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Oct. 27,


I tink you ez right. Could you ‘elp me take my skirt off? I want you to see the sexy black garter I ez wearing.

Au revoir


Oct. 28,

Mon Belle Fleur:

Act II, Scene II

Cara: Monsieur, I tink you ez right. Could you ‘elp me take my skirt off? I want you to see the sexy black garter I ez wearing.

My gorgeous French Maid stands before me, half her uniform tossed around my living room. I am happy that her accent has suddenly come true. She just pronounced a perfect “meh-seur,” just a few minutes after receiving a spanking for not even coming close. Was she faking it, just to get a quick – albeit sensual — spanking?

We’ve been teasing each other for the better part of a half-hour, and every time we touch sparks are literally flying of off our skin. So, to keep up the tease, I try hard to keep away from her exposed skin.

I reach around her to unzip her skirt, and the movement puts my face right at the middle of her stomach. She still has on her beautiful black bustier, and the front covers most of her chest and stomach. I place a medium-force kiss right in her center, just a few inches above her belly-button. She lets illegal bahis out a sharp breath through her nose, and her hands wrap around my head, trapping me there. There’s only a few inches worth of zipper on her skirt, so I bring it down quickly and unwrap it from around her waist and toss it out of the way.

With the skirt gone I look down and admire her black-lace garter belt. It is on top of a tiny black thong, one I don’t remember seeing before. My hands move down the side of her waist and follow the straps to the garters on her lovely legs. I toy with them, making like maybe I’m going to take them off, then move my hands elsewhere, flying softly up and down her legs, then over her bottom and back up for another tease by slipping just under her bustier.

She looks so incredibly hot and sexy. I don’t want to take anything else off her. All I want to do right now is take her into my room, throw her down on the bed and make mad, passionate love to her for the rest of the night. I want to feel her legs with her stockings rubbing against my skin and feel them wrap around the small of back. I want to be able to touch the lace of her garter belt and bustier, and feel that pressed against illegal bahis siteleri my chest. I might even have her keep on her thong. It’s small enough that we might be able to just move it to the side.

I have a wonderful bag of tricks, but now I have doubts that we’ll even want to use them, at least not until the third or fourth round! Our passion for each other is making the air between our bodies electric. But I am happy that her accent has come around, and thrilled that she was not offended by the spanking, so I feel that I owe her a treat before I just throw her down and ravish her.

Then I remember our relationship: she is the Maid and I am the Lord, and just allowing her to gain any kind of pleasure from me should be more than enough treat for her. Maybe I’ll see how close, and how many times, I can get her to almost have an orgasm. I want to get her to point that she is literally screaming to have me inside her. My hands have been avoiding her breasts and thong area for the last several minutes, so when I suddenly pull her panties aside and touch the button of her clit and then run a finger along her slit, she lets out a deep “Oh my God!” and grabs my shoulders tightly. canlı bahis siteleri Her legs almost give out and she sways. She is very wet, and I can smell her arousal.

I wonder if just the appearance and sound of a vibrator, like the rabbit kind with the pearl beads or a one of those vibrating and twisting dongs, would have her cumming before it even touches her. She’s standing in my living room, nearly naked but looking like sex personified. She’s practically panting and she’s dripping wet, but does she really want to get off right here and now? She may find it exciting and a little kinky, but I’m betting she’ll resist an orgasm, wishing to save it for the bedroom, instead. Or maybe she’ll cum like a banshee in five seconds and then jump into bed and challenge me to see how many more times I can get her off before we pass out.

I reach into my bag and pull out the first thing I find that feels like a dick. I can’t see it as my other hand has her thong moved to the side, and I’m gently kissing her public area just above her clit. Her hands are on the back of head, pressing me closer, and she lets out a soft moan. I switch on the vibrating dick and she says, “Merci beaucoup, monsieur! Zat ez one of my ‘avorite ‘ibrators!”

So, mon belle: what would be one of Gwen’s “‘avorite ‘ibrators?” The “rabbit” kind with the pearl beads or the twisty/vibrating schlong?

Adieu, until tomorrow…

The Lord of the Manor

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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