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“Fucking is an art. The mere fact of introducing the cock in the cunt and moving it in and out until the ejaculation of spunk is not art. True, it is fucking, but the difference between that way of doing it and the way it should be done is like the difference between a child’s first drawing and a picture by the world’s greatest painter.”

– Anaïs Nin, White Stains

If Ms. Nin was correct, then Lily Jaymes was Rembrandt. Her intense curiosity about all matters sensual and sexual was awakened in high school in the back seat of Dick Thruston’s parent’s Pacifica on prom night. Ms. Jaymes was raised as a strict Catholic. She understood that if she was to ever touch herself or any other person improperly, she would either be struck down immediately by God. Or when she died, she would be assured of fiery damnation for eternity.

She had heard her friends talk in hushed tones about their varied and indifferent experiences with boys and their blunt attacks. She was so tempted. Nonetheless, she remained true to herself, but like many young women of her age she relented and gave in to her urges on that fateful prom night.

Dick Thruston, the second-string quarterback, imagined he was in charge of the events of that evening until Lily busted from her chrysalis as a consequence of her first orgasm. Lily destroyed Dick’s cock that evening. Three times. Thus that evening became more of a question of who fucked whom. It didn’t matter in the end; Mr. Thruston lit a match that night that started a fire that burns still in Ms. Jaymes’ loins.

Unfortunately, Dick was left with a very different reminder of that event. He was never able to remove the stains or the scent of girl-cum to satisfy his mother from the car’s upholstery.

From that eventful evening, Lily was always in search of new and beautiful expressions of her sexual experiences. She also became fully aware of the adage: “With one of these, her cunt, I can get as many cocks as I want.”

So she explored. Initially, with boys, until she discovered the sapphic pleasures of girls. Then she played with boys and girls almost equally. She was cautious to stay out of the spotlight. That is, she never got a reputation and didn’t dress or behave like one of those “slutty girls” that she loved to fuck. She chose who to fuck, and she always left no doubt who was in charge. When she left her lovers, with their hearts pounding in a puddle of cum and spit, she reminded them, with a kiss that reached their very soul. She would never tell their girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, fiancée or husband so long as they kept their encounter secret. No one spoke. Ever.

By all standards, Ms. Jaymes was very attractive. She was the prototypical hottie that lived next door. Blessed with clear alabaster skin, she rose just above 5 feet in height. Her standard 4-inch heels elevated her presence. She had a petite frame. Her 34b breasts were topped with highly sensitive, pert, gum-drop nipples that stiffened, awkwardly at times, and always with the proper attention. Being a librarian and aware that even the slightest rub or impure thought seem to elicit a response, Ms. Jaymes had always ensured her bras were padded. Her innocent disguise was typically wrapped in dark pants or knee-length skirts, which hid her long, lean legs, which were capped with a perfectly round ass. Like the iceberg, she presented, beneath her seemingly innocent facade, smouldered a slut volcano always ready to erupt.

Lily was always eager for sex; she had that proverbial chronic itch that needed to be scratched. Where opportunities arose, she was pleased to pounce.

Today was no different. Lily arrived just in time for her shift at the library as the night manager. She waved to the staff members at the desk as she breezed her way to her office.

“Tim, I’ll be in my office, buzz me if you have questions, but I really need some quiet time to finish up the month-end reports. Oh and Dr. “Francy Pants” will be dropping by, let me know as soon as he arrives.”

“Got it, boss. Will buzz you!”

Dr. “Francy Pants” was the nick-name she and Tim had dreamed up for Professor Pierre DeFrance, who was on campus for a symposium. He had made an appointment to view the library’s copy of the Nin White Stain manuscript.

Right now, the only thing Jenny had an interest in buzzing out was her orgasm. In fact, up until an hour ago, her delicious boyfriend was shagging her delightfully when her alarm went off. Immediately prior, she remembered being mesmerized as she watched the reflection of Todd’s thick long cock rhythmically sliding in and out of her dripping snatch in her mirror. Each stroke was bringing her closer to ecstasy. Her juices were dribbling down Todd’s ass, puddling on the bed. She’d lost track of time, and now the blare of the alarm had ruined her orgasm. So close.

She bounded off Todd and jumped in the shower, successfully resisting the temptation to finish herself there. She thought of removing the blue jewel steel butt plug canlı bahis from her ass but refrained. One never knows.

She dashed in and out of the shower in minutes. Refreshed and not wanting to waste any more time, she slipped on a fresh pair of sheer lace briefs. And, though it was summer, she pulled on a pair of sheer thigh-highs, again, because a lady never knows. She gave a cursory search for her bra, but couldn’t find it. No matter, the girls could stand by themselves. She slipped on a mid-thigh length full button-front summer dress.

“Todd. Sorry love, I have to dash. Fuck you later, babe. Love you!”

Poor Todd was left standing, so to speak. Her bra? On the bedpost.

Lily was still drippingly horny when she reached her office. She was confident that Tim would not disturb her unless the place was on fire. Lily also knew that he spent most of his time scrolling through his nasty Tumblr feed. She latched her door plopped down on the office chair and wasted no time peeling off her already soaked panties, placing them on the desk.

She splayed her legs, obscenely on the arms of her chair. If someone dropped in, well, they would have seen an incredible sight.

She moistened three fingers of her right hand with her mouth and moved her hand between her thighs. Her palm rested on her bare mons. Her fingers traced the lips of her slick outer labia. They were full, still tingling and sloppy wet from her earlier play with Todd. With her middle finger, she lightly traced the groove of her slit. Her breath caught. She loved playing out these deliberate and delicate motions as a prelude to what would surely follow.

Lily cupped her right breast and pinched her nipple. She bit the left side corner of her lower lip in response to the pain. A moan escaped her throat as her arousal grew.

Now Lily started to cycle her finger movements in a dance she had practiced many times. Her splayed index and middle fingers went down the sides of her outer lips, between her outer labia and her inner thigh. She dragged her middle finger down between her legs toward the jewel butt plug and then back between her pussy petals, pulling them apart to expose her quim’s pink interior.

I’m so fucking wet, she thought.

Without thinking, she slowly pushed her middle finger deeper into her slit. She remembered how not less than an hour ago, Todd’s cock was plowing into her cunt so delightfully. She recalled how she grabbed his firm ass with her hands – god she loved men’s asses – pulling him deeper, faster. A small squeal of arousal escaped her lips, and she pushed a second finger into her quim, pulling them out, pushing them in, over and over. She felt amazing, tingly all over. Her breathing became more ragged.

Three fingers? Hmmm, she thought.

Lily pulled her slick, wet fingers out and started rubbing her clit earnestly. Her orgasm continued to build — layer upon layer. Her free hand, she now directed to her clit.

“Ohh, Fuck! Fuck yes. Fuck me, Fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuck…” The orgasm struck her like a freight train. Her entire core spazzed, and she bucked in pleasure and flooded over her fist and onto the chair. Some girl cum dripped and puddled on the floor beneath her chair. She cried out and then clamped her mouth shut with her sopping hand. Her mouth spread wide again, silently this time, and she closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure from the orgasm washed through her body.

She readied for another and then…

Her phone rang.

“FUCK!!!! What the serious fuck,” she screamed at the device as she reached for the handset with her drenched hand.

“Hi Lily,” said Tim, “Dr. DeFrance is here. You know the dude who wanted to view the Nin documents in the stacks.”

Fuck! She thought.

“Yea. Thanks, Tim. Yes. I know. It’s the reason I’m here today. Thanks. Let me tidy up a bit here. Will be up in a tick.”

“Lily, are you OK? You sound a bit breathless?”

“Sure. Yes. I’m fine. Sorry I was so abrupt with ya. I was doing some exercise. You know Tim, sitting is the new cancer, and us academics sit too much. I’ll be out in a bit.”

Fortunately, she kept a stash of personal supplies in her desk. She mopped her sopping cunt and hands with a moist towelette. She glanced at the soaked panties on her desk and decided this will have to be a commando raid.

Get a grip, girl, she thought.

She straightened her dress, making sure all the buttons were done up correctly and headed to the front desk. As she left her office, she sprayed some Fabreeze and walked through the mist quickly, just so she didn’t smell like a bordello, which is what her nose was telling her. Rounding the corner, she noticed Tim talking to what appeared to be a god. Tall, six-foot-something, with broad shoulders, salt and pepper black hair, trimmed beard, glasses. Dressed in khakis, blue shirt with a button collar and a classic blue Brooks Brothers jacket. He looked more like a swim coach than an English professor. He and Tim were chuckling.

“Ah, bahis siteleri there you are. Lily. This is Dr. De Francy. Sorry, Dr. DeFrance.”

“Thanks, Tim,” Lily extended her hand. Jesus, she thought, I’m sweating all ready – he’s gorgeous. She was regretting her panty choice and the Fabreeze. “Professor DeFrance, so nice to meet you. Sorry about the de Francy bit.”

DeFrance chuckled. “Please, please. No worries. It does seem a tad pretentious, and I prefer Peter among friends. Pierre is my given name, which would have been bad enough; I’ve also been saddled with the “DeFrance” handle,” he chuckled. “Listen. I’ve worked hard at breaking up the pretentiousness. Still, I will confess that I do use it to enhance my publishing in academia. Here, now, I’m just plain Peter. OK? May I call you Lily?

“Of course.” She let go of his hand, “Sorry for staring, your eyes are so… green. Emerald.”

“Exactly like yours, it seems. It’s a DeFrance thing. We are all green eyes. Perhaps we’re cousins.”

“Wow! OK. Perhaps. So shall we begin our trek?” Lily swept her hand in the direction of their travel, suddenly conscious her nipples were hard as rocks and her cunt was dripping. Again.

“Oh, Tim, we’ll likely need some time in the stacks. I have the walkie talkie. Buzz if there’s an emerge – you know, a terrorist attack, nuclear bomb, stuff like that…”

“Got it, boss. Test, one-two.”

Mandy replied, switching the transmit button, “Check One, Two. Out.”

Lily guided her guest down the hall to the elevator bank.

“So Professor, our archives are actually in another building. We go up and across and then into the stacks. You’re not claustrophobic, are you?”

“No, not at all. Why?

“Well, the stacks are quite spooky. They’re lit from the floor, the aisles are very narrow, and the shelves are quite high. Just so you know, for health and safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to mount the ladders, you understand. Ms. Nims folio is on the lower level at the highest shelf.”

Lily bounded on. Her hips swayed a bit more than usual. She thought of it as her cock hunting stride. It never failed her. Following behind and admiring the sight, Peter could not help but be caught up in the subtle tease as he watched each mound of her ass rise and lower. Lily would be lying if she didn’t put an extra bit of swagger in each stride.

Their journey through the labyrinth of halls and floors and shelves finally ended.

“So, Peter, as you might imagine, only library staff are allowed to plunge this deep into the depths of the libraries treasures.” Lily could not believe she pulled off that line with a straight face. “I was able to make an exception for you since you came from so far.”

“Of course, honoured, to have the opportunity.” Peter could not believe what a fucking cock tease this minx was.

“So this is the 20th-century room. All the rooms are lit from the floor. Don’t ask; I don’t know why. It’s also a bit chilly in there.” Lily keyed in the door’s passcode, and there was a sudden hiss of air. “Don’t worry about the air Professor. The rooms are positively pressurized to preserve the archives.”

Peter thought, as they crossed the threshold, it is quite spooky. Shelves towered above them. Each filled with code numbered boxes. The floor lighting cast an odd glow on each of their faces. On a positive side, thought Peter, Lily’s wrap dress was wonderfully backlit, revealing her slim legs and figure. The cold temperature also had a pleasing effect on her nipples.

“We’re looking for R1N1879. The files are arranged by code. “R” is the row. I think I know exactly where it is, I took a peek once.”

As Lily scanned the shelves, Peter took an opportunity to study Ms. Jaymes. He imagined kissing and sucking on those full lips, cupping those very firm full tits. His cock began to stiffen.

“Eh, Peter. Could you drag the ladder over here, please?” She shuffled past him on the narrow aisle brushing his groin,” Oopsie, excuse me, the passageways are very tight.”

FUCK, probably not as tight as your cunt, thought Peter, His cock stiffened further as he maneuvered the ladder to where she wanted it.

“Right. I got this.” Lily ascended the ladder. “No peeking, Mister,” she said with a giggle as her wonderful ass passed his eye level.

“Would never dream of it, Ms. Jaymes. Eyes front.” Peter remained the gentleman. Eyes fixed level, now with her ankles.



“Sorry, Peter. The ladder is on the wrong side. No worries, I got this.” She turned on the ladder’s steps and stepped across DeFrance’s head to rest on the opposite shelf.

DeFrance looked up and saw that Lily’s treasures were splendidly revealed. Her obviously wet cunt, deliciously pink and ripe, was illuminated spectacularly from the floor lighting. More spectacularly were the sparkles – refractions of light created by the heart-shaped jewel stuck in her ass that lit up under her billowing dress. And, impossibly, bahis şirketleri a tendril, a drip from her glistening labia, hung precipitously above his head.

“Peter. I’ll pass the box to you, OK?”

“Huh?” His eyes, actually his tongue, were focused on catching that other treasure.

“The box. I’m passing it to you.”

Lily passed the box through her billowing dress, and that delicate tendril was caught in the fabric.

“Got it?”

“I have it.” DeFrance placed it on the table beside them. Lily repositioned herself safely on the ladder and slowly descended. The show was over just like that. She stopped her descent on the ladder when her hips were level with Peter’s shoulders. She turned, so she was again sitting on a thread.

“So, Dr. DeFrance. Did you enjoy peeking up my dress?”

“I’m sorry, Lily.”

“Indeed. It was a very unprofessional behaviour on your part. I should be shocked”, Lily giggled, enjoying his reaction to being caught.

“I shouldn’t have looked. Very childish of me, I meant no disrespect.”

“Aw, I was just teasing. Seriously, I didn’t mind. Perhaps you’d like a closer inspection of the prettiest pussy you’ve likely ever seen. It’s so smooth. I just got it waxed yesterday. Professor? Cat got your tongue? Or is that, has my pussy caught your tongue?

Lily smiled mischievously and reached with one hand to pull up the hem of her dress and shifted closer, “Come on, Professor. You know you want to. Why don’t you inspect my little kitty properly? Come on, give her a lick?”

DeFrance was now caught in her web. Flustered. His stiff cock was about to tear out of his pants. He could feel the heat from her spread thighs now just inches from his face.

“Move closer Professor. Please take a whiff of my perfume. Pretty Please.”

DeFrance gave in and leaned closer. He inhaled deep and then almost of its own volition, his tongue lashed out at Lily’s dripping slit. His lips followed, and he sucked hard on her labia. Lily moaned in pleasure, “Ohhhhhhhh, FUUUUCK. there’s a good professor.”

She gently repositioned her legs on DeFrance’s shoulders and opened her thighs wider. His hands reached up to support Lily’s ass. He loved the feel of her firm ass cheeks. Peter was now supporting her slim frame against the ladder. Comfortably secure. Lily released her other hand from the ladder rail and pulled his head firmly into her groin.

“Fuck, yes! Hmm, your tongue feels wonderful. So Peter, how do you like tasting my quim up close?” Her breaths came short and fast. “Fuck yeah. Eat me! Fuck yes!… I need your tongue in my cunt. Now! Lick me now!!”

DeFrance moaned into her pussy as he brought his mouth and tongue to bear. Never had he experienced such a slut. He slurped her labia with gusto, tonguing and sucking on them so hard he thought he might pull them off. Lily’s response was only to press his head tighter and grind her cunt harder against his face.

She grunted. “Fuck, don’t stop. Don’t …don’t you dare fuckin hell…. OK fuck…Fuck. Fuck, I’m Ahhhhh…

Lily’s cunt spasmed and then erupted all over Peter’s face. She almost drowned him in the torrent of the womanly pleasure she released.

Peter struggled a bit to catch his breath. Between laughing and being gushed on, he was overjoyed. “Fuck me! That was awesome, Ms. Lily”.

“Oh fuck Peter, that was wonderful. Sorry I got a bit messy. Sometimes I can control it, but I was enjoying myself so much.”

“Shush. I loved it. You taste divine.”

She grinned and smiled. “Seem’s I’m catching my second wind. Let’s see what I can do with that straining cock I felt earlier against my thigh. Here,” she pointed to a metal table, “get up there and let me inspect every inch of your gorgeous cock.”

Lily unbuckled Peter’s pants and wasted no time tugging them and his underpants down to his knees. His engorged cock sprung free, smacking her cheek. She giggled and took it firmly in her hand. DeFrance groaned in pleasure. There are few feelings more sublimely enjoyed by a man than when a woman takes his cock firmly in her hand and then gazes into his eyes.

“Oh my God, Your cock is beautiful. It’s so fucking hard.” She smirked and looked up at him as she wrapped her lips around the deep purple glans. She sealed her lips and sucked hard, strumming his frenum with her tongue. Peter sighed and groaned, “Fuckkkkk.” He grabbed her head, as much out of pleasure and pain, and tried to guide her pace. Breaking away with a solid pop release, she said,” Hmmmmm, I love the taste of cock. Are you OK?”

“Just a bit sensitive.”

“Got it. You know Peter, being a librarian, I never understood why it’s called a blow job,” she said as she now gently stroked his thick cock, “when there is so much sucking involved?” Before Peter responded, she took him again in her mouth. Diving down, this time taking him deep into her throat before finally surfacing, dribbling mucous and precum. “Fuck! I love sucking cock!”

Peter nodded. His eyes rolled. His breath was thready as he succumbed to her ministrations. He could feel the pressure mounting. Lily broke free to catch her breath.

“Peter!. Don’t cum. Don’t you dare fucking cum. Control your breathing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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