs at a 90 degree angle and her knees spread a few inches apart. Her head then rose as if she could see what Kenny was doing.

He placed his hands behind each of her knees, cupping her calves in his palms. He ran his hands back and forth the length of her lower leg as Sandra began to pant. She then felt Kenny kiss one of her knees, his tongue protruding ever so slightly from between his lips.

Sandra’s eyes closed as her head collapsed onto her pillow. She could feel her skirt sliding further and further down her raised thighs but could do nothing to stop it. She began to wonder if it had fallen enough for Kenny to see her black lace panties. A question that soon became moot.

Kenny’s hands moved from beneath Sandra’s calves on to the top of her knees. Parting them even more, he very slowly ran his hands halfway down her legs, his thumbs tracing her inner thighs. Back and forth he rubbed and massaged her. Each trip down her thighs he eased his thumbs nearer to her center until the tips of his thumbs grazed the fabric of her damp panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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