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Have you ever had something unexpected happen to you that changed your life… forever?

I did and it changed my life dramatically!

Who am I?

My name is Will! I stand 1.79 metres (5’10½”) tall; weigh 99Kg (220lbs); have light brown hair, gray-blue eyes and a crooked grin. Because I have been actively involved in gymnastics – Roman-rings – since my teens at State, National and Olympic levels, my body is well-toned. I have an eidetic memory and a 170 IQ. I cannot sing to save myself. I am vegetarian. I love opera, classical music, Allison Krauss, Waylon Jennings, country music, AC/DC, Jethro Tull she is fucking you as hard as you are fucking her… and she is screaming all manner of obscenities as you both cum.

Seriously coloured my sexual expectations it did!

Got into secondary school with VERY high expectations.

Didn’t even get to first base!

Now don’t get me wrong! To start with I had no lack of willing partners. The word very quickly got around that I had a HUGE dick…. and they all wanted a part of it!… until they found they couldn’t open their jaw wide enough!… or my cock stretched their pussy too much – and it wasn’t even in that far!

Pain does strange things to people!

The word very quickly spread that I was a freak – and dates became few and far between. Even the blokes steered clear of me. After overhearing the derogatory comments made about my size in the locker-room… jealousy!

Within a short time I went from being popular to being an outcast!

I felt rejected! I gave up trying to find or even have a girlfriend! I concentrated all my energy on my studies… at which I excelled!

When my parents died within a very short time of each other; being their only child I sold up and moved to my present location – a small coastal town a couple of hours out of our state capital and close a major University.

I found I that my eidetic memory and IQ gave me a talent for mathematics that made computer programming a breeze – regardless of the programming language.

Being inquisitive, early in the piece I wrote a very successful financial algorithm, mainly to see if I could beat the banks – and made a packet! Talking to contacts I had developed in financial circles; I recognised the potential of my algorithm – and marketed it world-wide. The deal was ; every time a credit card was used in an ATM anywhere in the world – I made 1 cent – 24/7/365 for 2 year!

I learned to spot free-loaders very quickly. I couldn’t hide the fact that I had money. My story was that I have been able to invest the money my parents left me very well!

Up to the time of my epiphany I still hadn’t found a girl with a pussy that could swallow my cock – and before you say anything… based upon my experiences to date – I wasn’t in a hurry to try; in case I got let down again.

So there I was – bloody lonely!

To compensate I got involved in the community around me… and made some great friends. Because we have a nude beach; to protect everyone from outside harassment I equipped the local police with quad bikes and close-channel two-way radios that were outside their regular operating budget.

‘Butch’ (Erwin) 1.85m (6’1″) of lean, ex Navy, rangy muscled Senior Sergeant and Lara, a lithe, lean, small breasted 1.82m (5’11”) 2nd Dan black-belt Tai Kwan Do qualified constable who dance around each other something fierce rather than admit their attraction!

Everyone in town knows! I reckon that some of the matrons are running a book on that relationship!

The particular day in question I was feeling down and had taken myself off to the beach to soak up the sun. I had built myself a banana lounge in the sand and was stretched out chortling away at one of my favourite ‘Asterix’ book.

I was a million miles away when a voice announced:-

“Is that a comic you are reading? My name is Bronwyn; but you can call me Bronny! I am 6! I am looking for a new Daddy! How old are you?”

Jerked back to reality bahis firmaları – I looked up to see a very cute, light-brown haired, long thin nude streak of a girl looking at me through very steady ice-blue eyes that matched the ribbons holding her pig-tails.

Taking a cue from her initial greeting, I replied,

“Hello Bronny! My name is Will! I am 27 in two weeks! Yes, it is a comic book for grown-ups. I love it because it makes me laugh! Would you like to have a look at it? Am I allowed to tell you that I love the way that the colour of your ribbons match your eyes?”

She looked at me very carefully for a few seconds before nodding her head as though she had made a decision before saying, “Yes! Thank you! My Mum chose them. She is 26! You have a VERY big penis! My Daddy’s penis is not that big! He likes putting in Mummy’s vagina but it doesn’t fit very well since she had me which makes him very angry. He yells at her that loudly that I can hear him in my room – and he hits her; and says it is her fault! He makes us wear clothes that cover us all over so other men won’t steal her from him! That is why I want a new Daddy!”

Wow! What could I say! Information overload!

I decided to change the subject!

I had just started to explain the characters in the ‘Asterix’ book when the bracelet she was wearing lit up.

“Mummy wants me!” Sticking out her hand she said, “It’s been nice to meet you, Will!” I had time enough to shake her hand – once – before she shot off behind me.

By the time I turned around she was lost to sight!

I shrugged and began to mull over what had just happened! Realising that there was nothing I could do about it. I went back to my ‘Asterix’ and proceeded to get as lost as I could in it.

I am told (sarcastically) that one of my more endearing traits is that I ‘zone out’ when I am in deep thought! Now it was what saved me because I think that is where I must have been when I was again interrupted by Bronny’s voice.

“Will, this is my Mum! Her name us Lynette; but you can call her Lyn! When I told her that your penis was easily two times as big and long as Daddy’s, she asked where you were!”

I looked up to see two long, slim, well-toned legs that went all the way up to the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen – highlighted by a narrow landing-strip of almost blond pubic hair! As I watched; the puffy pink Labia were getting redder by the minute… and the clitoris became more prominent!

I was in heaven!

My cock was that hard that it hurt!

I looked up to see a pair of beautiful breasts standing proud – with nipples that looked as hard as pencil rubbers! Above them was a flushed familiar face; tongue was nervously licking the lips!

The eyes were not looking at me – they were firmly fixed on my cock!

We both simultaneously whispered, “Oh my God!”

Imagine my dilemma!

I had a very aroused, nude, smaller cup sized Heather Vandeven type body standing in front of me – staring very longingly at my cock… and I was on a public nude beach!

Worse than that! All the blood that had drained from my brain into my cock prevented me from remembering where I knew her from.

I stood and offered my hand! Her eyes jerked up and her hand seemed to hesitate between grabbing my cock and shaking my hand… my hand won!

But before our hands connected she got clobbered by this Indonesian looking bloke wielding what I learned later was a cane…. And she went down in a heap; her face covered in blood!

Bronny was screaming, “No, Daddy!”

I very quickly pushed him away and put myself between this crazy character who was screaming, “So this is your boyfriend! Harlot! Whore! How dare you humiliate me by prostituting yourself with this man in public!”

“Back off sunshine! I growled. “Pick on someone your own size! No decent person belts a defenceless women on my watch!” He whipped around and attacked me with his cane, screaming. “She is my wife! That gives me the right to punish her any way kaçak iddaa I see fit for treating me like this!”

Next thing I knew Butch had his ID stuck in this blokes face. “Police! Step back immediately!”

He didn’t! He swung at Butch instead!

Wroonng move!

A split-second later he was face down eating sand with his arms pinned behind his back as Butch applied the hand-cuffs while saying, “Sir! I am placing you under arrest! You are being charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting a police officer. Pending charges I am obliged to inform you that anything you say can, and will, be used as evidence against you in a court of Law!”

While this was going on Lara had physically picked Lyn up, wrapped her in a borrowed towel and had her arms wrapped around her and was giving her in a big cuddle while repeating over and over, “You’re safe! I’m here! It’s all over now!”

Bronny had wrapped herself around my legs like a limpet so I picked her up and held her in my arms while we surveyed the battle scene.

I reckon that just about the whole beach was gathered around. From the tone of the voices I wouldn’t have wanted to be in Lyn’s husband’s shoes.

Butch put him in the quad and handcuffed the handcuffs to the frame. Lara was instructed to take Lyn to the hospital for a check-up and bring the medical report back to him at the station. Witnesses were asked for. When everyone offered the look on the husband’s face told of his pending doom!

As I had Bronny; we went via where they had their clothes then met Lara and Lyn at the hospital.

I was marking time in the waiting room when Lara, Lyn and Bronny came out of the casualty area chatting away to each other like they were the best of friends. Apart from stitches on her scalp and treatment for lacerations and a black eye; Lyn was OK! When Bronny saw me she launched herself into my arms much to Lara, her mother’s and my great surprise.

Lara’s comment, “So Will, what’s this all about?” brought a very swift emotional reply from Bronny, “I hate my father! I never want to see him again. I hope he gets put in jail for-EVER!”

It was agreed that, considering the circumstances, they couldn’t really go back to her husband’s house with his extended family and that staying at a local motel was probably not the wisest move either

Before I could say anything further, after a quick glance at Lyn, with a twinkle in her eye Lara over-ruled me by saying, “Will, you have heaps of room at your place. I’m sure with your security system they should be safe until we sort everything out.”

I had been ‘gazumped!’

I left Lara and the 2 girls to get whatever they needed from where they lived and headed home via the supermarket to make sure I had kid-food in the house – a rambling, 4 bed-room, slate-roofed, two-storey brick with a tall ivy-covered brick fence fronting the street.

When Lara buzzed I opened the gates and met the car at front door.

Getting them settled was a bit drawn out. Bronny – simple! The small bed-room with the kid’s bed was hers! Lyn! – she and Lara inspected the entire house before walking into my master bedroom and en-suite and, turning to face me, stated. “I’m sleeping here!”

Lara chickened out, with a dirty grin on her face, muttering something about having to check in with Butch!

Lyn walked up to me with a very hot look, grabbed my hands and wrapped them around her back before wrapping her arms around my neck and whispering, “Kiss me!”

Being the coward I am I knew when I was beaten!.

We were just getting into the tongue games when Bronny walked in and informed us that we would have time for that later after we had had tea, because she was STARVING, and she and Tracey (her doll) had gone to bed in her new bed.

I eat out a lot! Under pressure I can make scrambled eggs on toast! Nothing else! Scrambled eggs! Never had the need to learn how to cook.

The choice was Chinese, a Pub meal, the local restaurant. “No, I don’t care how much you kaçak bahis pout… or tell me that you will fall on the floor and die! No Maccas! Your Mum and I will watch you die and shrivel up into dust; then we go and have ice-cream and jelly with our tea!”

The recuperative power of children never ceases to amaze me! I swear that they have separate ice-cream and jelly stomachs!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the reception we got when we walked into our local Chinese restaurant. We had no sooner gotten through the door when people recognised us and started standing up and applauding!

Mei Lin, the owner, came bustling out and told everyone, “You stop now! Mister Will face very red! Know him long-time! He very nice man! Very quiet man! Today he special man – help beautiful lady and very beautiful little princess! Tonight he Mei Ling guest! Mei Ling cook special meal! Mister Will you no argue with Mei Ling about money! Sit!”

What could I say?

As we sat down my memory kicked in! Looking at her I said, “6 years ago!… Offenbach: Four Recital Pieces for Cello she stepped onto the chair’s side leg brace and swung her other leg over to the other side so she was now straddling my cock. She reached down, grabbed my cock and lowered her hips until it was hard up against her very wet pussy – and wriggled in back and forth to get the head well lubricated.

I put my hands underneath her bum as, putting her hands on my shoulders, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

We both moaned as her pussy expanded and wrapped itself around the rock-hard head of my cock like a hot wet vice. I was so close to cumming; I had to bite my lip! Every nerve in my cock was screaming for release. My balls were bouncing up and down!

As she slid further onto my cock she all-of-a-sudden started shaking like crazy and flooded my cock as she came – whimpering as staring at me with lust glazed eyes. “Fuck this! I’m going for broke! Shift your hands!” and, as I did, she collapsed onto my thighs as I thrust upwards.

We both screamed as the head of my cock touched bottom against her cervix.

“Yesss! Yesss! Yesss! Sooo good! Sooo full! I haven’t ever been filled so full! I swear I can feel you in my throat!”

“Cum inside me!” she commanded.

“No condom!”

“Don’t care!” she moaned as she clamped her pussy onto my cock and, rocking backwards and forwards, started milking me. “I want to feel you emptying your balls inside me!”

That did it!!

I was lost! I came with such force that it felt like my insides were pouring out through my cock into her pussy while she was kissing me with such force that it seemed like she was going to eat me.


A couple of years later when we had calmed down and she was nestled against me I heard this little voice say, “Houston, we have a problem! If I move I think I am going to flood the carpet!”

“Wrap your legs around me as I stand and we’ll try and make the shower with all hoses clamped!”

We did…just! But it took a long time to get out because we had to kiss, tongue and suck every square inch of each other’s bodies until I was recharged enough to finish in her mouth.

We finally made it to bed; and were woken a while later by Bronny crawling in with us.

“Mummy, I’m glad we are here,” a little tired voice said before lapsing into slow breathing.

We looked at each other and said, “Me too!” simultaneously.

Ben was conceived that night!

Lyn’s former husband was given a choice – divorce and leave the country or be charged and do time. No prizes there!

We were married 6 months later!

Butch was best man; Lara was bridesmaid and Bronny was our flower girl. Most everybody in town was there. Mei Lin catered at the reception.

We returned the favour for Butch and Lara a year later.

Sally was conceived on the Roman rings and was born three years ago. (I’ll leave that to you imagination! All I’ll say is that practice makes perfect!)

That was 8 years ago! I’m still teaching gymnastics. In between her music and their school; Lyn and the kids also do gymnastics.

The best part of our relationship is that Lyn and I do our best to touch bottom at least once a day!

Cheers, Will

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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