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Angela White

Written on a plane flight back because I’ve always wanted to put these ideas into words; thankfully no one saw me or that would have been…awkward…The amount of typos seriously aggregated towards the end of the flight.

First time writing a story of any kind! Feedback appreciated. I’m really lost on how to format and break up paragraphs, to be honest. I also really don’t like the “WYR” scene; the actions and narration is just…bleh. Let me know if anyone wants a part two 😀 Everyone’s over 18.


“Rach! So glad you could make it!” I went for a wave, she went for a hug, and so the awkward side-hug happened. She smelled of a warm-toned vanilla perfume; sugar and spice and everything nice.

“Hey.” She smiled warmly, walking past my doorway into the “party” – honestly nothing more than the three guys I had called, her, her four friends, and me. Rachel’s friends walked in behind her; I greeted Emily and Jessica by name and gave a shy “hi” to the other two, who I was meeting for the first time.

I turned and closed the door. I could still vaguely smell her perfume – or was that a Placebo? I shook my head, embarrassed to be thinking of her this long. I walked in, ready for a much-needed night of relaxing.

* * *

“Alright ye, see ya soon!” Kyle, Jason, and Kenneth left together. The three of them had been friends for years, and I’d hoped to weave myself among them tonight. The vibes were there, but it would probably take some time.

Rachel and her gaggle of girls were sitting in a circle on the rug in the main room, Solo cups interspersed between. I was surprised they hadn’t left before the guys, but I also wasn’t complaining – I was closer to the girls (the ones that I knew, at least) than the guys.

“Hey, come join us!”

I turned around, at first a little surprised I was being invited to what I assumed was a session of “girl talk.” I checked both sides – “Yes, you.”

I sat between new acquaintances Lizzie and Amanda, across from Rachel. Rookie mistake; as the center of my view, my wandering eyes would now surely drift to her, and eye contact was something I was avoiding – yet I felt her eyes pointedly on me, unabashedly and confidently. Giggles and sounds of chatter bubbled around me, surely decipherable with my attention, yet said attention was busy not being on Rachel.

She was dressed in a low-cut sage green halter top, paired with a cute checkered skirt coming just short of mid-thigh, all of which accentuated her perfect figure, complete with shapely…cherries…and derriere. Her pearl earrings and necklace (which had a pendant attached, but I certainly was not going to risk looking down there) did not go unnoticed. Converse low-tops left at the front door, her fingernails and toenails all matched, alternating lavender and mauve.

Fuck. I’m such a simp.

The conversation surrounding me as ambient noise slowly dissolved to a natural lull, to which Amanda asked generally, “Would you rather, anyone?”

“Sure.” Rachel paused. “But if you refuse to answer, we get to ask you any question and you have to answer.” She looked around for the mutual agreement she knew she’d find, rearranging her position to sit criss-cross applesauce. No one said anything, everyone simply glancing around for signs of discomfort or reluctance that were absent.

“Who wants first?” Lizzie scanned for the lit-up eyes that would signal someone had a question to ask.

“Oh, I got one,” said Jessica. “Rachel – would you rather date a virgin who’d never even had a girlfriend, or a fuckboy?”

She pursed her lips, and turned her eyes away from me to the ceiling, deep in thought.

“Hmm…probably the virgin. Guys who’ve gone through many partners…there’s a reason they can’t maintain a relationship, and miss me with that. If it was a one-night stand though, then sure.” Nods all around validated her answer; her turn.

“Mm…okay. I’ll ask now.” I knew it was going to be addressed to me, she’d been scrutinizing me since before Jessica had even begun asking her questions, and her stare felt all the more penetrating. I forced myself to make eye contact, and definitely not let my gaze drop at all, although I truly would have liked nothing more than to look away. “Would you rather have sex with Amanda right now, in front of us, or sex with Emily later, recorded and uploaded online? Assume your parents can’t see it, but if someone from school finds it, then anyone there can see it.”

Complete silence. I knew my cheeks must be flaming red, yet none of the girls looked uncomfortable. Some were definitely holding back giggles, if the smirks were any indication.

“Uhh…can I get another question?”

“Sure!” She paused, tilting her head slightly and maintaining eye contact.

“How long have you been crushing on me?”

Full-scale laughter. The breathless, hold-your-sides kind. My jaw dropped, flabbergasted, only provoking bursa escort even more gasping. A few wiped tears from their eyes.

“I…what do you…a while? I don’t really know…”

Rachel too laughed now. “I mean, I’m not exactly surprised, but did you think you were being discreet about it, or what? Because you weren’t. I assure you. Like…definitely not. I respect the attempt though. It was kinda cute, the way you would stare at me, wrench your eyes away, murmur to yourself to stop…I must say, though, it was sweet how you kept trying to not stare at my tits every five seconds. Then again, I didn’t wear this top for Jessica to thirst for.” She smirked at me. I knew I was blushing furiously, mouth still slightly hanging, because for all the ways I had planned on confessing to her, this was not how I imagined it. “It’s okay. I’m hot. You think so. Everyone does.” Her gaze softened a little, and she placed a warm, soft hand on my cheek in a way that was somehow both condescending but comforting. I jerked involuntarily at the unexpected contact. “It really was kind of cute though. I’m not gonna lie, I had to ask Emily before coming here if I should dress sexy and test your self-restraint, or be nice and dress casual.” Emily raised her cup in acknowledgment. “I think I made the right choice though.” Rachel grinned at her, and turned back to me. “So?”

“Uh. I really don’t know.” I was so glad to be wearing jeans right now, and while I really wanted to check how apparent my tent was, I wasn’t going to draw any excess attention to it. “Maybe like…I’m not sure, I’ve always thought you were really attractive and all, but like…that’s not exactly unknown…but also like…I really don’t know.” My mouth was so dry, but I certainly wasn’t going to get up for a drink right now.

“Hmm.” Rachel looked me up and down, examining me, leaving me feeling somehow vulnerable. I didn’t know where to look. “Wanna play a game?”

The other girls looked as intrigued as I was confused. “Sure?” I said hesitantly.

She grinned. “Rules are simple. Whoever gets turned on first has to be the other’s slave for three hours, whenever the winner decides so.”

Holy shit. I knew she probably wasn’t serious, but oh my god, the amount of nights I’d fallen asleep fantasizing about her?. No way the strain placed on my jeans was going unnoticed. I opened my mouth; no way she was serious, right? I didn’t want to seem super enthusiastic and desperate, only to get played…although then again, she and her whole posse already knew I was crushing hard. Do I say no? Would there even be a point? Besides…did I even want to?

“Okay…” I said, trying for nonchalance, although I really doubt that fooled anyone.

“Yeah. I figured,” she said dryly, raising an eyebrow. “You wanna go first?” Rach asked, a note of sarcasm in her voice.

“Um…nah, you go for it?” The girls were still looking around. Whatever their pregame talk looked like, this was definitely impromptu – or at least, if premeditated, privately so.

Rachel smiled, mischief and smugness in equal measures. “I don’t think I’ll need to even touch you.” Lifting herself partially up by sitting on her knees, she leaned forward towards me, putting her hands on the floor for support, her necklace (the pendant was in fact a polished stone of rose quartz) dangling like a pendulum. I reflexively moved away, falling backwards on my haunches using my hands to steady myself. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. The view down her shirt was enticing, and oh my fuck I was quite unsuccessfully trying not to look. The literal girl of my dreams – responsible for too many morning woods – was coming onto me and oh my fuck what do I do..The hill in my jeans was becoming a mountain, I was blushing so hard I could feel the warmth in my cheeks grow progressively hotter, and fuck she knew exactly what she was doing and oh my god I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think I’m done here.” She nodded her head down to my log, smirking. “That took like, what, five seconds? Your hard-on the last several minutes notwithstanding – yes, of course I noticed. You think I asked that question about Amanda and Emily just for fun? Actually, well, watching you get turned on by the literal mention of sex or just by looking at me, is, in fact, pretty fun. Anyway! Ready for your turn? Your five seconds start in three…two…one…”

I was still in the same position, supported by my hands and feet, somewhat like a deflated bridge, aghast. The girls were a mixture of shock and derision; surprised, I suppose, at how easy I was, and perhaps at a dominant side of Rachel they hadn’t expected to manifest so materially. Their attention by now was most certainly and pointedly upon my restrained member, and as seconds passed, their gazes flicked back and forth from it to see what I would do next.

Obviously nothing.

Rachel smiled at me again. “There go your five seconds, although, to be honest, çanakkale escort you touching me would probably result in you turning yourself on more than me. Now, I think everyone’s been waiting now for a while, quite patiently at that. Take it off.”

I stared dumbly.

A flash of anger presented itself in her eyes. “Your dick? The one that’s been straining to jump out of your jeans? The one that everyone’s been staring at? Reveal it?” She grinned. “Need I remind you who won?”

I didn’t know where I wanted this night to go. On the one hand, I was totally a sub, even if I didn’t want to admit it, and this situation was one of my wildest fantasies. But also…I was scared. I had no idea what was coming, and I simpl-

Rachel sighed. “Hold him.”

This part feeling definitely deliberate, each girl lunged to grab a limb, save Rachel. I tried halfheartedly to wrestle away, but my attention – like most of theirs – was elsewhere. Rachel steadily reached her right hand – that small, soft hand, with those perfect nails – over my jeans. How many times had I wondered what it would feel like? – She undid the zipper, and my schlong, wrapped in dark blue underwear, pressed through the gap somewhat. Rachel grabbed and pulled it through the gap. I gasped – never having had a girlfriend or partner before, this was the first time someone else had touched my dick. I hadn’t exactly pregamed either. She smirked. “I knew you were a virgin…but there’s no way you almost just came from me barely grabbing your dick, through your underwear?” She laughed. “I’m almost scared to keep going.” So saying, Rach peeled the underwear back, revealing the uncut top.

“Ladies? Anyone want to help me take off his clothes, or is he all mine?”

Jessica queried hesitantly, “Who’ll hold him, then…?”

Rachel smiled. “Don’t worry. He’s totally into this; he’s not gonna stop us. Let’s be honest – if he wanted to, he totally could have. He’s stronger than us, but the reality is that he’s a complete sub. Look! He’s getting turned on the more I talk!”

I was harder than I’d ever been in my life, and Rachel was completely aware of how much I craved her. Those fingers suddenly paused while undoing the button on my jeans. “Wait, hold on. I want to see something.” She leaned over me, legs on either side and face above mine, nearly straddling me, her hair giving us a miniature curtain. Rachel smiled again, her top separated from her breasts by gravity, and lowered her mouth to my ear.

“Take your pants off.” I hesitated for a second, and she cocked her head ever so slightly to the side. It wasn’t a question, and by no means was she worried anymore about my compliance. I started to do so, slowly and gingerly, making as little movement as possible, all the while under her – not touching each other whatsoever, but so close I was sure she could hear my heartbeat pounding.

They came off completely. “Mm…good boy,” she whispered sensually. All six inches of me convulsed, and she immediately got off of me and sat back on her ass, laughing vivaciously, joined by the other girls. This continued for nearly ten seconds, Rachel holding her sides and fighting for breath. I sat up, flushed and still as hard as ever.

“There’s no way he got turned on by that…”

“I’ve read about this, but I didn’t think there actually existed guys who like this stuff…”

Amanda began videotaping, camera unsteady from the heaving of her own laughter.

“Did you see the way his whole body shook when Rachel said that? Oh my GOD this is fucking hilarious…”

I was blushing like I never had before, with my crush in front of me, laughing at me, while her friends videotaped. Never had I been more turned on in my life.

Rachel stood up and stretched. “Girls, it’s been a long night. Good to retire?” The others followed her lead and made way to the door, murmuring assent in various ways. As they all left, she pointedly stayed inside. “Rachel, you coming?” asked a concerned and still red-faced Emily, exhilarated by the excitement of the night. “Not yet,” she said, smiling. “I’m not done with him. I’ll keep you updated, though.” She winked, closed the door, and turned to face me.

“So? How are you feeling?”

“Um…pretty okay, I guess. How the fuck do I respond to that?”

“Mm…you could say, ‘I’m incredibly turned on by how sexy my crush is and the fact that she could absolutely dominate me if she wanted to will have me hard at the thought of her forever?’ Because you’re definitely still horny.” I’d gone a little limp as everyone was leaving and I saw them out the door (jeans on), but the slight reprieve I’d gotten was apparently short-lived. I glanced up at the clock. More than an hour and a half had already passed; all I needed to do was hold out for some time longer and my embarrassment would be over.

Rachel grinned again. “So, how much do you actually like me?” She suddenly frowned. “First of all, çankırı escort take your pants off. And shirt. You no longer get clothes when it’s just us two, unless I say so.” With her friends out of the picture, I was much readier to obey. Wearing only underwear – notably quite stretched, at the moment – I stood awkwardly, not really sure what to do, eyes flicking between her and the clock, still trying to avoid her breasts yet scared of eye contact.

She raised an eyebrow. “For someone with a 4.0, you’re quite stupid. Or maybe it’s just because you like me. Since when does underwear not count as part of clothes?” Rachel snapped her fingers. “Off.”

I stared at her. She’d be the first person I’d ever shown my dick too. I wasn’t sure how I felt like that; on the one hand, she was literally my crush asking (or rather, demanding) to see it. But I also just felt…generally apprehensive. General insecurity, I suppose, and also a feeling of the momentousness of the occasion, to me.

A light slap across the cheek – more of a pat than a slap, really – brought me back to reality. Rachel tapped her foot in mock impatience, and while the effect wasn’t there, given she wasn’t wearing any footwear, the desired effect was achieved. I slowly began taking it off, bending at the waist as I did so, shielding my jewels from her view and covering it with my hands in a pose that I hoped looked somewhat natural.

Rachel sighed and cupped my face in her hands. “Hey. Why are you pretending you don’t like this? You like me. You think I’m incredibly hot. You’ve been dying to look at my tits all year. You’re a complete sub and masochist – and don’t try to disagree, it’s so fucking obvious with everything you do, the way you talk, the way you’re afraid to touch me but also want to so badly – do you remember how you tried to reject my hug at the front door? You’re so touch-starved, but either afraid of women or you knew you’d get a fucking hard-on upon feeling my skin and being that close to me.” She smiled a little, with real compassion and kindness in her eyes. “I know that you would hate to make me uncomfortable, and that’s why you don’t like initiating touch in general. And I respect that about you. I like that about you. I appreciate it a lot. It’s sweet. Just like how you try so hard to not look at my breasts. It’s endearing, and I like that about you. Now shut the fuck up and do what I say.” She paused for a moment. “You haven’t actually been talking a lot, I just felt like saying that.” Rachel grinned again. “Move your hands.”

I like this girl. A lot.

I cautiously, reluctantly, moved them. Rachel nodded appreciatively. “I like the shape. Solid six inches too, no complaints.” She began walking a circle around me, and as I rotated to face her, she slapped my backside. “Don’t.” I felt her appraising gaze upon me as she completed the circle. I got the feeling she’d been waiting to do this since the very beginning, undressing me with her eyes as her stare penetrated beneath my clothes.

Rachel began walking towards the couch. I followed, standing as she sat and gazed up at me. Picking up and swirling the leftover remains of whatever was in one of the Solo cups, she looked at me and asked “So, really, how hard are you crushing?”

“Quite a bit,” I answered honestly. “I don’t really know how to answer your question. I promise, I wasn’t lying earlier either…it’s kinda hard to choose an arbitrary point in time for when I liked you. I’ve always loved your style, nails, personality…the fact that you’re really hot and my type definitely doesn’t hurt.” I blushed again, but this time, I was absolutely okay with it.

She laughed, a clear, bright sound I already longed for. “Is that so? Thank you, I suppose. But that hasn’t really sated my curiosity.” Looking directly at my semi-erect dick, she turned up to my eyes and smiled again. Taking a sip, she asked “How often do you jerk off to me?”

If I had a drink, I’d probably have spat it out. “Um.” I hesitated. “I try not to, because, I don’t know, it feels weird getting off to my friends, y’know, and like…”

“Hey.” Rachel met my eyes, pinning me with her gaze. “You literally have a crush on me. You find me attractive. You have been dreaming of me. It’s natural. I appreciate the effort, though. But you’re a guy, you have a sex drive, you have feelings for me…just let things run their course. It’s okay.” She smiled again. “So not often, I imagine?”

“I…how do I say this? I try not to think of you, but thinking of you is quite the turn-on for me already…I for sure end up masturbating more when you cross my mind, but only a couple of times have I actually done it while thinking of you.”

“Hmm.” She sloshed the remaining few drops and downed it. “Well, now’s your chance. Masturbate, and say my name while you do it.”

I stood there for a second, getting hard at the thought. She grinned. “What? Need some material? Here,” Rachel said, reaching her arms up to the ceiling. Not once breaking eye contact as she slowly peeled her top off, save the brief instant it was covering her face, Rachel set it next to her, leaning forward to rest her elbow on her knee, with her hand supporting her chin. The view presented itself once again.

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