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This is my continued account of my first experience of exhibitionism and male to male sexual contact. As before, all names and locations have been changed to maintain anonymity. I’d also like to thank those people who have taken the time to comment.

Still standing in front of Phillip naked, I was completely transfixed on him. The living room seemed to go out of focus. My whole body seemed to tingle. I was acutely aware of my nakedness, my embarrassment and the situation. I knew I should have felt shame as I let him see my erection. I knew it should have felt wrong to let him massage my cheeks having spanked and belted them so hard. Even more so that I let him see and massage my anus.

I knew all of that. But it didn’t feel wrong at all. I felt exhilarated. I felt excited. It felt completely right.

Now looking at his erect cock and large balls poking from his trousers, it felt like a dream.

I’d caused that to happen. Me. My nakedness had caused this erection in him. His cock was hard for me. That was such a good feeling. I’d go so far as to say I felt proud that I could do that for him.

My humiliation was still there, but the eroticism of what was happening made it feel like nothing else mattered. Looking at him, still fully clothed save for his erect thick cock and his large balls was surreal. But now I knew he was as turned on by this as I was.

I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

He put his hands on his hips and told me it was ok if I wanted to touch it. My own cock was throbbing so hard and I briefly looked down as I felt yet another glob of precum ooze out and hit my leg. Then I reached forward. My hand was actually trembling as I cupped his balls.

Of course, I had played with my own cock and balls many times. However, touching another mans genitals is completely different. The hair on his scrotum felt much bahis siteleri more coarse than my own. The skin felt looser somehow and the weight heavier. When I lifted them I could feel the weight of his cock on my wrist too. Totally different to my own.

I held them for a short while then let them go and a string of his precum fell onto my wrist. I was utterly mesmerized. Then I took hold of his shaft. The feeling of soft velvet skin covering such hardness was surprising. The way it moved over the rigid muscle was so wonderful to my senses. The thick veins gave way to my fingers so easily.

So soft, yet so hard.

I let my hand gently stroke it and as I did the foreskin rolled back to expose his glans. It was different to mine. Not as bulbous. More pointed. As the skin moved it kind of slithered off the rim of the helmet, leaving it completely uncovered, glistening with his precum. I noticed the eye was also much bigger than mine. More like a hole than my own than my own tight slit. I was surprised at how “open” it looked.

As I gently wanked him I watched his precum leaking out and onto my wrist. He moaned softly and asked me if I liked his cock. I was so engrossed, all I could say was “yes”. Then he shocked me when he said “My cock likes you too, David”

I’ll never forget those words.

That made me feel so good. So wanted by him.

I cupped his heavy balls with my other hand as I slowly wanked him. He still had his hands on his hips when he told me to “grip his cock harder” as I wanked it. I could feel the muscle beneath the soft skin throb and twitch and the flow of precum increased, covering my wrist.

I imagined the situation I was in as if a bystander was looking on. That thought turned me on all the more. What a sight that would be! The “person” ogling my cheeks striped with deep red welts that had been administered canlı bahis siteleri by the man I was now wanking off. Him watching my nakedness and my leaking cock. Confirmation that I was indeed enjoying my humiliation. I imagined Phillip telling the “watcher” that it was his turn next.

God, where were these thoughts coming from?

I was struggling to contain myself as I wanked Phillips cock. All the thoughts and sensations I was feeling were overwhelming. I was seriously on the edge. I desperately tried to concentrate on his cock, hoping to take my mind off my oncoming ejaculation.

Phillip then asked me if I’d like to taste his cock.

I’d never been sucked. Obviously, I’d wanted to experience it, but so far none of the girls I’d dated had been willing. I’d certainly never imagined sucking a cock. I stopped wanking him and hesitated. My mind in turmoil. I was so turned on though. He told me it was ok if I didn’t want to but I was already moving to kneel down in front of him. I was doing it without even thinking about it.

Then I was on my knees with his cock and balls in front of me.

I looked up at him. He didn’t say anything, just smiled.

Then I looked back at his cock and balls. I could smell him now. It wasn’t unpleasant. Just a muskiness. I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I decided to lick his balls first. I remember how the hair felt on my tongue. I remember the feeling of his cock on my cheeks and forehead as I manoeuvred my mouth around them. The taste was the same as the smell and I found I liked it. His moans encouraged me. I put my hands on his thighs and licked and kissed them. Fuck, I was loving it!

Spurred on, I started to suck them. Each ball in turn. I was terrified of hurting him but he continued to moan. I even tried to get both in my mouth but they were too large, so continued canlı bahis to lick and suck them one at a time. I could feel his precum on my face too. That turned me on. Sticky and wet. He didn’t speak, just let me take my time getting used to this new experience.

I was lost in the moment now. It all felt so natural.

I moved from is now wet balls and briefly stared at his cock, before gingerly kissing the tip. My lips were smeared with his wetness so I licked them. My first taste of precum and I liked it. It tasted almost sweet. I dont know how I expected it to taste, but I didn’t expect it to taste sweet. So I licked the tip and savoured the juice in my mouth. Then I licked along his shaft and back up to the tip. I did this quite a few times, trying to get used to the taste and feel of the skin. I was scared to put it in my mouth. I wanted to know I was doing the it right.

Phillip must have sensed my thoughts somehow because he told me how good it felt.

I opened my mouth and took the end of his erection inside. I had the whole of his glans in. It just seemed right to suck on it for a short while before I took more in. It felt big inside my mouth and seemed to fill it fully. The taste is hard to describe. The taste of both skin and precum. Kind of dry at first, but got wetter with my saliva the more I sucked. I found it extremely erotic.

Before long I was sucking and slathering on it as if I’d always been a cocksucker. I absolutely loved it. The taste. The feel. Everything about it felt good. I did choke a few times in my haste but even that turned me on.

God, I was actually choking myself on his thick prick.

Here I was, naked and hard. Sucking on the cock of the man who’d literally thrashed my arse for stealing from him only a couple of hours ago. Not only sucking, but choking myself on it. His cock and balls were covered in my spit. My face smeared with my own saliva and the tears that fell from my eyes.

I felt like a slut.

I felt like HIS cocksucking slut and I loved it!

There is still more to this story…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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