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I’m kneeling in front of you and you are stood leaning against the wall in your thigh high stiletto boots.

You have hitched your skirt up revealing your stocking tops and your silk panties hiding your smooth pussy.

My finger tips are stroking your silky stocking tops and teasingly circling the soft skin of your inner thigh. You widen your stance encouragingly and my fingers are joined by the tip of my wet tongue. I sense your breathing quicken in anticipation and you start to massage the back of my head pulling me closer to your pussy and trying to start to control the actions of my tongue….

The tip of my wet tongue circles gently on your soft warm inner thigh as you lean back forcing yourself against the wall and your pussy into my face. I pull back controlling the pace but relishing your hands running through my hair, your quickening breath and the light murmours as a result of your arousal. My tongue circles ever closer to your pussy and I can start to smell your excitement as my finger tips now gently rub your pussy mound. You gasp at the touch….

My fingers return to massaging your stocking tops but more firmly now as I lightly trail my tongue down your silk covered güvenilir bahis pussy lips exploring gently and feeling your wetness now seeping through your gusset. Your forcing your Pussy against my tongue but I’m still controlling the pace.

As I explore with my tongue slowly increasing the pressure both my hands are now massaging your pert bum cheeks and your breathing has quickened further.

My tongue traces along the folds of your pussy lips and finds your hard clit and circles it ever so gently at first but then more firmly as you start to grind your pussy against my face. My hands are massaging your bum more firmly and I can feel your pussy lips parting as I massage. Your gusset is soaked with the combined attentions of my tongue and your own arousal. I savour the perfume and taste…

I pull back and guide you round so you are now facing the wall and your bum is pushed out still covered by your silky knickers.

I take in the view of your bum and legs framing your panty covered pussy before firmly trailing my fingers between your legs finding your pussy lips and clit and circle and massage it still through your knickers.

You gasp and moan biting your lip.

As türkçe bahis my fingers massage your pussy firmly you moan and grind against them and I kiss and lick your peachy bum cheeks pushing your panties up to expose your bare creamy flesh.

I then start to ease them down

over your stocking tops stroking your thighs as they fall and then they hit the floor. You step out of them and resume your position in front of me knicker less.

Your pussy is still framed but this time I can see it clearly. Your pink lips are swollen and glistening, parted ready for me to play with.

Your bum is creamy and soft to touch.

You pull your bum cheeks apart with your hands as if to encourage me to explore further and showing your naked bum hole in the process…..


Choices; what to do next?

Still kneeling behind you I lean in and stroke your wet lips with the tips of two fingers – you moan throwing your head back as they find your clit and nip it gently before massaging it firmly.

My tongue teases your pussy lips savouring your flavour before delving deeply into your hot hole.

You push down on my tongue and fingers firmly and I reciprocate güvenilir bahis siteleri massaging with both harder and faster.

My thumb joins my tongue in your pussy finding your g spot and rubbing it firmly; you moan louder.

My fingers are circling your clit hard as my thumb and tongue continues to fuck you.

Your starting to shake and struggling to stay on your feet propping yourself up against the wall.

My attention is making you very wet and sweetly noisy as I finger and tongue fuck you.

My tongue is deep inside the back of your pussy and then teasing the

Tender tissue at the base of your hole next to your bum hole. Occasionally I flick the skin between the two brushing your bum hole and then back into your pussy. My thumb is fucking you rubbing your g spot with each thrust and my fingers are teasing your pussy lips and clit firmly.

Your very wet, panting and moaning and I can feel your first orgasm building as you start to squirm and spasm. Your practically sitting on my shoulder unable to control yourself and stand.

I continue to service you hearing you moan and now scream as you finally give in; you orgasm collapsing on to me then gently onto the floor sitting against the wall. Your legs are shaking and your struggling for breath as your orgasm starts to subside.

I relish the sight as you slowly recover and I slowly stroke my thick hard cock in satisfaction at your orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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