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I almost always sleep in on Saturday morning and today was no exception. Bright sunlight was streaming into my bedroom when I awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. As I rubbed the sleepy dirt from my eyes I realized I was alone. Bill and Marsha had apparently slipped out of bed leaving me to sleep late.

I still wore the black fishnet stockings from last night and the residual stickiness of an awesome Ménage à trios’. Slipping out of bed I thought about showering but wanted to let Bill and Marsha know that I’d woke up. I slipped a bath robe on and headed toward the living room.

The short hall from my bed room leads to the living room but you can also see beyond into the kitchen as you walk the hall. As I made my way through the hall I could see Bill standing at the counter and it appeared he was looking down toward the floor.

“Strange.” I thought to myself wondering what he was looking at. As I entered the living room I heard slurping sounds coming from the kitchen. I stepped sideways not wanting Bill to see me giving me a chance to walk closer to investigate the sounds.

As I peeked around the door jamb both questions were instantly answered. Bill was looking down at Marsha who was on her knees slurping on his erect cock. From where I was standing neither of them could see me but I had a clear view of the oral sex they were clearly enjoying.

I remained quiet wanting to watch her suck his cock. They obviously had been at it for some time because Bill looked like he was ready to explode. Marsha’s head was bobbing back and forth with a rather rapid rhythm. One hand cupped his balls while the other circled his shaft just above the base. Her lips slid along the shaft touching her finger each time she bobbed in.

“You give such fucking good head.” I heard Bill whisper softly enough for Marsha to hear and not wake me up.

As I watched intently from my hidden vantage point I slipped a hand under my robe and began softly massaging my clit.

Marsha is an expert at sucking cock having an instinctive way of knowing when a man is about to climax and can bring him to the very edge then slow her technique letting him drift back into a sexual abbess and Bill was no exception. Her mouth slowed and she let his raging erection slip from her moist full lips smiling up into his exasperated face and slowly stroking the shaft with her hand.

“I don’t want you to cum yet.” She whispered quietly.

Her skillful fingers gently massaged his balls as her soft hand slid up and down the shaft not allowing her fingers to touch the sensitive flesh of his corona.

While she stroked and massaged him her eyes were constantly looking up at his face. Her lips parted slightly were inches from the tip of his pulsing cock. Occasionally she would extend her tongue barely touching the end of his glistening cock head.

Bill tilted his head back in frustration wanting her warm wet mouth surrounding his bulbous cock head again.

“Why are you teasing me so?” He questioned in a nearly inaudible voice as his eyes again focused on her sexy face.

Masha smiled at him and replied. “Cause I can.”

Bills left forearm was resting on the counter and his right dangled down at his side. I watched as he clenched his fists tightly fighting the urge to grasp her head and sink his cock between the moist lips poised before him.

My middle finger was circling a now pulsing clit and I moved my free hand to one breast to pinch its erect nipple.

I was fascinated by her skills. Marsha had him teetering on the brink waiting for the perfect time to use her warm wet mouth to suck him over the edge and let him free fall into an orally inspired orgasm.

As her hand slowly stroked just the shaft she opened her mouth wide and moved forward. Without touching his cock with warm lips or moist tongue she surrounded his cock head with her mouth then exhaled strongly sending a wave of warm air swirling over his cock.

Bill’s threw his head back again and moaned soulfully as the breath teased his aching cock.

Marsha pulled her mouth back and pursed her lips planting a light kiss on the tiny slit that would soon enough be squirting hot semen into her sexy mouth.

He looked down again. “You’re such a fucking cock tease.” He quietly remarked.

“And you love it!” She replied.

I could feel the tingling in my loins as I fingered myself closer and closer to a self-induced climax but like Marsha I slowed my rhythm knowing it would be impossible for me to remain unseen or heard if I continued.

Marsha continued occasionally kissing just the tip of his cock and exhaling her hot breath over him her hand still slowly massaging just the base of his shaft.

“Dear god please take it in your mouth again.” Bill pleaded.

She made him wait again kissing the tip and blowing over the head with pursed lips.

Bill tried a different approach to get her mouth back where he wanted it. “Gen is going to wake up.” He remarked hoping that would be an insensitive for Marsha bahis firmaları to finish him off.

Marsha grinned at him and chuckled softly at his warning. “She sleeps like a log.” She quietly remarked.

I thought about stepping into the door way and showing her that the log was already awake but decided to give her a few more minutes to finish Bill off instead.

Bill was looking completely exasperated having had enough of her verbal and oral teasing. “If you don’t start sucking my cock again I might have to grab your head and just fuck your mouth!” He quietly but sternly warned.

Marsha understood he was at wits end and mercifully gave in to his demands.

Her mouth opened wide again and as before she moved forward not touching him until her lips were beyond his flaring corona. She exhaled strongly again but this time as her searing breath spread over his cock she slowly closed her lips tightly around his shaft below the head.

Her hand stroked up until it touched her lips then continued following the soft flesh as she drew back.

Bill growled harshly as she finally began giving him what he wanted most.

Her mouth and lips followed her fingers as she stroked down softly sliding along his shaft until her hand bumped into this pubic bone.

Back and forth her mouth and hand moved stroking licking and sucking his cock in unison. His throbbing cock glistened with her saliva and I was certain that in short order her lips would be shimmering with his sticky cum load.

“That’s it!” Bill exclaimed almost loudly enough to wake a sleeping log.

Her eyes were fixed on his studying his expression. Searching for the sign that his balls were about to release their torrent of sauce.

I know Bill’s expressions much better than she and knew his loins were on fire bringing the thick contents of his balls to a boiling point.

Marsha being an expert at sucking a climaxing cock recognized the same thing and drew her mouth back opening her lips wide and extended her tongue letting her soft skillful hand complete her mission.

Bill groaned harshly and threw his head back as the first thick wad of cum burst from his cock and sailed across the open space between splashing on Marsha’s moist tongue.

Her hand slid down the surging cock and a second even thicker shot cleared her open mouth landing on Marsha’s nose and upper lip the thin tail dangling over her lip and into her mouth.

Bill grabbed her hand and leaned forward resting his cock head in the puddle of thick cum coating her tongue and spurted several more shots of his creamy cocktail inside nearly filling her mouth with his seed.

Once he was finished oozing the final few drops into the pool of thick cream Marsha stood up her lips tightly together but shimmering with cum.

She tilted her head back and opened her mouth letting Bill enjoy the view of his cock sauce slithering around her mouth and tongue.

Marsha picked up a coffee mug from the counter and brought it to her lips. Very slowly she allowed his juice to seep from her mouth flowing over her bottom lip and dripping into the mug.

Once she had emptied her mouth into the mug Marsha licked her lips and swallowed the residue that still clung to her tongue. “I love hot cream with my coffee.” She said as she poured herself a cup of java.

Bill giggled and bent down to pull his boxers back up his legs as Marsha sipped her morning coffee.

I slipped away and quietly made my way back to bed. Lying face down with my face buried in a pillow I slipped my hand between my thighs and fingered myself through a quick climax the down filled pillow muffling my moans of pleasure.

I heard Bill’s voice coming from the living room. “I should go wake sleep head up.” He remarked.

I quickly curled up and pretended to be asleep as he open the door and walked across the room to sit beside me on the edge of the bed. His soft hand touched my shoulder. “Wake up Gen.” He whispered.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up into his face. “Morning baby.” I softly replied acting like I was still half asleep while rolling over onto my back letting my naked tits exposed for him to enjoy.

“I made coffee.” He announced.

I smiled and said. “Darn I wanted to get some fresh cream yesterday.”

His somewhat surprised expression at my mention of fresh cream amused me knowing he had just provided the freshest of cream.

“I guess milk will have to do.” He answered his expression almost looking like he was concerned that I would suggest I could retrieve some cream from his balls.

I didn’t want Bill to know that I had just watched him provide Marsha with cream for her coffee so I answered. “Maybe I take it black today.”

He stood up and reached out for my hand. “Come on out and join us. Marsha’s having her coffee in the living room.” He suggested helping me slip out of bed.

I decided to join them instead of a quick shower.

Bill was already walking toward the kitchen as I walked into the living room. kaçak iddaa “Let me get you a cup.” He announced just before he disappeared into the other room.

I sat down beside Marsha and smiled at her. “So how’s the coffee?” I asked.

She grinned and replied. “It’s very good.”

“Sorry I forgot to stop at the grocery an grab some cream yesterday.” I apologized.

Her smile widened as she replied. “Milk’s just fine.”

I giggled and reached for a misdirected droplet of Bill’s cock sauce that was still clinging to one locket of her hair.

She knew instantly what it was as I rolled the gooey pellet of cum between my thumb and index finger.

“This doesn’t look like milk.” I remarked as I lifted it to my lips. “It doesn’t taste like milk either.”

Marsha instantly got a concerned expression on her face. “Gen I don’t know what got into me.”

I slipped my finger from between my lips and held it vertically over my mouth. “The early bird gets the worm.” I replied smiling widely.

Her relieved expression turned to a huge smile before she whispered. “Or the cream.”

“Let’s keep that our little secret.” I answered letting her know I didn’t want Bill to figure out that I knew she had sucked his cock earlier.

Bill returned with my coffee smiling like a Cheshire cat thinking he’d pulled off some kind of major coup.

I resisted the urge to tease him about having another go round this morning knowing he’d be hard pressed to revive his cock in such short order.

We all just sat there relaxing and enjoying our coffee, Marsha more than us, but still enjoying the hot drink and hotter conversation.

After an hour or so Bill announced that he had some yard work to take care of at home and excused himself to grab a quick shower.

While he showered I admitted to Marsha that I had watched her suck him off from the living room.

She giggled and said. “I had a feeling that we were being watched. I must have a sixth sense about those things.”

I laughed out loud and replied. “If that’s your sixth sense than your seventh must be how to keep a man from exploding until you’re damn ready for him to cum.”

“Years and years of practice.” She answered just before she slurped a wad of thick cum that was floating on top of her coffee.

“You’ll have to teach me that technique.” I demanded.

Her broad smile was accentuated by the sliver of cum draped across her lower lip. “I’d be happy to. Do you think Bill is up to it now?” She asked.

I giggled. “I doubt it but I know a young stud that would be happy to be our lab rat.” I replied, thinking of Steve Kozmerl.

“I just love young studs.” Marsha answered just before Bill appeared buck naked from the bath.

We both giggled as he stood there proud as a buck while we looked over his naked form.

“I just wanted to tell you both that last night was absolutely incredible thanks for the best night of my life.” He said with a wide smile on his face.

He turned and retreated to the bedroom to dress. “He’s really a trip.” Marsha said.

“Yes and he provides great cum loads too.” I added.

Marsha and I were giggling like to junior high school girls talking about sex for the first time when Bill returned dressed and ready to leave.

“Anytime you two want to set up another Ménage à trios’ you can count me in as the third.” Bill offered as he approached where we were sitting.

He leaned down and gave Marsha a light kiss on the mouth then moved over and gave me a slightly deeper kiss slipping his tongue between my lips.

Marsha caught that and as he straightened up she asked. “What no tongue for me?”

Bill smiled and replied. “Perhaps next time darlin.”

It was just about ten thirty when Bill left leaving us along with time to kill before Marsha had to shower and get home to change her clothes for work.

As we freshened up our coffee in the kitchen Marsha asked. “So tell me about this young stud you mentioned earlier.”

“Not much to tell.” I replied.

She smiled knowing I had to have a good story to tell since I qualified him as a stud. “Come on come on there has to be some juicy tales you can share.”

We returned to the sofa and Marsha sat down sideways facing me expecting to hear all about Steve.

“Well it started out with him trying to blackmail me.” I began.

“Blackmail?” Marsha asked.

“Yes, he saw me with Bill one afternoon and threatened to expose us if I didn’t give him what he wanted.”

“And that was?” Marsha asked.

I grinned and replied. “He wanted a weekly blow job till the end of the semester.”

Marsha giggled. “So what’s the problem?”

“Well it kind of ticked me off that this young guy had the nerve to blackmail me into sucking his cock.” I explained.

She giggled again. “Like you don’t love sucking cock?”

I continued. “Well as it turned out my love of giving head made it quite enjoyable. But then he came to me and offered to trade all the oral sex if I’d let him fuck me once.”

“Sounds kaçak bahis like a reasonable offer.” Marsha quipped.

“To make a long story short, I told Bill about him.” I started to say.

“Why the fuck would you tell Bill?” Marsha asked.

So much for making a long story short I thought. “I actually kinda bared my sexual soul to Bill one night when I was feeling very depressed about me and all the men I’d been with. I even told him about Peter.” I explained.

“You didn’t tell him about the golden shower did you?” Marsha asked.

“Yes I did and also about the night I let myself get into a gang bang.” I continued “Along with a lot of other perverted things I’ve gotten into lately.”

“Honey you need to learn how to keep some things to yourself.” She replied.

I chuckled then got back to Steve. “As it turns out Bill is somewhat of a closet voyeur who loves to watch porno movies. He suggested that I video tape one of my oral sessions with Steve.”

“He did huh.” Marsha replied.

“Actually Bill and me watched the tape last night while we waited for you to arrive.” I explained.

“And?” Marsha asked.

I smiled. “We both found it very exciting.”

“Let me get this straight.” Marsha replied then continued “You have the guy on tape that you’re suggesting we use to train you how to hold a man off from cumming?”

“I do.” I answered.

Marsha’s face lit up with a huge smile. “Well queue it up.”

The tape was still in the player so I just picked up the remote and pressed rewind.

“So have you fucked this guy yet? Marsha asked as we waited for the tape to rewind.

“That was on the end of the tape but I edited it out cause I didn’t want Bill to know I let Steve fuck me silly.” I explained.

Marsha shook her head. “You tell him that you let Peter piss in your mouth, and that you took part in a gang bang but you didn’t want him to know you let Steve fuck you. That seems kinda strange.”

The tape snapped to a stop and I pointed the remote again pressing play.

Marsha turned her attention to the screen.

“He’s really cute.” She commented.

I just shook my head waiting for her comment when she first saw his solid cock.

“Oh my now that’s a real tonsil tickler.” Marsha remarked as I unleashed Steve’s cock.

As we watched my performance Marsha critiqued my technique.

“When you’re sucking a cock do you always want the guy to cum?” She asked.

I grinned. “Isn’t that the point?”

“Not always.” Marsha answered then explained “Let’s face it there isn’t a man out there who doesn’t love having his cock sucked.”

I grinned in agreement.

“And almost every one of them wants to either fill your mouth or paste your face with his cum.” She remarked stating the obvious.

“I haven’t met one who doesn’t.” I remarked.

Marsha watched as I moved around the desk and lay down dangling my head over the edge for Steve.

She picked up the remote and pressed pause. The screen froze just before Steve sank his cock inside my mouth.

“Think about cock sucking for a minute.”

I giggled and admitted. “I am always thinking about cock sucking.”

Marsha continued. “When you’re sucking a cock you have control but once you dangle your head like that you instantly give him control.”

“What’s your point?” I asked.

She explained. “Once they have control they lose it. From that point forward it’s a mad rush for a man to cum.”

“Okay I can’t disagreed with you but isn’t that the idea?” I asked.

“Absolutely not!” Marsha exclaimed.

“Take Bill for example when I was giving him head this morning I kept control right through to the moment he started cumming.”

“Yes and from my vantage point he seemed to be enjoying it immensely.” I remarked.

“Exactly.” Marsha quipped then continued. “I took the time to find that one spot and the best technique to use on that spot to bring him to the edge of orgasm.”

“I noticed that.” I answered.

She explained further. “By finding that spot I kept control I could have brought him to the edge a dozen times if I wanted to”

I was beginning to understand. “And by doing that when you finally do let him cum it’s much more intense.”

Marsha smiled widely at me. “Exactly and you will go from average to awesome when it comes to sucking cock.”

“Watch what I mean.” Marsha said as she pressed play.

As I watched the video I understood even better. From that point forward Steve was just fucking my mouth. I wasn’t sucking his cock instead I was just urging him to cum in my mouth.

We watched as he pummeled my throat faster and deeper until his balls pumped me full of thick hot cum.

“He certainly shoots a huge load.” Marsha remarked as we watched Steve explode all over my face and lips.

The tape ended and I turned toward Marsha. “So how do you go about finding that one spot on a man’s cock that absolutely drives him insane?”

She giggled. “Trial and error but I can tell you it is almost always somewhere around the head. It could be that he has a very sensitive corona, or loves having the tip of your tongue pressed into his tiny slit. I always try the spot where his head blends into the shaft too.

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