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Public Sex

Anne was waving Gordon goodbye as he reversed the car. He was leaving for the airport to catch the 9pm flight. There had been some problems at the Oakland plant and he was called up to arrange for a meeting with the workers. He would be away for three days. As the car moved away, Anne turned and walked into the house.

She went into the kitchen to clear up the table. Timmy walked in and saw his mother at the sink, washing the plates. Walking up to her, he placed his hands on her waist. “Oh Timmy, not now, please, your dad’s just left and I’m tired,” she said in a low voice.

Anne was wearing her bathrobe. Timmy knew that she and dad had just made love before he left. Ignoring her plea, he untied the cotton belt around her waist. Reaching in around her, his hands cupped her breasts. They were full and heavy. Kneading her nipples, they grew hard and she leaned her head against his cheek. Timmy slipped the bathrobe off her shoulders and it fell onto the floor. His mother was now naked, standing against the sink as he pressed his body into her slender back.

“Please Timmy,” she said again.

He stopped, released her breasts and took off his pants. Ann had lovely buttocks, flaring out of her tiny waist. His hands reached down and pressed her ass cheeks apart. As his hands touched her between her thighs, Timmy could feel that she was still wet and sticky. Her pussy was still drenched with his dad’s cum. Holding both her hands behind her back, he pushed his hardened penis into her vagina. Anne gasped and involuntarily spread her legs slightly as her son entered her.

Although she had just been fucked earlier, she was still tight but her recently used vaginal walls accepted his huge organ. Pressing her firmly to the sink, Timmy fucked his mother with deep strokes. She moaned as he pumped into her. He felt her shuddered as she had her orgasm. Turning her head to his, Timmy kissed Anne on the mouth. As his tongue snaked into hers, he ejaculated deep inside her vagina. The thought of his sperm mixing with what his father had deposited much earlier made him spurt uncontrollably until he was almost out of breath. Both mother and son were gasping for air. Holding her tightly, Timmy tried to reach into her deepest recess until he felt himself slowly getting soft and pulled out. Her pubic hair was matted with sticky secretions.

“Oh Mom,” Timmy whispered, “I had to do it, knowing that he just had you. I love you so much.

Anne was completely exhausted and did not answer him. Stooping down, she picked up her bathrobe and walked unsteadily to her room.

He picked up his pants and headed for his room. As he stepped forward, he could see specks of cum on the floor. They were his, leaked from his mother’s vagina. Timmy felt a sense of guilt of taking her so soon after she had been fucked by her husband.

This was only the second time he made love to his mother.

Timmy was 19 and Anne was 38. He had been away to college and was home for the holidays. They were a loving family, Dad, Mom and Timmy. It had never crossed his mind that this incestuous encounter could ever happen. Mom had been his closest confidant and he had always loved her deeply.

It all began on that first Monday when he was home. He was out that morning, doing some shopping for new shirts that he needed before he returned to college. Reaching home, at around 3pm, Timmy was surprised to see his dad’s car in the porch. Dad’s home early, he thought to himself. As he walked into the house, there was no one in the living room. Then he heard voices.

It was muted and sounded like groans. Turning his head, Timmy could make out that it came from his parent’s room. The bedroom door was slightly ajar. He knew that he should bahis firmaları not go towards it but he could not stop himself from stepping silently in the direction. The sounds emitting from inside grew clearer and Timmy could make out his father’s voice.

“God, you are so tight, darling.” And he could hear the unmistakable sound of flesh bumping onto flesh. He knew he should walk away but he had to see. Moving closer, Timmy looked in.

The sight before me was so very erotic. Mom was on her stomach, flat on the bed with two pillows beneath her. And Dad was on his knees, astride her buttocks. God, his penis was in her anus. Their backs were towards him. Timmy stood there transfixed, witnessing the illicit sodomizing of his mother’s back passage. He could feel his cock hardening as he heard his father kept telling mom how deep he was fucking her. At the moment when Gordon pressed Ann hard into the mattress, she turned her head and mother and son’s eyes met. He could not tear his eyes away, as she looked at him, her face in sudden shock. At that moment too, his father lunged tight against Anne’s buttocks and he stopped moving, as he came inside her. Timmy turned away and walked quickly to his room.

That was the first time he ever saw his mother naked. Her pale body so lovely and being impaled in such forbidden manner almost caused him to cum as he sat down on his bed, trembling. He could not forget the scene and for the first time, he began to see his mother as a sexual object. Timmy could hardly breathe.

During dinner, he could not face her and ate in silence. Gordon turned to me and remarked, “busy day, Timmy, you are pretty quiet tonight.”

He grunted a reply and kept on concentrating on his plate. After dinner, as he was placing the dishes in the sink, Anne came by his side and said in a low voice. “Timmy, I want to talk to you later.”

He was in his room, lying on the bed, his mind confused and in turmoil. The lights were off but the window remained open and the moonlight traced in. There was a soft knock on the door. It opened and Timmy saw his mother standing there. She was in her negligee and he looked at her. She always wore this for sleeping but this time, his eyes and mind saw her differently. The soft womanly curves of her body, silhouetted in the dim light accentuated her full breasts, the small waist and firm, protruding buttocks. He felt himself go hard.

Walking softly, she reached and sat on his bed. “Timmy,” she began and stopped. In the faint light, he could see her the pained look on her face as she tried again. “Timmy, you shouldn’t have peeped into my room,” she said, he voice almost breaking.

He just looked at her, not knowing what to say or do. His eyes searched hers and dropped to gaze at the body. But all he could see in his mind was her lying naked and being taken anally by his father.

Suddenly, he reached out for her and clasped her to his chest. Taken by surprise, she did not resist as Timmy held her tightly and moaned into her hair. “I want you mom, I want you so badly,” he pleaded in a broken voice.

Holding her face in his hands, his lips searched for hers and he kissed her almost roughly. Pushing her onto the bed, she lay there, her eyes wide and totally astounded. In his haste and uncontrolled urgency, Timmy tore the front of his mother’s negligée and her breasts were exposed.

“God, mom, you are so beautiful,” he rasped as he drank in the twin swells of her breasts. Unable to contain himself, he bend down and kissed her nipples. He could feel them grow hard as he gently sucked on them.

Anne tried to push his head up as she cried in soft protest, “No, Timmy, don’t, this is wrong, please, Timmy,.”

He knew that what he kaçak iddaa did was sinful but he could not stop myself. She tried to twist away but he held both her hands above her head as he kept sucking on her nipples. The fight in her weakened as she succumbed to the exquisite feeling emitted from Timmy’s torturous suckling of her breasts and nipples. Finally she lay in total surrender, her breathing coming in deep gasps.

Timmy took off his pajamas and she felt him placed both her hands on his penis. It was like an electric shock when she felt his hard and stiffened organ. It was so much larger than her husband’s was and she felt his pre-cum coating her fingers. Releasing her hands, Timmy lifted her legs up until her knees touched her breasts. The bottom half of her torn negligee was now bunched around her waist. She felt completely exposed and then his head was between her thighs. Her son’s lips pressed against her and she felt him sucking her vagina. She shuddered as he pushed his tongue into her forbidden hole. She felt so weak as he sucked her love juice into his mouth. She was traumatized by his lust and she came in multiple orgasms, her body trembling.

His body shaking in anticipation, Timmy mounted his mother and sank his turgid cock into her vagina. He looked at his mother’s face and he could see tears running down her cheeks. Somehow, the effects of her tear stained face made his penis grow harder. It was incest and it was also rape. But he was gentle with her. Fucking Anne slowly, he felt her cunt muscles gripping and releasing his engorged organ. Anne could feel her son going in and out of her until he felt his balls against the swollen lips of her vagina.

Then she felt her nerve ends tingling, the unmistakable orgasm overtaking her again. Timmy pushed deep into her cervix as he too succumbed to the inevitable spurting of his sperm deep inside his mother. Thick globs of cum spurted inside Anne and both mother and son held onto each other tightly. Finally, gasping for air, they relented and Timmy pulled his penis out.

He stroked his mother’s entangled hair and wiped the tears off her cheeks with the palm of his hand. “I love you,” he told her tenderly, kissing her forehead.

Anne lay quietly for about 10 minutes. By that time, Timmy was asleep, his arm folded around her. Moving her body off him, she took a last look at the naked body of her son, as she walked out and headed for her bedroom. She took off her torn negligee and slipped naked under her blanket, making sure not to awake Gordon.

Timmy would be returning to college the next day, and will not be around when Gordon returned from Oakland. As it was his last night at home, Anne did not know how to deal with what had happened between both of them. So much had transpired over the last five days. Never in her wildest imagination could she envisage such traumatic events taking place. That first time when Timmy had taken her, she could probably try and understand and forgive him. But yesterday, when he did it to her in the kitchen, she knew that there was no way back. It was a matter of time before he would want her again. God, how will all this end, she wondered in shame.

She had to speak to him tonight. Anne waited for Timmy until 11 that night and she dozed off on the lounge. She awoke with a start and thought that she was dreaming. She felt that she was floating when suddenly she realized that she was in Timmy’s arms. He was carrying her and headed towards her bedroom. She felt cold and saw that she was naked. Timmy was naked too.

“What are you doing?” she uttered incoherently.

Timmy did not reply but instead kissed her mouth as he pushed the door of her bedroom shut with is leg. He placed her on her bed.

“Why kaçak bahis are you doing this to me,” she asked him as she cringe to the end of the bed. “This is your father’s bedroom, don’t do this, please,” as Anne tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

“I want you mom, just like how I saw dad take you the other day,” he looked at Anne unwaveringly. “I have to mom.”

Anne could see Timmy’s penis gone stiff and hard, the veins showing and the eye of his smooth head seeping pre-cum. It looked so formidable. He wants to take me in the ass, she said to herself. I can’t accommodate him, he’s so big, and it’ll hurt.

“Don’t fight me, mom, please, I don’t want to hurt you. I’ll be gentle,” Timmy said as he took her hand and made her lie on her stomach.

Anne was resigned to the fact that her son was going to sodomize her as she felt him lifting her negligee upwards and exposing her buttocks. His hands were running up her thighs as he caressed the firm flesh of her butt cheeks. The she felt his hot breath as he leaned down to kiss and lick her buttocks. She closed her eyes tightly when he separated her ass cheeks with both hands.

Timmy looked in intense wonder at his mother’s tight crinkled opening. He could feel her trembling thigh muscles trying to close but he held her butt apart. He could see her throbbing anus and he dropped his head, his tongue flicked out to gently lick the pinkish hole, slaving it with his saliva.

Anne almost died with shame as she felt the caressing wet tongue of her son on her taboo opening. Then she felt him pushing and forcing his tongue into her. His persistent efforts made her relax and he penetrated her slightly. Breathing rapidly, Anne felt his illicit conquering of her anal opening and despite her feelings, she could not control herself as she sank into an explosive orgasm, her anal muscle spasming as she clenched tightly on his tongue.

Timmy’s penis was already rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Lifting his mouth off her anus, he got astride on her back and placed the head of his organ against her opening. He pressed down and the hard turgid cock head mashed against Anne’s tiny orifice. It refused to give as he pressed forward. Panting, Timmy moved his straining penis aside and dropped a glob of saliva onto her. Using his finger he rubbed the distended opening and it sank in.

Moving his finger in and out of her, he stopped and replaced it with his penis. He forced and the mushroom head entered.

Despite the intensity of her recent orgasm, Anne felt the initial pain as Timmy penetrated her. Gasping for air and with her hands clutching tightly at the bedsheet, Anne felt his enormous solid tube of hard flesh lodged inside her rectum.

Timmy eyes were closed as his mind was blown away, knowing that he was really fucking his mother up her back passage. Nothing had prepared him for the gripping tightness and the hot walls of her ravished rectum clamping onto his manhood. Unable to control himself, he began fucking his mother as though she was a bitch in heat.

Anne cried out in pain as she felt him pummeling her tender insides. Then she felt him almost at the pit of her stomach as he discharged his pent-up viscous sperm into her bowels.

Timmy’s body shook as spurt after spurt was ejaculated into his mother’s lower intestine. Even after he could cum no more, she could feel him trembling as he laid on her back, holding her against him in a tight embrace. By this time, Anne had got used to the girth of his penis, which was beginning to soften.

Kissing her shoulders, Timmy pulled his deflating penis out of Anne’s anus. His sperm slowly dripped out and ran down her thighs.

“Forgive me if I hurt you,” Timmy said softly against her ear. He stroked her body and got up. Timmy headed for his own room.

Anne lay alone with her thoughts. Timmy would be gone tomorrow, back to college. It will be another year before he comes home again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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