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This story is inspired by the 1985 film, Life Force

Each character in this story is at least 19 years of age.


Reporter: Ms. Aish Kapoor is once again making history. Ms. Kapoor, an astronaut for both NASA and ISRO and was both the most highly decorated pilot and most celebrated astronaut in India’s 51-year-old space program.

Now in charge of her own space agency, her career culminates today, in the landing on Mars of the first all-female crew and the first humans to land on a foreign planetary body. Named after the fictional island, home to Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman; The Themyscira spacecraft will orbit the red planet, its shuttle, The Mar-Vell, named after Captain Marvel, will land along the Martian equator. The landing site is near the Valles Marineris, one of the largest canyons in our solar system.

The canyon is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon in the United States. It is believed to have been carved out in just weeks when an ice dam broke and all the water behind it rushed in, carving the canyon.

The multinational crew of 10 women will touchdown at 14:15 PM PST, 11:56 AM Martian time, following the seven-month journey. Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020 from an island leased from the Philippine government, today their journey is one-third of the way over.

There will be a 20-minute time differential in voice confirmation from Captain Mira Shandilya to Mission Control on the unnamed island in the Philippines.

Additional nations represented on this, the greatest journey mankind has ever embarked on, include Mexico, Australia, Egypt, Chile, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Norway, and an amazing nineteen-year-old math prodigy who escaped from North Korea.

Notably left out of the crew selection were the Japanese, Russians, Americans, and Britons. Ms. Kapoor continues to refuse to comment on why this was.


“Lights out! Hit the bed. Big day in a few hours!” yelled Captain Shandilya with much enthusiasm.

Each member of the crew stood up, said their respective goodnights, and went to their quarters. Captain Shandilya grabbed the remote, turned off the telecommunications monitor, and walked down to her quarters as well.

The next day at precisely 10:47 AM the retrorockets fired. The excitement grew in all the crew members. The Themyscira was so close to Mars there were no stars visible through the portholes on the starboard side of the ship.

Nothing but the closeup, orange, and brown surface of the Martian landscape. They were too close in orbit around the planet for a starry background to appear.

They felt the ship rotate and position itself for disengaging of the shuttle from the main section. It was getting very close to TIG (time of ignition), for the orbital maneuvering engines to engage. Separation was imminent.

All the women helped one another with their spacesuits and securing helmets and seat belts.

Chief Navigator Bonita Colon and Quan Woo, the mathematician, were busy manually checking the onboard computer’s surface landing calculations with their own calculations.

According to incoming data, wind speeds in the high atmosphere were faster than previous calculations had shown so they needed to input new calculations. The Mar-Vell, separated.

Almost two hours later, Shuttle Mar-Vell and all the crew had landed safely.

The landing was nearly perfect, only a few meters from the designated landing position. The crew knew that the champagne would be flowing in the control room back on Earth within the next 20 minutes, but they started their celebration now! At the current distance Mars is from the Earth it would take verbal confirmation on the successful landing approximately 20 minutes to reach Earth.

Seat belts were being unbuckled, the cabin was being depressurized and helmets were coming off! After such a long and stressful trip… mission accomplished!

At bahis siteleri least the first third of the mission. Captain Mira was the first to walk around and congratulate everyone. She then breathed a long sigh of relief. The ship and all its crew had made it safely.

There was no time to rest though. The workload had really just begun. Data collection, science experiments, soil, and crew analysis were first on their agenda. Captain Mira was getting ready to be the first human, nay, the first woman to walk on the surface of an extraterrestrial planet. And it would be televised live (minus a 20-minute delay) to the eight billion people back home.

History was scheduled to be made again in just under 17 hours. That would officially be the start of their 69-day terrestrial mission before taking off on their second seven-month journey, returning home. After spending close to 48 hours doing calculations, final approach, and systems checks, everyone wanted and needed a shower.

Captain Mira, usually the last to shower and get whatever water remained, was finally the first showering today. She and her second in command, Nidhi Mandapati, a fellow Indian from Australia, would be the first two outside in the Mars atmosphere. One after the other, touching Martian soil, so they would be first today to shower.

Shandilya finished her shower and came out patting her hair dry. She told Mandapati that it was the longest shower she has taken since leaving the base on the Moon.

Mandapati had her back to the captain. The captain gazed at her second in command as she finished undressing and walked into the shower. Naked, and for the first time the captain noticed she had vitiligo but only on her ass and back.

She found her complexion to be very beautiful. She was several shades of brown and like a bouquet of flowers, was very attractive.

Both now showered and dressed, the time had finally come. There were sixteen steps down from the airlock to the bottom rung of the ladder. The captain and first officer, with flags in hand, were about to open the airlock and step out and onto Martian soil.

Approximately 8 billion fellow humans were about to watch her step onto Mars and plant the flag of the United Nations. Since the Consortium for Learning & Interplanetary Travel is not represented by any single nation, Kapoor thought it best to do it that way and then First Officer Mandapati will plant the CLIT flag right next to it.

Shandilya jumped from the bottom rung and became the first woman on Mars. It was truly a momentous occasion. Soon after, Mandapati jumped too! She planted the flag right next to the UN flag and they posed for all of Earth to see.

Both women were thinking to themselves about how envious world leaders must be. How jealous all the countless male astronauts must feel and how embarrassed Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson will be in about 14 minutes.

They high-fived one another once more and walked farther away from the ship, kicking up rusty soil and dirtying their pristine white spacesuits. With big bright smiles on their faces, they began to explore Mars. Soon all of the astronauts had their day in the sun by setting foot on Mars.

About three and a half weeks into the mission, the two science officers stumbled across a cave. The sun was setting so they took photos, marked the coordinates, and went back to the ship. As the green-tinted Martian sky grew darker and the sun began to lower under the horizon, the two scientists finally were back on board.

Talk around dinner was of the finding of the cave. The women were asked what the cave was like and if they had ventured in at all.

Rayne jokingly commented that the opening to the cave was shaped just like her pussy. Everyone laughed but then Regina pulled out her phone and showed everyone her photos then spoke up and said, “Seriously, the cave was long like a womb and the opening looked just like Högberet Cave in canlı bahis siteleri Finland. I have been there and its entrance looks just like Rayne’s vulva.”

The laughter stopped. Regina didn’t realize that for her to have made that statement, she would have needed to have already seen Rayne’s cunt up close and personal.

Regina awkwardly stated, “When we entered the cave it felt like going into a wet vagina. This cave entrance looked and felt much the same as Högberet Cave, but sensors detected warm moist air coming from the cave. Most air in the caves I’ve explored is cold,” she stated.

The captain suggested since they found it first, they should also name the cave. Regina suggested Labial Valley Cave. The women agreed and shook hands.

The next morning the two scientists couldn’t wait to get to the cave. They skipped breakfast and were on sight at 6 am Earth time to document their findings, if any.

They entered the cave with strict instructions from the captain to not climb or descend any of the cave’s walls.

Fortunately for the two astronauts, the cave was only one level It was long and deep but only one floor to explore. Upon entering, the cave did get significantly warmer than the temperature on the surface of the planet. Regina and Rayne detected a pocket of oxygen-rich air. Breathable for humans. They contacted the Mar-Vell and were denied their request to remove their helmets. The women were determined to test their findings and removed their helmets anyway. They both took deep breaths, and nothing happened. Relieved, they spent the rest of the time exploring and breathing the Martian air.

They celebrated with a high five and a kiss. It was a sensual open-mouth kiss. One that they waited almost 8 months to share. To share away from the prying eyes of the many intrusive onboard cameras. With last night’s vulva reveal, it was hard to hide their obvious attraction for one another any longer. Helmets in hand, they continued traversing the cave until they came to an isolated chamber. Regina shined her flashlight inside. They looked at one another and back into the chamber. Inside were three coffins that looked as if they were made of glass. Inside each coffin was one humanoid body each.

Two of the coffins were partially crushed by rocks and the one on the left by a huge stalactite that had fallen from the ceiling. Surprisingly the oxygen in the cave caused only minimal decay.

Each woman went to a separate crushed coffin. The two humanoids, in the crushed coffins, were male. The males had chiseled features and were extremely well endowed. At least 10 or 11 inches long and very thick cocks. The idea of having that cock inside her caused Rayne’s pussy to swell and sweat sweet nectar.

The intact coffin, the one in the middle, housed a humanoid female. Well, female and a little bit more. She was definitely a true hermaphrodite.

The female was amazingly preserved and astonishingly beautiful. Her legs were spread apart so her genitals were clearly visible. She had large breasts, what looked like a three-inch clitoris and in addition to having a vagina, she had a rather large penis as well. Her pussy was wet and began dripping with wetness as soon as the two astronauts stared at her toy box. Her cock was hard but curved downward, its head pointed toward the bottom of the coffin floor. Could it have been some ritualistic burial where her vagina and penis needed to be open and exposed? Was she some sort of queen and the two male humanoids, her lovers, sons, or maybe her guards?

An interesting intersex specimen and the first either of the two women had ever seen. Rayne’s imagination quickly turned from having those cocks in her cunt to having that supersized clit in her mouth.

The more they stared at her body the more it almost appeared as if the “woman” was just sleeping, yet there was no way. scientifically or medically to explain the moisture seeping from her vagina. canlı bahis She also seemed to even have a mesmerizing effect on the two astronauts.

Days went by and they continued exploring. Whenever they came within close proximity of her coffin, they had a difficult time thinking of anything or anyone else. It was as if they lost themselves in her and were completely and totally in love with this humanoid. Although this was the most important discovery in human existence, there were other areas of Mars that they were now forced to study as well.

The coffins were left in the cave while other areas of the Martian surface were explored. Meanwhile, there was discussion amongst the higher-ups at CLIT as to what would be done with the coffins. Would they try to bring back proof of extraterrestrial life or would they just record their finding and take a chance that some other future expedition from Earth, would reach Mars and be the ones to return the proof to Earth.

Subsequent testing and carbon dating on the soil found in the coffins and scrapings under the two male’s toenails estimated the bodies were nearly 1500 years old. The two science officers grew ever more interested and often obsessed with the remains. They ran more tests and spent most of their time in the cave with her when not working on other tasks.

The decision was made, mostly because of the science officer’s mandate that the remains had to come back to Earth. A find of this magnitude could not be left on Mars. Two of the bodies had already been destroyed by falling debris in the cave and the same could happen to the remaining female/male hybrid.

More photos were taken and sent back to CLIT headquarters. Director Kapoor refused to release the findings to the rest of the world because the governments of the world could decide that it was not safe to bring the bodies back. And if she did anyway, there was always the chance the ship could be fired upon and shot out of orbit.

NASA’s Perseverance rover assisted the astronauts with excavating the coffins from the cave a week before the scheduled take-off. The coffins were then loaded without incident into the cargo bay.

The day of departure came. The crew gathered at the feet of the Mar-Vell to watch their last Martian sunset. Takeoff was scheduled precisely at 9:36 PM. Then to dock with the mothership and head home.

They climbed aboard and the shuttle took off on time. In just 6 minutes it had reached a speed of 13,000/mph and had reached escape velocity. They were 476 miles away from Valles Marineris at an altitude of 21 miles above the surface. Two minutes later they had docked with the Themyscira and were maneuvering to fire main thrusters to head home.

The crew, now in the cockpit of the Themyscira was now fastened in, and the systems check began. Captain Shandilya contacted Earth one last time for permission to leave the rusty red planet’s orbit that had been home to them for more than two months.

Over the comms, the captain spoke, “Main engines check.” The First Officer responded, “Main engines check completed, Sir. Ready for departure.”

A few minutes later the captain spoke once more and alerted Earth as well as the crew that the 15-second liquid fuel sequencer had begun.

And fifteen seconds later Mandapati responded, “Fifteen-second liquid oxygen sequencer had been completed”.

The navigator spoke up, “Main guidance systems had been handed off to the main computer and linked to The Themyscira.”

“Main guidance system hand-off confirmed,” said Shandilya.

“Sound suppression activated”, said Mandapati while Lt. Colon continued her verbal countdown. Lt. Colon announced T minus 31 seconds remaining captain. We’re a go for main engine start.

“15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10”, said Lt. Colon.

As the countdown crept down to 3 seconds, Captain Shandilya, being a huge fan of Star Trek, uttered “Engage!” She pointed her finger toward Earth and in a blaze of white-hot heat from the 2 million gallons of solid rocket fuel, the crew was returning to Earth. Their seven-month-long journey home had finally begun. An extremely successful mission, completed.

End of part one.

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