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This is a continuation of The Skylark Solution.

Reading The Skylark Solution Part One will give you much needed context for this story.


Carter: my nearly forty-year-old husband.

Skylark: Carter’s cousin, who is pregnant. She came to live with us in Part One.

Isabella Emily: A wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.

If you’d like to read more about Skylark, Carter, and I please let me know in the comments.



From Part One:

I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Carter will be home in about two hours.” I told her.

“You’re……not…….are you……?” she stammered.

“Yes. I am. He will.” I smiled at her again and felt my heart begin to thud. “And I promise you that he’ll be thrilled to fuck you.”


“When we mentioned Carter before I told you that he loved you and would want you to experience anything that you wanted or needed to make yourself happy.” I told Skylark.

I reached out and pushed a strand of her red hair that had fallen across her forehead back into place.

“Let me tell you that I think he would be more than happy to fuck you if you needed him to. He’s clean of course, and like you said you wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.” I said it, and then held my breath, letting the suggestion hang there in the air.

She was completely quiet and still sitting next to me, but I knew her mind was spinning. After a while she spoke quietly.

“Wouldn’t he think it was strange? Even wrong? To fuck his own cousin?” she asked.

“Oh, he’d think it was strange all right. And it probably is. But Skylark you need to understand something. To Carter and I strange is an absolute turn on. Strange isn’t something that we think of as bad. We’ve done a lot of stuff that others think of as strange, and we’ve enjoyed all of it. In fact, a lot of times, the stranger the idea is, the hornier it makes us both.”

I was aware that she was breathing deeply, and I swore I could hear her heartbeat. I gave her a squeeze.

“As far as wrong I guess he would have to answer for himself, but we have an awfully close friend who started fucking her own brother after her husband died and that has been going on for five or six years now. Not only is Carter not bothered by it, but he finds it a turn on. If two people love each other and aren’t hurting anyone then Carter and I tend to think fun is fair game between them.”

“How would we…..I mean how do……how would I even bring it up? How would we even see if he was interested?” her voice was trembling, and I knew then that she wanted it to happen.

“That part would be incredibly simple.” I told her. “Remember that you’re sitting on the couch with a pervert and degenerate.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot that for a minute there.” She smiled.

“I did try my best to hide it from you.” I said with a wink.

“Seeing you suck on that vibrator while having an orgasm should have been a clue.” She giggled.

“You mean while trying to have an orgasm. I didn’t really get to finish.” I corrected her.

“Oh no. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize!” Her face suddenly clouded.

“It’s okay,” I laughed, “often the longer the buildup the more intense the release is when it finally happens!”

“I still feel bad! I should have waited in the kitchen until you were done.” Skylark whispered.

“Aren’t you the voyeur all of the sudden!” I said.

“I guess I am. I always have been.” She admitted.

“No need to feel out of place here. I am too.” I said with a huge smile. “A voyeur and an exhibitionist. Having someone watch always adds a layer of tension.”

“Do you like watching guys or girls?” she asked.

“Oh both!” I said. “If you watch a guy stroke himself you can learn so much about what he likes, and what sort of speed and motion he needs. And of course, when he gets to the point of no return there’s the bonus of getting to see the results of his arousal and effort shoot out of his cock.”

“That is something I’ve always enjoyed too. Seeing a man cum.” She said.

“However,” I continued, “watching another woman is really nice too, because they tend to care much more about the buildup, so they don’t just rush through to get to the finish. Plus, I know what a female orgasm feels like, so it’s easy to live vicariously through each moment of her buildup and pleasure and orgasm.”

“Do you have a preference as to who watches you?” she asked, looking me right in the eyes and holding her gaze steady.

“As long as it’s someone I’m sexually attracted to and they want to watch I don’t have much preference.” I told her. “Overall, I think it’s pretty safe to say that men have a harder time sitting and watching without wanting to either start stroking themselves or join in and start helping. Women are usually much more patient and able to hold back. Plus I think the same thing is true for many women that’s true for me. They enjoy watching another female because they know what it feels like.”

Skylark bahis firmaları shifted in her seat, and again I had the sense that she was trying to find the words to voice what was on her mind. Still smiling I caught her eyes, and gave her a wink.

“If you’d like to be watched sometime let me know. I would really enjoy having a front row seat to watching another woman make herself cum.” She said quietly.

“Skylark, I’m still dripping from making you cum before. If you’re sure that you’d be willing to watch me play, I do really want to cum. In fact, right now I really need to cum.” I said.

“Don’t be shy then.” She told me. Her eyes were bright. “Show me what you’ve got.”

I undid the robe and stood up. I threw the robe onto one of the easy chairs and sat back down on the couch. Skylark was still sitting on the other end, with her feet under her and her knees pointed towards me. I put my head on one of the pillows and stretched out, putting my feet in her lap.

I closed my eyes and let my hands wander to my breasts. I fluttered my fingers along the sensitive skin, moving them slowly closer to my sensitive nipples. I gave both nipples a light pinch and felt a wave of the heat push through me as my body responded to my fingers. I put three fingers in my mouth and then spread my hot saliva over my breast, tracing a circle around and around my areola. I moaned softly and began to breath hard.

I spread my legs apart, putting my right leg up on the back of the couch, and ensuring that Skylark could see how swollen and wet my pussy was. I moved one hand down to my stomach and lingered there, tickling my fingers across my belly while concentrating on feeling the erotic need inside me.

I’d been well on my way to a positively mind-blowing orgasm when Skylark had walked in before, and our sexually charged conversation had kept my juices flowing, both figuratively and literally.

Not to mention the fact that several years ago I’d found that tonguing another woman to orgasm turned me on in ways that I couldn’t imagine. My time spent with my mouth on Skylark’s cunt and my hands roaming her body had aroused me the same as if someone had been performing foreplay on me.

“Fuuuuuck,” I moaned, as I pushed my fingers down towards my vagina. I resisted the urge to put a finger on my clit and instead began to tickle the lips of my cunt, slowly flicking my fingers up and down.

“Ooooh,” Skylark breathed out heavily and I opened my eyes to see her leaning forward and staring at what my fingers were doing. Her tongue was moving slowly back and forth across her lower lip and the sight of her doing that was almost more than I could stand.

“I’m so fucking close already.” I told her in a trembling whisper.

She put her hands on my foot that was in her lap, and I felt her squeeze it sensually. That skin on skin contact was enough to cause me to breath in deeply and contract my whole body. I had to force myself to relax my legs, as I felt my pussy clench in anticipation.

I stopped tracing circles around my nipple and used the fingers of my left hand to spread my pussy lips apart. I took the middle finger of my right hand and began to slowly tap it against my clitoris.

My body responded as it always does to that, with what felt like hot sparks arcing from the underside of my clit with each tap. Each of those sparks burst within me, and a surge of erotic electricity pulsed from my clit. It jumped down to my cunt, and I could feel it throb and clench and pulse and grow in needful hunger for a cock. Each time it throbbed the empty feeling caused that hunger to grow, and I growled deep in my chest as my anus began to clench as well.

The electric surge also traveled up, spreading pleasurable heat through my stomach, before shooting into my breasts, causing my already rock-hard nipples to almost ache with tension.

I pushed my finger into my wetness, and then brought it back to my clit to tap it again.

And again.

And again.

Each tap caused another surge of electricity through me, and the feeling in my cunt, and in my anus, and in each nipple was almost more than I could stand. My legs and arms began to tense as well, and I kept the slow pace of my finger on my clit.

I realized I was moaning in rhythm with the tapping of my finger, and every nerve ending in my body was crying for more. I pushed my finger into my wetness again and resumed the slippery tapping on my clit.

I repeated that rhythm, counting to ten taps and then fucking my finger into my hole. I slid it in and out twice and then moved it back to my clit.











Thrust my finger back inside.



Make it slippery again and another quick dab on my clit.



And on.

And on.

I was making a steady soft noise and my hips were rising and falling with the agonizing slow tap of my finger on my throbbing clit.

“It’s…’s…….it’s kaçak iddaa almost fucking there.” I pushed those words out through my constricted throat, with my eyes shut and the lustful awareness that I was being watched.

I pushed my fingers back into myself, and this time I pulled them out and put one slick finger on one side of my clit and the other slick on the other side, and began to stroke them back and forth, my stomach feeling like I was climbing the hill on a roller coaster, knowing I’d be going over the top of that hill and falling uncontrollably very soon.

“Do it. Do it!” Skylark’s whispered plea coincided with her hands fluttering along my inner thighs and then my stomach tightened, and I felt myself teetering on the edge. I was in that delicious moment of inevitability, where the orgasm can’t be stopped but hasn’t started yet.

And then the moment was gone, and I was hurtling along on a wave of pleasure.

“UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHNOWFUCKNOWFUCKNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screeched, bucking against the couch, my leg muscles flexing in rhythm with my pleasure, and I felt my insides spasm over and over and over and over again.

“Ohgodohgodohgod” I whimpered, as all pleasure, tension, and energy suddenly flooded out of me, leaving me empty and tired. I found Skylark’s hand on my thigh and covered it with my own, sinking into the couch and savoring the post orgasmic exhaustion.

“Wow.” Said Skylark.

“I know.” I said. “I know.”

We sat like that for a few minutes, looking at each other, and I fought the temptation to pull her on top of me and kiss her. I didn’t want to cross that line.

Not yet.

Eventually I stirred, and not wanting to bother with the robe I got up, and headed for the kitchen, giving Skylark’s shoulder an affectionate squeeze as I went past her.

In the kitchen I got two glasses from the cupboard and a jar of orange juice from the refrigerator. I filled the glasses and returned to the living room. Settling on the couch I handed Skylark one of the glasses.

“Thank you for that Skylark.” I said, before taking a sip of the cold liquid.

“It was beautiful.” She said.

“On this end too!” I replied to her with a smile.

“Is it okay if we talk some more about Carter?” she asked. “About Carter and me and about us… know?”

“About you and Carter fucking each other?” I smiled at her.

“Yes.” She said, looking relieved. “As we were saying before, what would you think if something were to happen between Carter and I?” she asked. “How would it make you feel?”

“In all seriousness I would love it!” I told her. “I’m always on the lookout for new experiences, and that would certainly be one for us as a couple. Even if you decided to send me to the movies so it could be just you and Carter one on one, I’d still feel that way!”

“Of course if I could be any part of it,” I continued, “just listening or watching, or even touching and helping I’d find that to be incredibly sexy. I’d love it however it happened because I’d know that two people that I adore were not only enjoying something but were enjoying something that’s totally kinky and erotic.”

“I’ve only been watched once, but I loved it.” She said softly.

I finished my juice and sat the glass down on the coffee table. I swung my feet up on the couch and sat facing her.

“One of the most erotic things I get to do is watch another woman have orgasms with Carter’s cock inside her cunt.” I told her.

“Wow.” She said breathlessly. “Just wow. That might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

She drained her glass of juice and set it on a coaster. I noticed that her hand shook a bit as she set it down. She leaned back on the couch and ran her hands through her hair.

“So how do we…..what should we do next? What should I do next?” she asked.

“Well I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words. Instead of trying to find the right words to bring this idea up conversationally, we let his own imagination bring it up for us.” I said.

“How do we do that?” she asked.

“When it’s just Carter and I around we usually swim naked.” I told her.

We have a large back deck that includes a hot tub and a heated pool, both of which we use all year thanks to the southern climate. Since we live on a peninsula that juts out into a lake, and our nearest neighbors are more than a half a mile away being naked on our back deck isn’t an issue.

“It’s not unusual for him to come home and find me in the pool or hot tub naked.” I told her. “He knows that being naked turns me on, so if he comes home and finds me that way he usually expects to end up fucking before the night is over.”

“Okay,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye that suggested she knew where this was going.

“If he comes home and finds you and I both naked together out by the pool, I’m willing to bet anything he strips down and joins us. From there we just enjoy the evening with as little clothing as possible.” I grinned at her.

“I hope it doesn’t put him in an awkward position that kaçak bahis he’ll resent.” She said.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “if for some reason he’s not into it he’ll just assume we swim naked when he’s not around. But my guess is he’ll take one look at our naked bodies and realize that we’re dangling some sort of invitation in front of him. The fun will be watching him try to figure out exactly what is being offered.”

“I hope it doesn’t backfire. One look at this beached whale and he might leave and not come back.” She said.

I just grinned at her and said “Trust me Skylark. Would a pervert lie to you?”

Of course there were two things I hadn’t told her.

The first was that a few years ago one of the couple’s that we swap with had decided to start a family, so they stepped back from playing with our regular group. After she’d gotten pregnant the four of us went out to dinner to celebrate and as usual the conversation turned sexual.

I’d asked how she was handling the sudden surge of hormones, and she jokingly told us that she needed two horny men to keep up with her. When her husband agreed with that assessment it didn’t take any prompting for the four of us to skip dessert and head for their place.

She and I spent some pleasant time laying side by side on their king size bed, with our husbands trading off licking, sucking, fingering, biting, teasing, rubbing, kissing, and fucking us. In fact, Carter had found fucking a pregnant woman so hot that he became a regular guest in their bed for the duration of her pregnancy.

The second piece of information that I kept to myself was that Carter had mentioned several times to me that he was sexually attracted to Skylark. He’d never looked at her in a sexual way until she had arrived on our doorstep, but her adult body combined with her vulnerability had grabbed his attention in an erotic way from that first night.

He’d have never acted on those urges without any prompting because he was so protective of her.

However I intended to soon be prompting the fuck out of him.

Since we had an hour and a half until Carter arrived home from work, I told Skylark that we should each shower and get ready, so that we could both be out at the pool ready for his arrival.

“I should wash my hair and shave my legs.” She told me. “I hope the sight of pubic hair doesn’t bother either of you because I can’t see as well as I need to around this belly to do anything about that.”

“Honestly Carter is just like me when he’s looking at a partner. Whatever makes them feel sexiest is what he and I like best. There really aren’t any body types or hair colors or pubic hair preferences for either of us.” I said.

“I wish I had time to go get waxed then, since being clean down there is my preference. But I’ll just have to live with it.” She replied.

“Let me do it then,” I told her. “We have time and I’d be happy to help.”

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t be too weird?” she asked.

“No weirder than tonguing your delicious cunt and holding your hot body while you cum.” I told her. “Now go get undressed and meet me in our bathroom.”

Our master bathroom has a giant shower stall, with three showerheads, a built-in bench, and enough room for five adults to stand comfortably. I turned on the water and made sure there were plenty of towels.

I checked the soap and shampoo, and I put my shaving supplies on the shower bench. I made sure the water was hot and was just getting ready to step in when Skylark arrived. She was wearing an untied robe and carrying her shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a razor.

“Come on in,” I said as I slid the glass door back and stepped into the steamy cascade of water, “plenty of room.”

“This might be the biggest shower I’ve ever seen.” She said in awe. “I’ve been amazed by its size since you first showed it to me.”

“We spend a lot of time in here.” I told her with a grin. “This shower has seen a lot of foreplay, not to mention orgasms.”

She shrugged off her robe and stepped into the shower. I couldn’t help but stare. Even in the dim light I found the contrast between her porcelain skin and red hair to be enticing. Her pregnancy had rounded out her feminine shape even more, with her areolas looking exotically dark against her swollen and pale breasts, and her thatch of dark red pubic hair reminding me of her scent and taste.

She smiled sweetly and put her shampoo and conditioner on the ledge by one of the showerheads and began to take the cover off her safety razor.

“Oh no.” I told her. “Today is a special day. We are going to do this right.”

“Right?” she asked.

“The safety razor is fine when you’re shaving yourself, but when you have help you should only use the best.”

I gestured her to sit down on the bench and turned off the overhead water flow. I had it set to work by the trigger on the detachable showerhead.

I opened my shaving kit. It’s something that Carter put together for me, and the truth is that I don’t really use it. It’s something he uses it on me. It contains a straight razor, a shaving mug, some shaving powder, and a brush. The razor gets sharpened with a strop, and I’ve come to regard the sight and sound of him flashing the blade against the leather strop as a kind of foreplay.

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