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Orchard Road 10:45 am.

Orchard Road is the shopping center of Singapore. It was filled with department stores and other establishments which sell a variety of things from clothes to shoes to food. It had movie theaters, parlors, restaurants as well as hotels. Anything you want to buy is in Orchard Road and that’s where Rica and Paul went.

“Is there a money changer here? I need to change money,” Paul asked.

“Yup, there’s one right there,” Rica replied pointing at an establishment.

While Paul was having his money changed, Rica noticed that there was a salon beside it. As soon as Paul finished, Rica pulled him towards the salon.

“I know exactly what you need. You need a haircut!”

“Wait wait… wait,” Paul rushed to stuff his money inside his wallet. His wallet fell and Rica immediately picked it up.

“Go, go get in, I’ll fix this. Ask how much a haircut is and how much is a trim for me,” Rica said, getting up and fixing Paul’s disorganized wallet.

“Your wallet is a mess!”

“Let me do it,” Paul interjected and tried to grab the wallet from Rica.

Rica avoided his attempt.

“I said go in and ask!” Rica said pushing Paul towards the door.

Unable to do anything about the situation, Paul just decided to go in and do what she said. In the meantime, Rica fixed his wallet. It was full of receipts, a couple of motel VIP cards and not much cash. It had a couple of pictures of Paul, 2×2s and passport size. There were a couple of IDs and not much cash. She can’t seem to stuff the money in as well as she wanted and when she inspected the bill slot, she saw the culprits. There were three packs of condoms cramming the place. She read the label. “Big O Super XL ultralubricant condoms. For the Big Man with the Smooth Moves”.

Whoa. Is this really his? Is he really big?

Just then, she saw Paul walking back towards her. She immediately forced the money in and gave it to Paul.

“Yeah here you do it,” handing it to Paul. “So how much?”

After telling her how much, Paul fixed his wallet. He saw his VIP cards and his condoms.

Did she see them??? Fuck…They entered the salon.

After they got their hair done, Paul looked at Rica. She was even prettier than earlier. She had her hair treated a bit and made it a bit wavy. This made her look like a celebrity although she has never seen a celebrity as beautiful as she was right then. She looked a tad more sophisticated which matched her personality.

After paying, they set off to buy his board shorts.

They got into a store that specialized in beach wear. Rica rummaged through the selection and picked out three designs. One orange, one green and one blue.

“Go try this in the fitting room then show it to me.” Rica ordered.

Paul got in the dressing room. He tried the orange one which was a bit tight. He got out and showed it to Rica.

“Hmm… turn around,” Rica told Paul.

Paul followed. As he was turning, Rica noticed that Paul had a bit of a bulge. It didn’t seem to be a hard on type of a bulge. It was just a bulge.

“It’s too small. I’ll get a bigger one,” Rica said.

“No don’t bother. I don’t like the design anyway. Just give me a bigger size of the blue one,” Paul said.

“You’re not trying the green one?” Rica asked, testing.

“No self respecting Atenean would be caught wearing green.” Paul said, smiling wryly.

“Hahaha, I knew it,” Rica said and left to get a bigger size of the blue board shorts.

She got back to the dressing room and handed him the shorts. A few seconds later, Paul came out, modeling the blue one.

There was still a bulge, Rica noticed. “Perfect!” Paul smiled.

Room 507. 12:30 pm.

Toorooroot! Toorooroot!

The phone kept ringing. Cherry woke up with a start. She sat up all of a sudden and the ensuing blood flow made her head throb.

Awww fuck!

She looked at herself. She was naked, her pussy still a bit damp and her whole body was aching as a result of sleeping in an uncomfortable surface and at an unusual position.

What time is it? She thought. She checked her phone and saw the digital clock turn 12:31 pm.

Toooroooot! Toooorooot!

She reached for the still ringing hotel phone.

“Hello” she said, sounding tired.

“Hi Cherry! Hahaha…”

“O Joanna, what?”

“Did I wake you up?”

“You did.”


“It’s okay, Jo. Sup?”

“Have you eaten lunch? Rica still hasn’t returned and I don’t really know where to get food here,” Joanna explained.

Cherry thought for a second. She wanted to sleep but she knows that she has to get up already and eat. Her stomach grumbled.

“Where you?”

“Our room, right across yours,” Joanna chirped.

“Okay wait, can you just come over here for a while?” Cherry said. She stood up. Still feeling weak she dragged her naked aching body towards the door. Along the way she saw her clothes and collected it and threw it in the closet.


“Yeah wait, Joanna”, Cherry said. She got the bathrobe from bahis firmaları the closet, wore it and opened the door. Turning back around she said to Joanna, ” I’ll just wash up”

“Okay, I’ll watch TV. Take your time.”

As soon as Joanna entered the room, she smelled a slight musky scent in the air. She couldn’t quite figure out what it was but she knew that it was something she was familiar with. She just didn’t now what it was at that time.

Cherry got in the CR and immediately turned on the shower. She needed a cold one.

Joanna looked around the room. She noticed that a big dark blue bag was beside the bed nearest to the door.

That must be Paul’s bag.

She looked for the remote. It wasn’t near the TV. Both beds were fixed and empty which surprised her since she knew that Cherry was sleeping when she called. She knew that she didn’t fix the bed because that would have taken too much time. She saw the remote on the table beside the phone. She walked towards it when she felt something get stuck in her shoe. She bent over to get it, thinking it was a face towel. When she got it, she thought she guessed right, feeling that it was wet. Upon further inspection however, she realized that it was a used pair of white briefs that was soaked in the crotch area.

“Eeeww!” she exclaimed suddenly dropping the underwear back to where it was.

Cherry heard her and turned off the shower.

“Jo? Are you alright?”

Joanna thought fast. “Yeah I’m okay! I uh…ah… uhm, I saw a spider,”


“Nothing! I’m okay!”

“Okay. Just wait for me.”

Joanna grabbed the remote and sat at the edge of the bed. She turned on the TV. She couldn’t understand what she was watching. Her mind was wandering, thinking about what she saw and held.

Was that a pair of briefs? Was that Paul’s? Of course. He’s the only guy who is billeted in this room! Why was it on the floor away from the rest of his stuff? Why was it soaked when Kuya Paul left more than two hours ago? Where did Cherry sleep? All this was on her mind when the CR door opened. She was startled a bit and got up from the bed quickly as if she did something wrong.

“Can I uh, ah, ah use the CR?” Joanna asked.

“Yeah sure, the floor’s wet though,” Cherry warned.

Joanna got in quickly and washed her hand. She was still very confused and cleaned her hand twice. Cherry looked at what Joanna was watching on TV. It was the BBC. Uninterested, she turned towards her bed when out of the corner of her eye she saw the briefs that she abused a couple of hours ago.

Oh shit! Did Joanna see this!? Was that why she reacted that way?

She didn’t have time to think. She got the briefs and stuffed it back in Paul’s laundry bag. She composed herself and convinced herself that Joanna could not have seen what it was since you have to see it up close to recognize what it was. She went back to her bed and removed her bathrobe.

Joanna came out of the shower and saw Cherry stark naked from behind.

“Oh sorry!” Joanna said, embarrassed, she stepped back into the CR.

Cherry turned around to face Joanna.

“Hey Jo, it’s okay, all girls here”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… well I know I am. Are you?” she asked teasingly.

“Hahaha, you know what I mean,” Joanna said, still in the CR.

“Yeah I know, and it’s okay. You can come out. Watch what you’re watching.

The TV I mean”

“Mmkay!” Joanna slowly got out of the CR and went back to the edge of Cherry’s bed to watch TV.

Still naked, Cherry approached the edge of the bed, watching the TV as well. They were now both watching the BBC news, Joanna sitting on the edge and Cherry standing up right beside her.

“O what’s the news about?” Cherry asked with her eyes focused on the TV. She was now drying up her legs and she turned her back at Joanna. She bent over and in the process, she fully exposed her pussy from behind to Joanna. Joanna tried not to look but she couldn’t help it. She stared at her pussy for a few seconds, trying hard not to be seen staring.

Cherry’s pussy was a bit puffy and pinkish. She could see the inner folds a bit. There were a few hairs sticking out from the side even though they weren’t really long. She could also see her clit which she thought was a lot bigger than hers and the hood was protruding a bit. I guess that’s what a non-virgin pussy looks like, she thought. She thought it was beautiful.

She hoped that hers looked like that and not as plain as it is now. Cherry stood up and faced Joanna again and was now openly drying up her pubic hair in front of Joanna.

“Hey the news…”

“Ah something about China and Tibet… the usual.” Rica said quickly. She glanced at her perky breasts. They were full and crowned with light brown nipples. They were not big but they were the perfect size for her. Cherry was proud of them and her boyfriend loved them.

“Are you okay?” Cherry asked.

“Yeah… it’s just that…,” Joanna began.

“What? You can tell me,” Cherry said.

“It’s just kaçak iddaa that I have never seen another naked person before. Girl or boy, and I’m kinda uncomfortable.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” immediately she put on her panties and shorts.

“Sorry, I used to room with Rica and we’re like naked half the time in our room.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize Cher. I’m just not used to it. But I’m okay. I’m cool with it. To each her own.” Joanna assured her.

Cherry was putting on her tank top already and began brushing her hair.

“You should be okay with it. You have the same stuff anyway, Right?”

“Yeah I do noh! Haha”, Joanna said.

“By the way, clear your sched the night after tomorrow ha. The girls have a surprise for you”

“Surprise? What surprise?” Joanna’s eyes lit up.

“Secret! Just wait for it. Okay?”

“Okay.” Joanna was excited. She can’t wait. “Come on let’s go. I’m starving!”

1:00 pm Hotel Lobby.

Paul and Rica arrived from their shopping. Rica bought several items like a few wine bottles, a couple of shirts as well as a new book by an author that Paul did not recognize. Other than the board shorts, Paul bought a souvenir shirt and nothing else. They had lunch at a Mandarin restaurant which cost quite a bit of money. Paul did not have a lot of money to begin with and he wanted to make sure that he did not spend too much on things that he could get free. Like food. But it was a fun day. Rica seemed to like him, as a friend at least. He found her very interesting which says a lot since he doesn’t normally find rich people interesting. He always finds them superficial. He hated being with them because try as he might, he can’t help but be plastic with them. He’d laugh at their jokes in a fake way which made him uncomfortable.

But Rica was different. She was really down to earth and he was surprised to find out that she was starting a foundation for street children with her parents. Her parents were devout Christians and this influenced Rica a lot. Still, he can’t see himself being Rica’s boyfriend. They were still too different. Rica had everything while he worked for everything he had.

Not that he was ashamed of it. He was in fact proud of his accomplishments. At his young age, he was self sufficient and does not rely on his parents for money. He had an internet job that helps him get by and has made some connections that allowed him to get some perks. Rica was not for her, he convinced himself. He decided to focus on being just a good friend.

“I just realized you brought me along so that you’ll have someone to carry all your stuff!” Paul jokingly said.

“That’s not a lot! And stop complaining. Be thankful, I’m helping you lose weight!” Rica laughed.

“Hey, I’m not fat. That’s pure muscle!”

“Muscle? You call that muscle?” She squeezed his biceps. It was hard. But she didn’t say it.

Instead she said, “E how come it’s so soft?”

“Oooohhh did you just cup a feel?”

“Hell no!”

“Should I bring this upstairs to your room?”

“Could you please? I have a meeting in a few minutes,” she handed him her key.

“Meeting for what?” Paul asked. He wasn’t invited to any meeting.

“For the tournament. Some things we need to iron out before the tournament starts tomorrow.” Rica said.

“Ah yeah you’re part of the Executive committee. Okay. How do I return the key to you? Where can I find you after?”

“Keep it first. I don’t know where the meeting is yet,” Rica brought out her phone and dialed.

“Okay see you later,” Paul said. He turned towards the elevator. Right before he entered the elevator, Rica called him.

“Hey Paul! Thanks again!” He just smiled and nodded.

After putting down Rica’s stuff in her room, Paul decided to go to the coffee shop downstairs. He had a complimentary stub that he could use and decided that it was as good a time as any to use it. When he got out of the elevator, he noticed that there were a lot of people around the Front Desk area.

They were mostly students about his age, participants in the tournament as well. They had just arrived which was quite normal since a lot of schools usually come in just the day before the start of the tournament to save money for hotel room fees. They’d rather spend one day more after the tournament rather than one day before.

He walked towards the coffee shop, away from the mad scene at the front desk.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” a voice boomed.

Paul stopped. The voice was directed at him. For a second he was startled but he then recognized the voice. He turned around and sure enough it was his good friend.

“Mahmoud!” Paul exclaimed. Paul cannot believe that Mahmoud al-Zarawi of King Abdulaziz University was here.

Mahmoud was his closest friend in the entire debate community. He stood 6’1 and weighed about 350 lbs. As big as he was, his voice was even bigger. You can hear him from across the entire hotel lobby.

“I didn’t think you’d make it!” Paul said.

“Yeah I know, my kaçak bahis friend. Praise be Allah! We almost ran out of gas you know?” he elbowed Paul, letting him know that it was a joke. Saudi Arabia, the country where Mahmoud came from, is the biggest oil producer in the World. Mahmoud was a comedian like himself and it was one of two things that Paul particularly liked about him.

“Hahaha! That’s not funny man. Gas prices are soaring! Tell your dad to open the faucet a bit so that the prices would go down!” Paul said.

Mahmoud was the only son of an oil magnate and thus was the lone male heir to the family fortune. He was loaded with money and was never shy to spend it. Paul always mentioned this to him to which Mahmoud would always defend his spending ways by saying, “People who don’t have money want money to spend. I have money. Why should I not spend it?” Sound logic and it became a running joke between the two.

“What are you complaining about anyway? Last time I checked, you didn’t have a car!” Mahmoud exclaimed.

He always talked with an excited tone but when he’s with Paul, it’s like he cranks it up a notch. Mahmoud did not mean what he said as an insult. The financial disparity between them was a joke between them. Paul played the poor pauper and in turn, Mahmoud played the rich tyrant.

“That’s by choice! I live right across the street where I go to school! I don’t need a car,” Paul defended himself.

“Of course you do! What about girls? That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend! No wheels, no girls, no boom boom! Hahahahaha!”

“Hey, if a girl needs a ride, She can ride this!” he pointed to his crotch area. They both laughed. From behind Mahmoud, a girl wearing in full chador attire, the Muslim attire for women which is basically a long loose robe which covers their entire body, and a veil, moved towards Paul.

“Hello Paul,” the girl said in a cheerful if a bit muffled voice. Paul stopped laughing, embarrassed that the girl probably heard his crude joke.

“Saheera!” Paul was pleasantly surprised and quite shocked to see Saheera, Mahmoud’s younger sister and about a fourth of his weight. Paul punched Mahmoud in the arm which made him stop laughing.

“Dude, you didn’t tell me Saheera was here!”

“I didn’t have the chance!” Mahmoud laughed.

“Saheera how are you? Listen, we were just joking okay? It was your brother’s fault!” he punched Mahmoud again.

“It’s okay Paul. It’s not like we’ve only met. You can’t possibly pretend you’re an innocent guy!” Saheera giggled.

“Hahahaha!” they all laughed.

Saheera was right. He can’t pretend that he was an innocent guy. Not to Saheera, especially after the All-Asians Tournament in Manila a mere four months ago. After that tournament, he found himself making out with Saheera at the back of Mahmoud’s rented car. They were on their way to the airport when they had to go back to the hotel because Mahmoud left a bag in his hotel room. While Mahmoud was retrieving his bag, Paul decided to test the waters with Saheera and she was only too willing to oblige having had a crush on Paul for the longest time. While he only got as far as feeling her breasts through her robe, it was a memory that always stuck in his mind.

Over the past few months, they have been exchanging emails and got to know each other better. Naughty emails went back and forth. This served as foreplay between them until Saheera said two weeks ago that she would not be able to attend the tournament.

That was the last time he heard from her. And now she’s here and he couldn’t be happier.

Saheera is the best kept secret in the tournament in terms of beauty. While Rica is certainly the most beautiful overall, Saheera had the absolute perfect face. It had no pores whatsoever, no scars of any kind, no blemishes, nor any minor bumps nor discolorations. She had the face of an angel. A dusky angel. An innocent face. She had jet black eyes which light up especially behind the veil. She wore no make up, not even face powder. She weighed only about 103 lbs. and stood about 5’4. Very few people knew how beautiful she was because of her veil. She only took it off while eating and during the debate itself which provided minimal chances of seeing just how exceptionally beautiful she is. While she really isn’t required to wear a veil, she wears it anyway because of her shyness. This made Paul feel special about himself. He knew the best kept secret in the world.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later Paul. I have to rush, I am late for the Execom meeting!” Mahmoud said.

“Where is it held anyway?” Paul asked. He was wondering where Rica went.

“At a restaurant across the street actually. I don’t know the name. I’ll just look for them,” Mahmoud replied.

“I won’t come with you anymore. I feel tired, I want to rest,” Saheera said.

“You said you were coming with me!” Mahmoud protested.

“That could take a couple of hours Mahmoud,” Saheera complained. Mahmoud, being the older of the two, was a gentle giant of some sorts and he like being bossed around by his little sister.

“Okay okay. Just get back to our room. Don’t go anywhere without telling me okay? I’ll be back around 4 pm,” Mahmoud searched his pockets for the key and handed it to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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