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[This story involves themes of incest, wife-sharing and voyeurism. If such material offends you, please look for another tale to entertain yourself with. All characters are over eighteen…all are depraved and to varying degrees debauched. As of course is the author.]


I stared out over the lake, the wind raising a brisk chop across its surface. I glanced over at David, his face set, the muscles along his jaw taut.

“Your Mom is not a whore, please don’t say that again,” I said in a voice only slightly above a whisper.

“How the fuck can you…”

“She’s not,” I cut in, the hardness in his gaze almost making me step back. I shook my head at the utter insanity of ever having to have such a conversation with my son.

“Not a whore,” he hissed though clenched teeth.

“No,” I shrugged. “…Maybe a bit of a slut.”

“…A bit of a slut?”

I smiled despite myself.

“Maybe a bit more than a bit,” I ceded finally.

“You were there…you were…you were…”



“Look we came out here to talk,” I said, glancing around the isolated lake, the path we’d hiked in on strewn with fallen leaves.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” David blurted. “I don’t want to fucking think about it.”

We stood there in silence for what seemed like several minutes, the water lapping at the shore.

“We always were discreet,” I said finally. “We never did anything like that when you or your sister’ were around. We were always careful, always…”

“Not too fucking careful!”

“You were away on your trip and…”

“Sorry, I should have called and told you I was coming home a day early. You could’ve gotten her up off her…”

“C’mon, Dave, don’t. I know you’re pissed off and confused.”

It was two days since David had popped in a day early from his ski trip…pretty much two days to the minute. I’d heard the door open and turned to see him standing there, frozen in place for those tortuous seconds as he took in the sight of his pretty mother stripped nude and splayed on all fours in midst of our basement den…gaping at her alone, not the two men with her…probably not even registering any particulars about them. That interminable instant as he realized what was happening, the wet noises…those guttural, throaty purrs. Then his eyes burning in on me as I sat in the wooden rocker, sitting there…Carol’s horrified gasp then, our son spinning about and bolting. “David, David…” came Carol’s panicked voice, our son’s feet pounding up the stairs.

“Confused?” Dave asked incredulously.

“You know what I mean.”

“You’re both just as bad as the other.”

“Dave, we’re the same people we were all your life. You just know something about us now that you didn’t know before.”

My son shook his head violently, the tension and anger coming off him in waves.

“What do you want to know?”

“Nothing…fucking nothing!”

“I met your Mom when she was visiting down at my school. You always heard that, right?”

David didn’t answer, just glaring out at the cold lake.

“I did meet her there. That was true….True but not really true.”

“Please, I don’t wanna hear your bullshit stories.”

“Well we hiked all the way out here to talk, so I might as well talk, right?…You can always stick your fingers in your ears if you don’t want to listen.”

The silence ticked away again. It was freezing out here with the wind.

“I just feel you should know what’s what, and that your Mom and I love each other…”

David guffawed under his breath.

“Mom and I love each other, and we both want you to know that we didn’t snap when we hit our forties and become…become debauched.”

“Debauched,” David muttered, nodding at the word.

“I met your mother twenty-three years ago when I was a senior. I was probably, what, twenty then. And she was a year younger. She was still living at home and was a sophomore up at Lehigh. We met…”

“And you met at a party and…”

“We met in Chet Hydak’s apartment…” I cut in, severing the sunny storyline Carol and I had lived by for the past almost quarter of a century. I hesitated for just a second before pushing on. “Tommy Harrison my roommate back then brought me over there and I…I met your Mom for the very first time while she was down on her knees, stripped to the waist and sucking Chet’s roommate off while Chet and another guy watched.”

David faced me then, his eyes glassy. He was utterly still and silent.

My mind drifted inexorably back through time as I began to speak to my only son.

We’d heard the muffled voices and laughter as we made our way up the narrow stairway to Chet’s dingy apartment. That sly smile as he drew the door ajar. “Secret password?” he chuckled.

“Skank.” Tommy Harrison answered wryly.

“It’s cocksucking skank,” Chet whispered. “But I’ll let you slide this time.”

We walked in and saw Chet’s roommate standing naked at the room’s center, a petite brunette with her back to us, kneeling before kurtköy escort him giving obviously worshipful attention to his hard cock. He looked from me to Tommy and beamed, the hand that he’d entwined in her short dark hair pressing her tight into his crotch for affect. The first sound I ever heard my future wife make was a gagging retch from having this asshole jam his cock down her throat for a cheap laugh.

“This is my friend Carol, “our host announced in a chipper tone. The roommate dutifully pulled her off his hard penis and wrenched her around to look up at us.

Carol’s mouth was wet and she was breathing hard, her heavy breasts rising and falling as she pulled in air. When Tommy had told me to come over if I wanted a blow job, I had visualized some trashy cunt with way too much make-up…this girl was impossibly cute, pretty in a piercing way. Her hair was on the short side, dark and wavy, her skin a rich olive. She was slim and fit…and her eyes, dark and wary.

She quickly averted her gaze, almost as if she’d felt the embarrassment of what she was doing.

“This is Tom and this is Bobby,” Chet went on. The girls eyes lifted again, I still imagine a flicker of regret as she met my stare.

“Okay, enough meet and greet,” his roommate chortled and roughly twisted her back to his waiting member. “C’mon baby, show ’em how good you do it.”

“Grab a seat,” Chet said, dropping onto the couch and picking up his can of beer from the floor.

My knees were shaky–I was relieved to sit down. I stared as this pretty young girl opened her mouth and slowly took that hard cock into her mouth. Again she gave a sideways glance towards me as her cheek roiled with the motions of her tongue. I sat there rapt…I had never watched anything like this before, had never been in the physical presence of another man erect like this.

“She’s the best cock-sucker I’ve ever had,” the roommate mused with mocking admiration.

“Will she fuck?” Tommy asked.

“No, she just likes to suck,” Chet answered absently, taking a long swig from his beer. “Right, sweetie?”

She was wearing denim cutoffs, her legs firm and defined, her small feet bare…her toes were wiggling as she fellated this man.

“Fucking loves to suck,” Chet went on in a hushed aside to me.

“Jesus Christ, I’m gonna cum,” the roommate suddenly rasped as he began to furiously hump himself into her face…a string of almost comical grunts as he ejaculated in her mouth to the rowdy applause of everyone except myself.

“Fuck,” he wheezed as he pulled back finally, a glistening string of semen trailing from her lips. The girl dropped her weight onto all fours and tried to settle her breath.

“You want to go next?” Chet said, nudging me with his elbow. Before I could answer, Tommy was up on his feet and striding over to her.

“Me first,” he blurted, and started unbuckling his belt, even as she was still hunched down, her forehead almost against the floor.

“You gotta take off everything,” Chet spoke up. “Carol here likes her guys in the raw.”

“I’ll fucking strip,” Tommy said, quickly shedding all his clothes, his shoes kicked across the room. I’d roomed with him for three years now and had never seen him naked…his cock had a sideways bend to it and was considerably bigger than mine. “Come here, let me suck those tits,” he said, genuflecting down to one knee and hefting her back up to her knees. Her nipples were thick, the areolas a deep reddish brown. She arched her back obligingly as he hungrily sucked from one breast to the other…again, casting that hesitant look over to me.

“God, you have good tits,” Tommy said, standing up slapping at one as he stood and presented his erection at her lips. “You like it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she nodded…her voice girlish, wispy. The first time I heard the woman I would one day marry, speak.

I waited until last that afternoon, watching as this beautiful young girl fellated three men…Tommy and Chet’s roommate going again after I’d finished…Chet ordering her to lick his balls to which she tenderly obliged. When my turn came, I didn’t last very long; it was only the third time a girl had sucked me off to orgasm. The suctioning of Carol’s mouth, the divine swirling of her tongue…she reached up and softly cupped my scrotum as I climaxed…when I unclenched my eyelids amidst the clapping of the other guy’s, her cool panther-like gaze was on me, unblinking and sad as she tenderly drew every last drop of sperm from my softening dick.

It took me several minutes to come back to myself as I finished telling my son the story, my back to him as I finished.

“So, that was that,” I said, turning back to him at last. David looked stunned…maybe stunned is too mild a word.

He shook his head, but didn’t turn and run away, which I guess, all things considered, was a good thing.

“I asked Chet about her afterwards,” I went on. “I couldn’t get her or what happened that day out of my mind. He told me she was just some girl he worked with aydıntepe escort two summers before, that he dated her on and off, but said that she wouldn’t have sex with him, but she would give him head. That she was really into giving head. Then the next summer he worked with her again, and the same thing…so one night while she’s taking care of him he asks if she ever sucked two guys off at the same time, and I guess she got really pissed and…and he told me she was so mad she wouldn’t even finish it with him, and wouldn’t go out with him again.”

“She must’ve changed her mind,” David opined bitingly.

I shrugged, smiled despite myself.

“She asked if he wanted to go out again, this was a week or so later, and of course, she ends up taking care of him again, and while she’s doin’ it, she looks up and asks if he still wanted her to do it with him and another guy. Now before he can answer, she says it has to be somebody from away from here…now she’s still living at home up in Allentown then and so is he…so he says he has a buddy coming in the next week who’s from Connecticut, and she says okay.”

“Just like that,” my son nearly spits.

I snapped my fingers. “Just like that. He said she did ’em both in his parent’s living room. He said she…his words, ‘dug it, she dug it a lot.’ Then he got her to come down to our campus and he was pretty good friends with my roommate and that’s how I got my invite.”

David had no snarky comment this time.

“I knew she went to Lehigh, Chet let that slip. I drove up there two or three times, always when there was some kind of game going on between us and Lehigh. Didn’t want to seem stalky or nothing.”

“No, sure didn’t want that.”

“I saw her finally…she was having coffee with a couple other girls….I went up and said hi.”


“She didn’t recognize me at first…then she went fucking sheet white. I left it then and started walking away and you bet she came after me, and she was pissed.”

I closed my eyes and visualized the high color in my future wife’s cheeks as she trotted up to me, the whispered ire as she asked what the fuck I meant by coming up to her like that…continuously panning her eyes about as if to be sure no one could listen in.

I’d stuttered out an explanation of how I was up there to see a lacrosse match…which she should’ve seen as unmitigated bullshit, as I don’t think anyone ever took a two hour drive to see any lacrosse match.

Mollified, probably more my discomfiture than anything else, she grudgingly apologized, still looking around her flanks. “I’m sorry. I just thought…I don’t want anybody talking, you know…I told Chet not to call me anymore.”

“I didn’t want to bother you, I didn’t. I just saw you sitting there and recognized you and…”

“You recognized me…” she whispered, gesturing now to the modest blouse and jeans she was wearing. “…I think I look a little different that when…than when you saw me.”

She seemed genuinely embarrassed, her face blushing to an even deeper crimson.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you,” I repeated.

“It’s okay,” she said.

“Can I buy you a cup of coffee or something?”

“I was having a cup of coffee when you bothered me.”

“How ’bout dinner then?”

“You want to…you want to go out on a date with me?”

“Just dinner…I mean if you want.”

Again that hard icy glance about us, making sure no one could possibly hear her words.

“And then I strip and blow you?”



“No, I just thought you’d maybe just wanna have something to…”

“Why in the hell would you want to go out with me…after that, after that down there at your school…” Her voice broke, her beautiful eyes suddenly brimmed with tears. “You want to go out on a date with me after that and you’re not looking for…for that.”

“…I’m not, I promise.”

“Then why?”

“I thought you seemed nice.”

“Nice?” Again the dangerous crackling of her words, the husked choking on each syllable. “I got passed around by five…” she held her hand up, five fingers splayed, trembling now. She mouthed the words: “…Five assholes….And now one of ’em wants to have a pizza with me.”

“Pizza’s okay,” I said.

“No, and leave me alone.”

Carol spun and was three steps away when I spoke.

“You can have toppings.”

She turned.

I opened my hands. “I’ll be gentlemen. I’m serious….I promise.”

“You’ve gotta be nuts….I’ve gotta be nuts.”

“So, yes?”

She surveyed me for the longest time. “Tony’s over on Main Street. You know where that is?”

“I’ll find it.”

“Five o’clock. I’m not promising I’ll show either. If I don’t show just go back to your school and pretend we never met.”

To say it was a first date fraught with tension, would be an understatement. She seemed ready to bolt for the first fifteen minutes. And conversation, always difficult on a first date, was slightly more so when you’re both assiduously trying to avoid the tuzla içmeler escort mention of anything relating to her having had four guys ejaculate in her mouth whilst I watched.

But we ate our pizza, and gingerly made our way through that minefield and, despite herself, Carol, seemed to have a nice, albeit wary, time.

Later as I walked her back to her car, she held her distance.

“I meant what I said about not doing anything.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

“You won’t be all mad?”

“No I had a nice time.”

“…Weird, but so did I.”

“Will you go out again with me?”

“Why, I mean…I mean, where can it go? It can’t go anywhere. Look I don’t want to do that again…I told Chet not to call me ever again–to just lose my phone number….I’m not…I am not…”

“I just want to go out with you is all.”

“You saw me…I…You watched me doing…you sat there and watched me…you watched me be like that.”

“Go out with me once more, I’ll drive up. It could be lunch if you want.”

“Look you seem like a nice guy…I thought that even that day. I don’t know why, but I kept looking over at you and you seemed nice. But, we can’t have a relationship…not even dating, after that. After you watched me like that.”

“Lunch, this Saturday. Just say yes.”

She glanced around the empty sidewalk. “I’m not going to do that with you,” she whispered. “I don’t want you to be disappointed or mad…I don’t want to do that with anyone right now.”


She hesitated, stared at her sneakered feet…I thought of those tiny toes wiggling with carnal delight. Finally she nodded at some inner thought.

“Yes, Saturday. Back here. Like one o’clock.”

“I’ll be there.”

Carol darted close and put the lightest kiss on my cheek, spinning and striding away. Twenty feet off she jerked to an abrupt halt and turned. “People can change, you know. I can change.”

Again I opened my eyes as I finished speaking, the lake still stretched in front of my son and I. “It’s almost like a Hallmark movie, huh?” I mused. David didn’t smile…his loss as that was some primo wit.

“Guess she was wrong about changing,” he answered cuttingly. I simply shrugged.

“I kept driving up every couple of days. Drive was a pain, but we…we actually liked each other. You know, when it just clicks. I liked her a lot…she was still leery of me, wouldn’t let me pick her up, wouldn’t get in my car. We just walked around a lot, saw some movies. Talked about everything…but never, you know, about that….Three dates in and I knew I was in love.”

“Jesus Christ,” David swore. “You watched her get used and…”

“Fucking in love, buddy,” I cut in. Longer than you’ve been alive and I still love her.”

“How long ’til she sucked your dick?”

“Okay, I guess you have a right to be coarse. But she didn’t take care of me like that for almost two months….I think it amazed her that she I was hanging around like that.”

“Think she was out fucking other guys?”

“Now this is weird…it is weird and you can scoff or not. Your Mom never had done it yet…you know, intercourse.”

“I think I’ll scoff. You believed that shit?”

“One of her sisters had gotten herself pregnant in high school, and no, I won’t tell you which one or how it resolved. It was apparently a major family trauma though, and I think I scared your mother off the idea of getting…of getting fucked. So she has this idea drilled into her skull by her parents…you remember what your grandparents were like? I mean they idolized you kids, but they had an iron fist with their own girls. So in high school, your Mom told me somewhere between her junior and senior years she graduated from giving her dates hand jobs to…to giving ’em blow jobs.”

David shook his head and looked away.

“We’re putting it all out on the table, right?” I went on. “After we were going out for a while, she told me the story. I think she pushed a little bit more each time, always waiting for me to turn tail and bolt. She told me…she went out with eleven different guys in her senior year, and that she sucked each one off more than once.”

I closed my eyes and flashed back to that night…we’d proceeded from kissing to making out over the course of that summer. I’d met her parents–we of course glossed over how we’d met. We were sitting in my car in a restaurant parking lot…a street lamp casting her features into shadow. “I loved it,” she concluded finally. “I know that’s gross, but I did. I knew I was being used and I liked being used like that. And of course every guy probably bragged about it, and then I get asked out by someone else, and then somebody else…I got my routine down, letting them get my blouse and brassiere off and then…you know. I did love it. I fantasized about it all the time. I’d always think about how I did it and try to get better at it.”

“You succeeded,” I said, realizing that it was not what she wanted to hear, not from me, not then. I felt her stiffen.

“…I picked up a good reputation too, as you can imagine. Which was something I didn’t like…having everybody think of me as a…” Carol pulled back from me a bit more and in the dimness crossed her arms protectively. “…As a cocksucker…a slutty cocksuckin’ whore.”

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