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Trashy 01

By : DickThePimp

Celebrating The Trashy Lifestyle… And Trashy Fucking At Its Finest… And Trashiest… Simple Enough… Totally Fake… Pure Fantasy Fiction… Read It Anyway… And Fuck A Trashy Bitch… You’ll Dig It

All Hail Trashy Sex… And Bitches

“How can I fuck his mom? From what I hear, she’s the best fuck on the planet. I gotta get in there, dude.”

“Kelly loves to flirt. Everybody wants to fuck her. You just gotta get lucky, dude. Catch her in the right mood. Maybe get her drunk or something. She loves to drink and have a good time.”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DUMBASSES TALKING ABOUT???… You’re talking about getting James’ mom drunk so you can fuck her? She wouldn’t fuck you stupid ass losers if she was totally fucking wasted ten times over. HA! Fucking idiots.”

“Ummm… I… I mean we…. Uhh…”

“Yeah. I mean… you know…”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Stay away from Kelly, assholes. I can TELL James about your fucking idea and he can beat both your lame asses. Or maybe he’ll get Big Dave to do it. Not even waste his time on you two dorks. HA!”



“Yeah…” My chick Misha shakes her head in disgust at my boys, Spence (The King Of Queens) and Johnny. They’re just two of the many, hard up, horny ass motherfuckers out there that wanna bang my mom Kelly (Kelly Madison). Mom’s got a rep as a big time party girl… and she does love to flirt and fuck… so everybody thinks that means that she’ll fuck them. She fucks who she wants. When she wants. How she wants. That’s up to her.

Misha’s going kinda hard on my buddies, mainly cause they get on her nerves, and she really loves to bust balls. So, it’s fun to her. She knows mom’s a party chick. Misha is my best friend, so she’s always looking out for me and stuff. I appreciate it. I really do. I just don’t make a big deal outta Spence and Johnny wanting to fuck mom. All my friends wanna fuck her. Everybody in the neighborhood does. I take it as a compliment. It’s the same way with my girlfriends. If a bunch of dudes… and chicks… wanna fuck them too… which they do… it’s a compliment… and a turn-on.

Hell… I’m dating a porn star. Gianna Michaels. Dudes everywhere wanna bang her out, so, like I said, it’s a turn-on.

Speaking of mama…

“Oh my God, doll. Oh my God!!!” Harry’s smokey grin gets smokier… and bigger. Dudes laid back in his chair behind his big ass oak desk, puffing hard on a fat ass stogie… shooting his dick cream into the most awesome mouth in the history of mouths… my mom’s.

“Oh yeahhhhhh. Drink it all, my dear. Such a sweet, sweet lady. Ahhhhhhh.” Harry’s super horny, 78 year old smokey smirk is on full blast… just like his fat, old, wrinkled ass dick.

Mom’s long blonde haired head is bobbing steadily in his fat lap.

“There…” Mama stands up and wipes the corners of her mouth. “You better get me that part, Harry.”

Mom’s attempting to kick start her previous acting career again, so she decided to pay ol’ Harry the super agent a visit, figuring he could help her out.

“I will, doll… I promise. Right after you take care of my son, Doug. He’s a partner in the agency now, so he has to sign off on all of our deals as well.” Harry shrugs his shoulders at mom. He puts his big fat dick away, and zips up. Still smoking hard on the big ass stogie.

“Oh my God. It never ends with you. Good grief.” Mom shakes her head again, and hurriedly puts some more wet and creamy, cherry red lipstick on, looking in her compact, and smoothing it out perfectly.

“It’s just that one last thing… I promise, doll. I really do. I mean it. You know you can trust me.” Harry’s sleazy/yet still funny smirk makes mom laugh, and shake her head once more, as she finishes smoothing out her newly applied, super bahis siteleri hot lipstick. God damn, she’s sexy!

Mama knows all about our old family friend, and his supposed trustworthiness.

“Yeah… Well… I better be able to trust you, Harry. You may be a famous agent and even a funny guy, but…” Mama leans over and points seriously, right at Harry, inches from his face. “I can still kick your fat ass if I want to.” She throws him a bad bitch smirk. Harry knows not to try her.

“No need for violence, sweetheart. My word is my bond. I really do promise that I’ll make sure you get that part in the new movie that you want… if you square things over with my son. I promise.” Harry grins, smoke pouring from his mouth. He attempts to give mama a sweet, innocent look. Like I said… he attempts too. She busts out laughing.

Harry’s got a big rep as not only a super agent with 50 plus years of experience “making” stars in Hollywood, but also in trying to bang every hot piece of ass that comes into his office. He’s a real Weinstein-esque pervert, just a lot more likeable. Harry has the unique ability to make you laugh… and trust him on top of it, despite his reputation. Because of his likeable personality, people let him get away with stuff that would get other, similar Weinstein types canceled, or MeToo’ed. It really is amazing how much the old perv can get away with. Dude’s just got that touch.

“Yeah… whatever. Where’s your son’s office?”

“Right down the hall, sweetheart.” Harry flashes my mom another attempted sweet grin, and leans back in his chair, smoking away.

Mom grabs her purse, and heads out of his office, shaking her head again as she walks out the door. She sashays down the hall to Harry’s son Doug’s office. Oh, the magic of Hollywood. The casting couch magic that is. Ha.

“Hey, Kate. Wanna beer?”

My sister Kate (Kate Upton) brushes off the middle aged dude at the bar. It’s our mom’s bar… Kelly’s. Simple name. Hot bar. It’s always packed. Mom’s only part owner though. Tom is the majority owner. He’s an older dude. A friend of the family… like Harry. That’s where the comparisons end though.

Tom’s 68. Really good looking and charming. A real chill dude. Chicks dig him. Mom certainly does. He’s a good boss. He let’s mom do what she wants. Mom’s the manager of the bar. She definitely knows how to bring in the customers, dude. Once they peep those all natural 34FF titties… they’re hooked… and buying. She’s always wearing tight, low cut tops, and, she’s been known to flash those super perfect melons to nice customers from time to time… or just when she’s in a happy mood. Which is pretty much all the time. Tom’s a smart dude. Let mom do her thing, and sit back and count the dollar signs. Ha.

“Hey, Kate. You seen James around?” Our blonde, baby sister Kaia… she’s 19… walks up to the blonde goddess sitting at the bar, and asks. Kaia’s going to town on her bubblegum, chewing hard and blowing bubbles.

“No. I was looking for him too. I thought he’d be here, so I came in to see. I tried calling him, but no answer.”

“I’ll text Tyra. I’m sure she’ll know where he is.” Kaia texts my girlfriend Tyra. She’s an absolutely stunning, tall, thin, but trim, mixed beauty with boobs like my mom’s. Hers are all natural 32Gs. God, they’re perfect too. So soft and big and beautiful. Mocha mounds of fucking awesome for sure.

“That guy’s staring at you, Kaia.” Kate points out another middle aged dude… with a big beer belly… that’s eyeing our younger sister. He’s downed three beers, and I guess he’s feeling frisky.

Kaia looks up and smiles. She loves to flirt, just like mama. She pulls up her pink tank top, and flashes the fat dude her right titty, winking at him too as she chews her gum. Again, all natural 32F ones this time. Kaia’s such a sweet blonde beauty. She’s not as canlı bahis siteleri tall as mama or Kate. Trim, soft, smooth body. So perfect. Beautiful blondes with big natural tits… and big natural tits in general… run in my family, dude. Ha.

The fat dude laughs, and tips his cap to Kaia. She giggles. God, I love her.

Kate’s used to all of the attention too. She’s a little less flirty than Kaia and mama though. She’ll just brush a guy off a lot of the time. Unless you catch her in the right mood.

Kate’s also an absolutely perfect blonde beauty with again… Big natural tits. Ha. Damn, dude… I’m surrounded by hotties, and big ass titties. Oh… fuck… yeah!

“Tyra hasn’t heard from him either. She’s at work. Hmmm.”

“Try Christine. They hang out a lot.”


Christine is Tyra’s mom. A mixed beauty milf if there ever was one. And big ass, natural titties too. Like I said, they’re everywhere, dude.

I’m actually passed out in our neighbor Helen’s bedroom. She’s a really sweet old lady with massive knockers. I like to chill with her cause she’s so cool and we both love to smoke weed. Helen may be 92, but, she’s a weed smoking queen for sure.

I guess I had too much damn moonshine and weed. That’ll drop you like an Iron Mike uppercut. Haha.

Helen gave me one of the all time best, toothless blowjobs that I’ve ever gotten, before I passed out. That old broad can suck a dick like nobody’s business. Hot damn! Gets me hard every damn time I think about those wet gums gliding up and down my fourteen inch tattooed super rod. Fuck! It’s good.

My girl Gianna is filming today. She’s supposedly doing an old dude bukkake. I was gonna go check it out, but, as I said, I’m kinda out of commission at the moment.

She’s filming for another neighbor of ours, Bob. Real cool dude. 72 years old, and he’s got a big ol’ gray haired beer belly. Big ol’ dick too. Gianna showed me a pic. Dude’s rockin’ a big ass, gray haired bush too. Gray hair all over his pubic region and fat ass balls.

Bob specializes in old guy/younger chick pornos. Gianna’s worked for him a bunch of times. He pays well, and he’s really nice to his talent, especially the chicks. Dude throws some mean BBQs too. His wife Jackie can cook too. She’s an over 50 black beauty with of course… Big ass natural titties. Awesome rack on that bitch. Awesome! I freaking love sucking on her big black titties.

I wake up suddenly, half groggy, on Helen’s bed. She’s pissing in my face. Ha. I can’t get mad. I grab her big old ass, and pull her over to my mouth, suck on her shaved bare, pissing coochie, and suck down all that delicious yellow pussy liquor. Bitch pisses a lot… and I drink it all, sucking hard on her phat ass cunt, growling happily at the smooth taste of that 92 year old urine racing into my 20 year old freak mouth. Oh yeahhhhhh. So tasty.

“Sorry, baby. You wouldn’t wake up any other way.” Helen sweetly tells me, smiling down at me, those reading glasses of hers hanging on the end of her nose. Her gold chain behind her head keeping them up there. She’s grinding that old coochie on my mouth as I finish sucking out, and down, her only slightly tangy, pale yellow cocktail.

I suck Helen dry, then she leans down, and kisses me, sharing the smooth aftertaste of her piss with me. Such a sweet, sexy old lady. I sneak in some huge titty squeezing while I’m at it. Those massive mounds overflowing my big hands as I roughly knead them through her silk, flowered blouse.

After I thank Helen for the tasty wake-up call, I gather myself, and head out. My phone’s blowing up with messages asking where I am. It’s nice to be wanted.

I light up a cigarette, saving the weed for later. I hop in my custom van and head over to Kelly’s.

Back at Handsome Harry’s Talent Agency… Yeah… Harry’s funny… It seems like mom’s definitely gonna canlı bahis get her acting gig.

“WOO-HOO! YEAH, BABY! TAKE THAT DICK! WOO-HOO!” Doug’s feeling it. His enormously fat weiner is ravaging mama’s sweet as honey snatch. Dude’s piledriving her into submission on his desk. Mama’s legs put. Her mouth open. Her titties wobbling wildly. Her eyes rolling around in her head. And, her soaking wet pussy on fire from the brutal beating it’s taking from Doug’s mammoth, uncut meat. Mama can’t even talk. That massive dick pounding her poontang pie has got her speechless from the unrelenting force and horny aggression it’s realizing on her.

Doug’s around 40. Even fatter than his dad. Huge rolls of fat hanging off his stomach, portly legs, and cottage cheese riddled ass. Dude looks almost exactly like Preston Lacy from Jackass. Just as fat. He’s wearing only his tighty… or baggy in his case… whiteys. His mammoth, uncircumcised dick poking obscenely out the fly. That damn desk rattling hard and loud. Thank God it’s oak. Hopefully it won’t break.

“You like it, baby? Huh? Tell me you like my dick in ya, baby. Woo-hoo! Yeah! Speak up, baby. Yeah.” Dude keeps on pounding away, slamming eight inches of the fattest dick you’ve ever seen up mama’s blissfully bruised coochie. She snaps out of her fat cock battering hypnosis long enough to squirt… again. The fourth time so far. Her cream spurts out around Doug’s huge hog, soaking his fat balls and even fatter legs. Pasty white skin. Cottage cheese everywhere. Dude’s a mess, but he can sure fuck.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! GOOD GOD, THAT DICK IS FAT!!! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!” Mama stating the obvious, her eyes still bouncing around in her head. Her titties still wobbling around all crazy on her chest. Her legs still wide open and bobbing. Doug rips mama’s top open and dives in, orally ravaging her cleavage… and bra. Her pink satin bra no match for the endless/powerful sexual hunger of Harry’s hugely fat and horny son/partner.

They keep going for another fifteen minutes. Mama screaming out again when she cums, her mind a total blur from the savagely intense pussy plowing she’s getting on that damn creaking ass desk.

Doug finally cum dumps in mama’s battered snatch. The warm, thick and gooey seed actually soothing her super sore coochie folds.

“WHEW! THAT’S SOME GOOD PUSSY, RIGHT THERE! WHOA!” Doug wipes his sweaty brow, and takes a deep breath while mama clears her head. Breathing deep herself. Her pussy still throbbing hard, but feeling better with the gooey cum filling that was just shot up in there.

“You got the part, baby.” Doug announces. He chugs a beer, and tosses the can into the trash. He belches and farts. Mama actually giggles even though she waves the air around her head.

“That fat motherfucker can sure fuck. I’ll give him that. Whew!” Mama tells herself. She sits up on the desk and fixes her clothes.

“Here. This is my cell number. Call me so we can have some more fun, baby. I just love your pussy. I can’t wait to try your ass.” Doug’s a cocky little… nah… ain’t nothing little about him… shit. Mama takes the number, not really thinking about what he said. After a minute or so, it finally dawns on her that he said he can’t wait to fuck her ass.

“Does he really think he’s gonna shove that fucking thing up my butt? Could I actually fit it up there? God… that would be a challenge, for sure.” She tells herself again as she gingerly hops down off of the desk. Her pussy sore, but, it’s actually tingling… in a good way. A very good way. Like mama said, that fat motherfucker can fuck. She wonders to herself if her ass would be tingling the same way after having that same monster dick rammed up there for an hour… Only one way to find out. Will she or won’t she? That’s definitely the question.

Anyway… she got the part. So, things are looking up for her acting career restart. It was a dirty, very bumpy road to get there, but, she got what she wanted.

Tune in next time to see how the acting world treats my mom. And, meet Gianna, and Tyra. Later.

By : DickThePimp

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