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During their stay at Goa beach, Arnab had married Bipasha in a temple and now all three of them had moved to Shimla for their honeymoon trip. They were staying in a big hotel at Shimla, being provided a spacious room with a big bed where four persons could be accommodated easily, with a drawing-room attached. Madhu was standing near the open window of the hotel room. From there she could see the Himalayan mountain range at a distance. The sunlight was reflecting on the White Mountain range as if those were silver mountains.

“Arnab, see the snow-clad mountains. Waaaoo! The scene is so marvelous; I have never seen it in my life, “exclaimed Madhu.

“Mom, the atmosphere here is very cool, it is very chilly even at this hour of the afternoon, “complained Bipasha from the bed, her entire body was wrapped with a red woolen blanket.

“Dear, how many times I have told you not to address me as Mom, now you are married to Arnab and you are his second wife and now you are like my younger sister. Why don’t you simply address me as Madhu?” said Madhu in a grumbling face.

“Sorry, Mom! I can’t. You may be the first wife of Arnab but I am born from you and you would be always mom for me,” said Bipasha.

“Madhu, what’s the harm of Bipasha calling you Mom! In fact, she is your own daughter. Even, I would feel myself more erotic when I feel that both mother-daughter duos are my two wives, “intervened Arnab.

“OK, OK, dear, call me Mom always, I have no problem, “smiled Madhu and looked towards her daughter.

“The main purpose of our honeymoon at Shimla is to enjoy the snow falling, to glide in snow surface, throwing snowballs to each other, and to make both of your two bodies warm under the blanket in the background of this chilly atmosphere, “smiled Arnab.

“But, the snow falling is yet to start at Shimla!” said Madhu.

“I have inquired the meteorological Dept. of Shimla has forecasted that the first snowfall will happen at Kufri then only the next snowfall will happen at Shimla,” said Arnab.

“Where is Kufri?” asked Madhu.

“Kufri is a resort hill station, the top hill of Shimla, the highest point, just 20 K.M. from here, which is very close to the Himalayan range. We have to go up by horses and I have already booked a cottage there for the three of us. We all will enjoy the first snowfall there, “said Arnab.

Madhu thought for a while and said, “No, no, Arnab. I am afraid of riding a horse. During my childhood, once I had visited Kufri on horseback with my parents and I had already fallen back from the horse through the steep mountain road and would have died by falling from hundreds of feet above. It would be better if I stay at the hotel and you two enjoy the honeymoon.”

“Are you serious?” asked Arnab.

“Yes, you both enjoy. Bipasha is young and after being a widow, she has not enjoyed a male body for quite a long time. This is an opportunity for her to enjoy solely with you in the snowy atmosphere. I am allowing you both love birds for a quiet and intimate moment at Kufri which would be a real honeymoon for both of you. Further, it is a matter of 3 days, by the time you both return, there would be snow falling at Shimla and all of us would enjoy here, “replied Madhu.

“Mom, can you prepare the drinks, I am feeling very chilly, “grunted Bipasha.

Madhu poured whiskey from the bottle into three glasses and prepared the drinks and said, “My dear daughter, along with this drink, you need a good fuck from Arnab so that you will not feel the chilliness.”

“Hey, Arnab Grandpaa, come and fuck me,” teased Bipasha.

Arnab smiled at her teasing words and said, “My dear Bipasha, I am no longer your Arnab Grandpaa. I remember your birth, a little white baby cuddled in the arms of Madhu, wrapped and bundled in white cloth. Your own Grandfather, Bhashkar, the best friend of mine was very happy about your arrival in the family. Who could have imagined that one day you would marry my late son Debasish and become a mother of a daughter, my granddaughter, and now becoming a second wife of mine!”

Bipasha giggled and said, “That’s true! Who could have imagined that this grand old man of the family with his strong cock would fuck and marry my mom, even begetting a son from my mom! The matter does not end here, this old man, that is you not only fucked the granddaughter of his best friend who was his daughter-in-law also but married her and making her as his second wife.”

“Shut up your mouth, you naughty girl, you are talking too much, “admonished Madhu in a fake tone and turned her face towards Arnab and said, “Arnab, keep her calm by giving a good fuck now.”

Bipasha further giggled, “Come, old man, fuck me. Impregnate me once again, my daughter is already 3 years old. I am ready for a further pregnancy and I need a son from you.”

Bipasha was the best thing that had happened to his life. He had known her all his life, from her infancy stage but never noticed her. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that the granddaughter of his best friend would become eryaman eve gelen escort his daughter-in-law and then his second wife. Arnab realized that his new bride was anything but too young for himself. Rather, he was feeling too much nervous on their wedding night itself. There was nothing shy or timid in her manner, no sign of hesitation. On the contrary, it was he who suddenly felt nervous and unsure despite fucking her in sand dunes at Goa beach.

On their wedding night in Goa, all his anxieties returned. He worried that he was getting old day by day and at this old age how could he satisfy such a young girl like Bipasha forever as he had married her as his second wife. He was getting older after all and now married to Bipasha, the young widow of his late son. He made a first, fumbling, clumsy attempt, trying to kiss her ineptly as she sat on the bed dressed in all her bridal finery. Her mother Madhu was sitting beside her to supervise and guide both. Bipasha must have understood the problem he was facing and she took over, and he felt incompetent and inexperienced as she worked his body with a cunning that took his breath away. Gently, tenderly, unhurriedly, expertly, she aroused him till he was almost screaming with excitement. Her lips and fingers and tongue were everywhere, and then she had his cock in her cunt and it was a hot, tight vortex that drew him down, down, down, and drowned him in a sea of endless joy.

She moaned and panted eagerly as he plunged greedily into her flesh and then, to his utter shock, started egging him on with a litany of gutter obscenities. Strangely aroused, he rocked deep into her flesh and she cried out in joy and begged for more. Their cataclysmic orgasms were almost simultaneous. Later, snuggling naked on the sweat and love juice-stained sheets, Arnab kissed her gently, caressing her breast.

“Bipasha!”He whispered.

“Mm?” She swirled her tongue over his nipple and her fingers were already crawling down his belly.

Her nipple hardened between his fingers and he felt her breast swell and grow turgid with excitement.

“I am no longer a young man. Are you satisfied?” he asked.

Suddenly her lips were hot on his and her body was across his. “Arnab,” she whispered. “Don’t ask me that. Not tonight. Tomorrow, maybe, and I’ll tell you how much I have enjoyed your fucking. Not tonight. Tonight, just let’s enjoy each other.”

Then he moaned softly as her lips engulfed his penis and she started again. She was inexhaustible, insatiable and she aroused him repeatedly with such gentle dexterity and skill that he never felt otherwise than in full control. It was only later that he realized that it was she, and not he, who had guided their lovemaking till the end, that he had only done what she always intended him to do, said what she wanted to hear, moved to her rhythm.

The next day, they left for their honeymoon to Shimla and Arnab was hopelessly and passionately in love. At the luxury hotel in Shimla which he could afford it easily, he fell on her the minute they arrived, and, laughing, she tormented him, teasing and flirting with him till he was mad with lust. Madhu was giving them full scope and paved the way for their full honeymoon. Madhu made it clear to her husband Arnab and her daughter Bipasha that it was their honeymoon and they could enjoy to the fullest in her presence and she would not come in their way, Madhu would sleep by the side of them when they would fuck. Bipasha would request Arnab to fuck her mother occasionally and then, laughing, Bipasha would give in and he would fuck Madhu as one possessed. She would arch in evidently with pleasure under him and would make him go faster, harder, deeper.

They fucked all afternoon, slept all evening, skipped dinner, and fucked all night. By three in the morning, they were ravenous and he ordered too much food and drink from room service. It took forty-five minutes to arrive and they used the time to fuck again, and he took her from behind, squatting over her hips and pounding his inflamed penis in and out of her cunt, crushing her swinging breasts in his hands. Bipasha orgasmed violently and he jerked out of her came between her buttocks, on her anus, and then slid his cock into her cunt again. He could call it what he liked, but they were still only fucking, doing what every one of God’s creatures did. Intimidated, Arnab would always let her take him to bed. Bipasha was apparently insatiable and over the next two days, they fucked daily. He enjoyed the sex and her body.

“What are you thinking, my dear husband?”Madhu nudged him, “Go my daughter is feeling cold and waiting for you in bed.”

“Yes, dear, I was thinking about my wedding night at Goa and was thinking how I fucked your daughter for the last two days here. You were always there to guide us, today is the third day at Shimla after we departed from Goa and your daughter is insatiable, “said Arnab.

“Obviously! After becoming a widow for quite a long time, her well is dry and it needs a fresh downpour of bala escort showers from you as she is now your second wife, “smiled Madhu.

At that time, they heard a knock at the door. Just as the room-service steward rapped on the door. Cursing softly, Arnab went to the door while Bipasha jumped out from the bed and flung on a gown, and stepped out onto a nearby chair. The waiter wheeled the laden trolley into the room, and Madhu moved from the window, shivering slightly, remarking on the chill in the air. Madhu looked at the waiter and she felt a sudden, fleeting tension, a peculiar glint in her eyes. The waiter was a tall, handsome, lean man. Then it was gone and the waiter turned to Arnab with the leather folder and ball-point pen to sign the voucher.

“What’s your name?” asked Madhu.

“Memsahib, you may call me Ramesh,” he softly replied.

Ramesh, the waiter was wondering who these occupants were. For the last three days, they were boarding in this hotel and they would hardly go out except in the evening for sometimes to outside. It was Ramesh, who would serve them for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who was this old man with grey hair he asked himself? Who were these two females? The eldest female was most probably above 40 years but looked too young like a young woman of 30 years. The other female was no doubt a young girl of around 22 years. Was this old man father of these two females? Was the eldest female wife of this old man and the younger one was their daughter? No, that could not be! How could she be the wife of such an old man? Ramesh answered himself. Then Ramesh thought he should mind his own business, whoever they were it didn’t concern his business as he was a mere waiter.

Arnab signed it and handed it back and the waiter thanked him in a voice that somehow seemed to convey bafflement. He looked at Arnab a shade longer than was polite in such a plush hostelry and only turned away when Arnab doubled the tip. Arnab looked at his retreating back for a minute, wondering what it was that he had missed, when the steward said, in a very odd voice, “Have a very good day, sir.”

Before Arnab could respond, the door clicked shut. Arnab turned to find Bipasha already at the trolley, heaping a plate. He looked at her and felt his pulse quicken. Her gown had fallen open and her naked body was revealed to his view. Her long ‘mangal sutra’ (A Hindu groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride’s neck on the day of their holy nuptial) swung against her breasts and belly.

“Here you are, love,” She handed him the plate, heaped with food, and turned towards Madhu,” Mom, come. Let us finish the lunch.”

“I don’t want to eat. I want to fuck you, “smiled Arnab.

“After you’ve eaten,” Bipasha smiled back.

“No, now. I want to come in your mouth and on your face and your tits and in your cunt and…” said Arnab.

Madhu laughed prettily, “That’s a lot of coming, Arnab. You won’t be able to do any of it unless you eat. Eat.”

“Only if you will, “said Bipasha.

“Of course, “replied Arnab.

“Take off your clothes. I like seeing you naked, “further requested Arnab.

“All right. Take off yours first, “teased Bipasha.

“No. You take off mine. Later. When we fuck. I like having you do that, “said Arnab.

Bipasha smiled and slithered out of her gown. They ate in bed and Arnab realized how hungry he was when the first morsel went into his mouth. He took a second helping and was about to go for a third when she stopped him.

“Enough. You must eat little, fuck, eat again. If you eat too much, you won’t be able to do anything, “said Bipasha.

By this time, Madhu had finished her lunch and said, “I am feeling sleepy. You two can do anything whatever you both wish and I wouldn’t disturb you.”

Then Arnab’s cock was in Bipasha’s mouth and they tumbled around on the floor, and he struggled around and pulled her legs apart and pushed his head into her crotch, questing for her cunt with his tongue, aching to thrust it deep into that warm, succulent, perennially moist cavern. Her tongue and lips and teeth wrought their magic on his penis and her slender finger slipped between his buttocks and pressed to his anus. He felt his jizz roil up, eager for a release. Astride his lap, impaled on his cock, her dark hair tumbling down her front, she smiled gently down at him. He rocked gently under her, not hurrying, toying with her splendid breasts. Unable to get enough of her wonderful body, her cunt squeezed his penis gently, insistently. She bent over and kissed him, her hot, heavy breasts swinging against his chest, her ‘mangal sutra’ cold between their bodies.

“Love, listen to me,” suddenly she whispered, “Believe me when I say that these past two nights have been the most wonderful in a long time.”

She smiled and lifted her breast to his lips. He nibbled on her stiff nipple and she moaned softly.

“Come on, now,” she said. “Fuck me, Arnab! Fuck my slit! Come on! Shove your cock into my cunt!”

Then both of them slid to near a snoring etimesgut escort Madhu under the big blanket. They woke late afternoon and fucked again. Arnab was aroused by the touch of her lips on his cock and his penis ballooned swiftly in her mouth. They fucked slowly and unhurriedly.

Madhu opened her eyes and was surprised to see them fucking,” What’s the hell are you both doing? Still fucking, ohh! My God!”

—– —— —— ———– ———

After the accidental death of Mihir and Bipin, both Kallu and Ramu took over the assignment of all works of the two households and also assisted two widowed maids Kaberi and Archana who were now in charges of cooking. Kallu and Ramu were enjoying their new lives in the servant quarters but they had one problem how to satisfy their sexual needs. Both of them could no longer afford to visit the city’s brothel areas as the prostitutes would demand a too much higher price for even an hour which was costly affairs for both Ramu and Kallu. Before being found by the family at the temple, both the friends were begging.

Each street, railway platform, and all the open places of Kolkata were cramped with beggars. If you visit at night in Kolkata, you will find beggars everywhere outside like a swarm of bees. The police would drive them from the places but after some time, they would reassemble once again.

When both Ramu and Kallu were beggars, they had chosen two safe places to stay at night where nobody could disturb them. One was a broken bridge, far away from the city; it was in the outskirt of the city. Under that broken bridge, around 20 nos of beggars were living under the roof of the bridge which was sheltering them from the rain. Initially, Ramu and Kallu were staying there; both of them were quite friendly with other beggars who accepted them as family members of their beggar family.

Just near this broken bridge, there was a slum occupied by around 50 nos of slum dwellers that were from low classes doing all kinds of dirty and odd jobs. The slum dwellers were not beggars but they were mainly sweepers, toilet cleaners, manual laborers, Ragpickers, and others doing different low odd jobs of the city. Around 100 meters away from the slum, there was an abandoned Loco shed with a broken roof of Railway Dept. Once upon a time, this place was crowded with workers and Rail engines and this place was a place for locomotive maintenance and repair facility for electric locomotives of the Indian Railways. In course of times, it was abandoned and the place was surrounded by wild shrubs and bushes. There were rusted rail tracks spread everywhere with a big broken abandoned train bogey in the middle. The slum dwellers would usually not come to this place rather they would use the long shrubs surrounding this place as open defecation. The entire area was full of stench smell of human excrements.

There were around 30 nos of beggars staying in this secluded area, who would beg whole day in the city and would take shelter here in the night peacefully without intervenes of anybody nor by any authority. But there was an authority here; he was 50 years old, one-eyed named Jaggu, who was the boss of this area, the most fearsome person among the beggars. If any beggar would disobey his command, Jaggu would beat him or her mercilessly. He would do nothing, whole day either he would drink country-made cheap wine or smoke Ganja (grass) and he had the privilege to stay inside the train bogey whereas other beggars would stay under the broken loco shades. In the evening, all beggars would share some percentage of their begging to Jaggu and even serve him his evening meal after cooking. Jaggu was like a king there.

After staying sometimes under the broken bridge, the two friends Ramu and Kallu shifted to loco shade. Both the friends impressed Jaggu with their manners and soon became his trustee aides and stayed inside the bogey. Both the friends would supply Jaggu with wine and ganja. Jaggu was very happy when he learned that these two friends Ram and Kallu had been absorbed as servants in two rich households. Both Ramu and Kallu had not forgotten their old beggar friends, they would often visit the broken bridge, as well as the loco, shed to meet all their old beggar friends. Gradually, their visit became once in a week to their two old places. In fact, their purpose was to fuck some female beggar which was cheap, and sometimes it was also free to them.

Every weekend night, the two friends Ramu and Kallu would sneak away from two bungalows.

One of them would stay the night under the broken bridge and the other one would go to the loco shed. The beggars under the bridge would locate some female beggar sleeping there and one of them either Ramu or Kallu would stay under the bridge to fuck the female beggar. The other friend would move towards Loco shed where Jaggu would provide him a female beggar to fuck inside the bogey.

Usually, the female beggars would never demand money from the two friends as they would find them very neat and clean and well dressed who would not hesitate to fuck their rotten bodies, rather every female beggar would wait eagerly for the arrival of these two gentlemen at the weekend night. But both Ramu and Kallu would generously donate some money to these female beggars after spending a night with them.

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