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The cast:

Jason – Husband 44 – Black man with an athletic build 6′ and 180 lbs

Alyssa – Wife 38 – A slim sexy Asian woman 37D 26 39 at 125 lbs

Monica – Daughter 21- A slim sexy biracial young lady 35D 26 36 at 115 lbs

Lori – Daughter 20 – A slim sexy biracial young lady 34D 24 36 at 100 lbs

Sampson -son 18 – A biracial boy with an athletic build 5′ 10″ and 170 lbs

They were like any typical family…. successful working father and stay at home mom and the children in school. The older girls in local college and son in high school. The children were raised in a open family … meaning there were little to know secrets.

Jason and Alyssa had a very active sex life and experimented allot on different lifestyles till they found BDSM about 10 yrs ago. Jason being dominant, quickly enslaved His wife as He found out how submissive she was. Actually they couple had known for years, but it was only a conformation to the awakening they had when finding about bdsm.

Monica was a knockout and turned many a head as she went about her normal life. Though the power she had over men … and some women, was great, she was lost to her place in life. Other than her closeness to Lori, she seemed lost even in a crowded room.

Lori was also a knock out …. still a virgin, she was one whom tried to please whomever she was with. She may not be sexual active, but she would do just about anything when asked.

Which leaves Samson … he much like his dad was a bit on the dominant side. He was one whom you would find leading no matter if it was a club, sports team or dance.


It was a holiday weekend when the story takes place. It was around Halloween when this story comes about.

Jason being the owner of His construction company decided to take a 3 day weekend and take the family on a trip. He had reserved a large spacious cabin deep in a secluded woods several hundred miles from their house. Actually the cabin set on an island …. and there was only one bridge in or out. The bridge was at least 1 mile long and not many people used the main road that lead up to the cabin. So He thought it would be the perfect getaway.

On Thursday, the family packed up and that eve loaded the van and drove to the cabin. The drive began with all talking about how good it was gonna be to get away for the weekend, and what they were going to enjoy. Jason was looking forward to doing the camping thing. Alyssa was going to enjoy not being bothered by people dropping over or calling.

Monica was looking forward to just being able to relax and not worry about the attention she got all the time. Lori was looking forward to being able to be with the family and give whatever help her mom needed. Sampson was looking forward to learning what he could from his dad. He had always admired his dad and tried to model himself after his dad. As the drive progressed, the children got a bit sleepy and layed in the van’s custom beds.

All was going great… so the couple thought as they drove. Alyssa as always wore no panties, as was her Husband’s rule. Thinking of the trip and seclusion, her thoughts wandered on what was in store for her during this getaway and just how much time she would get to serve her Husband when the kids were not around.

As her thoughts drifted she became wetter by the second. Dressed in only a bra and dress that went to her calf, she grazed her already wet cunt. Jason saw and smiled and Alyssa smiled in return. Jason gave her a look and they talked some on what was going to happen on the trip. The couple kept is clean … not knowing if the children were totally asleep yet.

The trip had all been arranged months prior and was assured that no one would be there to bother them. As they arrived in the wee hours of the night, Jason drove over the bridge and up the secluded road to the cabin. As they had expected, all was stocked and ready for their weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the world. They unpacked and settled into their rooms.

Being a large cabin for families, there were 5 bedrooms, one of which was a master bedroom and it contained a king-sized bed. The other 4 bedrooms contained a queen sized bed. Was like being in a castle …. it was rather late and they had a 3 day weekend to enjoy, so all turned in to their rooms. Jason never Alyssa to sleep in anything but her collar. So she did as she knew she was to. Soon all were in their respective bed and soon sleep due to the long day.

The morning brought a big shock to the family. As the ground shook violently, a massive earthquake rocked the island. As the tremors stopped, The family slowly emerged from their rooms. Alyssa had managed to put some more presentable dress on before they all went to the large living room area. The men went out to survey the damage, while the women stayed huddled close together in fear of aftershocks. It was so violent, two trees fell and trapping their van.

The men walked back down to where the road bahis firmaları was … or at least as far as the bridge and soon found out that a tree had fallen and part of the bridge was out. The gap was too dangerous and unstable to cross. And now the only way off the island now was to scale down the steep cliffs. The men returned and informed the family that they were stuck there until help arrived and that depended on if the owner of the cabin returned from the trip he had taken.

The men surveyed the area and found an ax and saw, but it would do little to help. They went in the house and had a family meeting. All agreed that there was little anyone could do but enjoy they rest of the time they were to be there. They all had breakfast and then men worked on making it easier for their rescue. The women made lunch and helped when they could, mostly by dragging the small branches they could handle out of the way.

Although it was October, the day was a bit on the warm side. In fact, it had gotten so hot that the men had taken of their shirts cause of the sweat that seemed to be pouring out of them in buckets. Little did they know the effect of their sweaty, muscular bodies was having an effect on all the women.

Alyssa had always been your not so normal wife. She was very sexually aware of her body and the way Jason made her feel. She knew all to well the familiar feeling she was getting between her legs, however this time it was different …. she had secretly dreamt of being taken by two men and seeing her son’s body covered in sweat doubled the normal feelings. She tried to fight the feelings off as she was embarrassed to what she was feeling and thinking.

Monica too was feeling the effects of the men. Looking at them in a way she had never before, she was quickly becoming damp down below. Thinking to herself, how good it would be to fuck to one of them, if not both.

Lori was no different, she began to think of how dominant her father was and what would happen if he just said the right thing. She knew she would be at his feet doing whatever he said. As they all continued working, the men also took notice of the women.

Jason kept looking at His wife, knowing she would do anything He wanted her to. He was becoming hard as He watched the sweat consume His wife’s body and her clothes began to stick to her.

The same was happening as He glanced at the girls. Sampson would occasionally glance at the women and the sight was enough to cause his cock to rise. All inwardly battling to keep their subconscious in check.

They worked through the day, and the women made dinner. Soon Jason and Sampson joined Alyssa, Monica and Lori. Dinner brought only polite conversation, as all tried to conceal the feelings inside. After dinner was done, the girls cleaned up while Jason and Samson went to shower.

Each man in a separate shower, the men made the water a bit cold … to help fight off the thoughts they were feeling. After they had showered, the woman soon took theirs. The woman however took a bit longer than normal. Each lady letting the water beat the thoughts away they were thinking. They all sat in the living room and chatted a bit, before Sampson yawned first. He soon said his good nights and headed to bed.

Soon Monica and Lori followed suit. With each in their own room, Jason took Alyssa to bed. As soon as they got in the room, Jason gave her a look … it was all He ever needed to and Alyssa immediately undressed. She went to their luggage and pulled out her collar and fastened it closed. She walked over to where Jason was, whom was stroking now, and knelt at Jason feet. Another look and she began to suck Jason’s 8″ rock hard cock. He noticed something right off. She was sucking His cock with a renewed gusto. He motioned her up and whispered in her ear, ” What has gotten into you My slut?”

She replies, ” Master … do not be angry with Your slut, but I was a bad girl today.”

Jason replies, “Why is that?”

Alyssa swallows hard knowing there is nothing she can keep from her Master/Husband and replies, “While We were outside, I kept noticing You. Not only You but Our son Sampson as well.”

“I see….” He answers, “And how did that make you feel My slut?”

“Oh Master, I am so ashamed yet was so turned on. Sampson is almost a carbon copy of You. How could I not get aroused? How could I not want to have both You and Sampson to do the things You have taught Me so?”

Hearing His wife only made His cock harder…. and soon had her bend over in doggie style and fucking her for the slut she was. Their talk was now of the threesome and how it would be if and only if Sampson was game. Little did They know that They were being watched.

Monica, who was having trouble sleeping … mainly cause of the visions of the men all sweaty and muscles rippling, had gotten up after cumming very hard from her fingers with the thoughts she was having. Seeing her mom dressed like she was did something to Monica. … for once in her life she knew who she was. kaçak iddaa She saw how her mom looked and could relate exactly to how her mom was.

Monica felt as if she had found her calling. Her juices started to flow again as she fingered herself, all the while watching her parents. How she longed to have a man do what Her dad was doing to her mom. If only there was one who could do so, Monica thought, she would be in heaven. Monica kept playing with her cunt and clit till she came like never before. She had to bite down hard on her lip so she wasn’t heard and slipped back to her room. Trying desperately to sleep … even after seeing and hearing her parents.

Jason and Alyssa had changed positions now and Alyssa was on her back. Jason was fucking her hard and deep and still unaware the door was cracked. Much like Monica, Sampson was having trouble sleeping. The visions of the 3 women danced in his head. His cock was rock hard and even stroking it seemed no help.

Just as Jason started to replay His wife’s comments, Sampson passed the door. “Sampson” He heard in an almost whisper. Causing Sampson to stop and went to open the door, thinking his mom and dad had seen him. As he started to open the door, he say Jason fucking Alyssa hard deep and saying, “Is this what you want mom, to be dominated by your Son?” Sampson froze as he watched and listened. Alyssa replies, “Oh Master, is it wrong to let Sampson also dominate your slut? Yes Sampson I do want you to if My Master allows it.”

By now Sampson is stroking fast and hard, his thoughts now filled with purpose. If he only could somehow be let into the mix. Then Sampson got lightheaded …. and next thing you know, he stumbles into the room …. holding his hard cock and delirious with lust. Jason and Alyssa stop ….. shocked that they had an audience. Then smile when they notice it is Sampson. Sampson face is turning red with embarrassment …for being caught and for the lust he can’t hide. Jason motions Sampson over and says, “I see you have been watching …. How much do you know?”

Sampson a little nervous to admit, but does knowing that in this family there is a bond of trust, shyly admits, “I thought I heard you call me when I pasted by the door. I went to open it and heard the way you and mom were talking. Pretending you were me. It was almost as if you had been listening to my dream. I started stroking as I watched and was almost about to cum when I stumbled in.”

Jason was never one to miss an opportunity when it arose, so He said to his slut, “Show Me what you would do to prove you are worthy of 2 owners.” With that said, Alyssa began to rub both exposed cocks. Both Men smiled and Alyssa then began to suck both Jason and Sampson off. The more she sucked, the more it seemed to turn her on.

Alyssa began to go faster taking in the full length of Her Master and Son. Trying to please each so they could both do as they pleased with her. Sampson was near to explode with the expert tonguing he was receiving and Jason could fill His eruption building as well. Alyssa truly was giving the Men a workout. She was proving to Jason, she was not only His slut, but just how slutty she was. She was now only driven by lust. She so desperately needed to be fucked. Not just by one but by Them both.

Then almost without a words, she guides Jason to the bed on His back. She never let go of Sampson’s cock and with her body movements shows Jason just where she needs Him at. Jason pushes His rock hard 8″ cock slowly into her ass. As she lays on top of Jason … her cunt is pointed up … if the girls had been watching, they would have seen their mother’s ass full and Sampson’s 8 1/2″ cock sliding inch by inch into the place he had come from 18 yrs before.

While the 3 fucked, Lori’s sleep had become restless. She was now fingering her cunt in her sleep. The more she fingered, the more the visions of the men filled her mind. But to her surprise, so did Monica slip in there. Lori was picturing the men ordering her to play with her pussy.

The dream was so intense, Lori did not realize that she had gotten out of bed. More importantly, she was sleepwalking.

Monica in her haste to not be seen or heard, had forgotten to close her door. As Monica slept, Lori walked in the room. Still sleep walking, and in her dream, Lori heard Jason say, “I want you to eat Monica’s cunt.” So Lori climbed under the covers and started to kiss her way up Monica’s leg.

Monica was also dreaming, but about 2wo Men ravishing her. So the kisses she felt, were what Monica was dreaming the guys were doing. And Monica soon opened her legs wider as the got higher. In Lori’s dream, Jason kept telling her she was doing well and to continue. Lori then tasted Monica’s cunt … her tongue seemed like it had found the best thing in the world, and lapped at the juices it was producing. Monica was now so deep in the dream that she thought it was real and grabbed Lori’s head and feed Lori her cunt.

Monica came hard and that is when Lori realized it wasn’t a dream … kaçak bahis Lori awoke gasping for air and trying to move her head free. That is when Monica woke. They both sat up and froze. What had just happened? Why was Lori not in her own room? Why was Monica’s cum on her sister’s face? Lori too was wondering why she was in Monica’s room and she smelt and tasted like Monica’s cunt.

Monica was first to take the situation in hand. “I don’t know what just happened but we cant let anyone know.” Lori agreed and as she started to move, Monica said, “But first I want some more of your tongue down there.” Something came over Lori …. maybe it was still being scared from the earthquake, maybe it was just the new taste on her lips and tongue, or her need to serve, but she eased her way back between Monica’s thighs and began lapping Monica’s cunt with earnest.

While that was going on, the scene in the master bedroom was far from over. The men assaulted Alyssa’s holes like never before. Alyssa had cum so many times she had lost track. And soon it was the Men’s turn to cum. It had built up in both Their balls and both Men erupted deep in Alyssa at the same time. As the Men pulled out, Jason told Sampson, ” Son, you best head to bed. You and I will discuss this in the AM and how We will share this slut.” With that Jason dressed and went to His room.

Not long after he return to his room did Monica cum. Seeing it was 3 AM, Monica and Lori decided they would continue the next day. And with that Lori went to her room. No one fell asleep right away … but all replayed what had happened. But it wasn’t long before sleep took Them all.

Day 2 …

All showered and again went over the event of the night previous. When all sat down to breakfast, the normal family looks were replaced by looks of curiosity and lust. You could almost hear the grass grow, as all seemed locked in deep thoughts of the night before. Not a word was said till Jason finally spoke, “Son, you and I have work to do.” He said and Sampson nodded. They soon left and the women went to clean the kitchen. But Alyssa insisted that Monica and Lori that she was ok by herself.

Alyssa needed time to go over her night. She was already very wet and in need of relief. As Alyssa began to attend to the kitchen and clean up after breakfast, Alyssa hurried along in the kitchen, mind ever racing as she thought of the night with Jason & Sampson. What rules were the two of Them gonna come up with for her use?

Alyssa knew it was not gonna be a one time thing and as the last dish was put away, she reached down and touched herself. Alyssa was soaked … and could easily sink 3 fingers into her cunt. Alyssa fucked them good and slipped a fourth into her cunt only to allow it to become wet. Alyssa fucked the two holes frantically … not caring if anyone walked in. Alyssa came hard and then she took the kitchen rag and washed her now dripping cunt and ass.

Jason and Sampson went over things in their minds and worked until Jason spoke, “Son, it seems that We have to talk about last night.”

“Yes Dad?” Sampson replies. Recalling how both his Dad and him fucked his mom and how she not only liked it, wanted to be his slave too.

“Son, being a dominant is not easy, it takes alot of work and you will reap the rewards when you are good at it.” Said Jason as He continues, “I will help you learn what you need, and I will let you know from here on out, Alyssa is also your slave. She will do anything asked of her and when either you and her are alone, or I am there, she will adhear to what I have trained her.”

The men continue working and talking, sweat pouring from them as they work and talk. Jason ever proud to see Sampson growing up to be a fine man …. one whom will follow in his footsteps.

Monica and Lori leave breakfast and head to Monica’s room. After their mother suggested she didn’t need the help, the girls decided to continue where they left off. First they went to the window and saw the men working on the trees, trying to make head way. It was enough to get their juices flowing. They then looked into the others eyes and there was an animalistic passion in them.

They undressed each other and lay on Monica’s bed. Overcome by lust, both got into a 69 and began to eat the others cunt like there was no tomorrow. It seemed the more one would lick or suck or nibble the other would try the same and with more intensity. Their moans becoming ever increasing, as they soon cum together. The taste of each others cum makes the girls continue on.

Alyssa was walking down the hall and heard the moaning coming from Monica’s room. Alyssa already getting wet at the mere thought of what could be happening, approached the door quietly. Slowly Alyssa cracks the door … her jaw almost drops to the floor at the sight in front of her. Alyssa sees her two girls in a 69 position, eating away at the other sister’s cunt as if her life depended on it.

Alyssa stunned yet turned on, only sees one option … and starts fingering herself on the spot. Listening and watching through the opening, Alyssa sticks two fingers into her cunt. Monica stops long enough to say to Lori, “God sis you taste good …. if anyone ever finds out, could be bad for us.”

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