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My wife Barbara is a great gal. Although just over five feet tall, she looks great and still manages to attract attention when she is in public. She is a good-looking woman and I think that she sometimes enjoys the attention and the looks that she gets from other men. Barb has an ideal figure, great proportions, and if I haven’t mentioned it already, she has a ‘killer’ ass.

A while back, about five months I think, Barb and I enjoyed a special weekend in Atlantic City. While we were there, Barb finally relented and consented to have anal sex with me. I had been wanting to do this since before we were married. It took twenty-one years of marriage and a near death experience for me to get the chance to put it up her chute one time. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it was great, in fact it was the greatest, I’m just sorry it took all that time to get it.

Since then we have returned to our normal sex life. Neither of us has mentioned the Atlantic City adventure again and it looks like it will be a while before anything that exciting happens again. Barbara occasionally likes to take the upper position and there is still the occasional spontaneous screw on a Saturday morning. This is all pretty normal for people our age.

Last week our son asked us if it would be OK for him to go on a campout / sleepover with some of his friends at the nearby paintball place this weekend. They planned to shoot it out all day Saturday, sleep over and then kill each other all over again on Sunday morning. He has been doing this paintball stuff for the last two years and between him, my wife and me, we have made a significant investment in all the various weapons and apparatus. He told us the names of the guys that he planned to go with and we had no objection. It sounded like fun. So, this morning at about nine o’clock I dropped him off, with all his gear, at the paintball place and promised to be back tomorrow at noon to pick him up.

The rest of Saturday seemed fairly uneventful. I stopped at the local hardware store on the way back from the paintball place and picked up a few things that I needed for some minor repairs at home. I re-hung a picture in the living room, replaced a bad burner element in the kitchen stove, trimmed a few branches on the tree at the side of the house and tightened the clotheslines in the back yard. Trimming london escort the tree branches turned out to be the best job since our neighbor lady, across the street, spent most of the day working in her front yard in a pair of really tight faded jeans and a halter-top. She seems to do a lot of bending over with her back to the street, not that I’m complaining, but it did seem like it took a long time for me to cut those few scraggily branches. Like Barbara, this lady has a great butt and a reasonable set of tits. All in all, it’s not a problem to ogle her from my own yard, although I can’t imagine that she hasn’t noticed.

We had a light dinner after which I went into the middle room and went on line for a little while to check my e-mail and generally browse the usual web sites. After that, I went into the family room and sat on the couch next to Barbara who was already watching the TV. We watched the usual junk on Saturday night TV. We were talking about our day, the neighborhood and things in general when barb brought up a new subject.

“Do you remember all that we went through when we were trying to get pregnant?” she asked.

I told her that I had some fond memories of that time but had to ask her why she had brought it up.

“Oh, no reason, I was just thinking about that time in our lives,” she replied.

Then around nine o’clock, Barbara got up and went into the bathroom. I could hear the shower running and this is typical for her on a Saturday unless we are going out somewhere. She likes to get her shower done early, then she usually falls asleep on the couch and eventually goes to bed around midnight.

While Barb was in the shower I began thinking about that special night a few months back when we had gone to Atlantic City. I guess that when she had reminded me of all that we had done to get her pregnant, like the daily rectal temperatures that I took of her, it reminded me of her great butt and that led to remembering the one and only anal sex tryst that we had. I had planned it right down to the “T”. I had started with a nice bout of oral sex that brought her to two orgasms, then I gave her a massage followed by a mineral oil Fleet enema. The enema was to make sure that the way was clear and to provide an easy internal ‘lube job’. After she had expelled the enema we got down to business Escort Dubai and it had been the single most memorable sexual experience of my life. I guess that she didn’t really agree with my opinion because it became apparent to me that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Well, at lest I have the memories.

Barb came back into the family room wearing a nice short nightie. She always looks good in one of these. She was carrying something in her hand. She had a tube of KY jelly and a glass rectal thermometer.

She said, “move to the middle of the couch.”

I slid over and tried to figure out what she was up to. Barb moved to the couch and lay down on her stomach across my lap. Her beautiful butt was right there in front of me. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Barb handed me the KY and the thermometer and said,

“I’m not sure if I’m feeling well, I think that I may have a fever, could you check my temperature, please?”

I said, “I’d be happy to do that,” which I’m sure that she could already tell by my big woody that was now poking her in the stomach as she lay across my lap.

I quickly opened the KY and put some on my finger. I parted the cheeks of her sweet ass and applied the KY to her pretty pink rosebud. She didn’t react to that but as I slid the thermometer into her, she seemed to relax and she parted her legs a little. I asked her,

“Would you like one of my special reach unders while we wait for the temperature to register?”

She said, “I sure would.”

I was amazed. Back when we were tracking her cycle with morning temperatures, I was only able to get her to let me give her an orgasm on a very few occasions this way. Now I getting to do it again, this is great.

I reached under her crotch and parted the lips of her pussy. I soon found her clit and began to gently massage it with my middle finger. She was already wet and soon was rocking her pelvis ever so slightly as I continued to rub. With my other hand I massaged the back of her neck and shoulders. After about three or four minutes the slight rocking of her pelvis had gradually increased to an excited grinding against my hand. Barb pulled in a deep breath and began to shake as the waves of a big orgasm started to pass through her. I could actually see the end of the thermometer rhythmically independent escort girls moving in her butt as the orgasm built and went. She finally quieted down and raised her hips. I removed my hand and she asked me to “take it out please.” I did and I made a pretend of reading the thermometer.

Barbara sat up on the couch and asked, “Do I have a temperature?”

I said, “No, things look very good.

“Great, she said. I may not have a fever but I still feel pretty hot.” She reached over and put her hand on top of the tent that was pushing up in my pants.

“We had better do something about this before you hurt yourself.”

With that she turned away and knelt on the couch with her butt facing me. I was not about to pass up this opportunity and I was out of my pants faster than I could have taken off my hat. I knelt on the couch behind Barbara and eased myself into her warm wet vagina. Barb put her head down on the arm of the couch and pushed back against me. I began stroking in and out as she adjusted to my rhythm and rocked her hips to keep time with me. I was going along at a great pace when she said,

“I’m not going to break, you know. Put a little beef into it!”

With that, I really started pumping. About a dozen strokes later I exploded into her with a totally satisfying orgasm. I held her by her hips as I slowly sat back on my heels. Barb followed me and was sort of sitting on my lap as my erection faded and I slipped out of her.

Barbara got up and went into the bathroom. She returned quickly and tossed me a small hand towel which I used to wipe my cock and my legs where the cum had dribbled out of her back onto me. She stepped into a pair of panties and sat back down on the couch next to me. We kissed and I thanked her for another ‘special treat’. I couldn’t help but to ask,

“Why the change of heart, I thought you were not too happy with any sort of activity ‘back there’.”

“Well, since we did it at Atlantic City, I’ve noticed that you haven’t asked for it again, I thought that maybe you didn’t like it.” she said.

“Me? I loved it! I’ve been afraid to ask again because I thought that you didn’t like it and only did it because you knew I had always wanted to do it.”

“OK, she said. We’ll keep that sort of thing for special occasions only. But, the next time I think that I may be a little feverish, you can check my temperature with your special thermometer.”

I must have looked a little stupid when she said this because she went on, “with your dick – dummy.”

I can’t wait for that to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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