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After our first sex, Cormac and I felt a lot closer to each other. We would spend more nights at each others houses and spent every waking moment together. We both joined a drama club, which was fun. We were in two shows while we were there. The first one was short and dull with very few people in the audience. The second however was really fun to be in with a huge audience. Cormac and I had the two main parts and had to wear ridiculous costumes. The last night of the show, we both arrived at half three to prepare for the show. We went straight to the dressing rooms as no-one had arrived yet. Cormac decided to change into his costume which consisted of a black t-shirt, soft ballet shoes and of course the gorgeous tights! I watched him strip down to his black briefs and bend over to pick up his costume. I couldn’t resist. I walked over and placed my hands on his ass cheeks, so warm and soft!

Cormac stood up and turned to face me with a sexy smile on his face. I leaned in to kiss him and explored his mouth with my tongue. I got on my knees and lowered the loose briefs. I could see he wasn’t hard yet, which just succeeded in making me more horny. I placed his soft floppy penis in my mouth and carressed it with my tongue. In no time, his three and a half inch cock was rock hard in my mouth. Not yet, I kept telling myself. I kept sucking him until his warm gooey cum filled my mouth. Cormac smiled at me and continued to squeeze into his tight outfit.

After the show, we returned to the dressing room, now filled with the other cast members, all our age or younger. We izmit escort stayed in our costumes until everyone had left. Cormac made sure everyone was gone and then came rushing over to me. He sat on my lap with his legs either side of my hips and kissed me hard. We kept making out until I could see the bulge in Cormac’s tights in front of me. I kept my hands on his ass as long as I could, I loved the feel of it through the tights. Cormac Removed his t-shirt, I did the same. Suddenly, Cormac stopped kissing me and I saw him looking over towards the door. It was Zach. Zach was one of the younger actors, eight and short. He stood staring in the doorway. “Can I join in?” he asked. I looked at Cormac, amazed at Zach’s response. He pouted his lips as if to say why not and turned to Zach. “Sure!” he said, getting more excited. Zach ran over. I was surprised he knew what we were doing but they learn younger these days! Zach quickly removed his t-shirt and the three of us stood half naked in our tights.

Zach looked at our asses and put a hand on each feeling our tight butts through the fabric. I couldn’t take my eyes off his. I could make out every curve of his young body through the tights. He was thin and I could see the indentations between his ribs through his soft, slightly tanned skin. Zach reached for the elastic of Cormac’s tights and pulled it down, sending Cormac’s cock springing out (we were naked under the tights so they wouldn’t be lumpy). Zach began to suck him. I got down on my knees and slowly lowered Zach’s red tights so I could see his perfect ass. I had never seen yahya kaptan escort an eight year old naked. He was amazing. His ass cheeks were perfectly round and every part of his body ran perfectly into the next. I turned my attention to his cock. It was about two inches long erect and seemed to have a small amount of excess foreskin at the tip.

I placed his little cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. Zach and Cormac made pleasurable moans. I could hear Zach gagging as he tried to get Cormac’s cock as far back in his throat as he could. I kept sucking until a tiny drop of cum shot out of his dick. He pulled away from Cormac and looked down at me. He gave me a gorgeous smile and motioned me to get up. I stood and he bent me over a chair and started to lick my asshole. This kid knew what he was doing! Cormac stood in front of me and stuffed his cock in my mouth. I was lost in pleasure. Zach had now slipped two small fingers in and was still licking. Zach got his fingers as far in as he could and without warning I shot cum all over the chair I was kneeling on.

I sucked Cormac’s hard dick passionately as he emitted almost screams of pleasure. He finally came in my mouth and before i swallowed I turned to Zach who was about a foot shorter then me. Cormac told him to open his mouth. He did so and I spat the milky cum into his mouth before kissing him. Cormac got on all fours on the bench at the side of the room. “One of you fuck me now! I want a cock in me!” Cormac said and Zach quickly scurried over and put his two inch cock in my boyfriend’s gebze escort ass. He leaned over Cormac like dog’s hump and started fucking. I positioned myself behind Zach so I could finally see his tiny hole. It was perfect like the rest of him. I started to lick and Zach started to squeal with euphoria. Cormac was grunting with his eyes closed and jerking his cock. I loved the taste of Zach’s asshole but I wanted my cock in there!

I spit on his little hole and pushed my cock in hard into his jerking ass. He let out a cry of pain but then of pleasure. Cormac was the first to cum, sending even more of cum onto the bench. Then Zach. Zach was light so I lifted him until his back was pressed against my front. I sat and lifted him up and down on my dripping cock. My hands explored his young body, feeling his thighs, nipples and still hard cock. He grabbed my right hand and pushed one of my fingers into my mouth and began to suck it. It was too hot for me to bare and I immediatley erupted in his ass. Cormac, jerking his cock still, kissed me and put his hand on Zach’s hole where my cock was. I lifted him off and lay him over my knee so Cormac could lick the cum out. He did so as Zach panted and moaned.

With Zach in that position, I thought of a fantasy of mine that I wanted to use. I spanked Zach hard on his tiny ass and he gave a short yelp before saying “Mmm yeah!” I did it again and again as Cormac licked his hole. When Cormac was finished I saw that Zach’s ass cheeks were now bright pink. Cormac kissed me passionatley and I could taste my cum in his mouth. We got dressed and Zach went home while Cormac and I went back to his house. We spent the night together naked in his bed as we generally do. I couldn’t stop thinking: “It’s way better with three!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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