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I awoke the next morning alone with someone knocking on my door. Rising I threw a robe around me and opened the door looking like hell incarnate I am sure. The armed guard from the previous night was standing there with the laptop I had requested in hand. “There was a delay. Your transportation will be here shortly do you need help getting ready?” I stepped aside and motioned for him to come in.

“As a matter of fact I do, can you pack my suitcases while I grab a quick shower?” He nodded and began to go to work and stopped.

“Sir, someone already seems to have taken the liberty of preparing your luggage, will there be anything else?” I looked at my bags with a growing sense of trepidation.

“A pot of strong coffee would be greatly appreciated.” He smiled and called room service as I headed into the bathroom to wash away the drugged feeling in my head. After my shower and two cups of black coffee I actually felt remotely human. The guard took my bags and with my third cup in hand I followed him down the stairs to the waiting jeep. With my bags stowed securely the guard actually saluted me as the jeep pulled away, I didn’t miss the secret smile on his lips. The driver was a tight-lipped fellow of South African decent who kept his eyes on the road and evaded my polite attempts at conversation. With nothing else to do I admired the countryside and hummed a little tune until we reached the train station. My luggage, laptop and I were loaded onto the train and more armed guards appeared to play chaperone to myself and several other ‘guests’. None of my fellow travelers looked familiar to me, but then again it was a mixed bag on this trip. Two gentlemen of obvious Middle Eastern lineage were having a heated debate in Arabic, a striking young Asian lady and a tall blonde were casually chatting away sipping drinks as a solitary American Indian fellow was pondering a crossword puzzle. I walked over to the ladies and introduced myself. As I began to sit opposite them they both smiled and made room for me between them. A drink was promptly placed in my hand and introductions continued.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Prof. Sterling.” The Asian said in perfect English, “I am Akira Hirohito a Japanese national and my field of expertise is pictographs and ancient languages.” I covertly looked her over and had to admire the curves under her blouse and the long legs crossed so ladylike before her were something to behold.

“And I am Olga Detroskya,” her Russian accent was sending shivers down my spine. “I received my doctorate in psychological forensics from John’s Hopkins. A toast to interesting times.” I tipped back my drink and barely contained my urge to cough on the vodka. Olga refilled my glass before I could stop her and offered another toast. Her build reminded me more of a Norse Valkyrie than a Doctor of Forensics. I sipped my second drink and listened to the conversation quietly until I was abruptly drug into it.

“So Professor, vat do you think of these obvious outrageous carbon dating results?” Olga’s fierce blue gaze pinned me to my seat awaiting an answer.

“Well,” I stammered forcing my eyes not to drift lower to her dazzling cleavage, “I was informed the test results were triple checked. There must be some sort of anomaly distorting the dating process.” Suddenly I felt Akira’s hand on my thigh.

“You speak my thoughts exactly Professor,” Her silky voice cutting to the quick.

“Please, call me Richard.” I forced my voice to remain unstrained and natural.

“Very well, Richard.” She made eye contact with her nearly black orbs burrowing into mine. I took a healthy swig of the vodka and swallowed hard. There was something about these women’s behavior that left me feeling out of some sort of private joke.

“Please to excuse me, I must freshen up.” Olga rose and my eyes followed her out as she sashayed down the car’s length. I turned to face Akira again and again that enigmatic smile met me.

“So what’s that joke?” I asked her and her face practically lit up.

“The joke is this,” she leaned in close so that her lips nearly touched my ear, “Olga and I shared the room across from yours last night.” I could feel her breath on my flesh as she spoke. “You were very loud and we couldn’t help but hear both of the women’s voices with you.” My mouth was suddenly dry and I swallowed unable to speak. “I could barely get to sleep with the images running through my head.” She sat back and I fumbled around for something besides vodka. Thankfully a pitcher of water was nearby.

“Really?” I said as I poured myself a glass to quench my thirst.

“Yes, really.” Her smile was devilish as she lifted her drink and absently ran a hand over her chest. “I hope you are recovered from your experience.”

“Why yes I am.” Even as the words left my mouth I knew I had been baited. Her smile widened as Olga glided up to our seat and dropped something into my lap. It was her underwear of course. She sat opposite of us and my eyes were riveted to her skirt as it rode up just below her pubic area. I took her thong in hand and blatantly bahis firmaları sniffed it before placing it in my pocket. There was nothing to lose at this point.

“I am glad you are feeling well,” Akira said, “we have a long train ride on hand I am sure we will see plenty of one another.” Olga lifted one leg and rested it on her knee giving me a perfect view of her well-trimmed sex. I took a long sip of my water before replying.

“No doubt about it.” Akira’s hand squeezed my thigh before she turned away to watch the countryside float by. Olga on the other hand reached for the bottle of vodka leaning over revealing her milky white breasts under her newly unbuttoned blouse. Impressive cleavage to be sure, I smiled and toasted to her tits.

“Here’s to joining forces for a common good.” Olga raised her glass and tipped the entire shot down her throat. And then muttered something in Russian I didn’t understand. I looked quizzically to Akira.

“She says she swallows.” I almost choked on my water. “She just got back from an artic dig, she was there for a year and a half with three men and her. Before you ask, they were gay, all three.” I looked at Olga and saw the growing hunger. Well that definitely explained her behavior. “And by the way, we are going to eat you alive.” She said it so matter of factly, Akira was definitely a classy lady.

“I look forward to it.”

Lunch came and went and Olga kept right on drinking, she finished an entire bottle by herself and appeared quite unaffected. After a long lull in the conversation Olga slurred something in Russian, so much for unaffected. Akira translated, “She says she wants to suck you off, I suggest you let her so she can go sleep it off she is very determined about these things. I looked over at Olga who nodded. I rose to my feet and helped her to hers. We made our way to the baggage car without mishap and Olga spotted a nice crate she could sit on and work her magic on me. I helped her sit and she immediately went to work unzipping and freeing me from my pants. She smiled at my semi hard cock and began to lick its length. It didn’t take long for it to harden enough for her to slip it into her warm wet mouth. Olga was in heaven, her head bobbed forward and back taking most of my length down her throat. I on the other hand wanted to see more of her breasts and so leaned forward and finished unbuttoning her blouse. It only took two buttons to free them and they were gorgeous! Pale mounds of Russian flesh topped with snowy areoles that craved attention. I kneaded them and teased her nipples to erection and this drove her wild. Her suction increased and her head moved with more passion accompanied with a low groan.

I began to whisper to her careful not to be overheard, “Suck me, come on make me cum down your nasty little throat.” Olga seemed like a woman possessed after that. She brought her hand to play and ran it up and down my wet shaft while she licked and sucked on the tip. I felt the first stirrings of my climax building and I am sure she did too. She looked up at me with an all-consuming hunger. She took my cock and trapped it between her breasts and I began to move my hips driving my dick towards her eager mouth.

“I vant you to come on my face.”

“But I want you to swallow.” She smiled and nodded I continued to pump between her flawless tits until I was ready to cum. “I am getting close.”

At that she took me back in her mouth and sucked and stroked for all she was worth. My breathing became labored and my heart began to trip in my chest as my cock swelled in her mouth. As I came Olga was true to her word and swallowed every drop. I tucked myself back in and zipped up as Olga adjusted her own clothing. We turned to see Akira standing at the door to the luggage car with her arms crossed and grinning from ear to ear.

“Nice show, and yes you have a lovely cock I can’t wait to meet it.” With that she turned and left. Olga giggled as she rose up to uncertain feet. I helped her button her blouse and then guided Olga to the sleeping berth and even tucked her in. Feeling a little tired myself I moved to my assigned slot, stripped and slipped under the cool covers to a disturbing slumber.

Crashes of lightning and the sensation of being pulled along in that dream like quality of complete helplessness, I could feel the rain slapping my skin as we raced across the causeway leading to the steps of the gods. The pull was inexorable as time replayed itself again. The storm abated suddenly and there were the cyclopean steps leading down into the stygian darkness. Step by step the pictographs etched on the surface of the steps mutely dictated their story once again. The god-thing from beyond the stars that came to our world to imprison mankind and breed with our ancestors untold generations ago for a nameless purpose. The black iron door so massive yet pivots with the touch of a finger swinging open to darkness to the outer shrine of the star being. The stone idol with its alien symmetry moving seemingly in the lightning flashes of the storm above.

My dream self watched kaçak iddaa as my lover and fellow student disrobed and danced before the stone thing. I watched the steps of her dance, her intricate footwork and her undulating body moving in worship to the nameless idol of forgotten millennia.

Suddenly another memory overlapped this one, Ryoko dancing in the inn. The Ghost Dancer moving with such fluid ease within the circle of men. Her stomping feet accentuating every move, every step that mirrored those of my long lost love! The steps were identical! The erotic movements of genetic memory carried in Ryoko’s blood from her Masai ancestors who had roamed these nations for time out of memory.

The older memory reasserted itself and the ancient rite continued as the Old One appeared to waken in all its dark glory. The tentacles seemed to take on a semblance of life moving sinuously and lethargic in the intermittent flashes of lightning. All the while she pressed herself against the stone-like skin of the idol letting it fill her most intimate places. She cried out as she pressed herself upon the sacred flesh hard and unyielding letting it move in and out of her. The closer she came to climax the more life the statue seemed to possess. When she fell to the ground spent and her lust satisfied she looked to me to join with the god.

I awake as I always do with a start and alone in the darkness my heart hammering in my chest and gasping for breath. However this time was different as the cat-like movements of the lithe form of Akira broke my nightmarish reverie. Her eyes flashed in the half darkness as she continued her progress moving up my body. She smiled as she straddled my body looking down from her obvious tactical advantage. Akira brought a finger to lips and began to undress. I relaxed as she reached down and pulled her shirt off, her body painted with shadows hinting at the fine breasts I would soon be feasting upon. She pulled the sheet covering me down and began tracing my chest with a finger she appeared pleased at my physical condition for a man my age. She bent over and rubbed her nipples across my hard chest gasping as shivers ran down her spine. Akira licked her lips and leaned further over so she could run a warm tongue over my nipples and chest. I moaned softly as she teased a nipple with tongue and teeth. Then her hips made a sensuous circular motion, grinding her crotch against my growing erection. Her lips left my nipple and moved up to taste my lips, her kiss tentative at first then with a groan of submission her tongue invaded my mouth and took my breath away. Time seemed suspended while our lips and tongues dueled in the darkness.

When she finally broke the kiss I looked up needing her more than oxygen right then and there. I lifted my arms up and let my hands roam freely over the sumptuous curves of her young body. My nails leaving trails over her flesh stoking her passion and hearing the satisfactory moans and squeals of delight. I pulled the sheet down further inviting her to share their concealing folds. She wiggled and slipped next to me managing to loose her underwear somewhere in the process. I pulled the sheet up to hide us from unwelcome eyes then we moved onto our sides facing each other. I traced her cheek with a gentle brush of my hand she leaned into my touch.

“Why me?” I whispered to her. She was one of the most attractive creatures I had ever laid eyes on and could pick and choose from anyone anywhere.

“Why?” Her face screwed up in a comical mask of confusion. “You are a gentle soul who comes well recommended.”

“Recommend? I don’t understand.” She leaned forward and began to chew on my shoulder as her hand moved down to take my sex in hand. As she stroked me and licked and nibbled my flesh she pondered how to answer. My eyes half closed at her attention.

“Ryoko is my cousin.” She gave me a healthy squeeze to make her point. “Now shut up and let me fuck you silly.” I simply smiled.

“Do your worst, I am your prisoner.” She purred in my ear and licked it as she began to roll me onto my back once more. Then again her hips began to grind against my naked sex but this time there was nothing to hinder the sensitive petals of her sex from making contact with my iron hard flesh. She ran her sex up and down mine as she dangled a firm young breast for my lips to devour. Unable to refuse her offering I leaned up and took her nipple into my mouth with a gasp of pleasure from her. I flickered her nipple with my tongue as I felt my hardness become slick from her growing wetness. Suckling her breast I nearly bit down when with a deft shift of hips she impaled herself on me. I could see her bite her lip remaining silent with much difficulty. Her tight warm depths gripped me like a velvet glove conforming and squeezing me. She remained still for a time gasping from the entry of my length and girth. Then she slowly lifted her hips nearly letting me slip out but then moved down again setting up a snail’s pace rhythm of lovemaking. I settled my hands on her firm bottom while my mouth moved from one breast to kaçak bahis the other, alternating teasing and biting her tender flesh. I kneaded her cheeks wanting more than anything to plunge upward meeting her downward motion but I let her keep control waiting patiently for her to make me climax no matter how long it took. Without warning I felt her sex spasm around me at the same time she bit down on my shoulder stifling her scream of release. Akira collapsed atop me impaling herself once more I felt her teeth break skin as a second orgasm tore through her. The thrill of her pleasure and my pain mingled into something profound.

I held her close as her body shook for a long time finally becoming still, when she was able to lift her head from my chest she looked down at me with wonder and a touch of worship. I rolled her onto her back never letting my sex slip from hers and like a good girl she became completely submissive beneath me. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and began to move in and out of her slowly at first by then more quickly wanting to cum inside her more than anything in this life. Akira grabbed my pillow and bit into it to keep her screams muffled. I looked down viewing her flawless body in the half-light as my hips began to piston forward and back.

I pulled the pillow aside and held her gaze with mine, “Don’t close your eyes no matter what, please!” I whispered as I felt my toes start to curl in anticipation to something powerful she nodded and stared unblinking upward. My hands once more settled on her hips as I drove deep into her in long fierce thrusts stabbing into her body with all my strength. I grunted with each movement as I felt my sex begin to swell signally my imminent climax. Akira wanted to scream so she took the pillow and bit it and true to her word she kept her eyes fixed on mine as with a final thrust I began to shoot inside of her. I locked my gaze with her and time again seemed to dilate suspending between heartbeats as something primal passed between us. I saw in the depth of her eyes a kindred soul, a hollowness filled and at that very moment we completed each other. Then like a fist slamming in my chest time reasserted itself and I found myself gasping for breath and collapsing atop Akira like a puppet having its strings cut. Her legs scissored around me as she pulled me close. I felt her tears falling as she cried in great heaving sobs. I was able to roll onto my back and hold her as whatever powerful emotion manifested within Akira worked its way thru her. I on the other hand felt complete and was at peace for the first time in many years. Without another word we fell into a dreamless slumber in each other’s arms.

I awoke half expected to be alone but the lovely Asian girl still clung to me deep asleep still. I lifted her long hair away from her face and absently stroked her face causing her to stir and awaken with a smile.

“Morning.” My voice was surprisingly soft and filled with an unnamed emotion she only smiled and settled her head on my chest once more. Then she murmured something too low for me to hear. “What?”

“Kouryou.” She repeated so I could hear this time. A term of endearment I supposed.

“What does that mean?” She reached down and gave me a gentle squeeze.

“It means,” she paused for dramatic effect, “cunning dragon. You shared your hoard with me last night.”

“Well you did share your cave with me.” Her giggle was just too cute.

“True I did, perhaps after breakfast you would like to explore it again?”

“Spelunking is my deepest passion…” And that was how the morning passed between us.

Late that afternoon the train arrived at a stop where we would continue to the dig site by jeep. I expected after all these years that everything would be hauntingly familiar but thankfully that was not the case. We set out in five jeeps, our equipment and luggage evenly distributed among the vehicles. Akira shared my jeep and we passed the time holding hands and making eye contact. That was more than enough after our time on the train. Olga seemed too hung over to care and appeared pleased that we had hit it off so well. The drive was an equal mix of hot, dry and wet, the terrain changed from a dry grassy plain to thick hot jungle criss-crossed with streams. Crossing the streams was a venture of sprays of water drenching driver and passengers alike. It was a nice relief from the parching passage of the plains. Then abruptly our journey ended at a small city of tents pitched amidst the jungle. Something was wrong, if this was so secret why all the tents? Unless of course this was just a base camp for something further on, I decided to observe and wait till we were instructed before becoming alarmed. The cases of food stuff and raw materials stored at the edge of the camp seemed to indicate that indeed this was merely a supply area for the real dig and most of these workers probably had no clue what was really going on. As we walked on our drivers took our belongings to a tent near the center of the camp. We were being led to a massive pavilion that could sleep twenty comfortably. Not surprisingly this was the officer’s tent, what was surprising was Otomba and silk clad Ryoko being here. My shock must have been evident as Otomba simply smiled and addressed all of us at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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