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Tom let me go, I slowly backed away, turning to hide the erection in my sweats, Tom was not sure on how to address this. What do you tell a four year old about her Dad and Uncle hugging each other in the middle of the kitchen. I suggested he not say anything. She did not seem bothered by it so leave it be.

I made us popcorn and we each had a soda and would watch yet another kids movie, it was nice to just sit with Tom and Hailey. Hailey of course fell asleep on me, Tom watched her leaned up against me, he looked me in the eyes and leaned in and kissed me. Not a peck but a lingering kiss, his lips on mine, his tongue touching my lips.

He pulled back he scooped up his daughter and took her to bed, he came back and sat very close to me, I leaned back and he half laid on me. I put my arms around him holding him close to me, we changed the movie to one we wanted to watch. Tom snuggled in closer to me, he and I so comfy together, Tom dozed off half way through the movie.

Here I was I had the man I always dreamed of having laying on me, my cock was rock hard and dripping, his cock bulging in his trousers. Tom woke not knowing where he was or who he was snuggled up with. He sat up and looked at me, guilt once again had a grip on him.

“Sorry Billy did I make you uncomfortable?”

“Not at all Tom, you can snuggle with me anytime.”

“I better get to bed, good night Billy.”

“Night Tom.”

I cleaned up and shut off all the lights, locked the front door and went to my room, got undressed and went to bed. In less than a half hour Tom was beside my bed, naked and hard, the man needed his cock drained once again. I lifted the covers and he crawled in, he snuggled in close to me, tonight he got on top of me.

His eyes on mine, his lips pressed to mine, the man knew how to kiss let me tell you, he rolled us over and I was now on top of him, I laced our hands together. I kissed him my tongue roamed his mouth, I kissed his neck to his chest, I worked his nipples to his navel, down his thighs to his knee caps, his calves to his feet.

I licked sucked and kissed the man head to toe, not sure I had ever heard a man be so vocal in bed. I made my way back to his cock, I licked his ball sack, his nuts rolled in their sack, I sucked his one ball in my mouth and lathered it with spittle, I took his other nut and sucked on them both.

His cock poured out massive amounts of precum, I released his balls and licked my way up his beautiful shaft, pressing the precum to the surface. I greedily lapped it all up, the flavor was escort izmir incredible sweet and salty. I peeled back his foreskin and took his massive tool in my mouth, Tom took in a deep breath as his cock slowly vanished from site.

I held it deep in my mouth and throat, I sucked down and swallowed, Tom was going crazy, he threw the pillow across the room, the other one he held over his face as he screamed as his cock shot me with six full streams of cum. I milked that cock to get every single drop he could muster, his knob so sensitive, his body jerked as my tongue licked away the seed he had unloaded.

Tom laid there pillow over his face, body spread out in the middle of my bed, his cock slowly deflating. I let his cock go and laid down beside him, he removed the pillow and looked at me, no guilt today, more like lust. He got on top of me and did most of what I did to him, he took my cock in his firm grip and stroked it.

His mouth made its way to my cockhead, he peeled back my foreskin and his mouth sucked down on my engorged penis. It had been so long since the last time I had even gotten a simple blow job, I came within seconds of him sucking on my cock. Tom held some of my cum in his mouth and fed it to me, I rolled us over and I would drain him of one more load before he would leave my bed.

I took his cock and stroked it and sucked it at the same time, I bobbed on it, his balls rose his cock blasted me once again with his seed. This time I would feed him his cum, I pressed my lips to his own and fed him some of his delicious cum. He and I kissed then he laid his head on my chest, I held him to me, I never wanted this to end.

Tom was quick to fall asleep, I reached over and shut off the light, Tom was content to sleep half on top of me. I soon was off to dreamland myself, I woke up to Hailey beside me snuggled in tight, her Dad still on top of me. I covered us all up and slowly drifted off to sleep, Tom and I woke to Hailey waking us up.

She was hungry and wanted us to get out of bed, Tom got off me so I could go make her breakfast, I covered him up so he could sleep. I was amazed that Hailey did not ask any questions about her Dad sleeping on top of me. Tom got up I poured him a coffee and he took a seat at the island.

“Did she ask about us being in bed together?”

“Nope not a word about it, she seems to think it’s fine.”

Tom was drinking his coffee I was making us breakfast, she came in and sat beside her Dad, I poured her some orange juice. She watched as I was cooking bacon and hash browns for escort izmir our breakfast, she looked at her Dad and asked him.

“Are you and Uncle Billy going to get married?”

Tom spit out his coffee, I almost dropped the spatula, I turned to Tom and he was so red faced.

“No Honey we are not getting married, why do you ask?”

“Well you’re sleeping together shouldn’t you be married?”

I almost laughed, this kid caught everything.

“You don’t have to be married to sleep together.”

The wheels were turning now.

“But Grandma said you should be married if you sleep in the same bed.”

There was no response that would solve this, Tom would just leave it in the air, I went back to my bacon and hash browns. She went to her room Tom got up to get a cup of coffee, he was right beside me, he looked at me and leaned in for a kiss.

“Billy you and I may have to get married it seems.”

I pulled the frying pan off the burner and pinned him to the cupboards, he and I lip locked, his cock started to grow so we stopped. She came in and saw us kissing again, she did not say anything just asking when the bacon would be ready.

We all ate then would shower get dressed and go to the Zoo for the day, we had so much fun, Hailey, Tom and I had a great day at the Zoo. Mom called she was going to come by before dinner to visit her favorite grand daughter. When we got home I started on dinner, Tom had some work to do, Hailey in her room playing.

Mom came in she and I talking in the kitchen, Tom came in and sat with us. Hailey came in and hugged Grandma, told her about the Zoo and how Tom and I were sleeping in the same bed, and now we have to get married, all in the same breath. Tom and I so red faced, I tried to let it slip by but I knew Mom would not let it go. Tom made his excuses to go do some more work, Hailey in her room playing.

Mom looked at me I knew I had to explain, I told her nothing had happened Tom and Hailey had ended up in bed with me is all. She was happy with my answer but I knew she did not believe me, Mom left to go make Dad dinner. Tom came out as she was leaving, he asked if she had asked about Hailey’s comment.

“She sure did but I told her it just happened.”

Tom walked up to me and pulled me in for a kiss, he was so expressive with his need for contact, his need for a kiss or even a touch, to be held. Hailey came in the kitchen I poured her some juice, she was in need of a nap. Tom would bring her but she wanted me as well to help her get to sleep, the three of us in my bed once again.

Tom stared at me as we lay there reading her a story, I was curious what he was thinking, Hailey was out he and I snuck out of bed and went in to the kitchen. I was preparing dinner he came up behind me his cock rock hard and in need of relief. He took my hand and led me to his room, I laid him down on the bed unzipped his pants and took out his huge cock.

I went and locked the door before we continued, I had Tom get naked, I quickly stripped naked as well. I got on top of him and he rolled us over, his lips on my own, our cocks pressing into each others. He and I would sixty nine this time, having his cock deep inside my mouth he had a hard time to suck mine as he could not stop being so vocal.

Tom fucked my mouth, his load was massive, my own cock exploded in his mouth, he and I licked each other clean. We lay there in his bed naked making out, dam I liked him a lot, his eyes on my own, I wanted him in me.

“Billy could I, could I maybe, you know, could I maybe put my cock in your hole? Would that be okay?”

“Yes you sure could, but I need to clean out and it will have to be later.”

He and I kissed, got dressed, then I went in to make dinner he still had some work to catch up on. I went in and brought him a glass of water, he was busy working on his project for work. I kissed his neck and left him to it, Hailey woke up and of course came to me, I held her as she slowly awoke. She and I went in and I left her with her Dad.

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner Tom came in still holding Hailey, he came up and kissed me, the three of us hugged. Hailey told us she loved us, I told them I loved them both as well, Tom also said he loved us both very very much. We had dinner then we three snuggled in to watch a movie, Hailey on one side Tom on the other.

I soon had two sleeping on me, I woke Tom so he could bring Hailey to bed and I could go do my bathroom routine for later. I cleaned up and went in to clean myself out, I came out the house was dark except for my bedroom. Tom was laid out in only a pair of boxers.

I saw how nervous he was, I locked the door and grabbed the lube and got on the bed in between his legs. I peeled off his boxers and threw them across the room, he lay there naked rock hard and ready. I got on top of him and kissed him, he rolled us over and I pulled my legs up. I wanted his cock inside me more than anything right now.

Tom and I kissed he would pull back and look me in the eyes, I was not sure how he felt but I loved this man so very much. He pulled back my legs and I handed him the lube, he slicked up his cock and my hole. Here I was folded in half about to have the man I always wanted to make love to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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