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Emma listened closely, more and more convinced of Michael’s ego-maniacal tendencies. He would do whatever it took to promote himself as the one in control, even hosting these “galas”, which were just glorified sex parties. She listened to Alex’s story of his mother’s condition and was horrified to learn that Michael was using it as a leash to keep Alex reigned in to this business of “pleasure”. Emma found herself scooting closer and closer until her head was resting against his shoulder, as he finished telling her his tale. She almost hugged him, but just sighed, forming her words carefully.

“You don’t deserve this, Alex,” she said slowly, after some thought. “You work hard to make sure your mother is well cared for. You look out for your friend, even when he doesn’t deserve it; you even came here to warn me about what I was getting into.” She lifted her head to look at him. “You’re an alright guy in my book.”

She smiled softly, and he returned it. Her smile slowly faded as she realized how close she’d gotten. She was practically in his lap. Her breath suddenly seemed hard in coming as she gazed into his beautiful eyes. She searched for the strength she had just held and found nothing. He began leaning towards her, and she was surprised as she moved to meet him, their lips catching each other as they kissed. Emma’s eyes closed slowly as she melted against him, pooling helplessly into his lap. He gathered her up in his arms, deepening the kiss. His hands roamed over her back, calming her nerves as she became more and more aware of their closeness. A blush crept into her cheeks as she felt heat flush over her body, gathering between her legs.

Slowly, she lifted a hand to his face, pulling back a little, biting her lip as she searched his face for intent. “Alex,” she whispered as he pulled her back close, burying his face into her hair, finding and nipping at her neck. He mumbled a response. “Alex,” she tried again, more persistently, pushing against him. He finally pulled away, his breath ragged, his eyes clouded. She cupped his face in both her hands. “Alex, we can’t do this.”

“Why not?” he asked, going for her neck again. She pushed him away, forcing him to focus on her face.

“We don’t even know each other. How can we do something so intimate when we only met one other time? Just because I accidently fell asleep in your room does not instantly mean we are together.” She bit her lip, cursing her old fashioned morals and need to be on the up and up.

Alex sighed and pulled her against him, just holding her. “Emma, this isn’t about something being intimate. This is about two people, both struggling, and both needing some way to cope with their situation.” He stroked her hair gently as she listened to him talk. His voice was low, quiet, and soothing, melting away all her worries and drawing her in. “Look, if you need a reason, let me offer this proposition.” He lifted her chin so she was forced to look at him. “Michael will have you at that gala, both as a guest, and at some point as his own personal companion.” Emma winced. “Don’t let him make your first time traumatizing like that.” He kissed her again, a little more gently this time. Whispering, he pleaded, “Let me be your first, and truly show you what it means to make love; beyond the sex; beyond the physical attraction. Let me love you, Emma Perry.”

Emma gasped lightly, looking at him, searching his face for any trace of trickery or of mockery. Finding none, she almost cried. Who was this prince of the world? She nodded slowly, closing her eyes, fighting back tears. Before she could form words of consent, his lips were pressed against hers, crushing them, begging for her to trust him. She relaxed slowly, raising a hand to his face again, riding on the sensations. bedava bahis She figured her body would know what to do.

His hands ran over her back again and he kissed a trail from her mouth, over her cheek, and down her neck again. Emma felt her breath catch as he nibbled a line up her neck to her ear. She gasped as he sucked and nibbled the lobe, teasing it with his tongue. She moaned quietly as his hands continued rubbing her back, closing in on the clasp of her bra. A little squeak of surprise issued from her lips as the clasp snapped and her bra fell, freeing her breasts. Despite the breeze, she felt feverish as he gazed at her breasts. She was just getting used to being in the open, and even smiled a little. Then he swept in, catching one of her tight, hard nipples between his lips, sucking and swirling his tongue over the engorged, little peak. She moaned a little louder as sparks shot through her, fueling the fire between her legs.

Eager to move along, and even the score, she pushed up his shirt. He lifted his arms, letting her pull it over his head. She threw it off to the side, and took only a half a second to admire his bare chest before leaning in to kiss him hard. He put his hands on her hips, and she shifted so she was straddling him on the couch. Without thinking, she began rotating her hips, teasing a groan from his hot mouth.

Encouraged by his reaction, she reached down for his pants button, but before she could get it undone, he grabbed her wrists and held them back. She fought against him and used his grip on her wrists to pin his hands to the couch, kissing more desperately. He pulled back, breathing heavily. “Emma,” he groaned.

“Yes?” she breathed, only partially paying attention. He gripped her tighter and forced her back, making her look at him.

“Not here.”

She froze, her mind coming back slowly as his words registered. She smiled softly, nodding. She got off of him and grabbed his hand, leading him into her bedroom. She silently breathed a prayer of thanks that she had made the bed that morning after having washed the sheets. All of this faded from thought as he kissed her again, pushing her back onto the bed. She looked up smiling, and he unbuttoned his pants as she watched, chewing her bottom lip with anticipation. He dropped both his pants and boxers in one swift, fluid motion. Emma blushed darkly at the sight of his cock, bobbing excitedly before her.

She gasped a little as he began approaching her. She curled up as he planted his hands on either side of her on the bed and leaned in to nibble her ear again. “I won’t hurt you, Emma. Not on purpose.” She looked at him, trust in her eyes as she nodded. He pushed her back gently and tugged on the waist of her shorts. She arched her back just enough for him to tug them off, and blushed darkly as she was wearing nothing underneath. He smiled as he dropped her shorts on the floor and crawled up onto the bed. She scooted back into the pillows, smiling shyly as she lay before him, completely naked. He lay down beside her, running a hand over first one of her feet and then the other, soothing her best he could. She refused to look at him, but only nodded slowly as if giving herself silent, mental counsel.

“Emma,” he whispered, and she froze again. “Open your legs for me, please.” She shook her head hard, closing her eyes tightly and biting her bottom lip again. He continued stroking her feet, working his way up the leg closest to him, massaging gently, trying to show her it was okay to relax. She still kept her eyes closed, breathing heavily as he worked the muscles. Slowly, hesitantly, she let the leg relax against him. He continued massaging, working his fingers over her soft, pale flesh; over her knee, around bedava bonus the back of it, and up her inner thigh. She squeaked and clenched her legs shut again. He smirked a little and began working the other leg, just as gently, and when he got to her thigh and saw her about to snap shut, he wedged his hand between her legs and they both froze.

“Emma,” he urged, using his free hand to cup her chin and turn her face to his. She slowly opened first one eye and then the other. “I promised I wouldn’t hurt you, didn’t I?” She nodded slowly. “Please, trust me. I want this to be nothing but a pleasurable experience for you.” She nodded again. “Will you let me please you?” A nod. “Can you trust me enough to release my hand?” Another nod and an easing of the pressure that had captured his hand between her heated thighs told him all he needed to know.

He began stroking the silky skin again, slowly moving his fingers higher and higher until his knuckle brushed the very edge of her outer lips. She gasped and squirmed a little bit. He froze and she moaned in protest. Grinning, he stroked once, a long, drawn out motion, from the bottom of one side, to the top, and down the other side. She squirmed harder, groaning. He did it again and she reached down, grabbing his wrist. Raising an eyebrow, he let her take control, and she guided his fingers to her slit, causing them to run up and down it. He did so a couple of times before slowly parting them and running a finger over her inner lips. She moaned a little louder, breathing heavily. He slid his finger easily through her moist pussy, teasing the hot, sensitive flesh.

As she reveled in the sensations of his fingers, he moved slowly, deliberately, until he was crouching between her legs. She hesitated, looking down at him quizzically. He smiled as he licked her thigh. She groaned, her head lolling back against her piles of pillows. He licked again, this time in the little valley where her thigh met her torso. She moaned louder and squirmed. He continued licking in this little spot until her scent met his nostrils in a wave of pure passion and need. At this prompting, he dove into her sweet core, licking, sucking, and devouring her luscious pussy, making her writhe in agonizing pleasure. His tongue swirled and teased, finding her swollen clit. As she gasped and jerked from the electric spasms that shot through her from this discovery, he latched onto it, sucking hard, pulling on it. She gasped, tangling her fingers in his hair and pushing her core harder into his face. He smiled and sucked harder, moving his head side to side, so he pulled at it. She gasped and fought the urge to scream as her first climax slammed into her and she came all over his face and into his mouth.

He moved away slowly, licking his upper lip. He crawled up her body and kissed her and she slowly let her tongue creep out, tasting her juices on his lips as they kissed. She was surprised at how delicious she was and pulled back, flushed and blushing. He smiled, leaning in to kiss her again as his fingers parted her lips once more. He knew she was sufficiently wet, but he wanted to prepare her for so much more. He slowly slid a finger into her hot cunt. She broke their kiss, moaning and squirming. He began dragging it in and out, hooking up to tap her G-spot every time he pulled it out.

It did not take long for her to be twisting with her second climax as she bit her lip hard to keep, again, from screaming. As she rode out the orgasm, he inserted a second finger, dragging them against the flesh within, teasing her into peak after peak of pleasure. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he pulled his fingers out and let her breathe. He positioned himself over her and froze.

“I want you deneme bonusu to hold onto my shoulders,” he said quietly, the tip of his cock teasing her soaking pussy. Barely able to think, Emma obeyed, gripping tightly. Alex nudged her open slowly, slipping the head just past the edges of her entrance. She gasped and her grip tightened a little. He paused, waiting for her to catch her breath. When she seemed stable again, he began pushing in. Her back arched and she groaned; a mixture of pleasure and pain. He stopped, breathing heavily. Emma’s breath was ragged as she tried to tell him to continue.

“Emma,” he grunted, “There’s no easy way to do this.” She nodded slowly, clutching his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin. He grimaced a little and she loosened her grip, but still held on, as if trying to save her own life. He looked into her eyes, catching their focus and trying to hold it. “I’m just going to push in. Forgive me if I hurt you. I promise, it will be worth it. Just remember that I…” He hesitated, the words catching in his throat. He wasn’t sure if he should say it. He wasn’t sure if it was true. He was here, though, wasn’t he? Could he have really done this if he didn’t? He had never done this with anyone but Abby. Then it must be true. “I love you,” he whispered.

Emma’s eyes widened and he saw a hint of a tear glimmering in the corner of one. She smiled softly, nuzzling into his shoulder. “I… I love you too.” With that, she nodded, giving him the all-clear to continue.

Warming quickly to her welcoming gestures, he buried his face into her sweet-smelling hair and plunged into her depths, muffling her cry of shock and pain with a passionate kiss. She slowly relaxed against him, kissing back. Gently, with the most loving care, he began sliding back out. She inhaled sharply, arching her back and he stopped. She shook her head, dismissing her reaction, and kneaded his shoulders with her fingertips.

He began moving slowly, each thrust dragging a moan out of her. As she began to enjoy it more and more, he picked up the pace, sliding his hard cock against the walls of her tight pussy faster and faster. She kneaded harder, pulling him into her harder each time he pressed against her. Her cries of pain that had torn at his heart were quickly melting into almost shrieks of pleasure as her body’s reactions squeezed and milked his cock. He groaned as he began to go harder and faster. He pounded into her body as she dug her nails once more into his shoulders, eventually dragging them down his chest, leaving long, red trails as she clawed her way to his hips. She pulled him harder and harder into her body, her muscles contracting, swallowing his member.

Her mind reeled and she saw spots as her body drew closer and closer to its peak. She clutched the skin of his hips, pulling him against her as she screamed her ecstasy, her orgasm ripping through her mind, plunging her into blissful oblivion. He just kept going and she was surprised to feel a second wave, mounting, suddenly hitting her with more intensity than the first. She let go quickly and reached up to grip at the rails of her head board, groaning loudly as the waves racked her brain and shot her body into spasms. Her eyes rolled back in her head and still he went on.

She saw black shadows creeping into the corners of her vision and she tried to muster the energy to beg him to stop, but her body demanded he keep going, pushing her to her limits and then beyond, into the abyss of sensual satisfaction. Her eyes closed slowly and with a final fit of spasms, she passed out.

Alex watched, her final, dying groan pushing him over the edge and he pulled himself from her, quickly, though reluctantly, and finished, shooting his seed all across her pale, bare stomach and up onto her perfect breasts. She moaned softly as her body completed its shut down, and he smiled gently as he lay down beside her. He sighed contentedly and laid an arm over her protectively as he drifted off to sleep. Somehow, this just felt… Right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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