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It was just another hot weekend, the winds just didn’t help much and when it’s that hot out there is really not that much going on, so I was looking forward to a boring Saturday night even as the phone rang.

I said, “Hello” but didn’t get an answer.

I listened to see if maybe it was an obscene phone call but I couldn’t get that lucky lol. I said again,

“Hello, if you want to talk you got to say something.”

I waited and again, nothing; but there was something going happening on the other end of that phone so I shut up and listened for a moment. I could hear a light humming on the other end.

The sounds of someone happy, humming a song?

Yes, a radio playing soft, sensual music and the humming kind of matching the music. And another thing I could hear was water, moving water? Splashing? I wasn’t sure who it was or what they wanted as I was trying to put together what was going on.

I must have really been into it as I jumped like a teenager at a Friday the 13th movie when I heard your voice.

“I want you. 201 China Grove Ave.”

I didn’t recognize it but as fast as it was said you were gone. I sat there for a minute still trying to figure this out. But not for long.

I went down stairs and fired up my bike and rode to 201 China Grove. It was only about 15 minutes from where I live, but with the thoughts of what I heard, those 15 minutes were long ones.

I have been on this street a few times doing work on some of the houses, painting, building decks for the back yards,

so I have seen a lot of them on the street but I didn’t remember having seen that address, it just didn’t register with me.

When I made that final turn on China Grove I started looking for the address. As I came to the end of the street there was a lone mailbox… 201 was all it said.

Now I know why it never sounded familiar as my jobs were

further up the street and this one at the very end. I just had never come down this far. Also the property was surrounded buy trees.

I mean TREES. The Black Forest in Germany would be impressed with the ones that covered this property. They were like a fence.

I pulled my bike in the drive and rode the ¼ mile up it till I came to the house, nice, big, well lit. I was walking to the door when I heard the same music I had heard on the phone. It was coming from the back yard. I walked around the house till it come into view.

That’s what I heard.

I looked and saw a huge in-ground pool in the back yard. That’s what the water was. As I was standing there I saw you leaning back along the wall of the pool. Your arms were outstretched along the sides with your head laying back on it.

“You got here fast, come on in.” canlı bahis I heard you say. I walked on in to the edge were you looked up at me.

“My name is Beth. I’ve watched you these past months doing work around the houses in the neighborhood.”


I was getting a little excited as I watched your lips form the words and at that moment I wanted to kiss those lips so bad. I could just feel them on mine. I guessed your age as in your early 30’s; long dark hair

and even in the light around the pool and in the pool I could see those soft blue eyes you have.

“I got your number from one of my neighbors. I told them I needed some work done, but I really just wanted to see you and hope you would come by for a swim.”

Well, I have to tell ya, this was flattering and I would have loved to dwell on it more but for one reason. As you finished saying that you turned and pushed from the wall to swim away and I could see that you were bare ass naked. That hair flowed across your back and your sweet ass would have made sharks envious as it broke the plain of the water. You sure don’t have to slap me in the face to get my attention. I slid out of my clothes and slipped into the water. I swam over to be where you are, your arms back along the wall and your legs up along the surface, playfully kicking them to keep them there. As I got there I wanted to see you in all your beauty so I hopped up on the wall. I could look down and see your tits and nipples breaking the water. I was sitting there on the side when you turned around and placed you elbows on my knees.

Well, there I sat with my hands across my lap trying to keep my cock from growing anymore with the sight of you, and now here you are just inches away from it. You look up at me and slide my hands away as you kiss my thighs and inch closer to my now throbbing cock. As your lips kiss the head I shiver, not from the breeze but from the excitement in the air of what is about to come this night. I watched as your hands grasped my cock and it disappeared between your lips. Slowly moving up and down the hard shaft tongue teasing it, rolling along the sides of it. It jerks from your hands when you run the tip of your tongue under its soft rim.

As I dip back into the water I slide your legs around me and

take your face in my hands. Looking deep into those blue eyes I lean down and kiss you and feel those hot lips against mine, feeling your hot tongue part my lips and come into me.


I sucked it softly as I felt your legs wrap around me. I could feel your nipples pressed against my chest.

No, no baby this is going to fast, I don’t do things this way.

I broke from your lips and slide my hands around to grab bahis siteleri your ankles, I then slide back to just at the ends of your feet. You have that hurt look on your face.

“No darlin,” I tell you. “It is not you. You have made this a special night for me.” I see you smile. “I want it to me something you remember baby and this is gonna take a while.”

Holding your feet in my hand I look down at them, mmm baby, cute toes all painted red and looking oh so sexy. My hands slide up and down your legs and I place your feet on my chest, with those cute toes in reach of my tongue. Licking them I slide my hands up and down your legs.

Mmmm so soft and smooth they are.

As I place them up across my shoulders I slide down in the water, my beard sliding along your inner thighs. I stop just short of your sweet pussy. At first I could not take my eyes from yours. But now I look at what is just inches below the water. My hands slide under your hot ass. I can see your shaved pussy before me. The soft glow from the under water lights allow me to see the smoothness of it.

The way your lips protrude out in a way I can’t wait to feel between my lips. I part your legs and move between them. Reaching above you I grab the glasses of champagne you have there. As your legs wrap around my waist to steady you, I look into your eyes and we toast glasses, sipping the sweetness.

I lean down and kiss your lips, the taste of champagne still on them. I run my tongue across them, sucking your bottom lip between mine. I pull back and look deep into your eyes. I kiss you hard, passionate as my tongue parts your lips and finds yours. You can feel the excitement your hot kisses bring to me as you feel my throbbing cock up against those sexy ass cheeks; kind of gives you a place to sit uh?

I lift your ass up and those smooth thighs break the water. I see in your eyes that you can’t wait to feel the pleasure you will be feeling. I start kissing your thighs closer and closer to your luscious pussy. I take your legs and slide them up and over my shoulders so I feel them down across my back. As you move them back and forth across it turns me on so much.

Leaning down I run my tongue around your navel, teasing the piercing you have in it. Moving down I feel the bottom of my tongue roll across

your hard clit. I run back up and down it, gently back and forth and it seems to get harder with each pass.

As I slide my lips around it, sucking it between them, your hands run through my hair, guiding, grinding me into you. I feel the hair from my beard up against your hot pussy. Sliding my head down in the water, I lean back a little with my neck back inside your bent knees.

I run my fingers across bahis şirketleri your lips, feeling them slide between them, rubbing your clit with the tip of my finger before sliding it down between your lips. It feels so good to press between them and slip inside you. The way you pull towards me with your legs, pushing and pulling my fingers inside you.

Sliding them out from your lips I bring them to mine, tasting them, feeling your hot juices still on them. Hmmm baby you’re so good.

I love to see your sweet, shaved pussy with your lips swollen like they are. I lean over and suck one gently between my lips before sliding my tongue between them feeling you sucks it inside you.

I like when you fuck my tongue the way you hips swing and sway on my face. Don’t cum for me yet baby, I want to feel my hard cock inside that wet pussy. I stop and pull you up to me, kissing you as I side step in the pool. You don’t notice but you will. I keep on moving till I feel it. I stop and slide that sweet ass down across my hips and just then I see it in your eyes, hehe you feel it now uh?

Just as I take my cock in my hands and start to rub it against

your wet pussy we both feel the water jets from the pool.

Mmmmm fuck that feels good!

It is coming right up between my legs and across your pussy and ass. Feel it baby? As my cock slides between your lips and your ass settles down on me, I grab you and move your hips back and forth. Your pussy sucks my cock like no other between the water rushing across us and the feeling of your lips sliding up and down my hard cock, squeezing your ass and pulling you deep toward me.

The water is rushing across my balls and cock and rushing against your sweet pussy and throbbing clit. My balls slapping in the water against your sweet ass mmmm water splashing every where as I see in your face and hear from your lips you cum so intensely. Fuck yes baby cum for me.

I feel your hot cum against my cock and it feels so good as my cock still drives into your pussy. I tell you I am so close to coming that your pussy and the water is making me want to explode. You stop and move from my grasp. You give me that look as you take a deep breath and slide down under the water.

Taking my cock in your hands I feel it slide between your lips as you tongue teases the swollen head. You suck it and stroke it till I can’t stand any more. Thank God I am in the water as when you wrapped you hand between my legs and on the back of my ass and your lips went to the base of my hard cock I couldn’t take it anymore and I came and came and came

My, oh my, baby.

I lift you up, the water running across your face the wetness of your hair in my hands as I kiss you, pick you up and carry you to the edge of the pool.

“Darlin you just wait, this is only the beginning,” I tell you.

I have you in my arms and carry you into your bedroom, where the soft music and candles burn waiting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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