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As a father, it’s your duty to teach your son’s how to be men, coach them, and set an example for them. If there was anything I learned from my father, it was because he was never there. I never had a man there to tell me, I always just had to figure it out for myself. I didn’t want that for my boys, that is if I ever had any. Which I did.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Ronnie c’mon! You’ve been in there for over ten minutes.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!


I slept around a lot in and when I got out of college. My girlfriend at the time, whom I cheated on frequently, got pregnant. When the news broke I never stopped cheating, which ended our relationship. Nine months later my son was born. I fought and gained joint custody with his mother. I didn’t want him to grow up without a father like I had.

“Ronnie, I’m coming in,” I announce gripping my pants having to piss. “You better be decent.” I say under my breath.

With that, I swing the door open and my son, Ronnie jumps in his seat on the toilet and his cell phone plummets snapping away from the headphones on his head and bounces off the floor. “Dad…!” He exclaims with his wide, olive-colored eyes in shock. His low sitting, brooding brows arched with embarrassment, and down the sleek slope of the bridge of his button nose sit his full lips open in curiosity. The cord loosely coils around his baby smooth jawline and small, rounded chin, down his lean chest and muscles, and past his rugged abs with a small patch of thin hair lined down his belly button. His hand firmly wrapped around his bulbous penis at the base meeting his coarse pubes.

“Ahh, ahh, fuck yes!” A woman’s voice screams through the phone.

“I gotta pee!” I explain rushing in undoing my pants and climbing atop a small step stool to the sink. I whip out my member and aim for the drain unloading in the sink.

Ronnie picks up his phone and continues beating his meat. I put my member away as I step down from the sink, not buttoning up. Not wearing any briefs either so my pubes are showing. I look at my boy and actually take notice at the sheer size of his penis. He must’ve been the size of a FIOS TV remote! “That’s quite a manly cock you got there, son.”

“Heh-heh. Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” Ronnie replies looking up from his phone.

“You took a peek.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“Well, I’ll let you finish up. No rush.” I respond giving him a firm, manly pat on the shoulder before leaving and shutting the door behind me.

Walking back to the living room I felt so proud that that hunk of beautiful man was my son. He might even have the edge on me. I took a very liberal approach to talking and teaching my son about his body and how to take care of it. I remember coaching him through standing up to pee, that was messy at first. I remember him freaking out after having his first wet dream and having to explain that one. It was definitely different using that kind of language with him and talking to him like another grown man. But, I was proud nonetheless to hand him my old magazines from college and send him into the bathroom with a bottle of lotion. I waited outside the door for him while he worked towards his first conscious orgasm.

As I sit on the couch, paw down my unbuttoned pants, shirt hanging out of my back pocket, I run my fingers through my long, chocolate curls all pulled back. Ronnie trots out of the bathroom rubbing the back of his faded chocolate hair, curls sprouting atop his head brushed back. He takes a look at my beefy muscles and now faint abs, covered in hair growing from my pubes in the shape of a tornado, up to my chest. He sits down next to me, my broccoli colored eyes and soft, brooding, low sitting brows watch him grab at his bulge as he gets comfortable.

“Ahem.” I clear my throat wrinkling my button nose with a knot in the bridge, and running my hand down my slim cheeks and around my smooth jawline and small, rounded chin covered in 5 o’clock shadow. I take another look down to Ronnie’s bulge and I begin to think back to the last time I saw his bulge. I take another look down to Ronnie’s bulge and I begin to think back to the last time I saw his bulge. He had hopped in the car after wrestling practice and was pretty upset. The guys in the showers had heckled him about not manscaping. So, I walked him through that and he seemed to get that hang of it quickly. His face when seeing himself without a huge bush was priceless, you’d almost think he was in love. He wasn’t as big back then. I remember picking him up the next week after practice and he was so happy. The guys approved and gave him a new nickname for how big he was, Rocket.

Ronnie continues to squeeze at his bulge next to me. “You’re staring, dad.”

I look forward again, “Sorry. I was just thinking. I could only imagine what the guys in the shower that used to give you trouble bostancı escort bayan would say if they saw you now.”

“Yeah, they thought I was huge then. Haha. But, hey I had to get it from somewhere right, dad?”

“Yeah. I guess so. The girls must love it, right?”

Ronnie drops his head and shift in his seat. Further away from me. More reserved. “Yeah. I guess they would.” He replies softly.

“What do you mean, Ronnie? You’re not gay, are you? You were just watching a hetero in the bathroom.” I question confused.

“Oh, I like girls. Not interested in guys but…”

“Oh, my bad, son. You’re still a virgin.” I respond and Ronnie nods. “Don’t be ashamed. It’s okay. I mean, I’m a little shocked ’cause with a cock like that the girls should be all over you! Hell, I was sticking my dick in Rachel Mowler when I was just 14!”

“I don’t know. The girls at school act like they like me one minute and hate me the next. And I don’t put up with that. You either like me or you don’t and if you’re gonna act like you don’t then don’t wonder I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. I just don’t understand them. The guys kinda make fun of me cuz I’m 18 and still a virgin.”

“Ah, I see. You got no game is all. You don’t know how to play. The girls who flip-flop like that and wonder why you don’t wanna talk to them really do like you, they’re just playing hard to get.”


I nod, “Yeah, some of them maybe. But, if you really wanna get ’em when they’re being mean just come up behind them and wrap your arms around their waist. Pull them close so your cock is right between their ass cheeks. Make sure they can feel it too. Whisper something in their ear like, ‘Bring your sexy ass here and stop playing.’ That’ll get them going. But make sure they really do like you, otherwise it’ll be considered sexual harassment.”

“Heh-heh. Will do, dad.”

After about a month Ronnie had begun talking to a girl. He was learning the game quickly. If you asked him if he had a girlfriend, he’d answer “no” but, also was sure to add that if he were to say that in front of her she would be pissed. We were sitting at the kitchen table for dinner one night and Ronnie was shifting in his seat quite a bit. It seemed he may be playing with himself under the table.

“Ahem.” I cleared my throat looking up at him intently to let him know I knew something was up.

We make eye contact and Ronnie sighs, “Dad,” He says.

“What’s up?”

“So my uh… I guess girlfriend and I have been talking about sex.”

“That’s great!”

“No. Not great.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I question. I thought this was what he wanted.

“She’s been wanting to have sex ever since she blew me on the way to mom’s.” He says.

“Wait, she blew you and you didn’t tell me AND you brought this girl to meet your mom and not me? Family meeting.” I rant trying to sound upset but, the excitement for him overpowers my voice.

“Dad, you don’t get it. She’s been around if you know what I mean and I have no experience at all. What if I’m not good at it?”

“So you’ve been holding out because you’re afraid you won’t satisfy her?” I scratched my head ’cause this was a new one on me. Did he actually like this girl? I thought this was just a-nevermind. “You really like this girl, don’t you? You just try and act like it’s nothing.”

Ronnie nods. I had no idea what to say or do. For the first time, I was lost in teaching my son how to be a man. An awkward silence befalls us for a moment as Ronnie continues to shift in his seat uncomfortably. Something was definitely going on. Looking at him I reached for my fork to take another bite, accidentally being off on its location and knocking it to the floor. I reached down to get it, “Dad, no!” Ronnie exclaimed. Taking hold of my fork I look up to see Ronnie’s big cock pulling up the leg of his basketball shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Jesus!” I exclaim hopping up and-


“Ow… damn it!”

Ronnie began to snicker. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.”

This reminded me of my time in college. I was on the wrestling team and the coach had called me into his office. My grades weren’t going well at the time so I was likely getting sidelined until I got them under control.

“Hey, coach. You wanted to see me?”

“Yeah, please sit down.”

I did as he asked and set my bag down beside me. He talked to me about my grades and performance on the team. Soon I was reaching down for my water bottle. I looked up under his desk out of instinct when I saw his legs spread out. He was wearing only his jock and his plump, slightly hairy hole stared back at me. I was so taken aback that I hopped up back up. He looked at me quizzically. He was in his mid-40s. Greys lining the side of his hair. Beefy and hairy. My eyes had widened from the ümraniye escort image of his anus and decent sized bulge singed into my mind. In the back of my head, I told myself to calm down and that I was bigger which, I was.

“Looks like you peeked. It’s okay, Andrew.”

“Sorry, coach. Just took me by surprise is all.”

Coach leaned forward arching his back in a way I only used to seeing women do during sex. “I’m gonna be honest with you, Andrew. I like you. You’re a good wrestler and I don’t wanna sideline you but, rules are rules, however,” Here it comes. I had a gut feeling something was up. “I’ve seen all you boys in the showers and you Andrew, you got a pretty big tool. I’m a man and I like working with big tools. So whaddayasay, you want me to sideline you?”

“No, coach.”

“Well, I can look past the rules if you use that big tool of yours to work over my ass, Andrew. Whatdoyousay?”

I did exactly that. I worked his ass over good. He even taught me a few things that I ended up using in bed with women. Working over another man’s ass was helpful in making me a better fuck. Eventually, he came back for more and I continued to fuck the tightest hole I ever had until I graduated.

“Dad!” Ronnie exclaims.

I snap back to the present noticing I had been staring at his penis. I stood up grabbing at my package. “Sorry, son.”

He looked at me, tilting his head and raising an eyebrow. “You got a boner, dad?” He asked as I sat back down.

“Uh…” I didn’t want to say the truth and have him think it was because of him. Or have to tell him what was really turning me on. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“Come to think of it dad, you’ve seen me with a boner a bunch of times but, I’ve never seen you. I’ve seen you soft but-” With that, I undid my pants and my cock bounced out. “Jesus, dad! You’re fucking huge!”

“Yeah, your old man’s pretty big but, I think you got the edge on me.”

“Well, let’s see.” Ronnie said pulling up the leg of his shorts and coming to straddle my leg. I tried to back up in my chair but, I couldn’t go anywhere. I was so shocked and a bit scared of what was going on. Ronnie pointed his manhood down and measured it against mine. “Yeah, I think I got an inch on you, dad.” He backed up and I was speechless. I sat there silently not knowing how to react. “Dad,” Ronnie said concerned. “Can you teach me how to fuck?”

Was this really happening? My son was asking me to teach him how to be a good fuck. I never thought I would be asked or even get this involved. But, he was worried, wanted coaching, teaching. Something I never had until college, by a man who acted like the team’s father no less. But, this was wrong. I couldn’t. This is my boy. But, what about the promise I made to myself and to him. I promised I would be there through anything, help him out with anything because I never had that. And I can’t break that promise. Not to him. “Sure. I’ll be right back.” I went to my room and grabbed the lube and a condom.

When I came back to the kitchen Ronnie was sitting there buck naked stroking himself. “So how are we gonna do this?”

Without a word, I stepped out of my pants and bent over the table and handed him the lube and the condom.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed and I saw his otter cock throb. He took the items and looked at the condom. “Do we really need this. I’m clean. You’re clean and you can’t get pregnant.”

“You still gotta learn how to put one on properly.”

“I already know. They showed us videos in sex ed.”

“Prove it.” I replied in a stern voice. I wanted to enstill safe sex in him. I understand it feels a little better without one but, I wasn’t sure about taking a cock up my ass to begin with, let alone done raw by my boy. Ronnie ripped open the package with his teeth and slid the condom down his cock like a pro. I was impressed. I sort of stumbled through it my first time. He then grabbed my ass and got behind me. “Woah! Woah! What are you doing, Ronnie?”

He looked confused, “Uh… about to stick it in.”

“No. You don’t just stick it right in. You have to prepare the hole. Get on your knees, son.” He did as he was told. “Now, you’re gonna have to rim my ass. It’s like eating a pussy.”


I jumped not expecting a smack on the ass. Ronnie spread my cheeks with an impressive, firm, grip before sticking his tongue out and hesitantly leaning into my ass. In a moment the warm, wet, slimy sensation of his tongue on my hole hit me. He kissed it like a pro would kiss his girl, tongue and all. A natural kisser, like his father. I picked that up almost instantly too. “Oh fuck.” I said gripping the edge of the table, squeezing my eyes shut. My back arching in the way coach used to. Never knew my back could bend that way. I’ve always been the one to rim. I can’t believe this is what I’ve been missing! “Mmm.” I moaned. “Now escort kartal son, start trying to work your tongue in and out of my hole.” He did as I instructed and I could feel his tongue dart, squeezing into my hole in an eager fashion. Ronnie’s face is buried in my ass and it’s obvious he was enjoying it too.

Ronnie hops back stunned, “Woah, dad. Your hole just poked out and opened a bit. Uh… are you about to poop?”

“No. That means it’s time.” I answer. “Put a few drops of lube on your two fingers and rub it in my ass.” He continued to listen to instructions as I gave more. “Then, start working one-you hear me-one finger in, slowly.” My body quivered as my son lathered the lube on my puckered hole. Suddenly my head pops up as Ronnie’s finger squeezed past my super tight anal ring.

“Damn dad, your ass is so tight!” Ronnie exclaimed as his finger began to work in and out.

My head rest on the table, my hands gripping the sides, and my eyes squeezed shut, letting out a series of oohs and ahs. Ronnie was drooling as his finger fucked my ass and he stroked himself with his other hand. Then, on his way back in another finger popped in and my ass jumped up. It’s surprising how good this feels. I’ve never had anything up my ass before. “Aw fuck yeah, sport! Harder. I want you to go harder now.” Soon Ronnie’s fingers were plunging into my ass at such a furious pace I was in ecstasy, screaming. His fingers were so deep in me they made the hottest squishing sounds. “Yeah, fuck. Make your fingers like a hook, sport, lift my ass up.” And he did. My toes were the only thing touching the floor as I groaned and moaned.

“Can I fuck you now, dad?”

“Fuck yeah. Lube up that monster and go slow okay?” And he did as I said.


He gripped my ass cheeks spreading them apart and I felt his hard cockhead press against my hole. “It’s too tight.”

“Go ahead and slap it on my hole a bit, Ronnie. Tease it open.”

His cockhead slapped on my hole a few times before the sound started to change and I felt his mushroom head slip in as I moaned. He went slow as can be before he stopped. “I can’t go anymore.”

“In and out, Ronnie. Think. Keep going.” I demanded not wanting the pleasure to stop.

“Like this, dad?” He asked.

“Yeah, just like that, son. Fuck that’s big!”

With each stroke I felt my boy’s cock deeper in me. Soon, he was so deep the pleasure became insurmountable as I screamed and my body quivered to his every touch and move. He buried himself balls deep in my ass and stayed there for a moment, “You like this big dick up your ass don’cha, dad?”

“It’d be better if you got into a rhythm. Twil those hips a little, sport.” And he did, “Jesus fuck! That’s good. Mmm.” I moan biting my lip. “Fuck yeah, son keep going!” It started getting easier for him as my hungry hole began to envelope his cock. “Harder, son. Longer strokes. Dive that cock in there.” I instructed. Ronnie began pounding my ass with a constant, rhythmic slap that echoed throughout the room. “Fuck, son! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I begged as he pounded away, his breathing getting heavy. “Stick your thumb up my ass while you fuck me.” I demanded. As he pulled out his thumb slipped in and the. His throbbing cock right after. I was in heaven. He was pounding my ass so hard I couldn’t take it. My balls tightened as my cock swung back and forth between my legs. Suddenly, “UGH UGH OH FUCK!” I grunted. “I’M CUMMING, SON!”

“Holy shit!” He exclaims excited. “I’m getting close too.” He says continuing to pound my ass into wreckage.

“Shoot it! Shoot that big load in my ass!” I commanded.

Ronnie pulled me in, “Fuuuuuck, dad!” He says in a state of high pitch holding me there. His cock deep inside me, flushing my insides with pleasure as his cock throbs inside me and the condom gets warm. “I’M CUMMING! IM CUUUUMMING!” His breathing slows and calms and he pulls out. “Fuck, dad.” He says softly as I turn around.

“I know.” I respond looking down at the strings of my cum on the floor. “Now, pull the condom off and tie it.” And he did as I looked at his manhood covered in his cum. He swiveled around tossing the condom in the trash and looked at me as I got on my knees.

“Come here, sport and let me clean off that beautiful cock.” I said grabbing him by his legs and shoving his cock in my mouth.

“Fuuuck!” Ronnie moaned.

I struggled to get even a few inches of his massive cock down my throat, sucking the cum off his still hard cock. I could tell I was gonna have a major jaw ache! I licked along the sides lapping up his sweet and salty juices.

“You’re even better at this than my girl. She couldn’t even go that far!”

Once all the delicious cum was gone I came up and wrapped my arms around my boy. Squeezing him. “That was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I love you, son. Great job.”

Ronnie squeezed me back, “Love you too, dad.” I kept my arm around his shoulders as we walked into the living room. “So was I really that good?”

“Outstanding for your first time but, a little more practice wouldn’t hurt. You ready for another round, sport?”

“Born that way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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