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My name is Peter; I’m single, I’m 6ft 1inch tall and weigh 210lbs. I live in a cul-de-sac, which suits me because I do not intend to go anywhere else. It used to be a sad street in a sad part of town, but the circle of life took another turn and suddenly the world was a much brighter place and life was really worth living.

One side of the street used to consist of a wall, behind which lay a disused canal. The council have removed that wall; renovated the canal path and erected a wrought iron fence between the street and the canal path. Volunteers have cleaned out the canal so that it now connects to the canal network again.

The four houses that form the residential side of the street have doors that lead directly onto the street. Each house has a small rear garden ending at the wall of a now dismantled factory, and the area redeveloped into an aquatics and gymnasium centre. The boundary is now a low wall and railings

At the end of the street was another wall, this one forming part of the boundary of a disused lorry park. All told, it really had been a sad place to live in.

A low wall and a gate to a path through the new park and garden that the council provided have replaced the end wall.

The consequence of all this is that the houses became ‘hot property’ but they will not be sold because my father had bought three of the Four houses after the war therefore they were now mine.

I was born and raised in that street. My parents were already in their late 50’s when they had me, so I had a rather dull and boring childhood as they were often ill and I had to be around to look after them therefore I had few friends.

The end house, number 6, used to be the home of a quiet woman and her daughter Eve. We never saw a man there so we decided that she was no longer married or had never been married. Eventually she died; leaving Eve to carry on the tradition of what I assume was a monotonous existence. Again, I never saw a man. We stopped to chat if we met in the street, but never about personal matters.

Eve was about Twenty years older than I was. She became redundant about two years ago, so she was at home a great deal of the time. Each day, morning and evening, rain, or shine, she went for an hour-long walk.

I live in number 5. After my parents died, I lived in much the same way as Eve.

Donna and her daughter Linda occupy number 4. Donna looks to be about forty and I know that Linda is Eighteen years old.

Donna is a nurse at the hospital. If she is detained at work, needs to go out unexpectedly, or on the evening she goes to keep fit classes she asks me to look after Linda; otherwise we have little contact with each other. Linda is a studious, polite, pleasant, and very attractive girl. I have no problem about looking after her.

She will be starting University next month, reading physics. I admit that I have always longed to get my hands on Donna’s body, ever since I was old enough to have sexual urges, even if I would have needed guidance on what came next. I suppose I should also admit that just lately I have also been having lustful thoughts about Linda.

Numbers 3 and 2 no longer exist. Mr Hitler paid for their demolition during the war.

Number 1 has a dental surgery on the ground floor and a solicitor’s office on the upper floor.

It had been a small grey world into which I had fitted very well.

I don’t have fixed regular working hours because I own a pawnbroker and second-hand shop and also the hardware store next door plus three others. I also own the house I live in together with number 4 and number 6. My main businesses are a ten-minute stroll from my house and that meant that I rarely have to venture out of my comfort zone.

Dad had started and run both places and taught me the ropes. Over time, as he prospered he had bought the other three and turned all of them into profit making operations.

He had also chosen the people who actually do the daily work, and he merely turned up for an hour or so each day just to keep an eye on things. That suited me so I followed his example.

After I’d been through the sales ledgers and seen just how profitable the business was, I’d found it difficult to understand why we lived in such a dismal area. Dad pointed out that if we lived in a more desirable area we would incur far greater outgoings.

The travel time to and from work would eat into our leisure time, and as he and mum frequently went to the theatre or cinemas they would have to rush meals and allow for transport times, so they opted to live close to work and bahis siteleri leisure. It made sense, and so I followed suite.

My life changed one Sunday when a few rays of light from the sun began to shine on my little world as I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday. I say ‘celebrated’, but I was merely having a few glasses of wine whilst watching a DVD on the TV. I had one nice surprise. It was a birthday card, from Eve of all people; she’d never done that before.

What actually happened to change my view of the world is that Donna came to my door and asked me to watch out for Linda who’d gone out for a couple of hours. A work colleague had just invited Donna to go to a theatre matinee performance as her husband had decided he didn’t want to go and Linda hadn’t taken her keys with her when she went out.

I didn’t have a computer so I had been watching a porn video when Donna knocked. I pressed the pause button and switched the TV to a live broadcast before I opened the front door. Certainly, I would look out for Linda. Of course, I forgot about the porn video and the DVD case with its erotic artwork picture lying on my sofa.

Donna hadn’t been gone ten minutes when Linda knocked as I was in the kitchen getting some biscuits.

I played at being the perfect host and offered to make Linda a drink, she asked for a coffee so off I went into the kitchen. On my return, I found that Linda had spotted the DVD case and immediately switched the TV to Video input and was now looking at a freeze frame of a young woman, not much older than she was, on her knees in front of a man seated on a sofa with half of his large penis in her mouth.

I put the cup down and tried to get to the remote, but Linda had it in her hand and immediately placed it down her T-shirt. She may not be the most desirable girl in the town, but she is very definitely not a long way back in the queue and does possess a very noticeable pair of breasts, and a fabulously rounded rear end. The remote nestled easily between her breasts and she knew I didn’t dare try to get it from there.

The bargaining began straight away. She wouldn’t tell Donna about the porn if I allowed her to watch it. I knew I had to give in so I agreed.

Linda retrieved the remote and jumped back to the start of the video. She was pretty still and relaxed up until the moment that the girl took her blouse and ‘bra off so that the male could fondle her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers.

I was watching Linda closely as the girl undid the man’s belt then begin to unzip his trousers, she leaned against the sofa back and slid her hand down to her pubic mound and began to press a finger against her sex.

The moment arrived where; when the girl took hold of the man’s cock to masturbate him, I picked up enough courage to take Linda’s other hand and place it on my own stiffening cock. Even though it was still encased in my track suit trousers she was able to feel its stiffness and glory be, she grasp it firmly and started to masturbate me through the material.

Her eyes were still firmly fixed on the screen as she pulled the hem of her skirt up so that she could press more easily against her labia. She was now sweating as her fingers rubbed against her clitoris.

I decided to push my luck a little further and lifted my bottom so that I could slide my tracksuit trousers and boxer shorts to my knees. This attracted her attention and she gasped as she saw the whole of what she’d had hold of, but she still reached to grasp it again.

Her eyes returned to the screen so that she could watch the girl begin to suck the man’s cock, she watched until all his cock was inside the girl, and then she pressed the pause button. Moving to kneel in front of me, Linda now used both hands to massage my throbbing erection.

She looked up at me and told me that when she went to school she’d held two or three cocks belonging to boys from school, but they’d never been as big or as stiff as the one she was holding now. In view of the fact that I was a fully-grown man, I would have been surprised at any other comparison, but I was strangely pleased.

Tentatively she placed her lips against my cock head and then parted them to allow my erection to enter her. Slowly, gently, and gradually, she sucked me into her. It wasn’t long before her confidence grew to the point that she was taking most of my cock into her warm, wet, mouth and I realized that very soon I was going to cum.

I had had very little experience of any sort of sex and this was the first time I’d experienced oral sex. I managed canlı bahis siteleri to pull my cock out of her mouth and point it at a newspaper just as the molten lava in my balls erupted from it.

“I’m glad I wasn’t sucking you when that came out, I couldn’t have swallowed all that. Did you like what I did? I tried to do it just like the girl in the video did to the man, but she never caused him do what you just did.”

“He’s an experienced porn actor and must have had that done to him dozens of times, that was my first time and I loved it. I’d be able to last a lot longer if I had more practical experience, and as you did that so well on your first time I would be really pleased if you agreed to make sure that I get that experience.”

“I don’t mind doing that, but only if you let me watch some porn videos so I can see what else they do, it did make me wet and want to have sex.”

“You’re on, but we must be careful to make sure your mum doesn’t find out. I’ll get my clothes back on and then you can watch some more until your mum gets back.”

It was an education watching the changing expressions on Linda’s face as the video presented a completely new world to her. She was riveted to the screen as the girl was led to a bedroom and spread out such that the camera could show every soft and moist fold of her labia and clitoral hood.

The man positioned himself between two smooth, soft thighs, and began to lick and suck the delicacy nestling there. By now, Linda was aroused to such an extent that she had pushed her legs forward and spread them wide so that she could more easily rub the damp fabric of her knickers and press against her clitoris.

I saw my chance and took it. I removed her hand, eased her knickers to one side to reveal her fluff covered vulva and I could use my hand to massage her slit and tease her labia apart, but before I could get a finger into the soft inner folds, she had thrust one of her own onto her clitoris.

Her body was now as taught as a bowstring and rather than upset the mood I removed my hand from her sex and moved it to fondle a firm; rounded, and up thrusted breast and to roll my thumb over an erect nipple. Sadly it was covered by the material of her ‘bra and T-shirt, but it felt wonderful and from the way she pushed against my hand I was certain that it wouldn’t be many days before I had her naked body to explore in slow time.

The action on the video changed suddenly as the man stood up, with very little ceremony thrust his erection into a now wide-open vagina, and rapidly fucked the girl until she simulated a climax.

Linda stopped her panting and moaning and slowly subsided into a soft bundle on the sofa. I shut down the DVD player and switched the TV off then made us both a cup of coffee; Linda had never touched the first one.

As we returned to a calmer state I asked Linda if she was still willing to repeat the activity if I let her watch porn videos. She said that I’d have a tough time trying to stop her wanting more. When I asked her if she was going to let me fuck her, she paused for a moment and then said probably, but not straight away.

On her return from the theatre, Donna came to collect Linda and to give me a bottle of wine as a thank you for making her outing possible. I told her that I wouldn’t accept the wine for having Linda, but I would happily accept the gift as a birthday present.

Once the birthday wishes were over She told me that If she’d known that I was having my birthday she’d have given me something really special as a present.

Linda interrupted and said:

“Mom, if you want to give Peter another present you can always come back later in the evening after we’ve eaten, but can we go now because I’m hungry.”

I doubt that Linda realized how that could have been interpreted, but I can’t be certain. I’m certain that Donna did, because she blushed slightly, then quickly turned away from us and headed for the door with the comment that I would probably have had quite enough company for one day.

“Once again I thank you for seeing to Linda and I really am sorry that I didn’t know it was your birthday or I would have made sure I had something special for you. Goodnight.”

It was almost 10 o’ clock when the doorbell rang. I quickly turned the TV off and put my pyjama trousers back on, and then opened the door. It was Donna with another bottle of wine.

“I’m sorry Peter; I couldn’t stand the idea of someone spending their birthday on their own so I thought I’d try to cheer you up with a little party spirit. It never occurred canlı bahis to me that you’d be in bed.”

“Come in Donna, please. I wasn’t in bed; I took a bath and decided that I may as well put my pyjamas and dressing gown on straight away. I thank you for the thought and I would love a glass of wine.

I confess I haven’t opened the one you gave me earlier. I didn’t fancy drinking on my own, I was going to knock on your door and offer you a glass, but then I thought that Linda would be awake so decided against it.

“That’s why I’ve left it so late; I wanted to make sure that she was asleep so that she wouldn’t worry about me going out. Just in case she wakes up, I’ve left a note saying where I am. I opened and poured the wine, we sat on the sofa, and for the first time in many years, we spent some time actually talking to each other.

The bottle ran dry, I was about to open another when Donna stopped me.

“You’ve had enough wine and I’m sure I have because I’ve had this urge to give you a big birthday kiss; and as we’ve only just really met, I don’t think that’s appropriate even for a birthday. As she said this, she stood and held her hand out for me to shake.

Maybe it was the wine and maybe it was the culmination of Fourteen years yearning but it all came to a head in that moment. I took her hand and gently pulled her to me; she didn’t resist, she didn’t make a sound, she may have thought that it was going to be kiss on her cheek, but when our lips met there was one ‘time stood still’ moment and then her lips parted and the passion began.

When the clock began to tick again she took her hand back then used her left hand to grasp my right wrist and pull my hand to her left breast. I needed no urging to fondle her magnificent breast, but before I could get her blouse undone, she withdrew her mouth from mine. In an unsteady and breathless voice Donna told me that we didn’t have time to waste in foreplay as it was already turned one ‘o clock.

Taking the hint, I led her upstairs and watched as she stripped her blouse and bra’ from her wonderful rounded and full breasts. I only had pyjamas on so I didn’t miss a movement of those swinging globes of delight.

Her skirt and knickers were swiftly removed and then she stood erect and inhaled. My erection rose in salute. She turned to get on the bed and I was treated to a fantastic view of her smoothly rounded bottom.

There was no time for showers, we just got together on the bed and I ran my hands over her soft and smooth body, especially those wonderfully full breasts. Donna manoeuvred me between her thighs and I was encouraged to enter her. I suppose I should admit that my cock was placed in the optimum position for smooth insertion by a woman who knew, far better than I, exactly where it needed to be to achieve this easily.

I was nervous, excited, and deliriously happy. I had spent years wishing that I could get a glimpse of her naked breasts, and now I was actually feeling them and the rest of her soft and sensuous body.

I was grateful that she was demanding and we both got what we needed. I revelled in those breasts; she was more than happy to allow me to tease her nipples as I probed the warmth of her inner being.

What did surprise me was the way her vaginal walls clamped around my cock and removed a large deposit from the warmth of my inner being. My first fuck and I wanted more; because no matter how good it was, I just knew that a slower approach would have been fantastic

I spent Monday morning making certain that all was well at my shops, that all my staff were happy and had nothing that they felt I needed to be worried about. At lunchtime I left them to run things on their own and happily returned to my house.

I now find it a pleasure to enter my street and wander onto the canal towpath through the private and secure gate I had paid the council to install in the iron railing fence between the towpath and the street.

There was a hired canal boat moored on the stretch in front of our houses and this was supposed to be forbidden as it was allocated to the street’s residents, but on enquiry I found out that the engine had broken down and the owners were coming with a spare part.

The incident planted a seed in my brain which grew into a ‘Maybe I could buy a small cruiser’ tree. It would be handy having a small boat right outside my door. I made a mental note to investigate that possibility later on.

I decided that today I would have lunch at a fast-food chain and so walked down the towpath towards town. Reaching the nearest exit from the towpath to my destination I stepped through the opening in the fence and the world fell on me.

When I came round I found that I was in the A it appeared that this could be problematic as demand exceeded supply.

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