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I had dozed off a few times during the long drive in the morning. The family car, packed to the gills with camping gear and stuff to “ruff” it as my dad seemed to enjoy saying at least ten times an hour, rumbled down the highway for the umpteenth hour inching along on the map towards the days mileage goal. Being back from college for the summer I really didn’t mind just relaxing in the back of the station wagon and listening to my iPod, zoning out after the rush and crush of final exams. My sister Holly, a year younger then me was also back from her freshman year in college and was staring out the window as the landscape rolled by.

When my mom and dad had suggested the idea in the winter it had sounded like a fun trip back to a more nostalgic time in our family dynamics. A trip like we had when we were kids (we being Holly and I) a last hurrah for the family as a unit before the inevitable shifts in our lives slowly worked us apart over the next few years. None of us spoke of it as such of course, but I think we all felt the same way.

So the car rumbled on, the scenery trundled past, and we all made small talk to while the time away. The only major difference on this trip compared to past ones was that Holly and I were no longer fighting like cats and dogs abut everything, being (slightly) more mature then in the past. Holly had grown quickly from an awkward teen girl to a vibrant, beautiful woman in her senior year of high school. She got into college on a scholarship for soccer and come back from her first year at school as a different person. She was beautiful, 5’5ish athletic, a nice tan from her spring break trip to Cancun, dusky shoulder length red hair, and wonderfully soft hazel eyes. It was no wonder the reaction she got from neighborhood males when they saw her now. (My dad said far too often that she looked like our mom did when she was younger. Not something an 18 year old girl wants to hear.) To top all this off she had proven herself to be quite the academic, and was putting my 3.0ish average to shame already. Of course I teased her about that, since freshman year is exceedingly easy, or so I told myself trying to forget the 2’s I pulled for most of my classes.

We had stopped at a roadside burger joint for food an hour or so before, so as a sign stating 10 miles to the next rest stop flashed by my dad asked if anyone needed to use the head at an upcoming stop. (My dad had spent years in The Corps as he liked to call it, and still called bathrooms “heads” and stairways “ladderwells” regardless of how silly it sounded to the rest of us.) When my dad asked if anyone had to go, generally that meant he had to but didn’t want to just come out and say it.

I said that I wouldn’t mind stopping just to satisfy his need for not appearing to have a weak bladder.

After 10 miles or so we pulled off the highway and into a generic little 90% kept up rest area with a food court and small store. Dad parked the car, then we all got out, stretching while walking towards the brick building to get the kinks out. Holly picked ungracefully at her shorts which had given her a bit of a wedgie in the middle of the parking lot as she walked for a step or two.

“You are so gross Hol.” I chided her, pushing her on the shoulder a bit roughly. She stumbled a bit, one leg held out for a second like a drunken sailor as she finished fixing her shorts, then shot me look of mock anger, sticking her tongue out at me.

“mooooom.. Tom pushed me.” She tattled, smiling now.

I pushed her again as we walked, and mom turned around “Tom, you are only allowed to push her if she deserves it honey.” She turned back around and disappeared through the swinging doors a few steps ahead of us into the air-conditioned rest area.

I stuck my tongue out at Holly again, but then held the door for her and let her enter first. She giggled a bit as she went through

“Thank you sirah” she enunciated.

After my eyes adjusted to the dim light inside the entrance way I saw, to no surprise, that it was indeed a completely uninteresting generic highway stop. I wondered idly if route 66 still had any interesting stops on it, or if the world of highway travel was now solely populated by Popeye’s and Roy Rogers with their heat lamps and limp lettuce.

We split up, Dad making a beeline for the bathroom, Mom to the Starbucks, and I to the store to browse the mags or something to waste time. I missed where Holly had gone. After spending all of two minutes in the store I had seen ataşehir escort bayan everything they had to offer and denounced it as either old or boring, and headed back out to the middle of the concourse between the bathrooms and food court.

Mom was all of halfway through the line to get coffee (where do all these people come from anyway) and I did actually need to pee a bit, so I turned on a heel and headed for the men’s room after all. Might as well get it out of the way now as opposed to being uncomfortable in the car later I decided, making room for someone leaving the bathroom before entering it myself.

There was a wall of urinals, though most were occupied or broken it seemed. There is an unwritten law in the men’s room that consists of three major components:

1. Never talk to someone who is peeing,

2. Never look at someone who is peeing and

3. Always, unless there is an emergency, leave every other urinal open so you don’t actually have to be close to someone else who is peeing.

I start looking in the stalls, since the urinals are all full, and wonder if the people who design bathrooms know about these rules, and if they did how much money could they save by installing fake instead of real urinals in every other spot.

Due to one reason or another even the stalls were not habitable until I reached the last one on the end and entered, closing the door behind me. The stalls were more of rooms, with sheetrock walls that reached the ceilings, a small frosted chicken-wire window high up on the wall to let in some light and the metal door that, when closed reached three-quarters of the height to the ceiling in the front. It was actually pretty snug and clean for once I mused as I pulled my dick out, staring up at the window, trying as always to act like I wasn’t standing someplace, well, peeing.

My gaze swept around the cubicle, reading some of the rather dull graffiti and promises of blowjobs in the parking lot at such and such a time when I saw what at first glance looked like a fairly well drawn vagina on the left-hand wall. The lips and vulva had been drawn by a talented hand around a hole in the wall at about waist level, with spread, toned legs that faded off to nothing on each side.

The drawing was actually good enough that my cock started to get a little hard as I looked at it. Then to my shock I noticed movement in the hole! Someone was watching me form the other side! It was a damn glory hole.

Great, now what the fuck am I supposed to do. I was not quite done pissing yet but nearly so. It wasn’t like Bubba on the other side could get to me through a wall; I’d just finish then get the fuck out of there. But then a thought occurred to me. This was the last stall in line in the men’s room. The glory hole was in the wall on the LEFT side of the stall. The wall that was shared by the women’s room.

These thoughts literally took a fraction of a second to chase around in my head; I went form thinking of some gay truck driver watching me piss to the realization that there was a woman watching me through the hole. This was a slightly more interesting situation now.

I shook my cock like I normally do after going to the bathroom, then gave it a few slow strokes instead of putting it back in my pants, watching out of the corner of my eye what the reaction was in the hole.

I heard a low, muffled but appreciative “mmmmm” come form the other side of the wall. Whoever it was had a really good vantage point all of a foot away from my slowly hardening cock.

“Do you like?” I said in a low voice, my tone cracking as I tried to maintain my calm.

There was a pause, then another purring noise. Low, sweet, promising.

I looked over my shoulder, unsure why since the door was shut and you would have to be a good eight feet tall to see over the steel thing, but nervous all the same. What should I do? I wasn’t a shut-in, I’d heard about glory holes before though I’ve certainly never seen or used one. But it was pretty hot.

In the end, the end being another two or so seconds later, my cock decided for me. I stroked it a few more times, then turned to face the hole. I bent over a bit, and could see in about an inch or so deep a pair of lips with light pink gloss, slightly parted, her tongue barely visible between running slowly across her teeth.

Fuck it.

Forming a ring around the base of my cock with my right thumb and forefinger, my other fingers keeping my escort kadıköy balls happy, I slowly guided my cock into the hole, arching my back so I could watch as long as possible until physics required me not to. In a heartbeat my hand was flush with the wall, all seven inches of my cock sunk into the pussy drawn on the wall.

For a nervous second I didn’t feel anything, and began to wonder if maybe this wasn’t what I thought it was, but maybe I’m was going to feel a knife cut though my cock or someone grab it and try to run off or some such painful activity. Thankfully a warm, beautiful wetness then enveloped the head of my cock, and ran slowly, tantalizing down nearly the whole shaft.

“Oh fuck yeah” I say, a bit too loud. I froze for a moment but no one out in the rest of the men’s room appeared to have heard, or if they did they didn’t care. I relaxed again, enjoying the feels of her lips and tongue on my cock.

She was good, very good. She worked me deeper into her throat, nearly gagging a few times, bobbing her head on my cock in the wall. I imagined her kneeling on the floor on the other side, though my mind couldn’t focus on a specific image since someone was actively and eagerly sucking on my cock. In my minds eye she was a sexy slut, like one of those girls form high school you were never allowed by your buddies to hang out with but were rumored to be bi and fuck anything that moved.

The woman varied her pace, would sometimes pull all the way off then slowly lick around the head, trailing her hot rough tongue down the sides of my shaft, then suddenly suck me back into the deep warm recesses of her perfect mouth.

She worked her mouth and hands harder around my cock, her hands were petite but strong and felt wonderful when she would take a break from sucking to firmly jerk my cock in the hole.

I could feel my balls tightening, and my cock thickened as I was getting closer to cumming. She held my cock as close to the wall as she could and slowly bent her head forward, taking me in as deep as she could. I felt her cheeks and tongue wrap around me as she moved her hand and mouth in unison. Right before I was about to come the bliss of her mouth disappeared and her hand, gentle to this point clamped down on my cock.

For a second panic started to bloom in me, she was a psycho! Damn! But then she released after a few seconds and let go totally. She was just delaying me from cumming, I realized a tad too late.

The good thing was my momentary panic now reversed the process of me coming some so I wasn’t as close as I had been the second before. But where had my lips within the pussy gone?

I pulled my cock out and bent to peer into the hole. The stall on the other side must have been a mirror of mine but I guessed the light must have been out since it was dim. All I could see anyway was a toilet paper dispenser. Damn, she had gone, what a tease! I thought.

Then I heard the shuffling of clothes and my view was blocked by something. I backed up a bit to get a better view and my heart skipped a beat. Wavering on the other side of the hole I could clearly see her pussy and asshole. She had bent over, and had backed her ass up to the hole. She wanted me to fuck her and dump my load inside her!

“Oh hell yaah..” I muttered as I placed my cock in the hole again and bumper her through it. This was amazing, fucking intense! I thought. Not being able to see it took a few tries to get things lined up, which I didn’t really mind since this involved my wet cock being pressed against this woman’s cute asshole or cheek. I couldn’t tell much in the limited glimpses I saw through the hole but she had a shaved pussy, and was probably in fairly good shape. It was hard to tell more (and I really didn’t care that much at the time truth be told) through the hole. After a few seconds I felt a warm, tightness on the tip of my cock, then slowly she backed against me as I pushed into the hole, burying my cock inside her.

I didn’t know what to do really, did I pump? Did she? How did this work with a wall between us? Her pussy was amazing, fairly tight, very wet, and very hot. She fit me like a glove. At about the same time she moved her hips forward I pulled out some, and then we both drove back on each other a few inches. We quickly worked up a rhythm that worked, me rolling my hips, legs spread a bit to get as close to the gloryhole as I could, and she bouncing back on my cock in unison. It felt amazing, absolutely dirty and evil. I bostancı escort loved it.

She must have felt that I was getting close again since, with a small thud on the wall, she bottomed out on me and the hole and stayed there, letting me just pump her cunt through the wall, thrusting harder and harder.

I heard small gasps coming occasion form the other side, and a definite slick whisping noise coming form the hole as my cock, slick with her juices, pulled nearly out to the tip, then plunged back into her warmth.

I bit my lip trying to be quiet as my breathing became more ragged. After a few more hard, deep thrusts I buried myself as deep as I could into her cunt then came so hard I thought I would black out.

A muffled “oh!” came form the other side, but the wonderful ass stayed in place, accepting greedily every hot jet of semen my balls pumped into her. After a few more thrusts and depositing a few smaller loads of cum I pulled out of the hole, my cock, thick and swollen bobbing in the air to my heartbeat, wet cum coating the shaft and a thin line of cum still leading into the hole.

The hole. It was dark. I bent over and looked but could see nothing in the other stall. I quickly cleaned up with some toilet paper, shoved my abused cock back into the confines of my pants and, after flushing this down the toilet, exited the stall. I looked around expecting there to be a line of cops ready to arrest the pervert in the last stall but everything was the same, a normal rest stop bathroom with people coming and going, washing hands and the like. I walked sheepishly out into the lobby looking for my family.

I quickly located my dad by the starbucks, looking impatient holding a tray with three coffees. My sister was nowhere in sight. He grunted, and offered me one of the coffees form the tray.

“Where is Holly?” He asked no one n particular, obviously annoyed and wanting to get back into the car.

“She went in to use the head a bit ago, we need to get going.” he added looking at his watch.

My heart stopped, and then started again just so I could feel it stop again. Ooooooooh shit. No.. no way it couldn’t have been her. I started to sweat some, feeling like I was about to fall into some deep pit. What if, what if Holly was in that stall? What if she was some closet slut freak and ended up fucking me through a glory hole?

In a minute or so my mom came out, smiling when she saw us. She came over, and grabbed one of the coffees from the tray as well after making sure it was the half-decaf one.

She took a sip while looking at us.

“What are we waiting for?”

“Holly.” My dad and I said at the same time.

“Oh, she is back at the car already, let’s go.” Mom said as she moved by us, already heading towards the door.

Mom turned to push the door open with her back then we followed her out into the sunlight once more, moving with a sense of purpose towards the car, as my dad would say.

Relief washed over me as I approached the car for sure enough Holly was sitting on the hood, looking very, very bored waiting for us.

My dad scoffed at her, telling her to get her ass off the car (a nice ass I notice now, my messed up mind not quite back on its own legs yet) and get inside as he unlocks it with his key fob.

My mom started to get in the passenger side but she has magazines and junk on her seat. Turning slightly she handed me her coffee so she could move the stuff and get in while I stood there holding her drink like some Indian manservant from a 1920’s movie.

“Okay I’m ready Tom.” She said one hand back out the door motioning for her coffee.

“What’s the hold up Susan?” my dad intoned from the other side of the car.

I took too long to give it to her apparently as I was still standing flatfooted, thinking. She half got out of the car and grabbed the coffee then got back in.

“Really Tom, just get in so we can get going and not disturb your dad’s precious schedule.” Mock annoyance filled her voice.

Dumbly, mechanically I opened my door and sank into my seat in the car.

The car pulled out of the parking spot backwards, and then picked up speed as Dad maneuvered through the gas station area and back out onto the highway.

“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck..” I said finally. Staring at the ceiling of the car, seatbelt ignored and limp at my shoulder.

Holly looked over at me quizzically, but after seeing the look on my face decided to just ignore me, and went back to gazing at the scenery rolling by, listening to her music on her own iPod.

We drove for hours, the three of them occasionally talking, but all attempts to engage me failed

All I could think about was the pink lipstick marks on mom’s coffee cup.

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