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The Little Exhibitionist

🏳️‍🌈 A story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Four — Dylan pays the price 🏳️‍🌈

As soon as I got out of the shower, I went to my room to lube up for my cock date. Standing in front of my desk, I poured anal lube over the end of my dildo, then I anally masturbated with it. A delicious sensation poured over my body as I enjoyed stroke after stroke up my ass with my toy. I was dangerously close to another orgasm, so I pulled it from my hole and sniffed it deeply before sucking the naughty flavor from it.

I dressed for my outing by slipping into a pair of white boy briefs that I found on my bedroom floor. I picked them up and gave the seat a whiff, moaning as the briny aroma of my boy butt rolled into my nose. Next, I donned my favorite pair of red sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt with no shirt under it.

I like these sweatpants because there”s a nice, long in the seam, right where my taint and ass crack are. I love that I can feel the outside air flowing into them when I”m walking or riding my bike. Every once in a while, I”ll use my finger to make the tear a little bigger while I”m out in public. It”s a naughty transgression I can get away with, and a way for me to expose myself without getting in trouble.

I gave my dildo another lust driven suck, then I put it away and hurried out the door.

The ride to the service station wasn”t very far for me. In fact, it”s less than a mile from the house, so it didn”t take me long to get there. But my rear end was urgently horny, especially after edging it in my room, and I was in a hurry to have it serviced. I was so horny, in fact, that I was shaking with anticipation as I rode my bike to the gas station where my conquest works. He”d fucked me before, and I was anxious for another rooting from him.

The service station was swimming with people when I coasted into the lot and stood on my pedals as I surveyed the traffic at the pumps and the service bays. When I saw him standing in the center service bay next to a customer with a clipboard in his hand, my ass quivered with need. We made eye contact and he smiled at me, then he motioned with his head to wait in my usual spot.

At his behest, I rode around the back of the building and waited patiently by the locked bathroom door for him. Like most service station restrooms, this one was only accessible from outside. The door was on the back of the building, so we go mostly unnoticed when we meet there. And also like most service station restrooms, the conditions inside were less than sanitary. There was always pee on the floor and wet paper towels on the floor and in the sink. One time there was even a pair of loaded underwear on the floor, right next to the toilet. I still lost my pants and got my ass serviced, ignoring the stink that was making our eyes water. He blew a fast load in me, then we beat a hasty exit while the stinky undies lay wrecked on the floor.

While I was waiting, I cupped my palm in front of my face and blew into it to make sure my mouth was kissable. My hot breath mixed with the cold air to create a visible steam that smelled like mint toothpaste, making me smile as I silently hoped for a mouthful of tongue from my lover.

The wait was agonizing, but in reality it was no more than a minute or two before he unlocked the men”s room door to let me in. I rolled by bike inside and haphazardly got undressed while my prospective top unzipped his blue shop pants and took his boxers down. As soon as I kicked my shoes off, my sweats came down and I ripped my undies off my hips. Finally, I scrambled out of my sweatshirt and tossed it on the floor, right on top of my other clothes.

“We don”t have a lot of time, kiddo,” he said, and I nodded up at him while my little boner stood at attention.

“I”m already lubed up,” I said with a catch in my voice as I approached him and ran my hand up his shirt and nuzzled the breast with my cheek.

He cupped my chin and tilted my head back, then he planted a rough kiss on my mouth that made me moan while I stroked his rigid manhood. His breath tasted like coffee and cigarettes, with just a hint of saliva flavor mixed in, and I loved it.

When we broke our kiss, I eagerly held onto the sink and parted my feet to make my hips jut out. With my bare ass presented for service, the hung technician grabbed my hips and pressed his glans up to my hole diyarbakır escort while I watched with horny anticipation in the mirror. The pleasure of his entry made my toes curl against the cold bathroom floor, then his length slid up my ass and I sighed with relief.

I gazed into the mirror with bedroom eyes, keeping my gazed fixed on his face as he used his big dick to pleasure us both. I could feel the skirt of his button up shirt glancing off of my buns and the small of my back as he thrusted deep, over and over again while my rectum gave his cock satisfied squeezes. Two minutes after he entered me, he buried his rod up my butt and held it there while he had a scintillating orgasm inside me.

He pulled out and I sucked his dripping cock clean, smiling up at him with sparkling eyes while he petted my face.

“Hey buddy, I”ve got to get back to the shop,” he said softly. “You want to come back and see me in about an hour when things are slower?”

I pulled off of his prick and nodded my grateful reply, then I watched him button up while I fingered my cum sopped asshole. He walked out of the bathroom so I picked my sweats up and noted they had been resting in a puddle of pee. When I picked my boy briefs up, I realized they were totally soaked, so I tossed them in the trash and held my sweatpants up to examine them. There was a huge wet patch in the butt and down the back of both legs.

Disregarding that, I put them on and rolled my bike out of the men”s room, then I pedaled off. As I coasted through the parking lot, I stood up on my pedals to let my freshly fucked and pee soaked rear end linger in the air for everyone to see.

I pedaled down the main road and into an old, mostly abandoned shopping center. The only stores left were a run down dollar store and a nail salon. Every other storefront was empty, and had been for years. As I rode my bike through the near empty parking lot, I spotted a man sitting on the sidewalk in front of the dollar store. I rode up and we locked eyes, then he said, “Got any spare change?”

I stopped in front of him and put my feet down, looking him up and down. His face was covered in stubble and his hair was tangled. His clothes were filthy and his pants were ripped at the crotch all the way down his right pant leg. I followed the tear from his seam back up to his crotch, where I saw his exposed manhood and licked my lips.

“I don”t have any spare change, but I”ve got $20 on me,” I said, my voice breaking with desire as I fixated on his long, thick hose. “Maybe we can do a trade.”

He gave me a skeptical but knowing look from the ground and chuckled, then he said, “A trade, huh? Is that what you call it?”

With a soft moan, I nodded and licked my lips, then I watched with bated breath as he stood up and approached me.

“We”ll have to do this behind the dumpsters,” he said, motioning with his head to a row of dumpsters at the other end of the lot. I nodded, then I got off the bike and we walked side by side.”What do you have in mind, kid?”

“I”m kinda hoping you”ll fuck me,” I answered, then I looked down at the tear in his pants. “How big does it get?”

“It gets plenty big for a little dude like you,” he answered, his voice smokey. When I smiled excitedly, he gushed a little and said, “You really gonna pay me $20 to fuck you in the ass?”

“Yeah,” I confirmed and he gave me an appraising smile.

“Whatever floats your boat, kid,” he said.

When we made it to the dumpsters, I was pleasantly surprised to see a mattress on the ground. Even more exciting, I could see the freeway from where we were, and I was almost positive that people on the freeway could probably see us, too. Cars were wizzing by at 65 MPH but there was a clear view of the highway.

With a thrill running through me, I reached down to my crotch and used both forefingers to open the tear in my crotch a little more, exposing my little boner to my soon to be top. He looked fascinated as I deliberately pulled the seam apart, and I was excited to have an audience to witness my debauchery.

When a horny tremor gripped my bubble butt, I dropped my pissy sweatpants. I hastily pulled them down and stepped out of them. Holding them with my toe, I kicked them off to the right, then I peeled my sweatshirt off and tossed it on the ground next to my shoes. Totally exposed, I walked up to my top and traced my fingertips up and down along the tear in his pants. I slipped my paw through the frayed opening and rubbed inside of his thigh, then my fingers made contact with his stiffening rod and I hissed.

“Do you kiss?” I asked hopefully, running my hand up and down his hose and feeling it get hard in my grip.

“Normally I wouldn”t, but you”re a cutie so why not?” he blurted out.

Taking the lead, I cupped his head with my free hand and treated myself to a mouthful of tongue. His breath was powerful and laced with notes of liquor and sour milk, but his tongue was incredible in my mouth. He was a really great kisser!

While I was enjoying his tongue, I managed to find my cadence with the hand job I was giving him and he groaned into düzce escort my mouth. We broke our kiss and I asked, “Can I open your pants?”

“Sure kid,” he said.

Armed with his approval, I quickly unbuttoned his pants and fished his dick out. It was massive in my grip, and I wasted no time in slipping my mouth over the end so I could suck it. My little dick was standing at attention, raging at its full 1 ¾ inches while the thick cock in my mouth throbbed with authority.

It was delicious! It tasted like days of man musk and piss, and I loved how dirty the flavor was as I deep throated it with boyish moans. I pulled off and gazed up at him with needy eyes, then I stood on my toes and stole another kiss from him. When our tongues met, I initiated anal sex by guiding him down to the mattress with me so I was on my back. I picked my legs up and wrapped them around his ribcage, then I felt his cock poking around in my crevice.

He broke our kiss and gave me a panicked look, so I took the initiative again by caressing his stubbled face and smiling warmly at him, then I reached between us and guided his cock to my hungry hole. I felt his glans make contact and moaned, then I gave him a needy look.

“Are you sure about this, kid?” he asked me with skeptical eyes.

I could read the doubt on his face and hear the worry in his voice. But when I picked my head up and planted another tongue filled kiss on his mouth, he proceeded to press it into my ass and I sighed with relief. His glans felt incredible as they pushed through my expanding anal ring, then his cock sank into my hole and I moaned around his tongue.

He broke our kiss again, then he smiled down at me through jaundiced eyes and said, “You”ve got the hottest, tightest ass I”ve ever felt, kid.”

“Thanks, mister,” I cooed. “Your dick feels really good in me.”

“You need me to wait, or are you ready for me to get started?” he asked me with a hint of a southern drawl. I found his folksy charm so attractive and knew I wanted to come see him everyday if I could.

“I”m ready right now,” I said in a small voice, smiling up at him. “Can we kiss some more, too?”

“Sure thing, sugar britches,” he chuckled, then he filled my mouth with tongue and his hips started to move.

I tightened my grip around his waist while strong pleasure signals rocked my 4″10″ frame and made me moan frantically. I found myself being swept away with the anal orgasm that I”d denied myself at home, and the one that I didn”t have at the service station. It came on quick and didn”t let go as thrust after deep, delicious thrust was delivered for my anal pleasure. I ran my fingers through his tangled hair while his tongue conquered my mouth and his cock conquered my boy pussy. My climax was delivered buffet style, then left to hang in the air as he showed me how a real man fucks a boy like me.

I felt his hot breath pouring into my mouth with fast, short puffs and opened my eyes just in time to see his eyes roll back in his head. He looked like he was sneering as his hips started to move faster and his cock strokes felt more forceful.

“Oh my god,” I shivered as the climax that was already ravaging my body intensified, making my legs shake as I struggled to keep them wrapped around his rib cage.

He was so deep inside me, deeper than I”d ever felt anyone else. I swore I could feel him in my guts, using his cock to find pockets of nerves that I didn”t even know I had. Every stroke meant something as they cycled through my body. His cock was working like a precision tool as it tracked down and soothed every last trace of carnal arousal that lingered in my body.

Then, while my head was still awash in the pleasures of anal satiety, my lover slid his scepter up my ass for the final time and broke our kiss. As soon as his tongue left my mouth, he buried his face in my neck and treated me to a hot load of cum that put the finishing touches on an expertly administered lay.

As his rod unloaded inside me, I gripped his head with my fingers and trembled all over, knowing that I had never been pleasured so thoroughly in my life, and that my top earned every bit of the money I was paying him.

When he was ready to pull out, I reluctantly untangled my quivering legs and let him go. I rested my feet on the mattress and my knees knocked violently, but I was so satisfied that I locked my fingers behind my head while he laid beside me and did the same. After a few moments, I moved down his body and sucked him clean, then I snuggled into his chest while I reached for my sweats so I could fetch his money.

I handed him his $20, then I tossed my sweats aside and said, “Do you want to make more later?”

“Sure kid, what do I need to do?” he answered me through labored breaths.

“Will you meet me here later?” I asked hopefully, running my hand up and down his torso.

“It was that good, huh?” he quipped, and I nodded.

“I was kinda hoping I could see you everyday,” I admitted.

“And you”ll pay me $20 every time?” he negotiated. When I nodded, he mussed my hair and said, “You”ve got it, kid.”

“Thanks, mister,” edirne escort I sighed, feeling my entrance open and close as it continued to contract in the afterglow of our sex. “Will you be here at 3?”

In his smokey voice, he said, “You can find me in my usual spot, kid.”

With that, I got up to get dressed and realized that I”d tossed my sweatpants into a puddle of orange discharge that was seeping from under one of the dumpsters. I saw them sitting drenched on the sticky asphalt, so I picked them up and shook them out while hot semen dripped from my satisfied hole. I looked out onto the interstate and excitedly watched the cars go by, wondering how many of them noticed the naked 13 year old in the shopping center parking lot.

Wanting to put an exclamation point on the taboo feelings I was experiencing, I followed my little boner to the edge of the lot and had an even clearer view of the freeway. I stepped onto a small strip of grass and let my bladder go, watching my pee stream arch up and land on the ground while the cars sped by.

When my bladder was empty, I sauntered back to the dumpsters and stepped into my sweatpants, letting the nasty liquid drip freely from my ripped crotch. My little dick was protruding through the hole as I sauntered over to my shoes and sweatshirt so I could put them on. When I was dressed, I knelt on the mattress and gave my suitor a hug and kiss. With our lips pressed tight, he surprised me by slipping me some tongue and I moaned appreciatively. While our tongues were dueling, he surprised me again by slipping his fingers into the tear in my sweats, then forcefully ripping them the rest of the way open, exposing my entire crotch and ass crack.

By the time we broke our kiss, he had his middle finger pressed up to my hole and was rubbing it down while I grinned naughtily at him.

“See you at 3?” he asked me with a knowing smile, and I nodded eagerly.

“I can”t wait,” I cooed, then I got on my bike and rode back to the service station with my sweatpants torn open and my boy bits on full display.

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