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This is my first story so forgive a long introduction. What better place to start then the beginning? This is not a story of my very first time, it is my first enjoyable time. I had a steady boyfriend in high school and while we were sexual it was boring and not really pleasurable for me. We broke up before I went to college and so glad we did.

I reconnected with some of my friends from high school in college. I was not a super popular girl. I am brunette, instead of blonde, curvy almost chubby, instead of super skinny. They had rented a house near the college to stay in for our freshman year. They invited me over to small house warming party, mostly an excuse for them to get drunk. I wasn’t much of a drinker but they insisted they had an extra room stay in.

That evening I decided to fix up a bit, there probably wouldn’t be any guys but I still wanted to look good. I trimmed my bush to a nice landing strip, curled my shoulder length hair, and put on a little lip gloss. I very rarely wore lipstick cause of my natural pouty lips it wasn’t really needed. Sliding on a black lace thong and matching bra I looked in the mirror. My 36DD tits looked great in the bra. Since it was a casual get together I put on a pair of shorts and a black tank top. Opting for some strappy sandals instead of flip flops.

The house was a big two story and was chaotic inside. There were only my two friends Megan and Sarah currently there. They shuffled some boxes around as we made our way to the living room. Sarah was already pretty drunk as she told me about the other two girls that lived there would be back soon.

They both insisted I take a shot of tequila with them, and then made me a drink that tasted like straight tequila also. As we sipped our drinks they show me into a side bedroom with just a bed in it and said I could sleep in there tonight.

When we returned to the living room the other two girls had returned with three guys. They introduced me to everyone and I still don’t remember all the names, except Jack. He was the friend of one of the guys dating one of the girls. Jack had short blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a slender build. He smiled warmly as we were introduced, and I was certain he glanced at my tits.

All the girls got very drunk as the night went on. Jack and I ended up by ourselves talking, I was getting a little drunk myself and rattling. bahis firmaları He was super nice and listened intently to everything I said. As the girls continued to party I had to yell at Jack and ask if he wanted to go to my room so we could hear each other talking.

He followed me to the room and closed the door as I sat down on the bed. He walked around the room attempting to be a gentleman, as I continued to rattle and realize how buzzed I really was. Poor guy he had been listening to an endless story all night.

He sat down beside me, smiled thinking he deserves a little make out session for being such a gentleman and so nice all night. I leaned in kissing him. Running my tongue into his mouth he tasted of rum and coke. He kissed me gently as I ran my hands across the chest. I felt his strong hand grip my waist then run up the outside of tank top gripping my tit.

I ran my hand up his shirt and was surprised he was more muscular than he appeared. We broke our kiss long enough for us to pull our shirts off. He dove into my cleavage licking and kissing my tits. My nipples were instantly hard poking against the lace of my bra.

Jack pulled back to admire the view of my tits and I pushed him back on the bed kissing down his neck and licking down his chest to his nipple. Giving his nipple a suck and a playful bite that made him groan I continued going down as my hand ran up his inner thigh. My hand reached his crotch first finding a large bulge. He was big. I dropped to me knees at the end of the bed and started to undo his pants. He lifted up allowing me to pull his pants and underwear down. His cock popped out slapping against his stomach. He wasn’t porn star big but he was definitely well hung.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his shaft I pointed his cock toward me. He had a nice stream of precum running down his shaft. Running my tongue up his shaft I licked the precum off. He actually tasted good, salty with just a hint of sweet. The head of his cock was nice and big. He moaned as my tongue teased his long cock. Glancing up at him he gripped the bed as I slid my lips over the head of his cock. Keeping the base of his cock gripped I worked my mouth up and down his cock. I’d playfully popped the head out between my lips and get my breath before sucking him back into my mouth. Once his cock was covered in saliva I began licking and sucking his kaçak iddaa balls as I stroked him rapidly.

I was so turned on I undid my shorts and slid my free hand down them to my soaked swollen pussy. My fat pussy lips had pretty well ate the thin fabric of my thong. Tugging the thong back and forth I began teasing my clit. Jack was groaning uncontrollably and his balls tighten as I ran my tongue over them. He wouldn’t last much longer.

My clit throbbed as I teased it and wrapped my mouth back around the big head of his cock. Jack let out a load groan, “I’m going to cum!” I sucked and stroked his cock frantically. His cock swelled and began pumping stream after stream of cum into my mouth. It was sweet and salty just like his precum. Swallowing the load I sucked the last drops as he began to relax and settle.

I crawled onto the bed beside him and smiled. “You taste good.”

He pulled me to him giving me a kiss. “Now it’s my turn to taste you.”

Jack kissed me deeply pressing me on to the bed rest the way. He began kissing and lick down my neck and chest. I unhooked my bra and he quickly pulled it off tossing it on the floor. My big hard nipples stuck out begging for attention. He sucked them roughly making my pussy ache for attention. He pushed my tits together and sucked my nipples back and forth letting them pop out of his mouth with each suck.

I wasn’t use to this kind of attention but I was loving it. He continued down my stomach stopping at my shorts that were already undone with the waist of my thong pulled up. He ran his across me waist before gripping my shorts and pulling them off me. He kissed down the inside of my thigh working his way slowly toward my pussy. When he reached my pussy he gripped the top of my thong pulling the little bit of fabric that hadn’t slid between my pussy lips rest the way in. With my lips swollen out he began licking each side individually teasing me and driving me crazy.

He slowly pulled the crotch of my thong out and to the side running his tongue up my slit and giving my clit a light kiss. I was soaking his tongue and mouth as he parted my lips and began flicking his tongue up and down on my clit. Glancing up I noticed the window behind him. It startled me when I realized one of the girls and her boyfriend were looking in intently at us. The were obviously very drunk and didn’t realize I had seen them. kaçak bahis I must admit I was so turned on and half drunk that it turned me on even more that they were watching.

I gripped the back of Jack’s head pulling him further into my pussy. He sucked my clit as his tongue flickered across it. Moaning loudly I continued grinding against his mouth. When I released his head he smiled up at me, “You taste amazing!”

“I want your cock in me!”

Jack’s smile dropped, “I don’t have a condom.”

Not my best decision ever but I was drunk, horny, and dumb. I replied, “I’m on the pill.”

Pulling him up to me we kissed deeply. My pussy tasted so good on his mouth. Laying him back on the bed his cock was rock hard again. Straddling him reverse cowgirl style so I could keep an eye on my audience and give Jack a nice view of my ass I slowly pressed down on his cock.

“Oh fuck! That feels good!” I moaned as the head of his cock went in me. Working down the rest of his cock adjusting to his size. He was big but I was soaked so he wasn’t impossible to get all the way in me.

Looking back at him I started going up and down his cock getting my fat ass bouncing in a good pace. He moaned and started watching my as intently. Turning back to the window my audience was staring intently to. I knew I wouldn’t last long before I came so I tried making sure the show was good. I lifted one of my tits to my mouth and began licking and sucking my nipple.

I could only see their top halves but I noticed her arm was stretched down towards his crotch and moving rapidly. She was definitely jerking him off as they watched! It was all I could stand I had to cum. Spreading my legs as wide as I could I ran my hand down to my clit and started rubbing it as I rode Jack’s big cock. “Ride that cock baby,” he moaned. Staring intently at the couple in the window the girl dropped down out of sight. She was sucking him off! I started cumming instantly. It was the hardest orgasm I’d had in a long time and I was getting light headed. Falling off jack I rolled onto my stomach and poked my ass up in the air.

Jack came up behind me in pushed into me fucking my soaked and throbbing pussy harder and harder. He gripped my hips thrusting his cock deep into me as he filled my pussy full of cum. We both fell to the side on the bed as he wrapped his arms around me and we both fell asleep.


Hope you enjoyed the story, I know my writing needs some work. I’m hoping to get better as I write more. Feel free to message me if you have tips, comments, or just want to say something naughty!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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