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It was Tuesday night the kids were in bed you were working late and I decided to go to bed upon getting into bed I started to cry as I just couldn’t hold all the feelings in anymore I had received some really disturbing news that had devastated my heart as much as I tried to deal with it I just couldn’t do it alone. As I lay in bed I all of a sudden hear your car pull up to the house and you come in the front door.

Hearing you coming up the stairs, I make believe that I was asleep although you could hear sadness in my sighs, sitting next to me on the bed, rubbing my shoulders gently.

“Baby what’s the matter why are you so sad?”

“I’m not baby, would you do me a favor and just hold me, I really could use that right now.” Wiping the tears from my eyes.

“You know I will baby come here” as you wrap your arms around me.

“Oh honey hold me tight and don’t let go please.” As the emotions in me just break open as the tears start again sobbing on your shoulder.

“Please baby don’t cry I hate to see my beautiful lady crying.” as you lift my chin.

”Look at me baby.” You whisper, gently wiping the tears away, looking into my eyes you kiss me softly as I return the kiss.

”Tell me what’s the matter baby.” Whispering softly in my ear.

“ Oh baby I need you so much I just can’t do this alone anymore.

“Your not alone baby I am here and I always will be, I love you and what ever it takes you wont ever do things alone this I promise you.” kissing me passionately.

I wrap my arms around you rubbing my hands up and down your back, as you feel so good in my hands. You reach up and take my hair down as you run your fingers through it gently.

“You’re so beautiful canlı bahis with your hair down, I love you just the way you are.”

Holding me close to you laying me down on the bed slowly, kissing my ears working your way down to my neck, your hand cups one breast and massages it gently.

Gently working your way into my night gown, slowly you begin removing it from me as a desire begins to flare in me and I need to see you, I work that shirt off of you, running my fingers all over your chest kissing it softly as a moan of pleasure escapes us as our breathing deepens and passions flare.

“Honey will you make love to me, I want you so bad I want to feel the man that I love inside of me to take this pain away.” Looking away from you suddenly.

“I would love to make love to you right here right now.” You reply softly, removing your pants that you are wearing and you lay with me.

Your hands wander all over my body as my back arches from the feel of your hands so strong yet so gentle, taking your slightly hard mass into my hand stroking it gently, as I love it to grow in my hand the feel of all the veins protruding out of it and the throb is so arousing for me, knowing that shortly I will get the dynamic feel of that hard mass entering my pussy, a cool chill went through my body as I wanted it so bad.

Rolling you over onto your back I straddle you as I take that mass into my hand and enter it into my pussy, slowly sliding down on it, my head throws back because it feels so good, grinding my hips into you slowly at first as the tip of your cock hits the magic spot inside I start grinding it harder, I can’t control the urge to ride you, dragging my nails gently up and down your chest twisting bahis siteleri and rolling your nipples in my fingers.

Holding my hips you roll us over as you come on top of me, putting your hands under my ass holding it firmly, I wrap my legs around your waist pushing you deeper into me as you start pumping it in and out harder and deeper, screaming in ecstasy, I grab the headboard as you continue pumping harder and our screams become more frequent and more in harmony, feeling your cock and balls tighten as my pussy clamps tighter on your shaft then ever before as we reach the hottest climax ever, my fingers slip in between us stroking off your main vein we orgasm together as my hips move to the feel of it rolling up your main vein and as your cock explodes inside me, your head throws back as you scream in ecstasy.

As we finish I look at you while you lay next to me holding me ever so close to you smiling softly at you.

“Thank you baby for making me smile I love you so much.” As I snuggle into your arms we peacefully drift off to sleep together.

The following morning you awaken to me still snuggled in your arm, my hand warmly encasing your shaft, stroking it gently.

“Good morning baby.” Is whispered to you as I kiss you softly.

“How long have you been awake?” you ask, softly kissing my forehead.

“Long enough to watch you and enjoy the feeling of your manhood first thing in the morning, I can never get enough of the way this thing feels.” Holding a firm grip on the base of it, as it hardens in my hand, dragging my teeth over your nipple gently as I tease your now very hard cock.

“Oh god baby I have to go to work.” You moan softly as my hand and teeth work their bahis şirketleri magic.

“Baby don’t go, all you ever do is work, stay with me today.” Kissing my way down your chest over your stomach.

“MMMMMMM that feels so good baby but I do have to go to work, I don’t have to work all day though I will be home just after noon today.”

Teasing the tip of your cock lightly with my tongue, wrapping my lips around it, encircling my head with my tongue gently, looking at you, I see you trying to fight the feeling, my hand slips down gently tickling your balls as I take your sac into my hand massaging it gently, sucking your shaft deeper into my mouth running my tongue over every inch.

“OHHHHHH FUCK BABY DON’T STOP, ahhhhh maybe I won’t go to work today, I think I will stay right here with you, I didn’t have a lot to do anyway.” Your hands holding my head as you begin to fuck my mouth gently.

Your breathing deepens yet shallows, as your pace picks up, sucking harder and faster your hold gets tighter as your fucking my mouth faster pushing your cock in and out of my mouth like a slapping piston.

My lips tightening around your cock sucking it harder and faster, feeling your cock swelling in my mouth as your balls tighten, Your moans turning to screams as the sound fills the room Pushing my head down one last time as your shaft pushes deeper into my throat.

“OOHHHHHHHHH SHIT YESSSSSSSSSS SUCK IT BABY!!!” you scream as your cock explodes into my mouth coating the back of my throat, swallowing every drop of the warm cum you have given me, sucking it a couple more times draining it dry as your body jumps slightly.

Looking at you licking my lips lightly my tongue runs over your cock and balls licking it completely. Laying my head on your chest looking into your eyes,

“I didn’t think you would really want to leave me today.”

“No baby your right I am definitely staying home with you today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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