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Nevada would be the location; but where? Tess looked at her usual real estate options while scanning the internet, key word by key word. She’d been at it a week and today would be the day. She could feel it. She called him. The place looked perfect. A huge house on a big piece of land with plenty of rooms. The whispering stories among the local folk would not be in her range; all Tess would know is that this house was very inexpensive and suited her needs perfectly. She crossed her fingers while dialing. His voice was smooth as silk. She fantasized about what Rex the real estate agent might be like. His picture on the internet was so sexy.

“Hello,” Rex here. “Rightfully Yours Real Estate.”

“Hi, it’s Tess, I’m interested in the house you have up for sale in Tennessee.”

“You’re welcome to take a look at it anytime darling.”

“Would tomorrow evening work for you?”

“Anytime you’re here would work for me Tess. You sound like a sweet thing, if I may be so forward.”

She smiled. He was a charmer. This was definitely a meeting she was looking forward to. Her flight left at noon. When packing she decided to pack her sexiest lingerie and corsets just in case this guy turned out to be all that. Mostly she wanted this business venture to come through. Her investors were asking questions and wanted responses.

Her flight arrived as scheduled and when her eyes met his, they were not disappointed. Rex’s sweet demure and charming smile added to the mix. Rex found before him a knockout beauty with big breasts, a slim waist and some nice junk in her trunk. He could feel himself getting hard as they drove in the limo on the way to checking out the property.

The beauty of the well sculptured landscaped gardens made her pulse quicken. This was the place for her. She could feel the power of opportunity knocking at her door. This place has class she thought.

Each room was lavishly decorated with themes. One room was full of rock and roll decor: another cowboy gear; yet another a hunting scenario. Each room contained a Jacuzzi and had matching decor complete with end tables and sex couches. She could feel herself start to get wet. This was perfect. Her heartbeat quickened and she couldn’t believe her luck. This was absolutely frickin perfect.

“Why are the rooms decorated this way?” she asked.

“An eccentric mistress entertained men here for many years,” he answered.

Rex closed his mouth, not wanting to say anymore. He started walking, knowing she would follow. When they got close to the fantasy room she could feel her clit start to jump. She gazed at the whips and chains, feather ticklers, dildos, vibrators, a swing and various pieces of furniture that looked like they had purpose.

“How would you use this?” she laughed pointing at the swing.

Rex told her to keep her legs on the ground and fall into the swing. When she did she found her ass up high in a very sexy position. Instinctively, he grabbed her sexy ass gyrating hard a couple of times. He backed off looking shy.

“Like that,” he said. He lowered his head, ” Sorry I didn’t mean to.”

She made him speechless with her sultry walk til she was two inches from his lips.

“No problem,” she said.

Her kiss was demanding, hard and deep. He responded with a soft tongue, mentally thinking of fucking her with every toy on the wall, on every piece of furniture available.

“Let’s try this swing for real,” she offered.

Rex was eager to obey her every lead.

“Take my clothes off and kiss and tongue every single part of my hot sexy body as you do,” she commanded.

He wasn’t use to being told what to do but he was so turned on he couldn’t do anything but obey. It must be the place he thought; thinking of the prior owner who thrived on being a Mistress and had tortured and killed her many lovers making this place very needy of unloading. The town folk said it was haunted and that strange things happened to squatters that tried to live there. The commission on the house would last him a year. Yes, he would do anything this beautiful vixen had to say he thought smiling at her, and he wouldn’t give her one single reason to turn down the deal.

He undid her corset with haste, kissing the back of her neck; his tongue flickering over every piece of delicious skin. He turned her around and licked her breasts with a wet tongue, twirling his tongue around her nipples.

“Pinch them,” she demanded. “Harder,” she said.

Tilting her head back Tess laughed. Yes, this would be the perfect place from her Ladies Club.

“Strip for me slowly,” she said turning to put a Cd with sexy music into the player.

He did as she asked, willingly and obediently; his rock hard cock springing back to attention when he touched it. She liked what she saw.

“Wet your cock with spit and stroke it for me,” she said lustfully. “I wanna watch you.”

She stood naked before him playing with her breasts while he slid his hand up and down his big hard cock. güvenilir bahis Tess couldn’t remember the last time she was so turned on.

“Take my skirt down slowly licking me as you do”, she said smiling watching her tight skirt slide over her hips to a heap on the floor.

She spread her legs wider enjoying the feel of his tongue on her, thighs, pussy and clit.. He eased her into the swing, pinching her nipples while his hard cock entered slowly and effortlessly into her already very wet pussy. His big cock filled her so beautifully. They fucked and fucked and fucked until he gushed with her. The swing action made sure her g spot orgasm was dynamic, and it was. Quivers and pulses of pleasure raked her sexy hot body.

Each lady will be able to email her information about the room they want and the type of man they want and be totally satisfied Tess thought. It will be a ready made fantasy that each woman will be able to fulfill. Satisfying every client’s lustful desires will be her pleasure.

“Climb and sit up there,” she said pointing at the step ladder.

He climbed up the little ladder so she could suck his cock in comfort while standing in her high heels. He sat bracing himself on the platform shelf as her mouth performed sweet magic. Long licks, so sweet and sensuous surrounded his cock. Tess took his beautiful, hard manhood and wet her lips with it, slapping her face to feel him. He got harder. She commanded him to not cum then sucked him hard and fast and furious. Observing the ridges of his hard cock pulsing as they slipped in and out of her beautiful mouth made him lose control. He couldn’t help himself and came suddenly with a groan, all over her pretty face. She laughed, enjoying the power. Tess made him lick some cum from her cheek. She laughed again, telling him to stay there while she washed her face.

He knew he was in a precarious position since he almost fell off the platform while cumming, but he needed this sale and wanted this woman. He looked down at his rock hard cock wondering what she would do to him next.

“On the bed!” he heard from behind him.

She watched him maneuver to lay with his back on the bed. Her knees found either side of his head. She lowered her sweet pussy until it was inches above his mouth. He could smell her sweet fragrance and started licking while she did pussy pushups on his mouth. His tongue swirled, twirled and obeyed every movement of her hips as they swung back and forth. He felt his teeth on her clit as she pushed down; now almost smothered in sweet hot pussy. Her orgasm was intense. He felt the pulses as they riveted through her body over and over again.

Grabbing some rope from one of the hooks on the wall, she tied his arms and legs up to the four poster bed so he couldn’t move. Smiling wickedly, she pulled the rope tight and started sucking his cock; moving all around the bed and using his cock like she owned it. She slid a finger in his mouth demanding him to lick it while she licked his cock. He obliged. Taking her finger out of his mouth she slid her it up his sexy ass, fucking him with it and sucking him at the same time. Abruptly, she stopped and positioned herself reverse cowboy on his hard cock urging him to bounce back while she fucked him.

“Fuck me,” she yelled. “Harder baby.” “Harder.”

His hips began to work in tune with the springs in the bed.

Reaching back with her hands she took her dripping pussy off his cock; readjusting to slid his big hard cock into her tight toned ass. She laid back onto his shoulders as he pushed his way in deeper. Tess started moving slowly commanding the action, the intensity, the depth.

“Give me more,” she commanded.

He adjusted to give her more. She took it and asked for even more.. He gave it to her, Again and again.

“Ohhh this feels good,” she screamed.

He popped into her sweet sexy ass very deep, filling her with his nice, big, beautiful, hard cock. They fucked leisurely.

“Keep fucking me,” she purred while playing with her pussy.

Tess rose quickly grabbing a nice hard vibrator she had been eyeing. She then smeared lube from a jar all over Rex’s cock in gobs of wetness. She took the vibe and slid it between her legs repositioning her sexy ass at the same time.

“Oh you feel good.” she whispered.

Tess started working it, moving her sexy ass and hot pussy in unison. He felt the swirling pleasure as his cock rotated deep inside her. She felt another orgasm build. His cock swirled deeper and deeper inside her. She loved being double fucked, and began fucking his cock harder with the vibe pounding like a fist into her hot pussy. His cock feels so good she thought.

“Mistress” he said realizing the word slipped out. ” I need to cum.”

“Cum when I tell you to,” she commanded, testing his tolerance once again, pushing her sexy ass deeper onto his big cock.

After a while, she started squeezing and releasing her tight gluts.

“Cum now,” she demanded squeezing his hard türkçe bahis cock, with her keigel muscles. It started slowly then intensified. His erotically intense orgasm began pulsing into her. She felt him to the core; her own orgasm making her cry out, ooohh ohhh ooo hhhh; each pulse rippling through her. The vibe working hard as she kept cuming and cuming. They both lay there, spent.

Slowly they regained their senses and Tess sheepishly untied his confines.

“I don’t know what got into me” she confessed, “I’m not usually so demanding.”

“Don’t worry,” he said smiling and totally satisfied.

It’s the house; is what he thought. They got dressed and went downstairs to sign the papers. Tess wanted this house. It had a powerful feel to it. Yes, this would be one outstanding Ladies Club. She looked forward to fixing it up and arranging her client list. Hiring was always fun. She laughed with Rex while shaking his hand as they signed the deal. A new adventure was just around the corner.

Tess looked at the notes in front of her. Each room had to be perfect; of that she was certain. Her clientele would be high income ladies, with a desire to be pleased. She hoped she had remembered every detail. Most rooms were modernized and upgraded with tantalizing toys positioned on the walls and around the room.

Tess added an animal room, with whips and chains, complete with a cage in the middle. A library room was added; a simulated subway car room that had a moving floor, and her very favorite, the pirates quarters. This was one of the room that her s & m clients would enjoy. Tess could feel herself getting wet thinking of a man stripped bare and cuffed against the wall while glistening massage oil gets rubbed into his skin, a small whip in the lady’s hand. The igloo room with faux fur lining the cushioned floor got more interested clients than she had suspected. The spaceship room had a lot of furniture to fuck on, and plenty of opportunities for alien abduction role play fantasies. Tess knew the women would be the creative force in each adventure with the male just being their pawn to fulfill the woman’s every single need and deepest desire. The powerful feeling that Tess got made her wanna gush.

Mentally, Tess ran through a visual of how she hoped things would run from start to finish. First, she had accepted resumes and hired the men after online chats and personalized shows. Tess smiled when she thought of the fun she had in video chat. Many times she had become so turned on and had to take care of the desire they inspired with her various rotating dildo and clit stimulater vibrators. She did this on her own. Tess did not want to mix business with pleasure.

Tess instructed the men she hired to download pictures onto a main website called ” Lucky Ladies Lounge.” Her webmaster was talented and had set up an amazing web site. He was well worth his time in gold. The men she hired would be arriving tomorrow and when not working, had rooms scattered around the city where they would be staying for two weeks. She arranged every detail so all the men had to do was show up and get fucked by a woman who wanted to be fulfilled for a two hour time period. There would be an hour in between clients to refresh, prepare and clean the rooms.

How hard could it be, was the thought of most of the men that signed up. On the web site women could pick the guy that turned her on, then pick the fantasy room she wanted to fuck in. A flat rate of $1000.00 was the going rate.

Tess soon came to realize that there were many, many women who could afford this luxury and wanted it. Her rooms were already timetabled for months in advance and she hadn’t even opened yet. Some rooms fulfilled many fantasies and had multiply purposes. Tess thought of how sexually controlling she became with the man who had sold her the house. She still couldn’t understand what came over her. The sex was hot though. The fantasy room she had used could definitely double as an S & M room, or for those ladies with a bondage fantasy. Tess could feel a familiar tingle of sensational lust dazzle her clit making it jump with desire. She thought of all the women being pleased by being able to use their vivid imaginations to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

It would be two weeks on, then one week to reorganize, restock and clean. A few maids were always on duty to take care of the sheets and cleaning of the room between clients. The handsome, buff men were paid handsomely and had no idea what the rate was. Tess kept the fees discreet and the men happy. They were just happy to please, get an amazing paycheck and get awesome sex. How could they not be happy Tess thought. She kept the men on a rotation schedule so many different men could stimulate the return clients.

When the men arrived, they walked in with confidence. Each one of them incredibly sexy with firm pecs, chiseled features and tight round buns. Tess had seen every one of their packages and she liked what she saw. They were seated güvenilir bahis siteleri in the old fashion drawing room. Beautiful hot women with sexy outfits and cleavage were waitressing and offered the men a visual fantasy along with liquid spirits. She could tell from the men’s reactions that they were pleased with what they saw. In case the clients themselves weren’t a turn on, these beautiful waitresses definitely provided the eye candy needed to stimulate the men and make them horny.

The women clients arrived randomly over the next two hours. After feeling comfortable in the drawing room and having a drink, they moved into the selected fantasy room. The majority of the women that could afford such a luxury also took good care of themselves Tess noticed. She was surprised at how beautiful and exotic many of the female clients were. The men were attentive, complimentary and willing to do anything the women wanted. Tess stood back and smiled at how well everything seemed to be going. She looked around at a lot of happy faces.

Her first customer, Sam was a 35 ish cowgirl fresh off the ranch. Her long hair hid her pretty face. Her plaid shirt and tight jeans weren’t exceptionally sexy but Steve could tell she had a kick ass body under those clothes. From looking at her a person could tell she’d been working on a ranch and probably helped a few cows deliver in her time. Sam was slender, athletic and had pretty features. Above all she was very strong and liked using her strength. She wanted the cowboy room and Steve was the man for the job. Sam took charge right away instructing Steve to carry her to the room, lay her on the bed and then stand in front of her.

He swooped her up in his strong arms and carried her off. The room itself was amazing. A saddle with a cock standing straight up, rocked back and forth making Steve’s eyes widen. She looked at the lasso’s on the wall, the spurs, the hats, the assortment of horse whips and the barrel in the middle of the room.

“Put on the hat cowboy,” she purred and take your clothes off slowly.

Sam laid back on the bed admiring Steve’s slick form. He looked so sexy. Looking at his six pack abs made her pussy ache with want. Sam could feel herself getting hot and very excited while watching him strip slow and sexy for her. She went over to a hook on the wall grabbing a container of oil and started applying the oil over every inch of his hot sexy body. She looked at him admiring his wet, glistening body.

“Come here,” she said.

He stood there proud of his manhood, not saying a word, ready for her wishes to be revealed. Sam took his big cock in her hands and began stroking him gently.

“Take off my clothes, and lick and kiss every inch of me,” Sam commanded. “Do it slow,”.

Steve was getting so turned on his cock was throbbing. The more her delicious curves were revealed the more painful it became to not just fuck her. He looked at her pleadingly feeling this intense need to fuck her.

“Do it slower,” she said.

Her body began to tingle as every inch of her felt his sweet kisses and licks. All of sudden he was at her pussy lapping and licking her. The sensations were amazing. His tongue probed her sweet, pink, pussy. A wave of intense lust cascaded over her. Sam started bucking to his licks. She started playing with her breasts and kneading them while closing her eyes. Sam laid down on the bed.

“Lick me, and don’t stop licking me,” she whispered.

Steve felt the urgency of his hard on urging him to just fuck her, but knew a lot rided on this going smoothly. He never knew how excruciating it was to make love to a woman slowly. Normally he would have deposited his load in any woman he wanted by now. Steve’s throbbing hard on was begging attention.

He started licking her fragrant pussy. She lifted higher.

“Lick me from top to bottom,”.

She was so clean and smelled delicious. He licked her and licked her.

“Now flick my clit really fast with the tip of your tongue,” she said.

She held his head in place and pushed her pussy into the rhythm of his movements. Her orgasm was swift and intense.

“Keep licking me,” she said. “Don’t stop licking me.”

He licked her for another half and hour while she pushed his head into her pussy. She came again in torrents of pleasure. His cock throbbed painfully reminded him it needed attention.

“Lay down,” she said and close your eyes.

Finally, my hard cock will get some relief he thought. He was wrong. He heard her shuffle around. Open your eyes and and get up now. He saw her cowboy boots, the spurs, her cowboy hat and the tassle nipple rings she put on her small but perky tits. Gawd she looked sexy. Steve had never felt so turned on.

“Pick me up and slowly put my pussy down on the cock on the saddle.”

He heard her moans as she slid right on down.

“Now turn it on,” she instructed and increase the speed and bucking action dials when I tell you to.

He watched in fascination, his cock pulsing with desire, as she rode the mechanical bull vibrator, her sexy body bucking and jerkin. His cock throbbed as he heard her come again loudly, Oo, oooo , ahhhh ,ahhhhhhhhh. Her soft sweet voice echoing her intense orgasm.

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