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“Oh yeah baby, suck it, god you suck cock so well!”

Matilda was on her knees, naked, sucking Ron’s cock, eager for him to spunk down her mouth. She knew that his Mom Julia was peeking in on them, and once she was done with Ron, it would be Julia’s turn.

Ever since that first cunt licking, a month ago, Matty and Julia had worked it out, after every cock sucking, Julia would get her cunt licked, and then lick Matty’s sweet cunt. Ron’s bedroom was in the basement, and Julia’s bedroom was upstairs, at the other end of the house. Ron knew not to go upstairs and bother his mother after she had gone to bed. His Mom was a nice-looking MILF, she was only 39, and she was entitled to private sex life, just as he was.

Ron was in the midst of a rush of pleasure, every time they’d finished their date, Matty was more than eager to suck his cock back at his home. His Mom was either up in her room or just happened to be out at those after date times, or so he thought, Matty was always wound up, stripped down for action, and on her knees, she’d go after his dick with a lust-driven hunger, and tonight was no different. Her mouth rode his pole, the wetly sucking lips gripping at his dick, that fantastic tongue swirling action, and he felt his balls being gently gripped, Matty’s soft fingers toying with his nuts.

Julia was in her usual spot, just outside the door, Matilda always made sure it was slightly ajar, so Julia could watch all the hot action. She was indeed, and she felt the warmth of her juices starting to gather.

Matty could feel Ron’s cock swell, inching further down her throat. She swallowed rapidly, and Ron grunted, “Fuck, oh yeah FUCK!” and Matty felt the first blast of hot cum launched straight down her throat, she pulled back and let the rest of the load paint her mouth and spew all over her tongue, sucking hungrily, not wanting to release his cock until she had every drop to savor.

Thanks to Julia’s expert cunt lickings, Matty had become more demanding of Ron. It used to be once he got his dick off, she’d have to frig herself at home, after the date, but no longer. He took to his knees, it felt hot and sexy when she ordered him to lick her cunt. It was kaçak iddaa like a different persona had taken possession of Matty as he stared up at the sexy mons awaiting his oral ministrations.

Matty was now shaved bare and bald, she had started to do so after Julia had taken her into the shower and shaved her, explaining that a shaved pussy was much better for licking purposes. God, the feeling of being bare and bald had driven her lust to a whole new level, and they had feasted on each other’s smooth, bare cunts with lust-driven hunger.

Ron was wildly revved up, the fact that Matty had a bare, waxed pussy was even hotter. It had been almost a month ago that Matty had become demanding of him to give her as good as she gave, and the first time, he’d munched and ate her box until she had come twice. He loved to lick her bald cunt, she had kept herself smooth and bald, and with his fervor to eat her sweet box, he had become an expert at cunt licking.

Matty lowered herself down, to let his tongue tease at the rim of her cunt, and she purred with pleasure. She reached down, spreading her lips apart, and she felt Ron quickly plaster his mouth against her fuck-hole, she was dripping wet, hot as a furnace. Ron’s mouth was warm and expert, fuck, she felt like she was being eaten alive, her moans and coos of pleasure were nonstop. He teased out her clit from beneath its canopy and worked it over just as he had learned. Matty started to grunt and rotate her hips, oh yes, she could feel the rise.

“Right there, oh right there, lick my cunt, make me cum!’

Ron was in the midst of a taste sensation, god, her juices were fucking amazing, and it took just a few more swipes of her tongue over her orgasm button, Matty grunted and barked some wordless sounds, and a rush of juices poured out to cover his face as she crested, her sounds of orgasmic pleasure filling the room.

Julia turned and hurried away, back to her room. There was a second staircase that led up to the second floor, at the back of the house. The outside door to that staircase, Matilda now had a key. Since she lived a block and a half away, it was a simple matter to slip around to the back door, once she kaçak bahis and Ron had said goodnight, and make her way up the other staircase to Julia’s room.

When Matty eased open the door, Julia was waiting for her, naked and ready for pleasure. In just a few moments, Matilda had done so. She was not wearing panties, in her mind, panties are for good girls, not for sluts. And considering what she was up to, satisfying both boyfriend and boyfriend’s Mom, she sure felt like a pantyless slut.

“Matty, it’s time for more pleasures. I will demonstrate to you, what I want to be done to me after you get yours. Bend over sweetie.”

Julia went around behind Matty, and with Matty bent at the waist, the sweet cheeks of her ass were almost in Julia’s face. Julia’s mouth watered, that sweet pink hole, all ready for a hot ass munching.

Matty was shivering with desire, wondering what Julia was going to do, she felt her ass cheeks being gently parted, then…MMMMMM OH GOD, Julia’s mouth moved in and her hot wet tongue started to lap at Matty’s tight little virgin starfish.

“Ohhhh, mmmm, grawww, sssssssss mmmmmmm…”

Matty was reduced to incoherent babbles of pleasure, as Julia licked and laved at her tight, twitchy asshole. Her asshole was highly sensitive, and getting that sensitive hole licked and doted on was almost too much pleasure.

Julia’s mouth started to roam, licking along the taint to her cunt, she was dripping wet, and Matty’s grunts and moans of pleasure sounded as Julia’s mouth went back and forth, from clit to asshole, back and forth, bringing Matty to a raging heat.

Just before she exploded, Matty realized that she was Julia’s for the taking, she had become a pantyless slut for Julia, Matty wanted to be her eager little MILF serving slut and have her use her however she wanted. Matty was her cunt, her little slutty whore cunt, the way she made her body light up, Matty would do anything for her, anything.

As Julia’s tongue swabbed forcefully at the tightly puckered rosette, she eased the tip of her tongue in to her butt hole. Matty felt three fingers powered up her dripping cunt, she moaned and arched her back as she was fucked hard, and illegal bahis a finger of Julia’s other hand started to flick at her tingling clit.

Matty knew she was gonna cum very noisily, she grabbed a pillow, burying her face in it to muffle the noise, and her pussy exploded, she screamed as a tsunami-like explosion filled her vagina, a wrenching gripping spasm that shook her body and shot out a torrent of her girl cum, she shrieked into the pillow as more hard spasms rocked her to the very core, over and over, until she felt light-headed and flopped down on the bed.

Julia cuddled her, cooing to her about what a pleasure she was to her. The cuddling, caring nature made Matty eager to please, and it did not take too long before the roles were reversed, and Matty enjoyed her first time being an ass munching slut.

Julia gasped and moaned as Matty crawled behind her ass, cupped her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart gently, the view of that tight little hole made her red hot, and ran her tongue up her cunt crack, wiggling it around as much as she could, letting her tongue soak in the juices. Matty pulled her tongue from Julia’s cunt, sliding up the taint, and Julia let out a louder moan as Matty painted Julia’s puckered rosette by scooping her own juices.

“Oh yeah, lick my ass, lick me all over,” Julia murmured.

Matty was wildly excited, she began to lick Julia’s butt hole with the built-up enthusiasm that filled her, hoping that her newbie efforts were not too clumsy or distracting.

Quite the contrary, Matty was giving Julia a rim job that was perfect, she cooed. “Oh yes, you lick Mommy’s cunt so well, such a hot, sexy ass munching sweetie.”

The compliment made Matty more than eager to please, and she powered two fingers into Julia’s dripping cunt, and her fingers ticked at Julia’s throbbing, swollen clit.

Julia felt the rush, her grunts, growls, and cries of pleasure sounded as her pussy shook and spasmed, and Matty was served a rich helping of her MILF juices as she painted Matty’s face, gushing a healthy load of juices for Matty to savor.

Before Matilda went home, they lay in the post-orgasm glow and held each other close, Julia was feeling a lot more than just healthy lust for Matilda, she was starting to feel a deeper attraction, she hoped Ron would matty Matilda, she wanted a daughter in law that was as eager to please her as Matilda is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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