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It had been three months since the auction of the staff at Claire’s house and Tiffany had broken up with Mike and moved out. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, it was the double standard she couldn’t abide by. He wanted to keep her cloistered and at the same time, go out on jobs and fuck who ever he liked. Carla, although she liked the woman, was the last straw. She wasn’t work and yet he decided to go behind his girlfriend’s back and pleasure his cock inside her. She felt betrayed.

Mike was despondent, with Tiffany gone, he sat back and looked at his life. Everyone had moved on. Paula and Anya, although loving their lesbian relationships, had decided they needed cock too, and had invited clients to their home. It was surprising how many of them loved Paula’s machine fucking them up the ass while one of them pulled him off, Then there was the cum. Fuck, OMG the cum. Who would have thought a dildo up the ass could produce so much cum. Most times, one of them would lay on her back between his legs and be his canvas. Fuck they groaned so loudly when they saw themselves spray painting a pair of tits so much. Ninety percent wanted to finger-paint them with their cum. Degrading or not, they loved to both sit cross legged on the bed afterwards and count the thick envelope of money.

Even Steve was a semi-permanent fixture in Claire’s bed, When he felt like some younger cunt, he would take her into one of the ground floor rooms to fuck her all on his own. Claire knew better than to interfere, the last thing she wanted was to drive her thick rampant stallion away. Now and then, he would invite her down to show one of his conquests what it felt like to be licked by another woman. He guessed wisely who was receptive and never got a complaint. If he was honest, he would rather watch the women finger each others cunts than fuck them, a wish he quite often received.

Across town, done with all the emotions of a breakup and finally free of the guilt, Tiffany decided It was time to ditch the toys and vibrators and get out and find a life of her own. It will start tonight, she thought. She would go to a local bar and mix with the men there and just maybe she would meet someone she would like to take home. In the meantime though, she would go to the beach and spend a lovely sunny afternoon sunbathing.

Lying in the hot sun in her bikini, she suddenly felt herself in the shade. Opening her eyes, she looked up to discover a very handsome man standing above her.

“Can I help you?” she asked

“I was hoping to bum some sunscreen off you.” he said, smiling down at her.

“Sure.” she replied, reaching over into her bag for the bottle.

“Don’t get embarrassed.” he told her. “But your bikini line is more than just a bit showing.” Tiffany looked down and to her horror, saw a huge amount of hair poking out of the top of her bikini.

“Oh my God.” she said, pulling her bottoms up to cover it. That’s what you get for being lazy. She had meant to shave it all off before going out that night.

“I can help you with that.” he told her.

“Oh, and how’s that?” Tiffany asked, smiling and more than ready to fend off the obvious come on.

“They call me Mr Barber,” he told her

“And why is that?” she asked intrigued.

“Because I own the barber shop just up there on the main street,” he told her pointing at the road above the beach. Tiffany was warming to this stranger already. Not only was he good looking but he had a good sense of humour too.

“What say we go up to the beach bar and I buy you a drink while we discuss that overgrown hairstyle?” he asked, smiling.

“OK.” Tiffany said, feeling herself being taken in by his charm and for some reason unable to resist. Getting up off her towel, she pulled on her jeans shorts and a flimsy hessian top. Arm in arm, he led her to the tropical bar located on the edge of the sand. He ordered a neat scotch and a coconut flavoured cocktail for her. The drink sounded innocent but it had a fucking kick and by the time she had sucked down three of them, she was feeling very mellow and in the mood.

“Ready for your trim?” he asked.

“Lead the way.” she told him. Helping her off her barstool, he picked up her bag and together arm in arm, they walked along the beach to his house. It was rustic and comfortable and Tiffany made herself at home flopping into his leather couch while Jack poured them a wine.

“Take your pants off,” he said walking into the kitchen. Standing up and, Tiffany undid the button on her shorts, slid the zipper down and pulled her shorts off. Eager with anticipation, she sat with her legs together waiting for his return. Jack walked in carrying a bowl of warm water and a hand towel.

“Open kaçak iddaa your legs.” he said, kneeling on the floor and placing the bowl in front of him. Breathlessly, Tiffany parted her legs. There was something so exciting about showing him her open cunt. Dipping the shaving brush in the warm water, Jack lathered it up with soap and started spreading it over her cu4rly bush.

“How much off?” he asked.

“All of it.” Tiffany said, her cunt growing wet with excitement. Jack reached down, pulled out and opened a cut throat razor.

“Jesus, fuck!” Tiffany exclaimed. “Don’t worry,” he said. “It won’t cut you.”

Tiffany dared not look as he scraped the ultra sharp blade slowly down one side of her hairy cunt and then the other. Relaxed after the first nervous stroke, she laid back and started to enjoy it. The keen blade scraping around her cunt felt so good as it whisked off all her hair.

“All done.” Jack said, rinsing the blade in the bowl of water and then toweling her off between the legs. Being a professional, the held up a mirror for her to see, Fuck her cunt looked good bare of any hair. Testing his expertise, he ran his fingers up each side of her cunt and over the top. Her heart racing, Tiffany spread her legs wider, desperate for him to touch between her aroused wet lips.

“Do it!” she gasped waiting. Wanting desperately what was before him and breathing heavily, his cock already hard inside his pants, Jack bowed his head and ran his tongue up the length od Tiffany’s wet parted cunt,

“Oh fuck.” she moaned as he lifted off his tongue and licked her again, this time spreading her lips and seeking her hard aroused clit. Finding it, he lapped at her, Writhing against his tongue, Tiffany grasped his head with both hands, crushing his mouth to her aching wet cunt, thrusting it up against his tongue. Unseen by her, he had his pants unzipped and was frantically pulling his hard cock as he lapped at her glorious parted wet slit.

“Fuck!!” she cried out, starting to cum. Jack let go of his cock, trying frantically not to cum. He wanted to fuck her and cum all over her cunt or in her mouth, not over the couch in his own hand.

“Do it again!” Tiffany gasped, her cunt desperate to cum again. Jack more than happy to oblige, sunk his face between her open legs and at the same time, thrust two fingers up inside her, fucking her with them fast and hard.

“Oh Jesus, fuck!!” Tiffany cried out, thrusting her hips up and smashing her cunt onto Jack’s mouth as she came gushing all over his fingers. Her ass raised up off the bed and her legs quivering in orgasm was the most erotic thing Jack had ever seen. Just when he thought she was done, she rolled over and raised up onto her hands and knees.

“Finger fuck me!” she cried out, reaching down between her legs to rub her hard aroused clit. Excited and eager to oblige, he pushed two fingers into her, thrusting them deep between her chubby parted outer lips. She gasped as his fingers drove deep in her cunt and frantically rubbed at her throbbing clit.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, her cunt gushing hard over the fingers ramming into her aroused cunt, her hips jerking upwards and her legs quivering as she came all over them.

“Don’t stop.” she cried out, her cunt aching to cum again. Bending forward, he sucked at her hard clit as he rammed his fingers mercilessly in and out of her saturated cunt.

“Fuck! Oh yes!” Tiffany cried out, thrusting her hips and cunt up against his fingers, wetness squirting from between her parted lips again and again in one hard fucking orgasm.

“Your turn.” she panted, dragging him up off the floor and engulfing his hard cock with her mouth. Sucking him hard, she pulled his hard shaft until she knew he was ready to cum. Letting go, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her wet throbbing cunt. Desperate for her, Jack gripped his cock and moving on top of her, pushed the swollen head into her wet waiting hole.

“Fuck me.” Tiffany moaned as Jack started to ram his hard cock deep into her wet cunt. In and out, faster and faster he fucked her until with a gasp he froze, grasping her tits as he came, his stiff cock pulsating in her cunt, filling her with squirts of thick creamy cum.

Panting, he looked down on her smiling as his spent cock slid out of her slippery wet cunt. Smiling back at him, she rubbed his chest and her wet cum filled cunt at the same time, luxuriating in the feeling of him leaking out of her,

“Get me some wine.” she ordered. She watched him clamber off the bed and walk naked out of the room. He had an ass she could just kiss and rub over her face and his half-hard cock looked so good waggling in front of him as he walked. Fuck, kaçak bahis she was going to enjoy making that hard again. Jack returned with the drinks and as he knelt on the bed and handed her the glass, she cupped his cock and balls with her hand and deftly started to make him hard again.

“Fuck, yes.” he groaned, her massaging hand and the sight of her open legs parted wet cunt having him rigid again in seconds..

“Do you have any lube?” she asked.

“Yes.” he replied as she pulled his stiff swollen cock. All he could think of was shoving it back inside that warm wet cunt between her legs.

“Get it.” she said, pulling his hard cock and then releasing it. She watched as he scrambled off the bed with his tight ass that she would just love to kiss and that rigid cock that would feel so good being rubbed all over her face. By the time he returned, she was on all fours.

“Stick it in my ass.” she ordered him, pushing back with her legs wide open. Squirting lube into his hand, he smeared it over her asshole and slid a slippery lubed finger inside it. Tiffany moaned with pleasure and pushed back on it, her ass cheeks spread wide, wanting a hard cock inside her bum. Jack, now holding his hard cock, pressed up against her and pushed the thick head inside her ass.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” Tiffany cried out as Jack started ramming his cock inside her tight ass. Reaching down between her legs, she started to rub frantically at her hard swollen clit as Jack fucked her tight asshole.

“Harder!” she cried out, loving the feel of hard cock where it hadn’t been before. “Fuck me.” she yelled. Jack grabbed her by the hips and started to drive his cock deep in her ass. Aroused and excited, she drove two fingers hard up her cunt, ramming them in and out of her, matching the hard cock reaming her stretched ass.

“Fuck my cunt!” she pleaded almost cumming and wanting his hard cock in her wet aching cunt. Jack pulled his cock out of her ass and thrust it up inside her, ramming it into her as hard as he could, Every inch of his rigid cock buried deep between her open legs.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Tiffany cried out, her cunt squirting with every deep thrust of his cock. Her legs and stomach jerking hard in orgasm.

“You know.” she said as they lay side by side on the bed afterwards. “I was planning on going out tonight and getting laid before I met you.”

“You still can,” he replied, smiling. “On one condition.”

“”And what’s that?” she said. Almost afraid to ask.

“You let me escort you and you wear the shortest skirt you have and no panties.”

‘That’s two conditions and why the short skirt and no panties?’

“I’m an artisan darling, the world deserves to see what a lovely job of your cunt I’ve done.”

“Deal.” Tiffany said laughing. She hadn’t had so much fun in a long time and also, the thought of going commando in a short skirt in a packed bar was quite arousing too. Jack left her to shower and get ready and promised to collect her in a couple of hours. Apart from the prospect of fucking him again, all she could think of while she waited for him to return was the thrilling thought of giving whomever she liked, the sight of her freshly shaved cunt up under her skirt.

“I’ve had a change of heart.” Tiffany said when Jack returned to collect her for their night out.

“And what;s that?” Jack asked.

“I’ll wear the short skirt and no knickers, but there will only be one man looking at my cunt and that’s you. Afterwards, I want you to take me home and lick and fuck me till I cant cum anymore.”

“I don’t know, you drive a hard bargain but I’ll do it.” Jack said, smiling from ear to ear. “Shall we?” he said, taking her arm and escorting her from her apartment. As gentlemanly as it seemed, what he really wanted to do was reach under her short skirt and ram his fingers up inside her tight wet cunt right there and then. Fuck she was hot.

“You cant fuck your troubles away.” Claire said to Mike as he poured a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

“I know,” he replied. “For now I just need to keep busy. What have we got on?”

“Well, its an elderly lady that loves a young stud between her legs or a couple of young girls that just want to watch each other being fucked by a nice big thick hard cock.”

“Give Bill or Steve the young girls,” he said. “I’ll take the older one.”

“Wise move,” Claire said, smiling and handing him the address.

He knew he had made the right decision as soon as Mrs. Pritchard ushered him into her home. She oozed sex that belied her years. The skirt stretched tight over her wide hips had him wanting to see the cunt that laid beneath. She taunted him with a drink and subtle flirting. Her innuendo just enough illegal bahis to make him aroused without being crude. By the time she led him to the bedroom, he was dying to see what was under her dress. Sitting on the bed, she removed her top and with her hard aroused nipples began to rub him through his pants. Undoing his belt and unzipping him, she slid his pants down revealing his hardening cock. Grasping it, she began to pull him slowly, licking the tip of his swollen head gently with her tongue. Fuck he wanted her. Still pulling his cock, she stood up and undid her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her just in her panties.

“Do you want my cunt.” she asked, cupping his balls with one hand and pulling the thick hard shaft of his cock with the other. Standing right in front of him, she pulled down the front of her panties and rubbed the head of his cock over her aroused slit.

“You want this?” she asked, pressing the head of his cock between her wet lips. He groaned with the need to feel himself inside her. Laying back on the bed, she opened her legs, showing him the material stretched tight between them with the promise of warm wet cunt beneath. Breathing hard, he dropped to his knees, yanked her panties aside and crushed his face between her open legs.

“Yes, lick it.” she cried out as he frantically lapped at her wet cunt, parting her lips with his tongue and licking into her drenched opening.

“Stack it in, fuck me!” she cried out almost cumming. Standing up, Mike tore off her panties. Leant over her and pushed his hard cock into her wet cunt. She cried out, not used to his size but soon started to fuck him back, thrusting her cunt up, forcing him deep inside her.

“Yes, oh fuck!” she yelled as his deep thrusting cock pushed her over the edge and she lay quivering with it stuck inside her. It wasn’t for a few seconds later and when he’d pulled out that she realized that he had cum too and her cunt was flooded with thick slippery cum. Mellow after cumming, she reached down and played with it with her finger, rubbing it all up and down between her slippery wet cum drenched lips.

“Get in bed lover.” she said. “When I get back with drinks I want to make it hard and ride that lovely cock and fill my cunt again.” Mike could think of nothing better. Her cunt was tight and wet and she could take all of him inside her. He loved how it squeezed his cock when she came. Five minutes later Mrs. Pritchard was in bed, softly sucking his cock as she pulled it with one hand, Hard enough, she slid on top of him and grasping his cock, positioned it to her opening and drove down onto it.

“Fuck yes, that’s it.” she cried out riding him hard, thrusting her cunt up and down onto his cock as hard as she could. The moment she came on him, he thrust upwards deep inside her and sprayed her insides with what cum was left in his balls.

On the drive home, Mike realized Claire had been right. As good as the sex had been with Mrs. Pritchard, he couldn’t fuck his troubles away. Changes would need to be made.

“I have come to a decision.” he told Claire when he arrived back home. “I want you to pay me and I am leaving.”

“Good for you.” Claire told him. “Make a fresh start, do something different. You’ll have plenty of money.”

“Thankyou Claire, for everything.” Mike said, giving her a hug.

“You know I always wanted to be yours.” she replied, hugging him tight.

“You almost were.” he said, smiling down at her.

“Now fuck off and be happy.” Clare said, pushing him away, tears welling up in her eyes.

“You too.” he said, his eyes filled with tears.

Two months later across the country, a woman stood in a hotel doorway in pouring rain. An Audi pulled up into the hotel drive and the driver put down the passenger side window.

“Would you like a lift?” the driver asked.

“It’s OK,” the woman replied. “My husband is trying to get a cab,”

“You wont get one in this weather,” the driver told her. Right then, her husband appeared and told her there was a ninety minute wait.

“Come on, I’ll get you home.” the driver said. Realizing their plight and the nice mans offer, they hurried to his car huddled under umbrellas.

“Thank you for this.” the husband said. It was a thirty minute drive until they finally pulled up outside the couple’s large family house. Not so much a house but a mansion. While the husband rushed off to unlock the front door, the woman leaned inside the passenger window.

“It was so nice of you doing that for us.” she said. “I would really love to repay the kindness and my husband is away tomorrow night.” she told him, smiling and squeezing his arm gently before giving him her mobile number on a card.

“Oh fuck.” Mike said to himself as he drove away. History was repeating itself. He knew he should walk away but all he could do was imagine the delicious cunt she had hidden under that wet dress.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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