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To All Readers:

I wanted to place a warning here that the content of this story may contain sensitive material that may not be suited for people who find certain fetishes offensive or disturbing. This story does include the following fetishes – Incest, Taboo, MDLB, Non Human, Edge Play, Breastfeeding, demasculation, Exhibitionism, and other detailed sexual descriptions. If you do not know what these fetishes are, I recommend looking them up on Google to make sure you are able to read this material.

Please note that all characters in this story are above the age of 18!

This story is staged in a fantasy realm and has borrowed names from Norse mythology. Hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback! 🙂

. • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • . • ° • .

It was a beautiful morning in the dale, the warm summer sun peeked over the mountains casting its warm light over the land. Birds chirped, doves cooed, and small woodland creatures could be seen darting through the trees beyond the clearing. Inside the clearing however could be seen a little white farm house on the property of a large, delightful orchard, vegetable garden, chicken coop, and stable. The family that lived there looked pretty well self sufficient with a mill, barn, cellar, and even its own well.

On the side of the house there was an area for hanging out the family’s bedding. A pretty humming could be heard as the silhouette of a rather voluptuous female could be seen hanging up a linen sheet. A gentle breeze rolled by whipping the sheet and exposing the female creature for what she was. She stood about 5’9 weighing close to 250lbs. She had steel gray fur covering her full werewolf body with steel gray locks of hair that fell to her shoulders. She had large, fennec like ears that fanned out from her locks and a large bushy tail that swung to and fro as she continued her chore. Her eyes were a vivid green and black markings stretched from the bottom of her chin down to the top of her exposed DD breasts that were plump and full of milk showing the fact that she had once in her life produced a litter.

She bent over then to reach in the basket for the last sheet. Upon doing so, her tail swished to show a single drop of blood fall to her feet without her noticing. It had been several years since she had been in heat last. And she thought maybe her mating life was over. It became certain with her mate showing more interest to her daughter. It was an action so small that it probably couldn’t be seen from this vantage point. The breeze was what gave it away however; carrying her scent in a ten mile radius for any horny male to make note of.

One of the windows was open in a room of the house. The breeze that carried the scent of this gorgeous werewolf creature was inhaled through the nose of yet another werewolf that was similar in appearance. He was about the same size as his mother, a young teen of about 19 years of age, standing about 5’7 and weighing perhaps 180lbs soaking wet. He was lean and scrawny for his age; tall yet lanky. The “Omega” of the pack, the “Runt” of the litter, or the “Baby” in the family as he is sometimes called. His hair and fur were a reddish brown. But he had his mother’s eyes, a vivid green which were closed at this moment as he had not risen yet this morning. His canine like nose picked up the scent on the breeze and twitched as he licked his lips before rolling over in his mound of a bed that seemed to be made of hay covered in bed clothes.

He pulled his quilt over his head to block out the sun’s early rays trying to sleep in just a bit longer. But he couldn’t help but feel the painful growing bulge growing between his legs. He yipped, tossed and turned in his sleep until he could no longer take the pain in his groin. He tossed the quilt off of him and starred down at his lap. His sleepy eyes went from half awake to big and surprised! It had been a long time that he had woken up due to a boner. But this was perhaps the largest one he had ever woken up to and perhaps the most painful.

His breath caught a little as he watched his thickened, long member pulsate. He could feel his large, thick sack putting off excessive heat down his bottom. He gulped loudly as precum dripped down the head of his bright red tip. He could feel himself blushing as the heat rose to his cheeks. He felt slightly embarrassed waking up to something like this especially since his mother wasn’t around. Then he started to feel a sense of dread. He knew it was against his mother’s wishes to masturbate without her help. If she were to walk in right now and see him in this state, she would probably think he’s already bahis firmaları started. He bit his lip as he thought about his predicament. Perhaps he could relieve himself before she came into his room to wake him up then she needn’t ever know of his dirty deed.

Coming to this conclusion, he reached up and barely touched his head with the tip of his fingers. He gasped sharply as he pulled back. He was really sensitive there. His red tip pulsed angrily and the pain in his groin became sharp as his balls contracted. He doubled over at this feeling, breathing in deeply. His chest heaved as he looked up once more. He remembered his mother once showed him this. That this was merely a sign that he would cum soon. This gave him more confidence that he could get away with what he was about to do.

He sat up then and breathed deeply through his nose trying to ignore the nagging thoughts that this was something he wasn’t suppose to do. His hand reached out and this time wrapped around his thick, pulsating cock just as his mother had always done. A raspy sigh escaped his mouth. Swallowing hard, he focused on his hand as he gave himself his first stroke up his length. Up to the bottom of his head then down and gripped the base on top of his balls. When he went up again more precum dripped out of his tip. The sigh that escaped his mouth soon became a long, low, aching moan. The feeling was exhilarating. All feelings of dread, worry, insecurity, pain, and frustrations just fluttered away in the heat rising from his lap.

His tail began to wag excitedly, the cooling breeze it gave off felt good on his ball sack. Taking his other hand he was able to grasp his entire girth. He could feel it pulsating in both his hands. His legs were spread wide in a lotus position as his toes clenched. Yet his tail wagged as his hands kept stroking up and down, picking up speed. His breathing becoming more and more ragged as his tongue hung out in a pant.

By this time, his mother had finished putting up the wet sheets and taking down the last of the dry sheets, folding it carefully, and putting it on top of the wicker basket neatly. She then picked up the basket and perched it on top of one of her large hips as she began to make her way inside the house. She was careful to be quiet so as not to wake up her son. She left the front wooden door open to bring in the fresh breeze from outside. Then she began to carefully tip toe down the hallway. Although the house was old and had creaky floorboards, she knew where to step and keep her walk silent. She opened the door to her daughter’s bedroom and set the fresh linens on her empty mound. She proceeded to carry the wicker basket to her bedroom across the hall and dump the linens on the empty mound she would normally share with her husband. She set the wicker basket in a corner of their room then took up the remaining linens which belonged to her son whose room lay down the hall.

She tip toed down the hall seeing that her son’s bedroom door was open ajar. As she approached it, she heard a peculiar noise. Her ears twitched curiously as she looked through the tiny crack in the door and saw something that made her eyes widen in surprise! There her youngest lay sprawled on his mound in the open with his cock fully erected and his hands jerking himself in an amateur fashion. This was obviously against their family code but then she thought perhaps this was a matter that could be dealt with later. She decided instead to not interrupt her son, but rather to stand there and watch; “supervise”. She was curious if he could manage to get himself off without her help as she had never allowed him to do so without her supervision during their ritual. This seemed more like a recreational test she was willing to let slide for now under her own amusement.

Back inside the room, the young werewolf struggled near the end of his climax. He had been going at it for at least 10 minutes now. Normally his mother did all the work and he was able to relax back on his bed. Feeling the tension in his body normally took a lot out of him. But now he was dealing with this tension and doing all the work. He didn’t quite realize how much work it took to get him to cum without his mommy. Sweat beaded down the side of his face and his arms ached. He started taking turns with each hand so the other could rest. He started to grunt in frustration, realizing perhaps he should have ran to his mother for help at this point. But before he gave up, he decided to try something.

He closed his eyes and began to imagine his mother and all the things he loved most about her. The way her hips swayed as she walked about the house fully nude all kaçak iddaa the time. The roundness of her butt as she bent over right in front of him. He was never allowed to touch her without permission but he always wondered what it would be like to shove his nose down her most private of parts and smelling her wonderful scent, even tasting it. The thought of these things brought newfound vigor to his strokes as he slowed down and allowed the thoughts to ease him back into his mood.

His mind then wandered back to the familiar things his mother allowed him to contact the most. Her most tender loving, soft, plush, and full of warm milk sweeter then any honey he had ever tasted. Her nipples largely engorged and firm as they touch his soft lips. Latching on to her areola and using his hands to press out her milk as he felt the warm substance gush into his mouth and flow freely down his throat. Feeling himself cradled in her arms and feeling like he is in one of the safest places in the world.

“Oh, Mommy – ugh Mommy!”

It never fails that he is normally flaccid during this time as he is in his most comfort of places. But his mother always seems to enjoy arousing him even in this state. Feeling her soft tender fingers fondling his petty soft package. Taking only two fingers to stroke his soft shaft or using the palm of her hand to cup him. He loved it when she cupped him. It made his junk feel so safe and protected in her hand. It was something she did quite often whenever he was sad, scared, nervous, or lonely.

She’d cup him while he sat on her lap during a lightning storm once as she rocked him and he latched onto a breast, falling asleep in her arms. She’s cupped and fondled him as he lay in bed when he had woken up from a nightmare and fallen asleep while watching her play with him. She even cupped him a few times while helping him go potty standing up when he was nervous. But it seemed no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to mimic the way his mother handles him.

He stopped his efforts and stared down at his lap feeling beyond frustrated. Panting, he let out a canine-like whine. His ears fell as he had failed to get himself off. He needed his mother.

“What’s wrong, my little prince? Need Mommy to help?”

He jumped at the start of her voice and whipped around. His eyes widened in horror! How long had she been standing there?! Did she watch the whole thing? Did she hear what he was saying in his desperate moments of ecstasy? He felt his whole body blush and tried to avoid her violating gaze. He was ashamed that he had been caught in the act and thought he was most certainly in trouble now.

“I-I- I’m sorry Mommy! It’s just… I-I woke up with this pain in my…my winky..” He blushed and couldn’t seem to continue his excuse after using their nickname for his penis. It seemed to bring back some erotic memories which wouldn’t help him in this situation. He felt his cock pulsating again from hearing its name.

His mother approached the foot of his mound and crawled up it looking like a predator about to pounce on her prey. But she was never brash in her actions, just careful and sensual. “Loki,” Her son’s name rolled off her tongue bringing a shiver down his spine. “Now… let Mommy see…”

Loki gulped, unable to resist his mother’s charms. Shaking, he reluctantly pulled his shameful hands away to expose his aching member as it laid fully erected against his stomach. Loki fumbled and gripped the sheets on either side of him as he prepared to have his mother work him off so he could feel the much needed release he so desired but dared not ask for.

“Hmmm,” his mother examined his head by holding the base of his shaft and pointing it straight at her face as she observed his red tip.

Loki felt his legs begin to squirm, wanting to feel the inside of his mother’s mouth so badly. It was almost too much for him to wait any longer. His balls tightening up, wanting to feel release!

“Now, now, my son. No need to squirm. If you would have fetched me, your Winky wouldn’t be hurting this bad… I have to teach you a lesson now. This is why you do not disobey me…” She then took her tongue and gave her son a teasing lick as she licked up all the precum in one fluid movement.

Loki whined cutely trying very hard not to squirm but not taking his eyes off his mother. In place of his squirming his tail started to wag wildly as his body began to tremble.

His mother looked up at him with a devious smile, “Oh, you like that, don’t you? Hmm, I wonder what you think of this…” She lowered her head once more, pouting her lips as she gave him a tiny kiss on his head. But she kaçak bahis didn’t stop there, her lips backed off as she started to blow gently on his tip.

Loki sat up and doubled over his mother, moaning loudly and uncontrollably. “M-MOMMY! DON’T! PLEASE! I-I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! UGH!”

His mother pushed his chest and laid him back down, “Aww, what’s wrong Loki? Is Mommy teasing too much?” She asked this as she took the bottom of her thumb and began to rub around his very sensitive head.

“M-Mommy! Please! My…my jewels are starting to hurt!” he begged her almost crying.

Suddenly her deviant mood changed from hearing the cries in her son’s voice. He was truly in pain now. This wasn’t a game of teasing anymore. This was a matter of her duty as a mother to care and relieve her son of any pain and harm.

She sat up and looked at him seriously, “You have waited too long for your release, my son. This is punishment enough. This is what men call, “Blue Balls”. I will explain after I have given you release. Now I must do something that will help relieve it but it will feel very different and perhaps uncomfortable at first. But do your best to relax…”

Loki nodded vigorously as his mother then proceeded to the next step. She took her middle finger and placed it into her mouth as she covered it in her own saliva. She bent her son’s knees and slowly spread his ass cheeks apart and very slowly pressed her middle finger to her son’s asshole. Loki felt what his mother was doing having it only been done before with a thermometer! He looked up at his mother who gave him a reassuring nod and did his best to relax.

Once his muscles relaxed her finger was able to slide through his tight, pouty entrance. Loki let out a gasp of air feeling his mother penetrate his privates. It was indeed a unique feeling, quite different, a bit violating at first but he didn’t seem to feel pain at all. In fact, as his mother entered deeply and curved up to massage his scrotum wall, he could feel the tension of his blue balls start to release and it started to feel pretty good. His tail started to wag a little, enjoying the feeling. Before he could tell her so, his mother used her other hand and began to jerk him off. The combination of feeling her finger inside of him and her hand jerking him sent him way over the edge.

Soon he was lost in his own little world while looking inside his mother’s loving eyes feeling all the admiration for her and only her alone. He didn’t even realize the loud moans and whines leaving his mouth as he focused his all on the pleasure she gave him. He could feel the heat building in his sack as he began to fondle himself to help relieve the pressure. But this pressure began pumping and pulsating it’s way up his shaft. He could feel his head feeling like it was about to burst! Not wanting to explode and shower his mother with his cum he did the only thing he could think of. He pinched his tip and cried out loud, “MOMMY!”

Brushing his hand away she quickly placed his tip in her mouth. Loki arched his back and moaned the loudest of all as gush after gush of hot, sticky cum exploded into his mother’s mouth. He looked down at her in awe as his mother gulped down gush after gush, swallowing all of the cum and not wasting a single drop. Her hand even milked him, making sure her son emptied his complete load.

Once she was sure he was done, she popped his cock out her mouth with a satisfying smack of her lips and looked up at him with a warm smile, “Now you know… Only Mommy can get you off… Did we learn our lesson?”

She said this as she cupped him, her finger still inside him started to curve and massage against his scrotum wall again. Loki gave a whimper that sounded more like a pleading moan, “Y-yes Mommy! I’m… I’m sorry… I promise I won’t ever do it again. Not… Ugh… Not without you…” His chest heaved up and down exhausted from the ordeal but loving his mother’s affection regardless.

She looked down on him with her smile, “You like that? Mommy’s finger up your butt?”

Loki nodded his head indefinitely, “Yes Mommy! I like feeling part of you inside of me… It… It makes me feel… whole.”

“Mmm, this might make for some interesting fun in the future.”

“Are… Are we done already?” Loki asked with a hint of sadness in his voice.

His mother slid her finger out of his ass slowly. Loki feeling her exiting, tried his best to clench his butt to keep her inside. His mother laughed at this, “What’s wrong, honey? Don’t want Mommy to leave yet? Does it feel too good?”

Loki bit his lip and blushed as he nodded his head shyly. Pretty embarrassed about admitting it he just gave her a begging look that he knew she knew what it would mean.

“The day is still ahead of us, my love. There is much to be done. But I promise this is only part one.”


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