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“This vacation is gonna be epic,” Brian said as he threw his bag in the storage compartment of the RV. “The Meyers and Hunts finally joining forces to take on vacation.”

“Oh yeah, we’re gonna have a great time,” I replied. “Unfortunately I’m not sure our kids are as excited as we are. Grace loves your family, especially Naomi, but I don’t think she’s all that excited to spend so much time in an RV. She prefers the beach and room service.”

Brian and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old, and I’ve known his wife Brandi even longer. Her dad and my dad were good friends, so she was like a sister to me. When we were kids I thought she looked and acted kind of goofy, but by our senior year of high school she was the hottest girl I knew. I was always jealous of Brian, for seeing what I clearly missed. My wife, Allison, is attractive, but not nearly as sexy as Brandi. Even their daughter Naomi is the hottest 18 year old I’ve ever met.

I actually lied to Brian though, when I said Grace loves Naomi. She likes her well enough, but would never say she is a close friend. Our families have been getting together most Friday nights or Saturdays their whole life. Sometimes they get along great, but usually Grace complains that Naomi doesn’t hang out with her much. She’s always hanging out with her dad and I instead. Grace is a grade below Naomi, and they go to different schools, so they usually only see each other once a week. I just knew Brian liked thinking they were best friends for some reason.

The joint family vacation was all their idea, but Allison and I thought it sounded like a great time. I especially liked the idea of seeing Brandi in a bikini, and I figured Naomi would probably look even better than her mom. Granted the lake was about 8 hours away, so we had a long drive ahead of us, and one night of camping first.

Once we were all loaded up and on the road, I realized the RV was roomier and much more comfortable than I had expected. Brian was driving and Brandi was sitting comfortably in the passenger seat. From my love seat behind Brian I had a perfect view of Brandi’s very sexy legs, and I was very surprised to have such a great view of her cleavage. Since I was sitting facing the passenger side of the RV, it didn’t even look like I was staring. My wife was sitting in the chair across me, and Naomi was sitting right next to me. Every now and then the RV would shift, and I would feel her lean against me for support. It was one of those times, when her body came into contact with mine, that I realized just how sexy Naomi was.

It’s not like I hadn’t ever noticed that she’d grown into a lovely and attractive woman, but I really hadn’t noticed how sexy she really was. Her legs were long, slender, but yet fit, similar to her mother’s. In fact, she might have had sexier legs than her mother. Another trait she was lucky enough to inherit from her mom, was her ample breasts. At 18 years old her breasts were definitely larger than my 42 year old wife’s had ever been. I was trying to size them up out of the corner of my eye, hoping nobody would catch me.

I was so caught up with checking out Naomi, that I didn’t really notice I was starting to pitch a tent in my shorts. They were just light dri-fit basketball shorts, so they didn’t offer any concealment at all. I almost fell out of the seat when I realized how easy it was to see it. I tried shifting in the long seat, and leaned forward, trying to cover it with my elbows. When I finally worked up the nerve to look at Naomi, she was smiling at me, and shaking her head. She clearly noticed, and was enjoying the show I was putting on while trying to hide it.

There was a moment of panic at first. Wondering if she was going to say something to her parents, or worse, my wife. That only lasted a few seconds, before turning from panic to embarrassment. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where to look. My eyes darted from Brian, to Brandi then over to Allison. All I knew for sure was that I couldn’t look at Naomi.

“That looked pretty impressive in your shorts. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you take them off.” She whispered in my ear.

I absolutely couldn’t believe what I just heard. It caught me completely off guard, and I’m sure the look on my face matched the complete shock I was feeling. She was my best friend’s daughter, who I practically helped raise. I’m not a fool, sex with any hot woman is amazing, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it with my daughter, and she was pretty damn close to being just that. I knew I had to squash it, before it got out of hand.

“You’re just gonna have to wonder, because you’ll never get to see it. Your dad is my best friend, and I practically helped raise you. I’m not really sure where this idea came from, but I have a feeling it didn’t just start in the last minute.”

I was sure I had a shocked look on my face, so I was nervously looking back and forth between my wife and her parents. I knew if any of them noticed me whispering to Naomi, the look on my face would surely raise a question or two. Fortunately, bedava bahis my wife’s phone had her attention, and Brian was driving and having a quiet conversation with his wife.

“We’ve got all week, so I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I like to set goals for myself, and push myself to achieve them. You’ve just given me my first goal of this vacation.”

After she whispered the last word, I felt her tongue slide under my earlobe, and pull it to her lips. It was quick, but damn it sure made my erection that much harder. No matter what though, there was no way I was going to entertain even an inkling of a notion of having sex with her. Sure, my dick was hard at that moment, but that would be simply too taboo for me. I’ve definitely never been “that guy” who craves sex so much that nothing is out of the question.

I decided I would just sit there and do anything I could to not look at her, but she had other plans. I felt her fingertip on my right shoulder, and then she ran it down my arm about six inches. This was just to get my attention back in her direction, before she stood up and walked across to the other side of the RV. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her slide into the seat between my wife and the tiny bathroom.

The seat we were previously both sitting in was more like a love seat, meant for two, but the three seats on that side were single seats, with high armrests on each side. She picked the third seat, closest to the back, leaving a seat between her and my wife. She pulled up her legs, and sat in the chair cross-legged, with a wicked smirk on her face. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but a huge part of me was very excited to find out.

She made sure I was watching her first, and then she looked down at her fingers as they traced her breast over her shirt. The V-neck shirt hugged her body nicely, and she really didn’t need anything to help draw attention to her breasts, but using her fingertips to slowly trace each one definitely had me memorized.

After a few seconds of teasing me, she looked me in my eyes again, and pulled the neck of her shirt to the right with one hand, and pulled her breast out with the other. Then she slowly cupped it under her right hand, and slowly moved her hand around it. Her well tanned tit looked amazing just hanging out for all to see. My cock was raging hard now, and there was no possible way to make that go away.

After a few minutes of rubbing her own breast, her hand moved down to her thigh. She slid her fingertips up her thigh to the edge of her very short cotton shorts. Then she uncrossed her legs, and propped her knees up, with her shoes still on the edge of the seat. This gave me a perfect view as she slid two fingertips under her shorts and pulled the material to the side, leaving me a glorious view of her pussy.

My eyes darted from her pussy to her eyes, and she was still looking right at me. When her mouth opened, and her head leaned back slightly, my eyes darted back to her pussy, with two fingers sliding in and out. That was the sexiest sight I’ve ever beheld in my life. Without even realizing it, my own hand had moved to my lap, and behind my left elbow was rubbing my hard cock through my shorts.

Suddenly movement caught my eye as Grace walked towards me from the back of the RV. Much like her mom, she had her face buried in her cell phone. I quickly pulled my hand away from my erection, and tried to hide it again with both my elbows. Sure enough, she sat down right next to me, and it looked like she stole a quick glance at Naomi as she sat.

My eyes shot over to Naomi, just in time to see her settle into the chair. Her shorts and shirt were back in place, and she looked like she was trying to look innocent, but might have failed just slightly. When I looked back at Grace she was looking at Naomi with a puzzled look on her face. I knew she had to have seen something, but she didn’t say anything if she did.

“Hey dad, is there any chance we can stop, so I can use a real bathroom, and maybe get a snack or something?”

“Hon, we have plenty of snacks in here, and the best part of traveling in an RV is that we don’t have to stop every hour for you to go to the bathroom. You can just go right in there.” I pointed to the tiny little bathroom just a few feet away from Naomi, and noticed she was smiling again.

“Well first off, gross, and secondly, everyone will be able to hear me. I just want to pee in peace. Besides, all the snacks you and mom brought are horrible for you. I want a nice healthy snack.”

“I’ll tell you what. How about you ask Brian, since he’s driving, and if he’s okay with it, then so am I.”

“Deal,” she said, leaping up and stepping passed me to lean over Brian’s shoulder. She didn’t talk loud enough for me to hear what she was saying, and my eyes were too anxious to get back on Naomi.

It was like Naomi was waiting for me to give her my attention again. She smiled coyly, and even gave me a wink. I assumed the wink meant that Grace hadn’t seen anything, but in all honesty I had no freaking bedava bonus clue what it really meant. I was just happy my erection had started to subside, and rational, sane thoughts returned. I clearly had lost my mind, allowing Naomi to do that. Did that make me a pervert? What if Grace had caught her?

Whatever Grace said to Brian apparently worked, because we stopped at the next Gas Station we came upon. And, apparently Grace wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to use the bathroom in the RV, because everyone got out. Grace, Brandi and Allison all rushed straight into the bathroom, leaving me alone in the Gas Station with Naomi, while Brian topped off the RV.

“This has been a fun start already. I know we’re gonna have a whole lot more fun all week.”

“Naomi, I don’t think you realize the effects of what you’re doing.”

“Of course I know the effects, because your shorts are horrible for trying to hide it.”

“That’s not what I mean at all, and you know it.” With that I headed into the men’s room, partly to escape Naomi’s seductive ways, but also to avoid using the tiny bathroom as well. I was aware that someone followed me through the door, but being a public bathroom I didn’t pay that much attention. As I started to head towards the urinal, I felt hands on my shoulders, trying to guide me to the closest stall.

I was shocked to see that it was Naomi, just before her lips pressed against mine. In a moment of weakness I allowed her to push me into the stall, and even returned her kiss. While my tongue started sliding over hers, the whole magnitude of it all hit me. While it would be so easy to pull out my cock and pull her shorts to the side, I just knew it couldn’t happen. Even though I was so turned on that it would only take a couple of minutes, and I knew I could get away with it, I just couldn’t.

“No I can’t do this Naomi, and you shouldn’t even want me to.” I pushed her away, and back out of the stall. “You better get out of here before your dad comes in, or your mom finishes and catches you leaving the men’s room.”

The look on her face was a mix of confusion and disappointment. Which I thought was better than rejection and anger, but I still felt bad for disappointing her. It just wasn’t a possibility for us. Thankfully, she did as I asked, and left the bathroom. I stayed behind, so I could jerk off in the stall. Unfortunately, before I finished Brian walked in. The stall wall hid what I was doing, but I felt awkward trying to look him in the eye knowing I was just jerking off thinking about his daughter. Not to mention that she showed me her boob and pussy.

A short time later, we were back in the RV and back on the road. This leg of the trip was rather uneventful compared to the first leg. Mostly because my wife sat next to me in the love seat, and Naomi and Grace hung out in the back of the RV together. I did, once again, have a great view of Brandi’s legs and cleavage. This time I had to be much more sneaky with my gawking though. Not only was my wife next to me, but the four of us were actually engaged in conversation for the whole three hours.

The camp site was busier than we anticipated, but Brian did a great job finding a rather secluded spot to hook up. We spent about an hour getting everything set up. Allison, Grace and I had our big two bedroom tent and the Meyers had the RV. We got the tent up and ready, and then got dinner set up on a picnic table next to the RV. After dinner we got the fire going and huddled around it. We told jokes and remembered “the good ol days” for over an hour, and then we realized Brandi had fallen asleep on Brian’s shoulder. It was only about 9:30pm, so it seemed too early to seriously call it bedtime.

Grace asked if I would go with her for a quick walk over to the lake. I didn’t like the thought of her going off by herself in the dark anymore than she apparently did, so I was happy to go with her. Turned out the lake was a good ten minute walk, which was much longer than I’d expected. It seemed so close when we drove passed it. There was a good size beach on the lake, so we pretended it was the ocean. Yeah, the silly things dads and daughters do together. We didn’t talk much, because it really was fantastic just looking over the lake and hearing the sounds of nature.

After a bit I realized we had been gone for over thirty minutes, and it was after 10:00pm now. We started heading back and passed a couple of other campers. We said hi when we were noticed, and tried to be quiet when we weren’t. We were near our campsite when Grace heard something.

“Dad, what’s that sound? It kind of sounds like someone is hurt or something.”

We both stopped walking so we could listen without competing with our footsteps. Sure enough though, I heard it as well, and it was clearly muffled sounds just passed the tree line. Grace and I walked towards the sounds as quietly as we could, but yet as quickly as we could. If someone was in trouble, we wanted to get there quickly, but if it were a couple of adults trying to get away with something, deneme bonusu well then we certainly didn’t want to mess that up for them either.

Once we made it passed the first trees, it became impossible to really walk quietly, but by then their moaning was loud enough that I knew they wouldn’t hear us. It was quite clear at that point that we were about to find two people who snuck off to what they thought was a quiet secluded place to have sex. That’s when it hit me that I was with my 18 year old daughter, and she would be seeing this as well, so I started to dash after her.

“Oh my god it’s Brian and…”

I managed to get my hand over her mouth before she could finish. In a move like she was still a little kid, I pulled her behind me, trying to hide her eyes from the x rated scene. That’s when I noticed that it really was Brian. It was too dark to see her, but they clearly heard Grace. They both quickly pulled up their shorts, and scurried off. Brian turned his head just as he started off, and we made eye contact for a second. Then as they rushed off I completely recognized her silhouette, and it sure as hell wasn’t Brandi.

“Get an RV you two,” Grace yelled out, while laughing hysterically.

“Grace, come on now. I’m sure they just wanted some time together, and couldn’t do it in the RV with Naomi in there with them.”

I tried my best to play it off like I hadn’t noticed it was my wife rushing off. I was actually thankful Grace apparently hadn’t noticed. I was also quite shocked that I wasn’t more upset about it. Hell I wasn’t upset at all, to be honest. I was more disappointed that I didn’t get to watch them. I didn’t even see them “together” at all.

“I gotta say Dad, Brian looked better than I’ve been giving him credit for. It was actually pretty hot seeing him with Brandi like that. He was really into it. I didn’t recognize him at first, and then I couldn’t believe it once I did.”

Damn, how long could she see them? It couldn’t possibly have been more than a second or two, because I was basically right behind her.

“Hey now, don’t forget your my little girl still, and I definitely don’t want to even think about you and Brian,” I said with a good laugh of my own. Still thankful she thought it was Brandi.

“Relax, I was just stating my opinion of what I saw, not admitting that I’m lusting after your best friend. Besides, you’re way hotter than he is.”

Before I could even muster up any kind of reply, or question about where that comment came from, she sprinted off back to the RV. I was left behind with just my perplexed thoughts to keep me company. I tried to decide what shocked me the most, my daughter calling me hot, my wife cheating on me with my best friend, or the fact that I wasn’t upset at all about it.

I just walked back to our campsite, watching Grace the whole way. I was really kicking myself for not rushing ahead of Grace, so I could have actually watched them for a second or two like she had. I just had to figure out which one I should talk to about it first. I had always been able to tell Brian everything, including the time I got some weird STD from two hot young ladies in a hotel room on a business trip a few years earlier.

I was just worried that he might get scared and think that I might tell Brandi, just to get back at him. I decided it would probably be safer to talk to Allison about it, but I was very nervous about telling her that I wanted to watch them. She was a very “straight” woman, who could be talked into trying things in the bedroom, but would always question why I wanted to try it afterwards. All the more reason I had been surprised she would have sex outside with another man.

When I made it back there wasn’t anyone in site. I could hear Grace talking, and assumed it was Allison she was talking to. There were lights on in the RV, so I assumed they were all in for the night. It was earlier than I expected to call it a night, but given what just happened, I supposed it made sense. I kicked some dirt on the tiny little fire that was struggling to continue burning, and then headed for the tent.

“I’m not kidding at all mom, they were totally doing it in the bushes. And I totally caught them mom, I mean busted.” She was laughing and yet sounded like she was bragging at the same time.

“Did your dad see them?”

“I’m sure he did. He got there right after I did, and I can’t imagine he missed them.”

“He didn’t seem upset to you?”

“Not at all. Why, should he have been?”

“Well yeah, his daughter watching his best friend having sex! Yeah, I would think he would be upset by that.”

I stepped into the tent, and zipped it behind me. Clearly interrupting their conversation unintentionally. The tent was surprisingly big once inside. The middle section was tall enough that I could stand straight up, and each “room” on each side seemed much bigger than they looked from the outside. The girls were sitting in the middle section, and for a moment I was struck by how gorgeous and sexy they both looked. I figured it must have been my daughter’s comment messing with my head. Incidentally, because they were sitting on the inflatable cushions, both their mouths were at perfect blowjob level. For just a split second I allowed myself to have a tiny fantasy where they were both licking each side of my shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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