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Elizabeth and Kyle had been having a lust-filled relationship since they met about 5 weeks ago online. From their first date that ended with hot sex in his truck, to fucking in the woods on his 4-wheeler, to going at it in almost every imaginable place and position in his house, they had been like two horny teenagers every time they were together. But one thing they’d yet to do in all this time was actually sleep in the same bed together. Both single parents, with full-time jobs and Elizabeth’s ex still in her house (long story!), their schedules had never really aligned for them to actually spend the night together. And that really sucked for Elizabeth who often made the hour long trip to Kyle’s…and then back home late at night, struggling to keep her eyes open, exhausted after a hot night of sex and orgasms.

So, when Elizabeth had a night in her schedule that was going to work for a sleepover at Kyle’s, she asked him if he’d be up for it. He, of course, said yes and so the plan was set in motion.

The night before she was planning to spend the night, she texted Kyle, confirming: “Still down with a sleepover tomorrow? We can braid each other’s hair and talk about boys we like” she teased, adding a laughing emoji.

He replied, “…Only if we can have pillow fights and facials.” He sure was good with those double entendres.

The next day, she packed a bag with a few essentials: Cute little pajama shorts and tank top, sexy underwear, vibrator, massage oil, lube, and of course, toothbrush, deodorant and change of clothes.

She arrived down to his place after dinner and they greeted each other with a long, wet kiss. She stood on her tip-toes reaching up to him, her hands on his hips, and letting out a little “mmmmm” as their kiss became deeper and more impassioned. His hands moved from the sides of her face down to her shoulders and he pushed off her jean jacket and it dropped to the floor. He then started pulling up on her shirt and they broke their kiss long enough to lift her shirt up and over her head and it fell to the floor too. Now standing there in her lace bra and pants, she reached down to remove his shirt. Up and over his head it went and added to the pile of clothes on the floor. He began to push her pants down and she pulled them off the rest of the way and he did the same with his pants, removing his underwear too.

Completely undressed now, he sat down in a nearby living room chair and she crawled on top of him, straddling his legs. His cock was standing at attention and it was pressing into her mound as she leaned forward, their lips embraced in deep, passionate kisses. With her hands pressed against his face and his hands on her sides, their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, their lips plump and moist. His closely shaven beard just barely scratched at the skin on her face. She paused the make out session to catch her breath, sitting up and arching her back so her breasts struck forward. Still in her lacy black bra, he reached in and removed her right breast from the bra and began licking her nipple. She let out a moan in satisfaction as his tongue tickled her nipple and areola and he sucked her breast into his mouth. He grabbed the nipple tightly between his lips and pulled on it, sending a mixture of pain and pleasure through her at once. He then removed her left breast from the confines of her bra and did the same to that one. He switched between little flickers of his tongue to broader strokes and sucking and pulling motions. She reached around, unclasped her bra and Kyle pulled it off the rest of the way. He then took hold of both of her round, white breasts with his strong hands and pressed them together, flicking his tongue quickly between each nipple. She was getting super wet and turned on and needed him in her now.

Unable to withstand feeling his rock hard cock pressing on her mound instead of being inside her, she eased herself up off of his lap to stand. She turned away from him, with her ass pointed towards him and began slowly removing her thong. She bent forward as she stepped out of it and let it drop to the floor. She knew he’d love that little strip tease and ass show. And he did. He leaned forward and gave her left ass cheek a little bite and then slapped it. “Ooooh!” she said as a little sting was sent through her.

She turned to face him and straddled him again, slowly descending onto this dick, letting it fill her up inch by inch, until their bodies were pressed together tightly. She let out a satisfied “Mmmmmmmm” as her warm, wet, velvety tunnel enveloped his cock. She then started moving up and down, slowly, squeezing her pelvic muscles as she reached the top of his cock, before releasing her muscles and sliding back down on him. She continued this slow, pulsating ride, the two of them moving in for kisses as their breaths would allow. With her hands resting on his shoulders and his hands on her sides, he assisted her in moving up and down on his dick. After riding him like this for a while, she began to speed up her motions, artemisbet yeni giriş moving faster on his cock. Her natural wetness provided plenty of lubrication as she rode him fast and hard. He moved his hands down from her side to grab hold of her ass, then gave her ass cheeks a hard slap with each hand. “Oooh!” she cried out, the slight pain turning her on.

She knew how much he liked her ass: seeing it, slapping it, biting it, licking it…So, Elizabeth eased off of his cock and turned herself around on his lap to face away from him. He had a front row seat to her tight ass now. She slid back down onto his cock, his manhood filling her up again, and he let out a satisfied sigh as he took in the view. As she began moving up and down on his cock, he held onto her sides, his thumbs and palms gripping her cheeks, and assisted her in riding up and down on him. She was slightly tilted forward, grasping onto his knees, her tits bouncing around with each movement. Kyle then released one of his hands from her side, moistened his fingers in his mouth, and slid them down along her ass crack. “Mmmm, that feels good,” she said, responding to this sensation and then a louder “Aaaaahhhh” as he slipped one of his wet fingers into her asshole. He entered her tight tunnel, slowly at first, then as she continued her up and down movements on him, he began to thrust his finger a little harder and deeper into her hole. With her feet on the floor, Elizabeth adjusted herself to sit more upright and moved her right hand down to her mound and began rubbing herself. She moved her left hand to squeeze his balls. The trifecta of pleasure for her was causing immense sensations to course through her body and she couldn’t help but moan loudly as she neared an orgasm.

“Oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck!” were the only appropriate words for her feelings now and she yelled them out louder and louder until a climatic wave came speeding through her body. Her whole lower body quivered and shook and her pelvic muscles clenched and tightened until she finally released and let out a very satisfied “Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccck.” She pulsed her muscles on his cock, sending little aftershocks through her body. She let out a huge sigh and he carefully removed his finger from her ass and she then eased off of him slowly.

“Holy shit, that was intense,” she said to him, as she turned to face him again, still catching her breath. He smiled a big smile in return, always happy to satisfy her.

They got up, got some water, and then made their way over to the couch to chill out and watch some TV. Still naked, they snuggled up on the couch together and enjoyed the closeness of just being together. Kyle ran his fingertips along her smooth legs and up along her side, hoping to find a ticklish spot, but nothing – she wasn’t ticklish. Elizabeth knew just where to get Kyle and ran her fingers down his chest and then along his sides, until he gasped and tried to wriggle away. She giggled a little at his ticklishness.

As they finished watching their show, Elizabeth let out a big yawn.

“Ready to head to bed?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, sounds good,” she said. “You wore me out,” she added, with a smile.

“Let’s go then,” he said, getting up from the couch and giving her his hand as she got up.

Elizabeth grabbed her bag and headed into his bedroom, unpacking her pajamas, toothbrush and the massage oil. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth while he did the same and then she headed back into his room. When he followed into the room, she looked up at him and said “How about a massage first?”

“Yeah, sure. I’d like that,” he replied.

She patted the bed, indicating for him to lie down next to her and he lay down on his stomach. She poured some of the massage oil into her hands, rubbed them together to warm it up and then began at his shoulders. Taking her time, she started with long sweeping motions with the palm of her hand down from his shoulders to the top of his ass. His body was firm and smooth and the oil was accentuating his muscles. Then, working her way back up his back, she fanned out her hands, away from his spine, pressing and kneading his skin, with careful but firm pressure. With her thumb and fingertips, she squeezed his shoulders, helping to release the tension he held there. She added more oil to her hands and worked down his strong arms to his fingers and then back up to his shoulders and neck. She leaned forward and kissed his right ear, tickling it with her tongue, and sent her warm breath into it, sending little shivers of pleasure through his body.

She then moved down his back again and to his firm butt, massaging and gripping it with her entire hand, before moving in long, fluid strokes down the length of his legs to his feet. With his body well oiled now, she pressed her chest into his back, rubbing her breasts over him, moving her body up and down along his back, ever so slowly. He let out a sigh and a low moan as he savored the feeling of their oiled bodies gliding together.

“Does artemisbet giriş that feel good?” she asked in a whisper-like voice.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” he replied with a gentle nod of his head. He slowly turned over, and they met for a kiss and then he said “My turn to give one to you.”

Never one to turn down a massage, Elizabeth gladly accepted and lay herself down on the bed on her stomach. He oiled up his hands and began moving them up and down her back in long strokes. Sometimes with his whole hand, sometimes with his fingers. He kneaded at the knots in her neck and shoulders and then worked his strong hands down her arms and to her hands. One at a time, he took each hand in his and gently massaged circles in her palm, moving across the entire surface of her hand. “Damn. He’s really good at this,” she thought to herself. She let out a sigh, as he released pain and tension that she didn’t even know she had in her body.

He then reapplied more oil to his hands and began moving down her ass and legs. He caressed and squeezed each leg carefully, massaging away the tightness in her quads and hamstrings. Then, with his hand turned sideways like a blade, he moved his oiled hand up her ass crack and it felt amazingly good. He slid it up and back, up and back, before taking his oiled fingers southward, sliding across her asshole, over her pussy and up her lips to her clit. He slid his hand up and back a few times and then teasingly finger fucked her a little bit before releasing his finger and sliding his chest up along her body, bringing his head next to hers.

“Thank you. That was really nice,” she said to him. Relaxed from their massages, they lay next to each other in silence, looking at one another and smiling, exchanging small, delicate kisses.

“Mind if I take a quick shower?” she asked, feeling a bit too oily for bed.

“Of course not. I’ll join you,” he replied.

They headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower, taking turns soaping each other up. With their wet, sudsy bodies pressed together, they reached their lips together, hands sliding all over each other while the warm waters flowed over them, rinsing away the oil and soap. After feeling well rinsed, they toweled off and headed back into the bedroom. Elizabeth pulled on her tiny little pajama shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks and a thin-strapped tank top and crawled into bed. Kyle didn’t put on any pajamas.

“I get really warm at night, so hope you don’t mind that I sleep naked,” he told Elizabeth.

She chuckled and smiled at him, “Of course not.”

He slid under the covers and pulled her next to him, spooning her from behind. With his naked body pressed up against hers and his muscular arm across her chest, she reached her hand to rest under his, their fingers entwined. She turned her head back to face him; they whispered a good night to each other and shared a kiss before she turned back around and closed her eyes. Happy to not have to be driving home late at night, she felt totally comfortable in his embrace and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Maybe thirty minutes or an hour or two later – she really had no idea how long she’d been asleep – Elizabeth was awoken to Kyle pulling her pajama shorts to the side and gliding his very erect penis into her. She smiled to herself, enjoying this late night wake-up call and loved that he had just pushed aside her shorts and helped himself to her pussy. Without a word spoken between them, she pushed her hips back towards him, accepting his cock into her warm, wet tunnel. With his right arm over top of her, he held her tight, and pulled her close to him with every push. Her legs were bent and held tight together, creating even more squeeze on his cock. They slowly spoon fucked for a few minutes, gently and quietly, save for a few quiet moans from Elizabeth.

They continued their slow, rhythmic movements together until Kyle released from her, rolled her onto her back and pulled her pajama shorts off. He knelt in between her legs and eased his throbbing dick into her. He moved slowly at first, almost pulling out entirely then gliding back in. She let out a satisfied “ahhhhh” every time the head of his penis met her entrance. He then started pumping his cock hard and fast and her quiet moans increased in volume. She was fully awake now! In the darkness of the room, they could just barely see one another, but she looked up at him, biting her lip and delighting in this middle-of-the-night fuck. With regained energy, she began moving her hips, matching her thrusts to his. His balls were slapping against her with every push into her wetness.

Kyle then leaned his body down onto hers, pressing his weight into her. His pubic bone was grinding into hers, creating plenty of pressure – and pleasure – on her mound. She wrapped her arms around his body, her nails gripping into his back. She then pulled her legs from outside of his to in between his legs and crossed her feet, creating a super tight squeeze on his cock. He moved his pelvis in small circles artemisbet güvenilirmi and then in back and forth grinds. The pleasure on her mound was building. She then clenched all of the muscles from her pelvic floor down to her calves. All this tightening of her body was sure to bring her to an orgasm.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she called out to him as she could feel a climax approaching.

He continued rotating his hips, grinding into her mound, and then like a damn bursting, an orgasm crashed through her body, her whole body releasing and trembling. She let out a very satisfied “fuuuccckkk” as ripples trembled through her. She squeezed his cock with her muscles, sending more waves through her body and then he pulled out of her slowly, sending another ripple through her body as he exited.

After giving her a minute to catch her breath, Kyle motioned for her to turn on to her stomach and she flipped over. He entered her pussy from behind. She let out an “oooooh” as her body was still highly sensitive to his touch from her orgasm. He then started thrusting hard and fast into her as she clenched her ass and raised her hips slightly to meet him. He pounded away furiously and she let out a series of “oh gods” and “fucks.” He picked up intensity and she knew he was close to release and then with a heavy exhalation, he shot his warm cum into her well beaten pussy, filling her up. She squeezed his cock with her muscles, milking it for every last drop. He squeezed back in response before pulling out, releasing a pool of his warm fluid onto the sheets below. He sat back and let out a very contented sigh and she turned to look towards him and chuckled happily.

He got a towel and they cleaned up and then collapsed back into bed, snuggled under the covers in the darkness. They turned towards one another, locking lips for one final time for the night and then fell fast asleep, worn out from the activity…and the orgasms.

At 5am, sunlight came glaring through Kyle’s bedroom windows even with the blinds closed. Elizabeth was an early riser, but not this early! Kyle was still fast asleep, snoring ever so lightly. She eased herself out of bed to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and then crawled back into bed, trying not to wake him. She tried her best to fall back asleep, but after laying there awake for a while, she got fidgety. Kyle was laying on his stomach, so she began moving her hands very gently down Kyle’s naked body. Moving down from his shoulders, down his back, to his ass and then gliding them lightly back up again. Then down and up his arms, over his shoulders, and then back down his back and to his ass. She gave his butt a gentle squeeze. As her fingertips slid along his body, he didn’t even stir. This wasn’t waking him up. So, she moved to plan b.

She leaned down and began licking his ear with her tongue. She licked his earlobe, gave it a gentle little nibble, and then darted her tongue into his ear. He started to stir now and so she thrust her tongue into his ear again, letting her warm breath fall heavily into his ear. With that wonderful sensation awakening him, he eased over onto his back towards her and slowly began to flutter his eyes open. He wasn’t fully awake, so she continued running her fingers down his body, this time along his arms, then down to his abs and thighs, coming back up along his body. Her fingers found his cock and began running along it very lightly with barely any pressure. It began to stir awake and she could feel it hardening with each touch of her fingers.

Her hands continued their rub down over his body and then back down to his now fully hard cock. She pushed the covers and sheets aside and made her way down to between his legs. She lowered her mouth to his dick and began licking it lightly. She released moisture from her mouth, letting it drip down his shaft, before she encircled her lips around him. With her tongue pressed on the underside of his erection, she began moving her mouth up and down, tightening her hold as she reached the head. Every few times, she’d pause at the head and tickle it with her tongue, making sure to get to the underside and the sensitive frenulum. Then lips fully tight around him, she made her way up and down again. Fully lubricated with her moisture, she brought her left hand to his shaft and began moving it up and down in motion with her lips.

She twisted her wrist with each upward motion adding even more pleasure to her handjob. With her right hand, she began to squeeze and caress his balls, then moved her thumb down to his perineum and applied pressure there. With that added pressure, she could feel him tense up and heard him take a sharp inhalation. She knew he was going to burst soon. She kept up her motions on his cock, increasing in speed and intensity, squeezing hard with her lips. He took another deep breath in, then let out a gasp, and her mouth was filling with cum. She continued moving her lips up and down his shaft as he spurt his salty goodness into her mouth. After a few more short spurts, she released her mouth and swallowed his warm fluid. Some semen dripped down his shaft and she leaned back down and licked it up, moving her tongue from the base up to the head. “Mmmmm,” she said as she released her mouth from his cock and made her way up to lie down next to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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