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Double Penetration

My life being part of the minivan club was pretty awesome. I’d been given my number (a special serial number that allowed me to be requested) and being single didn’t matter since I was getting more sex than I could ever want. I’d met some incredibly sexy women too, couldn’t believe that most of them ever wanted for sex but soon learned that some husbands just couldn’t keep up with the stunning women they’d married.

One thing I never accounted for was how the club would be seen from the outside. We had our rules and procedures but once in a while things didn’t go as planned.

“I’m so glad you finally got your number, you are one of the few who knows how to lick me just right,” Said Elise, the sexy Asian I was chosen to help promote.

“Are the others no good at following direction Ma’am?” I replied.

“No, one of them even started crying when I slapped him. Hope you’re okay with the park, my husband is on a different shift now so we can’t use my garage.”

We drove around a little, Elise was worried about a car she’d seen following us but it pulled off and we lost sight of it. I was looking forward to licking her, she had a really nice pussy and the way she moaned turned me on a lot. It would end up having to wait though.

“BAY CITY POLICE, SHOW ME YOUR HANDS,” Yelled the Officer, I was just about to pull my pants off.

Elise looked around in panic, she too had just started to undress but our anticipation was destroyed when 3 men and two female Officers came from nowhere and quickly put us both in cuffs.

“You’re both under arrest for prostitution,” said the first officer, he read us both our rights.

“Call Beth Davenport, don’t say a word to them, you’ll be fine,” said Elise as they took her away.

Less than two hours later I was sat in an interrogation room waiting for the lawyer Elise had told me to call to arrive. I answered only simple questions, told them no, I wasn’t being paid, no I wasn’t paying her and no, I didn’t know what her real name was. When Beth walked in, a tall, stunning blonde, the Detectives talking to me glared at her and walked out of the room.

“Hello Marcus I am Beth Davenport, thank you for calling me. What have you told the Police?” She said as she sat down.

“Just that I wasn’t being paid, didn’t know her name and wasn’t paying her either,” I replied.

“Good, I have Special Agent Jennings coming to see us, she’s a good friend, former member and will clear all this up.”

Beth showed me a piece of paper, it said they were listening and I was not to talk. I just nodded.

A few minutes later, a woman in a business suit took us to a different room, 4 of the Officers that picked us up were there too, 2 men, 2 women.

“In front of you is a confidentiality agreement, what you are about to learn is very private and my clients would like to keep it that way. The 2 people you picked up today will be briefed on learning to be better citizens and not conduct their meetings in public but you have my full assurance, backed by my colleague here from the FBI that no money is exchanged between any of the women or men that meet in the manner you have exposed and they are simply meeting for mutual pleasure. In exchange for the case being dropped and all evidence being destroyed, my firm is willing to make a donation to your department’s charity of choice and you’ll have my promise that all members will never conduct their meetings in public again,” Said Beth after we all sat.

“I have spoken to the Captain too Detectives, this won’t reflect on your records in any way but the evidence you have is not what it seems,” said Jennings.

“My evidence has videos of your client here being picked up, taken to the park where they have sex then she drops him off again. We found the same app on both of their phones, they won’t open them but we’re convinced its a pay app with a high end prostitution ring,” said one of the Detectives.

“I’ll tell you about the app and what’s going on if you will please read and sign the document,” replied Beth.

“It’s pretty standard Sarah, what we learn in here, nothing illegal, shut the fuck up to anyone about it,” said one of the men as he signed.

All four signed and handed over their papers.

“Few of you have met me before, Special Agent Jennings, you’ve all helped me on a few cases so you know where I stand integrity wise. Marcus and the lady you picked up today are part of a club that allows sexually frustrated women to page a man such as Marcus to take care of their needs without fear of being exposed or at any risk to their safety. The members all have minivans and usually conduct their meetings in their garages but one member has unfortunately broken our rules and met in public which will not happen again. You have my assurance that no money is exchanged between the members and they are not engaged in prostitution,” Said Jennings.

40 minutes later I was being driven home by Beth, we were released with no charges.

“You and Elise bahis firmaları have a meeting tomorrow evening at 7pm, here’s the address.

You’re not in trouble but Elise is to be demoted and she is to be briefed on our conduct again,” she said as we pulled up to my apartment.

“Please don’t take this wrong Ma’am but you don’t come across as a cheap lawyer, am I going to get a bill for all this?” I asked. Beth laughed.

“No sweetie, I’m going to tell you something but you’ll forget I did. Our club was founded by a very wealthy lady who got bored of trying to get laid when her husband couldn’t get it up. You may have met and enjoyed her but I’m not telling you who but she pays for any road bumps like this one. She’s really not happy about this though, she hates having to demote members. And no it’s not who you think, I see your brain ticking away there, that Elise who approved you is beautiful and her boring husband is well off but you’ve definately had her.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, I am having a lot of fun.”

“Well good. Go get some rest.”

7pm finally rolled around and I nervously waited in the lounge where I was led to blindfolded. Elise had picked me up, she had a worried look on her face the whole time but I just hoped I’d get to stay in the club. When my blindfold was taken off I looked around and there was 4 other women, all naked except for the strap on harnesses and rubber cocks attached to them. I’d slept with all four at one point, they all just smiled at me. Elise was on a kind of bench, on all fours, naked with her ankles and wrists tied with velcro cuffs. I wondered why I was told I had to jerk off before I was picked up but that soon became apparent.

“Elise, on behalf of our founder I regret to inform you that you are to be demoted back down to Carla. You have exposed our group, risked it’s secrecy and must earn the trust again. Your situation however is why you are to be allowed to remain in the club, a garage will be provided for your use but you must complete our ritual then you will be released,” said one of the women.

“What do I have to do?” replied Elise.

“The man who you chose to promote you, will also demote you. You will suck his cock until he cums down your throat while we take turns to fuck you with our toys.”

“Wh.. what? I don’t even suck my husbands cock, I don’t remember the last time I did that.”

“If you’d rather just leave, I’ll untie you and you can drive home, we’ll delete your log in for the app and your membership will be revoked.”

“I… I’ll do it.”

I usually took a while to cum from receiving oral, I’d also spent ages only giving it and getting hard without the need to be sucked but having drained my balls in the shower not two hours prior I knew I’d last a while. Watching Elise, soon to be Carla, reluctantly take my cock into her mouth was fun though, she closed her eyes and started sucking me slowly, swirling her tongue round the tip once she’d got me hard and doing her very best to make me cum quickly. Her efforts were often paused though, while she sucked me, the other women took turns to slide a well lubed cock into her and their efforts had her cumming every so often. Each of them had fucked her at least twice before I got close, they all had a sheen of sweat on them and two of the women had taken their harnesses off and were just watching. One of the women, a really cute redhead who would swear like a sailor while I fucked her but wouldn’t say worse than ‘gosh darn it’ in public, came up behind me and pressed her body against me.

“You should probably cum now sweetie, Carla has sucked you long enough,” she whispered into my ear.

Redhead Elise took my hand and led it to her pussy and had me finger her while Carla still sucked. The sensation was enough to set me off and I groaned as I got close, then gasped ‘oh fuck yes’ as I erupted, spraying my cum down Carla’s throat. She looked up at me as she swallowed and let my cock fall from her mouth when I started to soften.

“You can go shower sweetie, we’ll take care of Carla then one of us will drive you home,” said one of the other women.

I did as I was asked, was driven home by one of the women and turned in for an early night.

Later that week I was paged and to my delight, my manager Susan pulled up in her Honda minivan and greeted me with a smile as I got in.

“I have had a week of shitty meetings, had to fire one of the new staff and my husband would rather play golf than fuck me. You call me anything other than Elise or Ma’am you’ll be dropped off without touching me again do you understand?” Said Susan as she started driving.

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied.

“Good. We have quite a few hours until I have to get ready for a stupid management retreat day but I need release.”

Susan/Elise drove us to an estate close to where she picked me up, I knew it wasn’t her house as I’d been with 3 other women in the same garage. I didn’t ask questions, getting to see Susan naked was kaçak iddaa a treat itself, getting to fuck her was the dream of pretty much every guy in our office building. She pulled in to the garage, opened the passenger side door and had the mattress set up in a couple of minutes. She stripped, giving me a look of ‘why are you not naked yet’ then knelt in the back of the van with her hands on her legs.

“I’m ready for you now Sir, I need to be treated like the dirty slut I am.”

I was stunned, Elise looked down and the powerful, ‘look at me wrong and I’ll have your balls off’ was replaced by a demure, still stunningly beautiful woman who was asking me to take her. After my initial shock I gently fondled her breast as my brain coped with the blood that had all went to my now hard cock.

“And how does Elise like to be treated?” I replied, I was new to being in charge.

“Forgive my request but I would love if I was allowed to suck your cock before you eat me Sir, then when you’re hard enough again you can fuck me longer from behind. You should tell me what to do though, I’m just here to be used.”

“You can suck my cock.”

Until then, the very thought of saying those words to one of the toughest managers I’d worked for would have led me to expect a slap in the face followed by a swift knee to the balls before security dragged my ass out of the building but with her before me naked, looking at me with pleading eyes then a smile on her face after I spoke, I had to bite my lip to confirm I wasn’t dreaming. I groaned as she took me into her mouth, unlike Carla, Susan seemed to enjoy sucking cock and her mouth felt amazing. She licked and sucked my balls, ran her tongue up the length of my shaft then took me back into her mouth, letting out little moans of her own as she sucked me. I’d never received such an amazing blow job before, Susan sensed I was getting close and looked up at me with her blue eyes as she kept sucking. I couldn’t hold back much longer, I gasped and almost couldn’t stay standing when my orgasm hit, pulsing my seed into Susan’s mouth. She kept sucking as she swallowed, looking up at me as if looking for approval. When I got too sensitive she let my cock go and licked a drop of cum that had escaped her lips and swallowed that too.

“That was good, now get on your back,” I said sternly, still half expecting a ‘fuck you’ reply and a punch in the balls.

“Yes Sir,” was her reply though.

Susan got on her back and opened her legs, I climbed up into the van and after sucking each of her nipples to hardness, got face to face with the pussy I’d only had a flash of. I took my time, she tasted amazing and I savored each stroke of my tongue, exploring ever inch of her beautiful labia and enjoyed the juices flowing onto my lips and tongue. As her moans got louder I licked closer to her clit and began to rasp and lick it with a stiffened tongue, following the queues of her moans until she shuddered, gasping ‘oh fuck yes’ as her orgasm burned through her. I took the hint that she was done when she pulled away from me and knelt up with a smile on my face, gazing down at her as she caught her breath. She eventually got up and surprised me by grabbing my face and kissing me passionately.

“I… I haven’t cum that hard in years, thank you Sir,” she said breathlessly.

“Well I’m nice and hard again, you should get on all fours if that’s how the slut wants it.”

“Y… yes Sir.”

Susan got on all fours and looked back at me, after admiring her perfect ass I placed the tip of my cock at her soaked pussy and slowly pushed inside her. I was thankful she’d given me a blow job already, if I hadn’t cum I wouldn’t have lasted, her pussy felt amazing, was almost like it gripped every contour of my cock with her warm, tightness and I groaned as I began to thrust. Once I’d given her full cock length thrusts a few times I pushed deep into her and held onto her waist to slam into her nice and hard. We were both moaning in pleasure, I felt her cumming a few times then a big one hit her, she slumped forward, gasping ‘of my fucking yes’ as her back reddened. The new angle was too much and I too exploded, pushing in deep as what was left in my balls pulsed deep into her. I stayed inside her as long as my cock would let me then we both let out a sigh as I pulled out of her and collapsed beside her on the mattress. She rested her head on my shoulder as we caught our breaths, not saying anything, just enjoying the closeness. After about 5 minutes she climbed over me and came back to the van with a bottle of water for each of us.

“We still have a good hour before we have to get back, Sir, would you um, like to fuck this slut in her ass?” said Susan after a big gulp of water.

“You’ll have to get me nice and hard again, finish your water and start sucking,” I replied, she grinned and downed the rest of the bottle.

Now usually, getting hard a third time was a chore for me but with who it was I had sucking me, the power she’d handed kaçak bahis to me I think I could have gotten it up 5 times that day. My cock ached a little sure but I didn’t care, at that moment I could have died happy, Susan managed to get me hard again then pulled a bottle of lube from the center console of her van and gave my cock a generous coating. She handed me the bottle then got onto all fours again and looked at me with her smile.

“I had my plug in before I picked you up Sir but please start slow and use plenty of lube,” she said.

I poured some onto my fingers and slid one then two fingers into her ass, when she started pushing back onto them I made sure my cock was still nice and slick then lined my cock up at her hole. I’d only ever given anal once before, I lasted like three thrusts before I came but I knew I’d last longer this time. I let her get used to each inch as I pushed into her ass then once she was used to me I began to thrust nice and slow, her guttural moans telling me she was enjoying it. I’m not sure how long I fucked her, she had a few orgasms as she rubbed her clit but eventually I felt my poor balls tingle then I was spraying what I had left in me deep into her ass. I pulled out slowly when I was spent then collapsed breathless onto my back. Susan reached into her center console again and came out with baby wipes, gently cleaned the lube from my cock and balls then laid on my shoulder again as she caught her breath.

“Come shower with me, we still have time but I’m soaked and can’t turn up at the retreat thing smelling like this,” Said Susan after a few minutes.

“What if I decide we’re not done,” I replied, smiling.

“I decide when we’re finished sweetie, I give myself to you to use but when you’ve given me what I need I’m Elise again and will be shown the respect that comes with that,” she said then kissed me softly on the lips.

“I.. I’m sorry I didn’t mean..” I stammered.

“Hey, I’m not mad, I’m sorry, you were perfect, I could tell you’ve never done this before but you took control how I wanted, made me cum harder than I could have hoped for from a man and you have me floating on like cloud fifty. We’ll talk about it next time, maybe work out a code or something. I want you to wash me after I wash you right now though, lets go.”

Susan and I walked through the house naked, it had carpets and a few pieces of furniture but was pretty sparse and wasn’t lived in. The bathroom was fully equipped though, there was plenty of towels and lots of soap and shampoo. Susan had me get in the spacious shower with her then soaped my body with a focus that had me getting excited again. My cock ached though but I’d never felt so special before being washed by her that way. She had me rinse off then poured some different soap into my hands and had me wash her too. I took my time with her breasts, they were very beautiful like the rest of her and she smiled at me when I finally had her rinse.

“I don’t think my boobs have ever been so clean,” she said with a giggle.

After we dried, dressed and put her van back to normal she kissed me again then had me get in the van. She opened all the rear windows and drove us back to my car, she stopped me before I got out.

“I, will be the only one that will have you treat them this way. I think I’m going to have you as an exclusive.”

“What does that mean?” I replied.

“Basically I’d have rights to claim you, I get priority if you are paged by another and I can set you to only be able to be paged by me for certain lengths of time if I wish.”


“I would still be the different woman you had today once I’m in the back of this van but out here I can have control of you for my selfish reasons. That is, of course, if you liked the woman you had today.”

“It was an honor and I loved it.”

“Good, I’ll have them send you an email explaining it all. I’ll see you in work Marcus.”

I felt at that point in my life I could never touch another woman again and die happy, the memories of ravaging Susan are ones I’ll cherish forever but little did I know, it would only get better.

The following Wednesday in work, Susan came to my cubicle with her phone in her hand, she looked furious, just the look on her face sending my co-workers scurrying back to their desks to look busy.

“Did you finish that project Max had you working on?” she said to me.

“Uh, yes Mrs Fredricks, I was just finishing the last proof then I’ll be sending it to the printers,” I replied.

“Well get it done then come to my office, I have a priority project I need you to look at.”


I finished off what I was doing then made my way to Susan’s office, she was talking someone on the phone but motioned me in and had me close the door behind me.

“I’ve got him here now… I know that Kendra but are you ready for the fucking riot if I don’t at least try? I was trying to set up an appointment when it crashed, I’ve had a bitch of a week and you know damn fine I won’t go out of channel…… Well if he can do it and maintain we’ll just hire him…….. Okay, send me access and I’ll have him look,” said Susan to the phone then hung up. “Close the blinds and sit here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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