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I slept in until 12 noon, again! I couldn’t believe it…. half my day wasted in bed. Well my logic is, if you wasted one half… you might as well waste the other. Therefore I got ready to go to my local bar! It was 30 minutes until I got there, ordered my usual drink… and sat around talking to the locals. Now most people in this bar know each other, but on this one day there was a couple of girls sat in the corner laughing and giggling like school girls. One of them was short, dyed red hair, nice and slim, small boobs, but perky also! The other girl was taller, dark hair… also slim with a nice rack too. Obviously I kept looking over to see if I could get a better look at other characteristics…. but they wasn’t giving anything away.

After about half an hour or so, my friend asked if I wanted a game of pool. I said yes rather quickly since it was in the corner of the two girls there. After a quick game of me being beaten badly… the redhead girl decided to speak

“I bet we could beat you!”

Bingo! My plan worked perfectly… I knew after giving them glaces throughout the game that they would interact in some way. Surely enough a new game was started and we took turns in taking shots. The redhead girl went to take her shot but I was conveniently in her way, but instead of asking me to move, she stepped in front of me and pressed her ass against my crotch. Now just a second to describe my feelings towards this… she had a very nice ass! Much better than her friends! It was nice and firm… now during my thinking I swear she was somewhat griding against me. But I wasn’t sure…

After the game in which the girls won… (Because we let them!) They invited me and my friend to sit around the table they were sat at. “Sure” was my reply…. and I also bought a round of drinks in for good measure. It was we all knew each other really well because we were chatting away. It was a good conversation, about music but my mind wondered canlı bahis elsewhere, especially when the redhead girl casually put her hand on my crotch. Then she perked up and said

“Oh yeah by the way… I’m Donna my friend here is called Rachel”

I then introduced myself and my friend in which she was glazing into my eyes and kept squeezing my dick through my jeans. This was evil… I was getting so hard in her hand, but she seemed to enjoy it. My dick getting harder and she could obviously sense that this was turning me on to the extreme point where I wanted to just unzip and let her grab it! Turns out I am one step behind has she already unbuttoned me and had her hand sliding underneath and grabbing my dick. Her hands felt cold… but my dick was obviously nice and warm and getting warmer (and harder) in her hand. What shocked me the most is that she was keeping going the casual conversation.

“So what do you do for a living?”

I guessed she was speaking to me since my friend was in deep conversation with Rachel. I told her how I worked in a boring office job. During this she was really trying to get to work sliding the hand up and down my dick, staring at me with those eyes. I suddenly realised that the place was empty… not counting the girl behind the bar who was busy tidying up. So in one swift movement I fully unzipped and let my dick stand freely. She really started to get into this… now she wasn’t talking she was just staring at me while she jerked me off. I looked across the table and saw that Rachel and my friend were having a nice game of tonsil tennis! Donna broke the stare and looked to the bar and saw the barmaid still busy, then all of a sudden Donna was leaning over and sucking my cock! I was scared of getting caught, but loving this amazing blow job I was receiving! I asked her…

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught?!”

At this point she actually went on her knees in front of me and started taking bahis siteleri more of my cock into her mouth. I’ll take that as a no then! She started licking the tip and the precum coming out. I kept glancing over at the bar maid who still wasn’t looking! I was in heaven! My friend was having a good time too… He was grabbing at Rachel’s tits while getting a hand-job of his own. Then something ruined it… Donna’s cellphone started ringing! She quickly stopped and answered!

“Andy? Oh Hi! … Yeah I’m at the bar with Rachel….”

The conversation went on for a couple of minutes, she hung up eventually and I aimed my dick at her mouth again… She wiped her mouth.

“I can’t sorry… My boyfriend is wanting me to come home!”

“Boyfriend?!” I asked

“Yeah, Sorry!”

Rachel has also stopped pleasing my friend. The difference is Rachel got up and grabbed my friends hand and dragged him away, with Donna following them! As they walked off, Donna shouted…

“Maybe next time eh?”

I was so pissed off…. not about her having a boyfriend! But Because I wanted to fuck her. Since I was on my own I stood up and started to leave. As I got to the door, the barmaid got there before me and locked it!

“What’s going on!” I asked

“You think that I’m going to watch a girl suck some cock and not get anything myself given the chance?”

I was confused… Had she been watching?

“I did see you know! Watching her mouth go around your big hard cock, watching her tongue lick the tip. I tried to ignore it, but I decided that I want some action too!”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the pool table. After climbing on top of it she removed the top she was wearing… Showing her nice black bra which held her “More than a handful” tits. Her black hair reaching her shoulders, her eyes staring at the direction of my still hard dick (Which was obviously back in my jeans). She was also wearing a short skirt, bahis şirketleri in which she removed her panties from underneath as I was checking her out. She pulled me onto the pool table, I went on my knees down and she removed my shirt… then started kissing me, going down to my neck, then sliding her tongue down my body. While her tongue was sliding down she unzipped my jeans pulled them down, as her tongue reached my dick she didn’t lick it, she SUCKED it. Sucking my cock like she never sucked cock before. I undid her bra and threw it randomly across the room. She certainly knew how to suck cock, she took it all! Licking up and down it… she then looked into my eyes and pushed me backwards. i fell on my back which gave her enough time to remove my jeans. She then hovered over my dick and slid down it. She started riding me…


My dick was so hard. I knew I was close to exploding inside her. I grabbed her and flipped her over and started fucking her… hard.

“Oh my god! That feels so good, don’t stop! I haven’t been this turned on in a long time! FUCK! I’m so close!”

I started pounding faster. I was close too! She tensed up! I started fucking her harder and harder! Her body stiffened! I didn’t expect this part… She came but squirted all over me! I had never seen a girl do that before! Well only in porn movies. While she was squirting all I heard was her screaming…


I was about to cum right after she stopped squirting…. I told her “I’m going to cum” She pulled away instantly….put her head under my dick as I came! I sprayed over her face, all over her tits! Running down her stomach. She caught some in her mouth… but made sure she got more by scraping it up with her fingers and licking it off. She looked at me and said…

“That was fucking brilliant! You are coming back here tonight… and you are going to fuck me again! I never squirted whilst being fucked before!”

She then licked all the cum on my dick that was left. She looked at me… and smiled. We got our clothes together and I left! Was going to get prepared for that night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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