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Two meetings and a wife

This is the 5th story in my series concerning Jane, David, and Victoria and they are best read in order. This story describes Jane’s actions after learning of the effect of her caning of David fifteen years before.

I had not thought of David in years but was now intrigued to learn what had happened to him since I had last seen him. My daughter had left home, and I was between lovers. And I was, not for the first time in my life, bored. Several times over, I read his account of his caning at my hands all those years ago and kept wondering where he was and what he was doing. After a few weeks of obsessing, I decided to try to find him although I do not think I was clear on what I would do if I succeeded. Ultimately I decided to cross that bridge when and if I ever came to it.

In any case I could see no way to start to look for him, since we had lost touch with his parents several years previously. By then each one of us had moved home for the umpteenth time, and apathy towards keeping social contacts up to date had kicked in.

And then I had a thought. We and David’s parents had sent each other Christmas cards over the years, and I had not thrown them away. I was able to find them in a box in the storage room, and one of them dated December 1979 proudly mentioned that David had qualified for his doctorate in Medical Biophysics and published his first paper, and his mother had proudly written “of which I don’t understand a word”. More importantly she had written that “it has something to do with medical imaging.”

The following day I visited The British Library and scoured the Index Medicus for the name David L. as the author of any recently published scientific paper in the field of imaging. It was a long shot. There were several David L.’s publishing in many different areas of research and many of these were working in the States, and in any case his area of interest might have changed. Alternatively, he may have left academia. I spent several hours going through the bulky tomes, carrying them one by one from the shelves to the table where I was sitting and then back again. And then I found him. The paper described research into medical resonance imaging and the authors were L. David G. et al. and the institute they were working at was no more than a few mile away from where I was sitting.

I was elated. I went straight home, poured myself a large double malt, and later went to bed alone with my toys. And afterwards as I lay alone I knew I wanted to meet him again.

The following day I rose early. I had breakfast, showered, washed and blow dried my hair, applied my cosmetics, and put on a below the knee flared skirt, blouse, and boots. I hailed a cab in the street outside our front door, gave the cabbie the address of the institute and off we went. About half an hour later we pulled up outside my destination. It was a large six storey building of aluminium and glass with steps leading up to rotating doors at the entrance.

I passed through the doors expecting to find a reception desk but there was nobody in sight. There was however a list of names with their office numbers inscribed on metal plaques screwed to a board on the wall. And there was his name: David L. 5.17.

It was now 11 am in the morning and I rationalised that if he was at work it might be suitable time to catch him in his office. And then I started to have my doubts. Would he remember me and if he did would he want to talk to me particularly since he was almost certainly still married to Victoria. And what did I expect from this meeting? Was this just curiosity or something more? I vacillated for a moment and the took a deep breath and entered the lift.

His office was at the end of the corridor. I paused and knocked and heard a voice.

“Come in.”

I entered the room and there sitting at his desk sat David. I recognised him immediately. He was still fit and lean, and he had matured into an extremely handsome man. He looked quizzically at me for a second or so.

“David?” I said.

Maybe casino siteleri it was my voice that he recognised first but almost straight away his eyes widened in recognition and he looked me up and down.

After a moment he spoke.



“It’s been a long time.”

And then very inanely, I said something about popping in to see him as I was just passing, and immediately regretted what I had said. I need not have worried.

He crossed from behind the desk, hesitated and gave me a perfunctory hug and said “it’s wonderful to see you. Now that you are here we would be better of talking in the pub over the road. That’s if you have time.”

Ten minutes we sat opposite other with our drinks and talked about what we had each been doing since we had met last. He was more shy and withdrawn than I remembered. No mention was made of the night he baby-sat for me. At around 12.30 David offered to buy lunch at and at 3 o’clock we were still talking. The years between us now made little difference as we talked, and I became increasingly aware of my physical attraction towards him.

Just then I indicated it was time for me to start he journey home. And then, David coyly asked if I would like to see him again. I was suddenly ambivalent and hesitated and it showed.

“Then why did you come?”

“I was curious.”

“And now?”

“I want to see you again, but I know what might happen if I do. And I do not want you to be unfair to your wife. I was selfish that night ago and I will not be again. I should never have come.”

“He looked at me long and hard.”

“Give me your phone number and I’ll be in touch.”

And we parted. He crossed the road, turned, and called after me.

“I promise.”

As I walked away I did not expect to see him ever again, so I was extremely surprised to receive a message on my answer phone from David late one night and about a week later.

“If you wish to meet please ring me on my home telephone number tomorrow evening.”

And then he recited his home telephone number which I immediately made a note of in my address and phone book.

The following evening, I had made my inevitable decision. I telephoned David’s home on the telephone number he had provided, and Victoria answered the phone. I did not need to explain to say who I was.

“I’ve been waiting for your call. David has told me all about you,” She calmly said.

And then.

“of course, you should come to dinner. How about next Friday evening but come early? Sixish? David will still be at work but will be home at around 8 o’clock and we girls can have a drink and a natter and get to know each other before he gets home.”

And then she gave me time to find my address book and I wrote the address down.

That Friday evening, I arrived at David and Victoria’s house just before 6 o’clock as arranged. Victoria met me at the door wearing a brightly coloured Kaftan, and brusquely ushered me through to the garden where a large jug of iced Pims and glasses sat on the table. She offered me an alternative, but I was quite happy with what she had prepared. We sat quietly talking making small talk when she suddenly looked at her watch and in a more serious tone said.

“David will be home soon so let’s have a serious talk before he arrives.”

“Do you want to sleep with him? He obviously wants to sleep with you.”

And I spluttered and nearly choked on my drink.

“Forgive me for being so presumptuous as to ask the question so directly. I know you must have gone to some trouble to find him, and he told me you then had a long lunch with him. David is an attractive man, and I am not convinced a man and a woman can have a platonic relationship, and you and he have a history.”

So, if you want him in your bed, tell me now so that we can come to an understanding before he arrives. Now then do you want him?

By now I had recovered my wits, looked Victoria directly in the eyes and spoke.

“I came here tonight at David’s request after meeting güvenilir casino him for the first time in 15 years. He is a handsome man, and I am attracted to him, but I would have thought long and hard about having a relationship with a married man. My ex-husband was unfaithful to me. Now you are openly offering him to me, and I must admit I don’t understand.”

“Very well. I will tell you something about our relationship.”

She poured herself another drink and continued.

“I have spent some time thinking after David came home the other night and told me of you. Eventually I understood the best way forward in our lives.”

“David and I have a happy marriage although obviously with time passions fade but we still love and respect one another. The about two years ago I started to notice how many of our friends and work colleagues were divorcing each other, often because one of them had had an affair and then lied and hidden it from their partner. I determined that this would not happen to us, and since then David has agreed to an open relationship in which either one of us can have sex with another partner if they choose. The rule is that we must tell each other and there are to be no lasting relationships. Thus far I have had at least half a dozen one-night stands. “

She paused and was about to continue when I spoke.

“And David?”

“None until now.” she replied

“Last week after he came home from work after meeting you and he told me about your lunch together and reminded me that you were the one that had caned him. As If I am likely to forget! It was entirely predictable that he would want you. You are beautiful and his fantasy.”

“My first inclination was to forbid him to see you again, but I realised that was unrealistic. You could have found him at work again and he had your home telephone number.”

“And that is why I am going to let him sleep with you if he wishes and hopefully he will get you out of his system and you will have satisfied your curiosity. I am even willing to let him repeat the exercise if it keeps him happy. It will never last because he knows he belongs to me.”

“I am a pragmatist. He is mine. I insist you behave discretely as if you were having an illicit relationship, and no one must know of our understanding except the three of us.”

“Understand that when David is with you, I will have been told by David. I will require him to tell me where he is so that I will be able to contact him on the telephone if I need to.”

“You can contact him only on my home number he has given you. Following this evening, unless there is a particularly good reason we should not meet again.”

Now do you agree.

I had listened intently, albeit incredulously to what Victoria had said. She was willing to share her husband with another woman because she was certain he would return to her. And I was certain she had never believed he would have the opportunity to stray in the first place. And moreover, she wanted to know when and where he would be screwing me.?

“You are being very reasonable,” I said keeping my tongue discreetly in my cheek

“Good. I shall go upstairs to change. David will be here soon. There is no need to discuss this any further now or this evening. I will talk to him later,” she said primly.

There is no need to discuss the details of the evening we spent together which could best be described as civilised, although the atmosphere was chilly, and the mood suppressed. At around 10 pm I made my excuses and left for home. Briefly and inadvertently, Victoria left me alone with David at the front door and he hurriedly pressed a slip of paper with his office telephone number written on it in my hand.

I had already decided that I did not need Victoria’s permission to sleep with David even if she thought he needed her permission to sleep with me. Despite her talk of an open marriage, she had rather stupidly and arrogantly made it obvious David had been given little choice in the matter. I doubted very much that she had canlı casino consulted him on the “more than half a dozen times” she had been unfaithful, and I had no intention of letting her know either when, where, or even whether our trysts would happen. Furthermore, it was apparent that her talk of respect for David was untrue. Her controlling and manipulative behaviour was there for anyone to see, and I felt sorry for David.

I also knew that I disliked Victoria intensely, and I no longer cared that I had just decided that If David wanted me I was going to sleep with him. I was now certain she did not deserve him. And I was very curious as to what kind of hold she could have over him.

I rang David at work early the following Monday morning. I had been thinking of little else over the weekend. I believe he had been waiting for my call and answered on the first ring. We arranged to meet that lunchtime in the pub opposite his workplace and I enquired if he could take the afternoon off, and despite short notice he said he could. I showered and dressed and took a taxi back to the Institute. I spent an hour walking the streets close by until I chanced on a Travel Lodge and booked a room and then went to meet David.

We sat in the pub with our drinks. The conversation was stilted and the yet unspoken reason for our meeting hung in the air. Finally, I could wait no longer and taking him firmly by the hand I walked with him to the hotel.

I entered the room first and he followed me. I turned and as I stood facing him I could see him look hungrily at me, but he was also hesitant and even a little frightened. I took the initiative, stepped up to him and kissed him deeply on the lips. And then he kissed me back hard and held me tightly and I could feel his hardness slowly growing against me. I dropped my handbag and he started to remove my coat.

“Not so fast. You’ve waited a long time” I said

“Sit and watch”

And as he sat on the end of the bed I slowly and deliberately stripped in front of him. And then I gently removed his clothes and led him into the shower. He still had the lean flat bellied body of his youth. As I soaped his body and he soaped mine he winced slightly when I held his buttocks. I asked him to turn and when he turned I could see the tell-tale signs of a recent and very severe strapping or paddling. His buttocks were bruised and swollen with the bruises spread in that box like oblong pattern where the strap or paddle has struck. I knelt and gently kissed each of his bum cheeks, and then led him back to the bed.

David seemed to understand the need to make the moment last. I lay in his arms, and he kissed me and held my breasts.

“Your poor bottom I said. Did she hurt you very much?”

“She was terribly angry with me after you left, but she though I deserved it, just as you did when you caned me.”

I thought about his relationship with Victoria.

“I doubt you deserved the paddle last night, and you did not deserve the caning from me, and I’m sorry I didn’t let you have me back then. But now I am going to try to make it up to you.”

And as he lay back I took his penis in my mouth. That first afternoon we made slow passionate love. He took me deeply from behind. I rode him, and then as he lay between my legs and looked deeply into my eyes I climaxed for the final time, and I felt his seed rushing high inside me.

And at that moment I knew that despite our differences, that shared experience from the past was for the moment enough, and I wanted to see him again. I knew I would never physically hurt him again. He had suffered enough, and it had all started after the events that had happened in my lounge fifteen years ago.

Later as I lay in bed with David that first afternoon I wondered what it was that had made Victoria so angry. His bottom had obviously been well disciplined the previous evening after I went home. It did not seem the right time to ask why he had submitted to it, even though I suspected I knew. I resolved to ask him about it later.

There would be plenty of time it seemed. Just then David cryptically spoke to himself.

“It was worth it. I finally learnt my lesson.”

And then to me.

“Jane I want to go home with you. I’m not going back to Victoria.”

And suddenly I felt curious again.

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