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“Mr. Ward, this is Deann Kramer, can you please call me back. I need to talk with you regarding my apartment.” Richard heard the message and wondered what could be going on. Deann had always been a good renter. She was quiet and never caused any problems for him. She was one of the few renters he liked, and appreciated.

He had some minor repairs to do at the apartment across from Deann. So he planned to call her back and make arrangements to stop by tomorrow so they could talk face to face. He could hear worry in her voice when he called, but she said she would be home.

The next morning Richard knocked on Deann’s door. It was early and she startled out of her sleep. She answered the door wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Her hair was a bit rumpled but she didn’t have time to fuss. “Good morning Mr. Ward. I’m so sorry, I just woke up. I must not have heard my alarm. Please come in. Can I get you some coffee?”

“Sure Deann; that would be nice.” He said as he took a seat at her kitchen table. They made some small talk as she hurried about the kitchen and started the coffee maker. She poured them each a cup and added some cream and sugar bowls to the table, not knowing if he preferred either.

While she stirred her coffee he noticed her hand trembling. She began explaining to him that she had lost her job and wasn’t sure how long it would be until she could get another job and save enough to pay her rent. She knew she couldn’t pay on time and it distressed her terribly. She’d never fallen on hard times like this before and didn’t want to lose her home on top of everything else. Richard was always a kind and generous man and she hoped he would be understanding.

He gently took her hand in his and as she looked up he saw silent tears roll down her cheeks. “It’s ok my dear. We can figure something out. You’ve been my best renter for years. We won’t let a little set back change that.”

She felt indebted to him and reassured him she was willing to help work around the apartment building or help with anything he needed to make up the lost rent if she couldn’t get back on her feet bahis firmaları soon.

Deann was a beautiful girl in her early 30s, long blonde hair and luscious curves most men noticed. Richard had always secretly admired her. She was kind, gentle, generous to others and yet strong and stoic. She wasn’t the type to complain and took everything in stride. He’d never seen her so rattled but it made him want to comfort and care for her.

As Richard made the repairs he came to do across the hall he couldn’t stop thinking about Deann. Even though he’d been married for 30 years he couldn’t help but fantasize about the much younger woman who was now at his mercy. He owned the apartment building for so long he didn’t depend on her rent financially, but he appreciated her offering to help in other ways to account for the loss. He recounted her answering the door in her night clothes and her voluptuous breasts made it impossible not to notice she hadn’t been wearing a bra. He wondered if she had panties on under those shorts or if she slept without those as well. The thoughts racing through his mind began to turn him on and this is where his thoughts led him down a path he hadn’t expected.

He found himself coming up with a plan and stopped by her apartment on his way out to present the idea to her. He would have to tread carefully as he was about to cross a line he never had before and wasn’t sure how she would react.

He asked her if she would be willing to host him for dinner and dessert once a week until she was back on her feet. It seemed like such an innocent request she agreed and before he knew it her arms were wrapped around his neck and for the first time he felt her warm sexy body pressed against his and knew it wouldn’t be long and he would have his way with her.

Their first dinner “date” was approaching and he couldn’t stop playing out the evening in his mind. She answered the door with a smile on her face wearing a cheerful summer dress that softly hugged all of her curves. He felt his dick throb as he stepped inside. She had the table formally set and topped off with candles. kaçak iddaa She served a roast complete with veggies and gravy. He had no idea the girl could cook so well. As they enjoyed their meal she opened up to him easily. He listened to her explain the type of work she was hoping to find and he enjoyed seeing her face light up as they talked.

She began clearing the dirty dishes and as she stood at the sink with her back to him he couldn’t help but imagine exploring her body with his lips and his hands. Before he knew it he found himself pressing his body against the back of hers. He whispered in her ear “dinner was delicious my dear, but I’m ready for dessert” and he lightly placed his lips against her bare neck.

Deann wasn’t expecting this and slowly put the plate and dish cloth down in the sink. Then turned to face him. She could see the hunger in his eyes and realized he had his own plans for dessert. She was stunned and yet drawn to him in a way she never expected. He was a good 20 years older than her and somehow the difference between them thrilled her. He was sure with his hands and his assertiveness combined with his touch began to excite her.

She pressed her lips to his and felt his hand on the small of her back, pulling her toward him as he gently ran the fingertips of his other hand up her bare arm. She felt chills running through her and didn’t push away.

Richard was even more excited now. She wasn’t resisting and her submission fueled the fire he felt growing inside. The flames were hungry and seeking more. He was ready to take what she was offering.

Deann could feel his hard dick pressing into her belly. She could feel the lust running through him as his hands grabbed and squeezed her a little more urgently. Then he began kissing down her neck and as his lips grazed the top of her breasts she felt his warm wrinkled hand between her thighs. His fingers slipping inside her panties, swiftly parting her thick pussy lips and beginning to rub the outside of her slippery sex.

Richard heard her let out a moan and he could feel her giving in to him. He kissed kaçak bahis her mouth greedily as he eased her panties down her hips and rubbed her clit until she was on the verge of cumming.

The two lost themselves in the moment. They both gave in to their primal urges. He wasn’t sure he could last long so he pulled away from her mouth and knelt before her, lifting her skirt up, revealing her pussy which he guessed she shaved a week or so prior. With only a few moment’s hesitation as he reveled in the beauty and inhaled her sweet scent, he slid his tongue between her pussy lips and tasted her sex.

She grabbed a fistful of his hair in her hands and pulled his face closer to her pussy. He teased her clit with his tongue as he slid a long finger deep inside her. Working her pussy with the experience of a much older man. She moaned deeply and writhed in front of him as he made her cum. He lapped up her juices with his tongue and knew she was ready.

He slowly stood up and turned her around, pulling her waist toward him and rubbing her ass with one hand as he unzipped his pants and pulled his fully erect dick out. He pressed his bare throbbing dick against her ass as he whispered “can I put it in you” into her ear. She barely whispered “yes” when she felt his head pushing into her.

She was so tight. Richard hadn’t felt a pussy that wet and snug in a very long time. He didn’t hesitate, thrusting hard and fast as he rubbed her clit in a frenzy they both got lost in. They released together and he felt her pussy squeeze him even tighter. He felt his dick spurt deep inside her and for a few moments they both stood still, joined as one.

Her head was spinning as she struggled to comprehend what had just happened. She felt him soften and slowly pull out of her. Her pussy dripping with his cum. She heard him zip his pants back up and then his hands came up around her waist and over her breasts.

He pulled her back against his chest and whispered in her ear once more “oh thank you darling; that was incredible.”

She wiped her hand across her forehead to wick the sweat away and smoothed her dress before slowly turning around. She smiled sweetly at him and he knew this would be the start of something glorious.

He kissed her lips a few times and told her he would see her next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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