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Here is my next attempt. I was not happy with Ch 2 as I feel I rushed it. I took more time with this one. I hope you like it.


At 1800 the next day, Dave walked off the ship wearing jeans and a well fitting, light green polo shirt. He also has a full back pack slung over his shoulder. Annie walked down the gangway a few minutes later, wearing jeans that looked like they were painted on and powder blue tank top that barely covered her midriff. Her hair is pulled up in a bun again. “Damn!! Don’t you look sexy!” Dave says.

“Thank you, you are looking pretty awesome too. Your arms and chest are threatening to rip that shirt apart from the inside.” Annie replies as she runs her hand over Dave’s right shoulder and down his arm. “Let’s head out to my car. I have one more surprise for you. Something can’t wear on the ship. What’s with the back pack, by the way.”

They walk away from the ship and off the pier while Dave explains. “I need to get away from the ship, and I have the entire weekend off, so I reserved a hotel room near the beach. Absolutely not expecting you to join me. Just found a good deal online.”

“Makes sense. How are you going to get back on Monday, then?” Annie asks.

“I’ll get a cab or uber.”

“Or you can ride back with me, if you play your cards right.” Annie says. They are now next to her 2 year old pick up truck. She opens the door and sets her bag in the truck. He steps up to her and pulls her into his arms. He smiles as he leans into her for a kiss. Their lips touch and they both feel sparks shooting from their lips into their brains. “Fuck! That was a kiss!!” Annie gasps when their lips part. “Get in the truck and we will get you checked into your room.”

They get in and she heads off the base. They are holding hands as they talk about the day. She drops him off at the front door of the hotel so he can check in.

Dave walks in and quickly gets checked in and receives his key. He turns to see if Annie had come into the lobby or not. He sees her sitting on one of the couches, legs crossed. He sees she is now wearing black heels with what look like 3 inch spiked heels. He walks over and she stands up, her heels bringing her to just about eye level with him.

“Very nice. Those heels look great. Give me a spin, let me see how they complete the outfit.” He says to her.

She does a slow pirouette loving that his eyes are devouring her. As she spins he can’t help himself, his hand runs over her firm asks. Feeling the muscle underneath the jeans and soft flesh.

“I never get to wear my heels since I’d be taller than the guy I’m with. I’m happy I get to wear them today.”

“You can wear them all weekend, if you’d like. They just enhance the pure sexiness you already have.” He pulls her into his arms again and kisses her deeply.

She breaks the kiss and whispers into his ear, “You better take me up to your room now, or I’m gonna rip your clothes off right here.”

Dave takes her hand and they walk to the elevators and to the room. Once he closes and locks the door he drops his bag and pulls Annie in for another long kiss. Their lips part and their tongues meet and wrestle. His hands are on the side of her face holding her gently as they kiss. Her hand reaches up and releases her bun. Her dirty blond hair falling free down to the middle of her back. She then wraps her arms around his neck pulling him closer.

His hands slide down her long neck to her shoulders, then slip down to her waist. His hands reach around and cup a firm cheek in each one. He lifts and pulls her closer, she eagerly hops up and wraps her long athletic legs around his waist. He easily carriers her this way to the king sized bed and sets her down on her back. Her legs are still wrapped around his waist as he straightens up. He smiles and runs his fingertips lightly up and down her thighs, tracing all the way up to her waist. She moans and releases her hold. He leans down and lightly kisses her lips again, then kisses down her long neck. At the shoulder his lips make her shudder, so he plants a few more kisses and a nibble or two. His hands slip to her waist and start to slide up her taut belly. He can feel goosebumps break out as his mouth moves to her chest. “Damn it!! That feels so fucking good, Dave. Don’t stop.” Her hands meet his hands and she lifts up just enough to pull her top up and over her head. The top causing her long hair to spread even more over the bed. She lays back now wearing a lacy baby blue bra, that barely contains her c cup breasts. His hands cup each one firmly, his mouth moving between them pressing each one to his face. Her hands are at his waist pulling his shirt up. When his shirt gets to his chin he pulls back enough to let her pull it off. He also sees her bra is a front book, so he takes the time to release his new friends from their lacy prison. He enjoys the sight of the pale globes with the lightest pink nipples and areola. His mouth dives to the left one, sucking as much of her beast in his mouth as he can, then releases to nibble, lick and kiss that pretty pink nipple. His hand is tweaking and rubbing the other breasts.

Her hands are running up and down his bare back, running illegal bahis her nails lightly, then firmly. Her mouth is kissing the top and side of his head. “Keep going dammit. I’m so fucking hot right now!”

He hears her and can see that both nipples could cut glass right now so he stands up and pops open his own jeans, sliding them down his legs, his rock hard cock bulging his boxer briefs. “Jesus! Look at that thing.” She says as she pushes up off the bed reaching for it. Before he can stop her, or even slow her down, she has his drawers on the floor and his cock in her mouth. She inhales his meat, driving the head into her throat.

Dave grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her back off of his cock. “Not yet girl. I’ll give you that when I’m ready.” He grabs her under her shoulders and lifts her easily into the air. He kisses her and then tosses her back onto the bed. He grabs her legs and puts one on each of his shoulders.

“Finally a man who will take charge.” She growls. “Take what you want, Dave.”

He slips her heels off and puts them on the bed, then unbuttoned her pants and peels them down. She lifts her hips so he can peel them off of her ass. As they slide down her blond trimmed bush pokes out. “No panties, what a dirty girl you are. Though I am happy to see some bush. I am not a fan of bare pussy.” Dave says as he peels the skin tight jeans down and off of her long, muscular legs. He tosses the jeans aside and sets her legs on his shoulders again. He slips her heels back on to her feet so that now Annie is completely naked except for her black 3 inch heels.

“Do you like what you see?” Annie says with a blush and a nervous smile.

“Very much, Annie. You are Sex Incarnate.” With her legs still on his shoulders, he grabs her by the waist and in a show of strength lifts her from the bed to sitting in his shoulders. His mouth and tongue start working on her wet pussy as soon as they make contact.

“Goddamn!!” Annie squeals with excitement. She has never been manhandled like this and is loving every sensation. She leans forward locking her legs behind his neck and her arms around his head, pressing her breasts against his head.

“Mmmmphmm” Dave says with his mouth full of juicy tasty twat. He holds Annie up like this until she starts shaking through her first orgasm. Her juices running down his chin and onto his chest. When she comes down from her orgasm, he lays her back on the bed, flips her over onto her stomach, then picks her up again in the standing 69 position. Her face is resting directly on his rock hard member. His tongue slides over her soaked slit once more. “It’s time, you can have my cock now.” He says.

She happily gobbles him up, feeling him fill her mouth. She runs her tongue along the shaft in her mouth, the stud in her tongue rough along the smooth skin. Her lips surround the head, sucking furiously, stroking his hard shaft in time with her sucking.

He buries his face in her wet pussy, licking, sucking and nibbling on the lips. He sucks her clit between his lips. Her legs are wrapped around his head, the heels clicking against each other.

After a few minutes like this, Dave lifts her by the waist and she unlocks her legs and releases his cock. He sets her back on the bed, He spins her around and then Dave lifts her up again, right side up and facing him. Annie quickly wraps her long, sharply legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, burying his face in kisses that he returns. He reaches between them and guides his rock hard shaft into her willing, sopping pussy. “Oh fucking yes!! Fuck me! Fuck me!!” Annie cries out “Fill me with that monster!” She moves a bit to allow his complete entry into her. “Goddammit!! That feels soooooo gooooooodddd!!”

Dave”s mouth is on Annie’s neck and shoulders kissing, licking. His hands on her waist, lifting and lowering her on his rod. His lips kiss at the junction of her shoulder and neck. Feeling her shudder and tighten on his cock, he smiles and kisses again. Another shudder and tightening brings another smile, and a nibble. He attacks that spot on both sides of her neck until “I’m cuuuummmmmminggggg!!” She screams. “Oh God yes, I’m cuummming!”

He feels her grasp tightly on his cock and her juices flowing down his legs. He kisses her lips, their tongues meeting in her mouth. When she has completely recovered, he says “Now it’s my turn.” Dave turns, Annie still in his arms and impaled on his cock. He takes a step and places her back against the wall. Holding her waist he steps back slightly to give some room between their chests. Her eyes go wide as he slides out almost all the way, then a quick thrust. He pumps into her quickly and roughly. The pounding of her soaked pussy is bringing her back to orgasmic levels. “Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Fuck me yes!!” She whimpers as she tightens around his cock, her mum flowing again.

One, two more deep strokes. “Goddamn!! I’m cumminng!” He shouts as he slams fully into her emptying his balls fully into her wet womb. Her legs and arms tighten around him, pulling her into complete contact with him. He stands, holding her against him, feeling their juices flow down his legs. Their mouths illegal bahis siteleri are again pressed together, just enjoying the sensual moment.

He turns again backing up until his legs hit the bed. He sits back, then lays down, still holding his sexy package to him. They kiss softly as his cock slowly softens and falls out of her. “Damn woman, you are too fucking sexy!” He whispers to her as they both slip into a restful sleep.

Dave wakes up to the best feeling in the world. A mouth on his cock. “Good morning, gorgeous. I see you are working on a midnight snack.”

“Mmmhmm” She purrs “just enough over you ready for round two.”

A grin on his face he replies “If you are ready, so am I.” He slides out of bed and pulls Annie to her feet and into his arms. “You still have the heels on, that’s my good, sexy girl.” He says, punctuating each word with a kiss. He pulls her in for a long kiss, his hand sliding down the side of her smooth body. His fingers brush the side of her breast, down her ribs, tohe waist then between them. His fingers tangle through her bush then between her legs. She quickly spreads them, allowing his fingertips access. He feels that she is soaked and brings his wet fingers to his mouth. “Mmm, you do taste so good.” He kisses her again and then turns her around and bends her over the bed, her ass high in the air, her black high heeled feet spread far apart for support. He squats behind her and runs his tongue along her lips from clit to ass hole. His tongue does a quick swirl of that little button then back down her lips to her engorged clit. He sucks and bumps that button for a few minutes, feeling her juices start to flow. He stands up and positions his rock hard cock at her dripping hole. Slipping the head in slowly, more in control of himself this time. He slowly slide into her, her pussy gripping him like a fist. He is fully into her, holds, then slowly backs out, she is so tight around him. “I can’t do this slowly, it feels too Damn good.” Dave groans.

“God yes! Fuck me!!” Annie squeals.

Dave grips her waist and starts pumping in and out picking up speed and losing himself in the pure pleasure of the woman in his hands. After what feels like seconds and hours Annie has cum twice and Dave feels the pressure building “I’m gonna cum.” He grunts.

“In me again, please. Oh, I want to feel you explode in me again.” She moans reaching between her legs to rub her clit to bring her next orgasm with him.

His fingers tighten on her hips as he thrusts into her, her butt pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“Gaaaahhhh” he groans as once again he unloads deep into Annie. Shot after shot of cum splashisplashing inside of her.

“Yeeeeessssssssss” Annie purrs as the hot load, hard cock, and fingers on her clit bring her over the edge again. They both collapse forward onto the bed, with Dave pulling out and laying on his back beside her.

“May I? She asks, looking longingly at his throbbing, slick cock.

“You may. Enjoy.” He smiles at her.

Annie quickly scoots around and takes him in her hands, her tongue working over his cock, tasting the both of them together. She licks it from base to tip all the way around, using the stud in her tongue to tease the tip. She then traces the edge of the helmet with her tongue. When she can feel the twitching and throbbing increase, she drops her whole mouth onto him, flicking the tip again with her stud. Her head is bobbing up and down, with one hand working the shaft in unison. Her other hand is cupping and massaging his balls.

Dave has a couple pillows behind his head so he can watch this magnificent cock sucker work his shaft. He reaches down, running his hand through her hair, his other reaches for her shapely ass and starts massaging and squeezing her cheeks. “Damn, I’m about to cum again!!”

“Mmmmmm” Annie moans around his cock. She feels a new twitch at that, so she starts humming on his cock, speeding up the bobbing and stroking.

His hand grips a handful of hair as his balls explode, his cum racing into her waiting, greedy mouth. She swallows as more and more fills her mouth. She swallows what she can, but some trickles out and down over her hands. She opens her mouth and licks up the little she missed. She milks his cock a couple more times to get the last little bit. When she is sure he is as clean as she can get him, She crawls back up next to him and snuggles up next, one long sexy leg draped over his, her head on his muscular chest. He gives her a kiss on the top of the head as they drift off again.

They spend the next 2 days in and out of bed. Some time in the bathtub, the shower, late night in the pool once, and one very quick time in the elevator.

On Monday, they made it back in time to check in for work. Over the next 2 weeks they spent as much off time together as they could, but both were one hundred percent professional during duty hours.


Two days after Annie transferred out Chief Baron called all 3 of her medics into the office. “We are headed out to sea for 3 days. We will leave port the day after tomorrow.” Baron told them “We will run some GQ drills, some fire drills, some man overboard canlı bahis siteleri and security alert drills.”

She turned to Chris “Daniels, I want you to train Krieg how to check the water purity and where to check.”

“Jansen, you are going to work on getting the medical records in order.” She tells Jenna “Since we have enough of a staff we are going to have someone awake and on duty 24 hours a day at sea. For this trip it’ll be you Jansen. Once we are under way, you will be working 2000 (8pm) to 0800 when we relieve you. Obviously you will have to report for GQ, but you are free during the day to sleep.” Baron pauses, looking at her staff, “when we deploy, we will set up a rotation so everyone will do the over nights. Paperwork and other clerical work will be expected to be completed when working overnights. Understood?”

“Aye aye Chief” all 3 reply.

“Now Krieg, once Daniels shows you what is to be done, you will be responsible for the water checks. DCC O’Shea is holding training for the fire party today at 1500 (3pm) he asked for you personally and I understand you are interested in working on the fire party?”

“Yes Chief, I am. CMC brought it up on my first day.”

“Well, report to DC Central at 1500” she says “Because you will be busy with the fire party and you and Jansen will be working on your ESWS (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist pronounced E-swass) Daniels will be taking the boarding party training. Jansen, that reminds me, you will be the flight operations medic, you will also report to flight quarters when that’s called away.”

“Aye aye Chief” they reply again.

“Questions?” She asks. No one has any. “Back to work, the next few days are going to be hectic.”

They were hectic, getting the last minute supplies loaded and accounted for, getting assigned to “Tiger teams” to help load food and other supplies. Finally the day has arrived, the mooring lines are slipped, and the tugs push the O’Doyle into the shipping lane. The O’Doyle is under way and the first watch takes over.

Dave Krieg pulls out his red “At Sea Fire Party – USS O’Doyle” ball cap and thinks back over the meeting he had with the DCC.

“Glad to meet you Doc. I heard about some of the stuff you did at your last duty station and I am glad to have a corpsman who can keep his shit together and who will have our backs on an emergency.” O’Shea said as he shook Krieg’s hand. “Not bashing the other docs aboard, but it’s good to know you have seen and done some shit.”

“Now, for the fire party, when the fire is announced over the 1MC (shipwide intercom system on which ALL announcements are made. All F’n day long) you will grab your medical kit, your fire resistant hood and gloves and report to the nearest DC locker to the fire.” You will report in to either me or the senior member on site. You will hang tight at the locker until/unless an injury is brought to you or I escort you to the injured party. You will help at the locker with suiting up the other members. You get the boring part, because I need you safe and handy in case the shit hits the fan. Understood?”

“Aye aye Chief. I understand.” Krieg replies.

“This is your new uniform cap. When the crew sees the red caps racing through the P-ways (passageway/hallway) they better make a hole, or you’ll be busy patching up some bumps and bruises on the dumb ass who didn’t move.” O’Shea laughs. “Seriously though, we do have some drills scheduled and I expect my fire party to respond at full speed. Badass or not, you lollygag one of my drills, you are off the team. Got me?”

“Got you Chief. 100 percent.”

“Great to meet you Doc. We will have to sit and share some sea stories over a beer during this deployment.’

“Sounds great Chief, I look forward to that.”

“Get out of here Doc. We both got shit to do.”

“Aye aye, Chief.”

Dave smiles as her puts the red cap on and heads up the ladder (stairs on a ship are ladders, no one knows why) to check in with Chris for the days training.


HM3 Jenna Jansen was waiting for HMC Baron to dismiss her for the day. When she was first informed she was going to be working the overnights during this first cruise, she wasn’t happy. She wanted to be the one to show the new guy around. She hasn’t had more than an hours worth of downtime with him since he reported in. She was hoping to get to know him better on the cruise. She got all kinds of horny while at sea. So she was afraid she wasn’t going to get any action these three days. Until, that is, her friend from engineering GSM3 Patty Jones told her she was working third watch throughout this cruise too. Once she was dismissed she headed to the female’s berthing area. Jenna took her uniform off and went to the lounge area in her white satin bra and panties. She didn’t see anyone around so she took one of the chairs to the far corner. She leaned back, closed her eyes and thought about Daniels and Krieg. She thought about how they both filled out their uniforms. Her hand started lightly rubbing over her bra. Suddenly, the door opened up and a group of women walked in. They were talking to each other as they headed to their beds. “Well, I didn’t really want to do it that way anyway. I wonder where Patty is.” She thought to herself. The door opened again and a short, curvy black girl walked in. She has her hair cut very short. He uniform is tight across the rear and hips. She turns and looks into the lounge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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