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Soa was the first one to wake up. Her movements tugged on Isabella’s nipples, which woke her up as well. As Isabella began to stir, she in turn tugged on Cassandra’s breasts. Cassandra muttered a few sleepy words of protest, as if betting for five more minutes, but before she could go back to sleep, the uncomfortable surface soon forced her to move.

“I don’t think my arm’s ever going to move right again,” she complained once they had worked themselves upright.

Sleeping directly on the cave floor had been worse than uncomfortable; it was downright painful. But with them having been deprived of sleep for almost 28 hours, they had little other choice.

“No, it was not ideal, but we had no other choice,” Soa explained. “Now that we are rested, we have something we must do.”

“Right! We better get started on that,” Isabella agreed.

They worked themselves into a sitting position, with each woman seated between the legs of the woman behind her. Isabella leaned in and started kissing Soa’s neck and cheek, while she reached around to her front and started to massage her pussy. Soa cooed affectionately, and reached back to start stroking Isabella’s crotch. Cassandra groaned uncomfortably as she watched the two women in front of her, but she knew what she had to do.

They were all groggy, so they got off to a slow pace. Still, they had gotten enough rest to take the edge off their sleep deprivation, and the black substance living inside their breasts kept their libidos high. Did it release hormones into their bloodstream, Isabella wondered, or was it something not as easily explained by science? Soon enough, Soa’s vagina became wet from stimulation, and Isabella was able to stick a finger inside.

“Mmmm…” Soa sighed, telling her how much she loved that.

In a minute, Soa’s fingers slid into Isabella’s vagina as well. Meanwhile, Cassandra worked on herself, and appeared to be doing just as well. Soon, Isabella felt rhythmic tugging against the points on her back where Cassandra’s goo had adhered itself. It seemed she really liked the nipple stimulation.

“Cassandra, sweetie, I got an extra hand. You need anything back there?” Isabella asked her in a sultry voice.

“I’ll manage,” Cassandra gasped, proving just how right she was. “And please don’t call me that.”

As good as this felt, they remembered that they were only doing it to fulfil a purpose. They didn’t savor anything, and finished as quickly as they were able to. Once they had all had at least one orgasm, they got to their feet and attempted to separate themselves again.

Immediately, the goo felt softer, and stretched much more easily. As before, Soa tried to walk forward and Cassandra leaned back, while Isabella did her best to maintain her footing. However, Soa and Cassandra both reached opposite sides of the cave wall well before the goo was showing signs of breaking. Deciding the sex-crazed might still be looking for them, they quickly decided it would be best to remain in the cave until they were separated, if at all possible.

Once they agreed on a plan, Soa grabbed onto the cave wall again, while Isabella and Cassandra pulled backwards as one. The black tendrils of goo easily stretched ten feet before the two of them encountered strong resistance. Cassandra, clutching Isabella’s shoulders, pulled her back as hard as she could, while Isabella did her best to keep her footing. Step by step, the two of them stretched the goo even farther. Isabella’s breasts were stretched out as far as they could possibly go, which wasn’t very far compared to Soa’s or Cassandra’s. She sheer force tugging against her nipples should have caused Isabella excruciating pain, but somehow it didn’t, as if the black substance living inside her milk ducts was helping to hold her flesh together and preventing it from over-stretching.

“How’s your grip, Soa?” asked Cassandra.

“Strong. Keep pulling. Harder!”

The goo felt like it was nearly stretched to its maximum now. Cassandra dug her fingers into Isabella’s shoulders and leaned back. Isabella felt around for a crevice or bump to brace her heel against to get more traction. Once she found one, she leaned back hard. They slowly backed up another inch… and another… until…


The tendrils of goo broke in the middle and snapped back into Isabella’s tits and Soa’s back almost as fast as they eye could see, and Isabella and Cassandra were sent careening back onto their butts.

“OWWW! You landed on my freaking cunt, you cunt!”

“Sorry! I know, it don’t feel too good, does it?”

As the two of them awkwardly tried to pick themselves up, Soa let go of the cave wall and turned to see how her companions were doing. Suddenly cut off from Isabella’s breasts, the dabs of goo stuck to her back quickly began to liquefy and drip downward.

Once they had picked themselves up and recovered, they began trying to separate Cassandra from Isabella. Isabella grabbed the spot on the cave wall that Soa had used while Cassandra pulled backwards. Soa grabbed her from behind and added her escort bursa strength. Step by step, she worked their way backwards as the strands of goo began to stretch across the cave.

“Soa, maybe that’s not such a great idea,” Cassandra grunted as her feet strained against the cave floor. “If I fall back on top of you when this goo finally breaks, we could be stuck all over again!”

“Maybe if you masturbate again, it will soften the goo more,” Isabella suggested.

“Thanks, I’m good!” she shot back, annoyed.

Taking her warning, Soa let go of Cassandra and moved around to her front to get a safer position. As Soa transitioned, Cassandra wobbled precariously, one misstep away from flying back into Isabella. But before that happened, Soa ducked underneath the taut, black tendrils and pushed against Cassandra’s stomach. They pushed for a few minutes like that until, finally, the strands of goo broke with a loud snap. Cassandra took a few steps back, trying to maintain her balance, until she ran into the opposite wall, while Soa managed to catch herself with her outstretched arms before her nipples hit the cave floor.

Finally separated, they took a few more minutes to catch their breath. Soon, Soa dared to poke her head outside the cave to scan the area. She stood there as quietly as a cat, watching and listening.

“The way is clear,” she said, returning to the cave. “Are both of you strong enough to travel?”

“We are,” answered Isabella.

But the three of them were only minimally rested from their ordeal, not to mention they had no provisions or belongings left besides their own naked bodies. Even so, they wanted the comfort of the village more than anything else in the world, so they set out.

The journey back to the Kunamira village was long and slow, but fortunately uneventful. As they approached the gate, the lookout began shouting excitedly as soon as she saw them. By the time they had entered the village, a small crowd had gathered to greet them.

Soa spoke with their welcoming party in their native language, relaying the events of the previous day. But suddenly, the villagers’ mood changed from overjoyed to serious. Soa had just given them some dire news, it seemed.

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong?” Cassandra asked Soa.

“We must speak with the Matriarch now. I am to tell her why I chose to guide you up the mountain, and what the sex-crazed did with us.”

“We aren’t in trouble, are we? I knew we shouldn’t have let Isabella go up! You’re going to tell her this was her idea, right? I didn’t want to go, remember?”

Soa glared at her, impatiently. “She has not forbidden us to travel up the mountain, but it is not something we do. She will not be happy.”

Though their stomachs ached with hunger, and their eyes were heavy with exhaustion, they followed their escort straight to the village’s largest hut just beyond the central bonfire ring. The hut was empty when they entered, but its function was clear. Against the back wall was a large chair up on a raised platform, almost like a throne. The chair was made of wicker and reeds, and adorned with a large plume of vibrant feathers and palm leaves.

After a minute, a small entourage of women entered, several of them in permanent chest-to-chest pairs. However, there was little guessing which one was the Matriarch. She was adorned with all sorts of decorative tribal looking tattoos. Her tattoos had few similarities to the ones the sex-crazed wore, and showed far better craftsmanship. Pinned in her hair, carefully constructed so as not to touch any of her bare skin was a flashy headdress, a crown of feathers and flowers, not unlike the plume adorning her chair. Without a word, she took her seat and looked to her audience.

It was the woman guiding Soa and the others who spoke first. The Matriarch raised one eyebrow, then turned to Soa and asked her a question, sounding more disbelieving than angry.

Soa lowered her head as she replied. Her words were quick and frantic, in a pleading manner. When the Matriarch spoke again, she sounded stern, but not furious. Soa’s posture straightened just slightly. After this exchange continued for a minute or two, the Matriarch turned to Isabella.

“Your companion will speak,” she said in passable English.

“Isabella,” Soa explained, “Matriarch Gara wants to hear from you directly about why you wanted to see the altar, and what you learned. She is not angry, but this is a serious matter. She must know the truth of what happened.”

Isabella swallowed, thinking about where to even begin. Soa had said the Matriarch simply needed to know the truth, and she believed her. How hard was it to tell the truth? Without knowing what she would say, she took a deep breath and began.

“Matriarch, I am Isabella from the Dominican Republic, and this is Cassandra from the United States of America. Our ship wrecked on the shore of your island after a storm a few days ago. Cassandra and me are the only two left. The rest of the crew vanished. They were my friends. I went to the shrine görükle escort seeking answers about where they went. And maybe to find a way home.”

Soa began speaking, possibly translating what Isabella had just said.

“Brave, like warrior. Did you find answer?”

“No. Not to those questions. But we did learn a few interesting things about the spirit.”

Matriarch Gara raised her eyebrows and leaned forward. “Tell.”

Isabella began to explain everything that they had witnessed, and Soa translated when the Matriarch needed. She mentioned Mauataka, and how she could speak to the spirit and command the blackness, and how the goo seemed to gain power when close to the shrine. She mentioned the dark stone around the shrine that could seem to knit itself to the flesh of anyone who threatened the shrine and hold them fast. She described how the sex-crazed had captured them and attempted to soften their minds for the spirit to take. But she saved what she thought was the most important detail for last; she described how the shrine had seemed to react in fear when she threatened to bash it with a rock, and nearly used up its power protecting itself from them.

“That’s why I think the shrine can be destroyed!” she concluded. “If we destroy the shrine, we hurt the spirit. Maybe the curse ends! Maybe all the missing people can come back! Maybe we will finally be allowed to go home!”

“Mauataka!” Matriarch Gara growled once Soa had finished her translation, and her eyes narrowed in hatred. “Mauataka is servant of the spirit! Speaker for the spirit! Mauataka is traitor!”

Isabella recalled Soa’s tale of how Mauataka had once tried to steal Gara’s husband and take her place as Matriarch. With that said, her hatred of the chieftain of the sex-crazed was no surprise.

“Then you will help us go back and smash the shrine?”


“What? But why not?”

The Matriarch did not respond to Isabella, but conversed with Soa and a few of her attendants for a time. At length, Soa turned to Isabella.

“The Matriarch does not mean ‘no for all time,’ but ‘no, not just yet.’ She needs time to consider. You ask for drastic action from her. Even if we are able to succeed in the first place, there is no telling what effects destroying the altar could have. Remember, the curse does more than bind us to the island and force us to be naked. It keeps us youthful for a long time, maybe forever. The island is always warm and pleasant, and fruit is plentiful all year round. We live lives of pleasure and comfort. It was not always this way. Our people knew hardships before the coming of the blackness. What if all destroying the altar does is end these blessings? What if nobody comes back? Would you risk destroying our Paradise simply for a chance to see them again?”

“I see. I never considered that. Is there anything else we can do, then?”

“There is,” the Matriarch declared with conviction. “We can keep the spirit’s gifts, but break his power over our enemies.”

“How? How can we do that?”

“We capture Mauataka… and we kill her.”

Soon, Matriarch Gara decided she had enough information and dismissed them. After that, some of her attendants escorted the three returning heroes outside and helped them find some food and water, which they desperately needed. They sat around the firepit and ate what they needed, mostly in silence.

But something had been bothering Isabella.

“Why do we have to kill Mauataka?” she asked at last. “I just wanted to find my friends and go home. I never wanted to hurt anyone. Aren’t they victims of the spirit as well?”

“Maybe you forgot. She did try to take our minds from us, remember?” Cassandra answered.

“She and our Matriarch have a troubled past,” Soa continued. “What I told you of them on the mountain was not half of the full tale. Mauataka is a terrible woman, and she was terrible even before the coming of the blackness. It is understandable that Matriarch Gara holds much hatred for her. Still… I would not like to be the one chosen for the task. To put my spear through her heart while she is bound and helpless… It would give me no pleasure.”

“Can’t we just capture her and not kill her?” asked Cassandra.

“And do what with her after? Keep her bound forever?”

Once they had satisfied their hunger and thirst, the three of them retired to Soa’s hut, and were fast asleep in moments.

Hours later, they were awoken by a messenger from the Matriarch.

“Come. She wishes to see us again,” said Soa to her companions.

Inside the Matriarch’s hall, Gara had been waiting for them with even more of her entourage in attendance. After she had spoken at length, Soa translated.

“Matriarch Gara has discussed the matter with the other elders. You are not the only one to object to a needless killing, Isabella, so she is willing to discuss alternatives, though only if you can convince her the need for Mauataka’s death does not exist. All this time, it was thought that we, the Kunamira tribe, were the favored bursa escort bayan people of the spirit, and the sex-crazed were outcasts who had failed to please him. That he would choose a prophet from among them instead of us is dire news. We do not know what to make of this yet, but it can be nothing good.”

Isabella thought for a moment. “But if she’s his chosen priestess, wouldn’t killing her make the spirit angry at us?”

The Matriarch seemed to understand her without the need for a translation. Soa translated her response.

“It is a difficult thing. They have already made themselves our enemies, or our village would not need walls around it. Usually, they leave our village alone, but occasionally they will capture those who wander too far into the jungle, like they did with Cassandra. They take several of us every year, not counting those who lose their minds on their own. Most of those who are captured are made crazy just like them. This conflict has not yet shed blood, but it has come close many times.”

“What do you need us to do?” Isabella asked.

The Matriarch answered in English. “I want two things. I want my eyes to see the shrine. I want to capture Mauataka. You can guide me to both. When I have these two things, I will decide. Until then, I forbid you destroy the shrine!”

“WHAT? How DARE you?” Cassandra blurted out. The Matriarch and most of her court glared at her in anger, but she continued. “It’s not just your people this spirit is preying on. That freak storm that washed us over here: I’m sure that was part of the curse. And looking at all the white people I see around this village, I’d say we’re far from the first! He’s preying on people from MY world, too! But you’re not MY Matriarch, so, I’m not going to sit around and do nothing just because YOU don’t want to risk your sunny weather!”

“I will NOT say that to the Matriarch!” Soa scolded her, aghast.

“Fine, whatever! Then tell me this: how many Kunamirans go crazy or get captured every year?”

“I told you! Several of us!”

“How many?”

“Maybe five or ten. Sometimes more.”

“And how many people wash up on the shore every year… that don’t immediately vanish? Is it five or ten or sometimes more?”

“No, never that many.”

“Yeah, like I thought. Your numbers are dwindling. That is, unless you’ve figured out how to have babies with no men around. Meanwhile, THEIR numbers just keep growing and growing! Sure, you get to enjoy your year-round summer weather and carnal pleasures now, but one day every last one of you will be over on their side of the island! And I’ve seen them up close. I’d rather die than live like one of them for the rest of my life!”

“Cassandra, I understand your fear,” Soa said, trying to console her. “But there are still plenty of us! As things are, the Kunamira village will survive for a lifetime.”

“It’s not even about that! I don’t know if you people have much of a concept of agriculture, but I think I figured out exactly why this spirit has been giving you all these gifts. It’s the same reason a rancher keeps his cattle fat and happy on all the grass they can eat… until it’s time for the slaughterhouse! Sure, this spirit feeds on our sexual energy day to day. But sometimes he gets hungrier than that. Milk isn’t going to fill him up anymore; he wants meat! That’s when he decides he needs to consume one of our minds! You know those big, strong walls you built around your village? All I see is the fence around the pasture. And do you know why those discarded husks of human beings got the only priestess on the island? Because THEY’RE HIS FARMHANDS!”

Cassandra finally paused, breathing heavily. Isabella could only stare open-mouthed at her. Even she hadn’t considered some of the things she had said.

After taking a moment to digest what Cassandra had just unloaded on her, she began discussing with the Matriarch and her court. Before she had finished, the looks of anger on the elders’ faces had vanished. And as the discussion progressed, their demeanors only grew more and more worried. They argued among themselves, and even the proud Matriarch seemed to have more questions to ask than answers to give. While they were far from an agrarian culture, they seemed more than capable of understanding their true relationship with the spirit as Cassandra had described it.

After nearly an hour of lengthy discussion, the Matriarch had finally reached a decision.

“She is willing to consider destroying the altar,” Soa translated. “In the coming days, we will plan and prepare to march up the mountain. The three of us will accompany her as guides and advisors. Once she knows we are marching for the shrine, Mauataka will surely challenge us. Once we have captured both the shrine and Mauataka on the mountain, Matriarch Gara will decide what to do.”

“Dios mio!” Isabella exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear. “Well done, Cassandra!”

The atmosphere in the village had changed. For the rest of the evening, the elders and anyone with an insightful idea planned and strategized, while others devoted their time to crafting provisions: spears, arrows, rope, and anything else such a campaign might require. Despite these people’s usual hedonistic and laid-back nature, they could be industrious when the time required.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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