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Reconciling the Start of a Bad Affair

We meet at the dog park. I bring my two poodle mixes and Timothy is there with his two Labradors.

As I look up, Timothy is grinning ear to ear – I know he’s happy to see me.

I wore a pair of thong underwear under my sweats so he’d look every time I stooped down to grab the dogs. I made sure I bent down sticking my ass in the air as much as possible.

I would catch Tim watching and getting aroused. I knew he was thinking ‘I want a piece of that ass again.’

But, I was coy. I wasn’t going to air my horniness for him right away.

We discuss the last few weeks and our affair.

“I know I’ve been acting crazy but you make me so angry,” Julie responded. “Enough analyzing and arguing,” I end after what seemed like forever dickering back and forth with each other.

We spend a few hours gallivanting around the park; breaking up the dog fights. Finally, I have to leave before I have a nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown – because of the dog fights or because of Timothy, I ask myself.

We go outside the park. “Do you want to go to the IHOP,” I ask.

“No, I had a late lunch,” Timothy replies.

We meander and I expect nothing. I just want to depart friends…friends for over 30 years. I’m not tense, or upset – just happy to see Timothy.

We talk outside the dog park for at least an hour.

“I owe you a great….” says Timothy.

I didn’t hear him. I thought he said he owed me dinner or something.

“What did you say?” I asked.

I owe you a great orgasm.”

I bedava bahis laugh at Tim. I was surprised. “Well, yes you do, as a matter of fact.” I kiss him on the neck and give him a little squeeze around the shoulders and neck.

We talk some more and then I say that “I will look forward to our next encounter.”

Tim smiled ear to ear again. The nervousness was resolved between the two of us.

“You can bring out the toys,” he requests.

“Eventually,” I reply. “See you soon,” and I run across the street with my dogs wriggling my ass some more.

Laughing to myself, I look forward to my ‘owe’ and lustful thoughts of the future.

We Continue Our Affair

The next day, Tim calls me. “Hi Julie.” We carry on some small talk and then he asks, “Would you like to go out to dinner Saturday night?”

“Sure,” I respond. “That sounds nice.”

A few days pass and I start to get ready for our date.

I put on a sexy summer dress, low-cut, sleeveless, red and purple with a seductive jagged hemline. I put on purple heels and no hose. The bra I’m wearing shows just enough cleavage. My hair looks just right still with the blond streaks for the summer. The dangling earrings set the mood.

After all, Timothy owes me an orgasm.

I hear a knock at the door. “Come in, Timothy.”

He opens the door, wearing a cotton summer shirt and Dockers, grinning ear to ear and gives me a sexy kiss.

I don’t act overly excited yet underneath my panties, I’m horney and getting wet already. WE are going out to dinner, I think to bedava bonus myself.

“You look nice, Julie.”

“You do, too,” I respond back.

Tim walks closer to me and runs his hand up my back smoothing his palm on my bare shoulders. He let’s one of my spaghetti straps fall kissing my shoulders and butterfly kissing my neck.

“Ah, what do we have here, Julie. No bra?” he asked.

Well, no bra and no panties but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

He pulls out my breast and begins sucking my nipple.

I am getting so wet. I was waiting for this. I can’t fight him off now.

As Tim sucks the other nipple, he lifts my dress and reaches for my pussy.

“Oh, Tim, we should go to dinner,” I gasp.

“We will. But how about an appetizer first?” he asks.

I’m getting wetter and I felt his hard dick against my smooth leg.

Tim is kissing me passionately and three fingers are in my pussy. He relentlessly continues in and out, in and out. He kisses me harder and sits down on the floor.

“Hmmmmm, no panties, Julie? He licks my pussy spreading my pussy lips and dipping his tongue into my wet pussy. He sticks his finger up my ass smothering my pussy with his tongue and digging his finger deeper into my ass.

I’m becoming weak at the knees while he rubs his hands up and down my thighs. “Oh, don’t stop!” and I begin quivering and falling back on the barcalounger.

He gets on his knees and sticks his tongue back into my pussy rather forcefully.

“Like this, Julie?” Tim asks.

I say nothing.

I deneme bonusu start cumming hard and he won’t let me push him away.

I’m getting so loud bursting with pleasure.

“You wanted a great orgasm, now didn’t you Julie?” Tim asks.

“Yeah,” I stutter.

“Well, I’m not finished with you yet!” Tim brags.

He turns me over, lifting my dress, my face buried in the pillow on the seat of the chair. He sticks his huge cock inside my, fingering my clit, and I cum again.

“A little horney tonight, aren’t we, Julie? Hold night honey – you’re in for a ride tonight.”

He sticks his cock into me deeper and I’m enthralled with the hardness and thickness of his cock.

“Deeper, Tim – go deeper,” I beg.

“Oh, I’m planning to do a lot more than that Julie.”

He pulls out as I’m cumming again and continues rubbing my pussy as I’m trembling and breathless.

Tim eases something into my ass hole.

It feels so good. I can’t concentrate. What’s he doing? Oh, my goodness.

As Tim eases his cock into my hole, he moves in deeper and deeper.

He’s easing in and pushing his self up my ass and playing with my clit now.

My ass is clinching him so tight; he squelches and releases a loud sigh as he cums in my ass.

I am orgasming so inflexibly and erotically, I’m about to pass out.

Tim pulls his cock out of me as we both roll on the floor. He rests his limp cock on my ass as we embrace without words.

Tim owed me a great orgasm but I didn’t know what he meant.

As we regain our strength, Tim says, “Maybe I didn’t’ get your virgin pussy in college but your virgin ass was worth the wait.”

Tim and I have known each other for over thirty years.

“Yes, it was, Tim,” as we climb under the sheets and fall asleep.

I forgot about dinner and so did Tim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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