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—This is a slow paced story focused around male on male handjob, gentle ball torture, licking and sucking genitalia, with lots of affection and care. No fast dicking here.—
Logan was living in a huge, comfy apartment with four of his long term roommates and friends. But to significantly lower the rent, by utilizing the remaining free room and splitting the bills on six heads instead of five, they’ve had to find one more person. And that turned out to be a truly heinous task.

At least until they found their perfect match. Tom was only 19 years old, so six years younger than them. He was a handsome, boyish looking young man, with dark hair that has always been messy and some stubble, which was his attempt to make himself look more mature, but was so obvious that only made him look cuter.

He was the Golden retriever among humans. All of the older guys fell in love with him unconditionally from the moment they saw him. He was always smiling, was always friendly, very playful, incredibly loyal, honest and was overall so pure that he had some clear issues with naivety, that made his older friends feel protective towards him.

It certainly didn’t hurt that Tom was cooking for them every day, the most delicious meals they would ever have, as he was a professional cook. Besides, he could make the best massages, as he had a yearlong course back when he lived in Thailand.

Besides that, he was incredibly easy to convince to do chores. Something like this could be potentially easily abused, but Tom’s roommates loved his cuteness and innocence so much that they would never resort to overworking him. And even if sometimes they have, they would always find a way to make it up for him, somehow. Tom would then get all shy and adorable, convincing his friends that it’s really nothing.

After a year, Logan was so comfortable around Tom, that he didn’t hesitate to reveal the thoughts that have been going around his mind, no matter how odd or personal they would be.

“So I’ve seen this porn in which guy climbed on a bunk bed and pushed his cock through the hole in mattress,” Logan said, gesturing intensively, while Tom was listening to him with great interest. “And that hot chick kept stroking him, but each time he was close to orgasm, she would suddenly stop…”

“Oh, I’ve heard about this!” Tom responded, enthusiastically. “It’s called ‘edging’ in English, I believe. It was actually one of the… uhh… ‘massage’ options back in Thailand.”

“What? You’re kidding…”

“Not at all! Now that I think about it, such services were the main ones there. I guess I shouldn’t inform my dad that he made me learn massage in a brothel, though.” Tom chuckled to himself.

Logan gazed upon him for a while, remaining silent. Once he realized that he was staring at him for an uncomfortably long period of time, he decided to speak:

“So… would you know how to do it?”

Tom went “hmm”, taking his time to make an answer.

“Well, I was never taught that, but I don’t think it’s difficult…”

Logan gulped. He looked down, over the carpet, unable to face his friend. They were sitting on a couch, it was 11 am, which meant that they were completely alone…

“Would you… perhaps… uhhh…” Logan started jabbering. “Would it be weird if I asked you to…” He finally found the strength to look Tom in the eyes. “You know… do this to me?”

“Me?!” Tom freaked out, immediately, shattering Logan’s poor, exposed heart. Once he realized how over the top was his reaction, he shook his head. “I’m sorry, you surprised me… I mean… after all, you have a girlfriend, right?”

“What? No. She’s not my girlfriend, just friend with benefits,” he assured, baffled at Tom’s conclusion. “And she’s not the kind that would be into any freakish stuff…”

Tom still looked uncertain. Something in his facial expression made him seem sad. Logan knew that Tom was bisexual, it was the only reason he got brave enough to even ask.

“But… we’re friends, right?” Tom asked, making the typical puppy eyes of his. “Wouldn’t that… you know, change things between us?”

Logan closed his long, muscular arm around his little friend and forced him into a hug.

“My man, of course. You will always be mine, no matter what happens,” Logan said, feeling his heart warming up. Suddenly, he felt bad for even proposing such thing to his friend. “Never mind, really. Forget that I asked,” he said in a reassuring tone.

But then, Tom, whose face was currently being mashed into Logan’s muscular chest, managed to mumble out a few words:

“If that’s the case… I think we should definitely try that!”

“We don’t have a bunk bed, though,” said Logan, following his younger friend with difficult to describe excitement.

“There are other ways to do that,” Tom assured, as he opened the door to his bedroom. “Let’s use my bed.”

His bedroom was kept incredibly tidy, which Logan didn’t find too surprising, escort izmir considering how hard-working and perfect Tom was, especially when it came to house maintenance.

“You don’t mind my body fluids flooding your sheets?” Logan asked, with a sly smile.

“I remind you that I’m the one changing both my and your sheets anyway,” Tom said, smiling. Logan also had to give off a little smirk, thinking what a husband material his younger roommate was. “So, it will be overall cleaner that way. You ready?” he asked in an encouraging way, that made it clear that he was excited for it, too. Logan nodded. “Alright, then take your shirt off.”

“My shirt?” Logan asked with a sly smirk. “Why…? I thought you would be more interested in taking off my pants…”

“So you don’t make a huge mess, of course,” Tom responded with a similar, naughty smile. “And, let’s be honest, it’s rarely reasonable to keep your sexy body in clothes.”

Logan chuckled and confidently removed his shirt, revealing muscular pecs and clearly outlined abs, covered in a thin layer of dark hair. It always baffled Tom how his friend could be naturally blonde and yet still have dark body hair. It was visible the most when he exposed his hairy armpits, truly bushy ones.

“May I?” Tom asked, respectfully, rising his hand towards Logan’s chest. The jock only nodded with a smug smile, watching his friend curiously go through his muscles, gently touching nipples and effectively giving him a quick, nice massage.

“You like that?” Logan asked.

“Do I like that? I’m having my sexual awakening right now!”

Logan laughed again.

“Then next time don’t hesitate to ask. You know I would always let you molest me, right?”

“Hehe, then let’s continue this later.” Tom pointed at his bed. “Now, lie down and I will bind your wrists to the bedframe,” Tom said, showing Logan two of his favorite scarfs.

“Don’t you think I should remove my pants first, though?”

“Oh, not at all.” Tom smiled. “I want to do that myself…”

Logan, the thirsty fuckboy that he was, gladly jumped on Tom’s bed and allowed his wrists to be tightly bound. The moment when he actually felt that he can’t move, his excitement doubled.

“What’s your safe word?” Tom asked.

“I don’t need one,” Logan assured.

“Yes, you do. Everyone does,” Tom insisted and for a moment, his brows frowned in a serious, disapproving expression. “I want you to be safe, Logan. I would never forgive myself if I ever pushed you through your limits of safety and comfort.”

“Gosh, you’re so gorgeous, Tommy.” Logan shook his head in disbelief, smirking. “Alright, whatever. Let it be… ‘thunder’!”

“Wow, Logan… that’s like a perfect safe word, logic-wise!” Tom responded, overly impressed. “Thunder comes after the lightning, so ‘lightning’ can be the warning safe word and ‘thunder’ is the ‘stop immediately’ one. So clever. Did you…”

“Wait.” Logan frowned, all of the sudden. “I forgot to tell you something important…” Suddenly, it was the muscular jock who started blushing. “Or perhaps you should just see this yourself…”

A bit suspicious, Tom unzipped and unbuckled Logan’s jeans, then pulled them down over his feet and took this opportunity to also pull down his short black socks. When it came to the boxers, the boys looked each other in the eyes, both blushing, yet unable to ignore the desire just for the sake of some silly embarrassment. Tom slowly pulled his friend’s boxers down and gasped in surprise.

“Hehe…” Logan chuckled, nervously. “Yeah, I know… I’m a bigger freak than you probably expected. I’m so used to wearing it that I forgot to mention it before…”

Below Logan’s pubes, there was a metal cage, keeping his impressively large, flaccid, uncut penis under control of a little padlock. He had some massive bull’s balls and lots of red skin in his sack. His skin outside of penis and ball sack had a tone typical for a ginger, so rather pale.

“When was the last time you had been out of this chastity device?” Tom asked, a bit baffled.

“Oh, yesterday. I find the concept hot, but I can never control myself enough to just not open it whenever I’m horny. I know, kind of kills the purpose, but I’ve had no one I could entrust the key.” Logan looked at Tom, with obvious hope that he wasn’t even intending to hide.

“I see.” Tom scratched his head. “Would you like me to become your keyhold-…”

“Yes, please, do this!” Logan interrupted him, tensing up against the restraints. His biceps were presenting tremendously well in that position. “Both of my keys are in my keychain. Take them, so that I can’t ever free myself alone…”

Tom placed both of his hands on Logan’s knees and started gently caressing his skin with thumbs.

“Okay, we will discuss the terms of this deal later. But for now, you do realize that I will be very cruel to you, right?” Tom asked, again a bit sad.

“What do you mean?” Logan was sure that he knew escort izmir what it meant, but he wanted to hear this. His penis twitched, trying to helplessly rise against the metal cage.

“If you want me to provide you with chastity and edging experiences, I need to be true to my tasks,” Tom answered, calmly. “And that means I will have to show you no mercy, like… at all. Us being friends won’t change anything. Are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want you to start hating me, dude.”

“Oh, fuck yes!” Logan assured, in great excitement. “No mercy sounds great, I see you really know what you’re doing…”

Tom sighed, slightly smiling.

“You’re clearly thinking with your dick now… I don’t think you realize how cruel and gut wrenching will be what I’m about to do to you,” Tom responded, still a bit hesitant. “But as you wish… Just remember about your safe words.”

He went for Logan’s keys and soon came back with them. Logan’s entire body was moving and glistening in sweat already. It looked like he was about to explode from excitement.

“So, do you give me consent to touch you?” Tom asked, with a smirk, before getting near to Logan’s dick with the key. “Remember, you won’t like this…”

“I’m not giving you consent, I’m literally begging you to do this already! Touch me however you want, do whatever you want!” he pleaded.

Tom sat between his friend’s muscular legs and then gently placed his fingers on jock’s balls and cock.

“You’re really big, Logan,” Tom said, smiling. “Not that it’s a surprise. You’ve always gave off big dick energy, if I’m being honest. But at the same time, you’ve always gave off the vibe like you want others to be in control of you. We’re kind of similar in that regard, with that one difference that you chose to submit to me…”

Tom pulled the cock cage down, freeing Logan’s dick, which almost immediately started pumping blood into it. Tom grabbed his growing cock and started carefully caressing it, almost as if he was petting some cute, fragile animal. Logan’s brain filled with ecstasy already. He was touched by a hand that he couldn’t control, which belonged to someone who warned him that he will be very cruel and merciless. And that someone was no one else than Tom. There was a certain shame to letting your friend see you in a moment of weakness like this. It was a very pleasurable kind of shame.

The boy grabbed his massive balls, squeezed them a little bit, to expose them from under the thick layer of skin and then gently slapped them, with the tips of his fingers. Logan moaned, his body jumped and he tried to move his arms, but the restrains stopped him confidently. Another gentle smack made Logan close his eyes, spread his legs and curl up his toes. Third time made him bite his lip. Each hit sent jolts of pleasure combined with pain that traveled through all nerves in his body. He put himself in this position willingly and now had to take whatever torment Tom had in mind.

Suddenly, he felt the touch of something rather cold and wet on his sack. He quickly opened his eyes and gasped. Tom’s tongue started dancing on his balls, licking them like he was trying out some ice cream. Logan could hear and feel his heart pounding in excitement. To have this cute young man lick his balls… somehow, it felt inappropriate, yet because of that, so much more exciting.

Logan’s cock was already fully erect. Tom grabbed it with his fingers and massaged it gently, lovingly looking at the foreskin, which repeatedly kept showing and hiding his spongy dick head under his movement.

Tom looked into his eyes and started slowly jerking him off. Logan pushed air through his lips. His cheeks burned both in lust and embarrassment. He fantasied about this a lot, but never thought he would actually fell under Tom’s control.

It didn’t take long. At one moment, Logan’s eyeballs twisted, getting lost in his skull. He pulled his head back, his impressive muscles tensed up. And incredible charge of pleasure started sparkling inside of his cock head… but then suddenly, Tom’s touched disappeared.

It was all Logan ever craved. He involuntarily moved his hips, dragging his bare ass over the sheets, feeling like the pleasure slowly decays, going back into the inside of his body. The bed frame squeaked as he applied enough strength to challenge the restraints. But in the end, he lost. His body relaxed in a disappointing acceptance.

“You’re producing an enormous amounts of precum, Logan,” Tom said. Logan looked down on him and moaned, seeing as his friend leans over to egregiously lick off the drops of it from his pubes. “It’s honestly delicious. Can I have more?” he asked, as he started jerking Logan’s cock again, tilting it towards his open mouth and the thirsty tongue in it.

“I never realized you were this kinky…” Logan whispered in a breathy, tired voice.

“Oh, normally I’m not. But you make me feel safe, so I’m not afraid to open myself up.” Tom looked him in the eyes with a genuine smile. “And I really want to make you feel good, Logan… which makes it even more tragic, that to do this, I have to be very, very cruel to you…” It seemed like Tom was reading his friend’s mind. The moment Logan got close, the boy’s hand disappeared, leaving the helpless, throbbing meat hang in stiff, lonely despair. “Did you think that I would go easy on you, just because I have a compliant personality?” Tom asked, innocently.

Logan was kind of afraid to answer, but in the end felt that this experience won’t be great unless he will be honest and open enough to leave himself vulnerable.

“To be honest, that’s exactly what I thought…”

Tom brought his cute, big, vividly pink lips to Logan’s dick head and sucked an another portion of precum out of it. Then he started jerking him off again.

“Then I’m afraid you may experience some shock…”

Tom wasn’t joking. After the third edge, forth, fifth and sixth came rather quickly. Logan was becoming gradually more sweaty, tired, tensed up and impatient with each time, but when the seventh edge hit him, he had to clench his teeth in frustration and growl really loudly to prevent himself from going insane.

“Okay, this is too much!” Logan protested, in an annoyed tone. “I can’t take this much on the first time!”

Tom raised an eyebrow, while already pumping his red, swollen, veiny cock in his hand. Logan moaned, looking at his own meat with the most pathetic, pleading face ever. His face was also red, dripping wet from sweat and desperate enough to loudly cry out each time the hand torturing him wouldn’t just end it.

“Of course you can take it,” Tom assured him with a confident chuckle. “It’s not like edging can kill you, Logan.”

“Oh my god!” Logan yelled, as the eight edge has arrived. And as quickly, he started growling. “NOOO! You… can’t!” he moaned, helplessly, desperately moving his entire body, fighting the restraints. “You can’t keep going on endlessly!”

“Actually, that’s perfectly possible…”

“No, no, no, no… I beg you… just let me cum… this one time… I’ll do whatever you want!”

“But what I want is for you to not cum now…” Tom leaned over his friend’s body and used the quick break to pull his tongue out and lick his red, stiff nipples. “Your chest is so sexy, Logan… Now I can finally say it…”

“Please, Tommy… be a good boy… let me shoot that load…”

Tom raised his head and kissed his lips.

“You know I can’t do that, baby…”

He went back to jerking him off for the ninth time. Logan cried out almost immediately, knowing all too well that this sense of pleasure would quickly turn into painful void.

“Oh my God, it feels so good…” Logan moaned. “Please, just let me… It’s been enough for the first time… Please!”

This time edge hit him from nowhere. Tom was so surprised that Logan’s cock managed to shot out the first load of thick, white semen, that landed slightly below his V line, before he took his hand away. The moment he did that, Logan started growling.

“NO! PLEASE, PUMP IT!” he screamed. Without he hand closing on it, each time the portion of semen was pushed out of this cock, he felt nothing but numbness. His beautiful, long-awaited orgasm was being cruelly ruined… “NOOO!” Logan tensed up again, bed squeaked. This time, he broke into tears. “Oh my God…” Logan cried.

Tom slowly climbed onto his chest and wrapped his arms around Logan’s neck, hugging him lovingly. Then, he kissed his friend’s cheek and forehead with genuine affection. Logan calmed down a bit, but looked at Tom with nothing but aversion.

“Do you remember your safe words, Logan?” Tom asked him in a whisper.


“So you just don’t feel the need to use them?”

“Of course I fucking did…” Logan barked.

“So why didn’t you?”

“Because I gave the control to you.” Logan looked at him, tired and beaten. “I hate you right now like no one else,” he said. “But it will pass once we’re done. Don’t worry.”

“Alright, then.” Tom reached out to his restrains and freed him. Logan gasped, relaxing for the first time in the last fifteen minutes. “Be a good boy and don’t touch yourself before I’m back,” Tom asked.

Logan listened. He just lied back, in his sweat, covered in cum, still trying to return to his senses. When he did, he realized how much excitement all of this brought to him. He looked down at his cock, still stiff, and had to fight with his entire will to not grab it and furiously jerk it off, to flood Tom’s stupid bed with a generous puddle of semen.

But before he actually made the decision, Tom returned, carrying something.

“Okay, now. Keep still,” he said, after he sat next to Logan’s crotch.

“What are you… WHOA! Dude, what the fuck?!” Logan yelled as he jumped back, almost falling off the bed. His poor, overly stimulated balls and cock got touched by a bag of ice.

“What do you mean?” Tom raised his eyebrows. “I’m softening you to close you back in chastity.”

“What?! Can’t we just… wait? Or better: couldn’t I cum for real first?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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