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Alba’s phone vibrated in her pocket. Short bursts indicated texts. She shifted her shower caddy to her left hand so that she could pull out her phone with her right. There were two texts from Michael.

Text 1: “I know it’s short notice but there’s a Doctor Who marathon at the indie theatre downtown. It starts tomorrow at 7PM and is 24 hours until Sunday at 7PM. Do you like Doctor Who?”

Text 2: “You probably don’t like Doctor Who. I’m sorry, we can see the new Spiderman reboot.”

Alba hadn’t known there was another Spiderman reboot out, but she had been planning on going to the marathon. She’d kind of stopped watching after David Tennant had left, but had meant to catch up.

Alba texted back. “I like Doctor Who. I’m in.”

“Great! Who is your favorite doctor?”

Alba knew that she was probably supposed to choose the girl, but she hadn’t seen the girl yet, so she answered honestly.

“Tennant – but full disclosure, I haven’t seen anyone past the one with the fez.”

The three dots appeared and disappeared. By the time Alba had shuffled to the showers, she had almost given up on an answer.

She hooked her shower caddy onto the wall. Finally, her phone buzzed.

“Good choice. The marathon goes all weekend, when is good for you?”

Alba smiled, wondering what responses he’d deleted before sending that.

“Let’s start at the beginning. Do you want to pick me up at 6?”

“Yes. Where?”

“Hall Hall, Room 23.”

“Great! See you then!”

Alba slid the shower curtain closed. She draped her robe over the curtain and then slipped her phone into the pocket of her robe.

She was sticky, in a good way, from all of the fun she’d had with the professor and Abby but she was ready to switch into study mode. She liked to schedule her classes in the morning so that she could spend the rest of the day studying. The added benefit was that the showers were basically deserted by the time she got back from class.

She turned the hot water knob and cold water burst out of the shower head. She was ready for it, though, and had jumped back so that the spray only hit her toes. As the water warmed up, Abby uncapped her shampoo and body wash.

She adjusted the cold water knob so that the water wouldn’t get too hot, and then stepped into the spray. She scrubbed her face with her hands and turned, letting the water flow over her hair, down her shoulders and back. She sighed as the hot water massaged the stress from the back of her neck.

She reached for her shampoo as her mind replayed the highlights of Professor James’ lecture on thermodynamics, and then Professor Pittman’s lecture on stellar evolution.

Then the image of the Professor Pittman’s thick penis with its bulbous head, and the feel of him outside of her underwear as he sucked on her nipple through her shirt. Then the memory of Abby doing the same thing, as their naked clits rubbed against each other.

She found herself casino şirketleri back in the shower, caressing a nipple with one hand, while the fingers of her other hand were buried in Regina. She laughed softly to herself. She would have thought that she had hit her quota on orgasms for the day but here she was, halfway to another one.

She loaded up her shower sponge with body wash. Outside of sporadic interactions with Abby, Alba was fairly inexperienced. She hadn’t had a boyfriend since high school and he’d been even shyer than her, so a few tepid kisses were all that they’d managed before she’d gone off to college. The first man to ever touch Regina had been Troy, and that had only been a week prior.

Come to think of it, the professor hadn’t even entered Regina, only rubbed the outside of her. Alba considered herself shy, rather than a prude, but she’d been largely uninterested in pursuing an experience with someone else that she could give herself in 1-3 minutes, once a week. Until now. She was starting to understand Abby’s never-ending sexual exploits.

As she soaped up her body, she tried to imagine what Michael would look like naked. She pictured tugging his polo shirt over his head, running her hands over his smooth stomach. Would he be hairy? She pictured him both ways as the sponge teased her nipples.

She imagined nudging him backward onto his bed, and unbuttoning his jeans. She’d feel him through his boxers, first, before pulling them down. She wondered what he looked like. Long and thin, short and fat? Bulbous head, or a smooth one? Would the tip sport a long line, or a small dot that his love cream would shoot out of?

It didn’t matter, she took all versions of him into her mouth in her mind, as she teased her clit with the sponge. She would take her time, licking the full length of him. Abby had told her that guys liked to have their balls cupped while they were receiving head, so Alba would do that, although she wasn’t sure about the particulars of where her hands would go exactly.

Whatever, she’d figure it out. She slipped two fingers into a hot Regina, the texture of the sponge still gently abrading her clit.

In her mind, she let Michael’s penis slip out of her mouth. She’d give the tip one last swirl of her tongue, and then slide him between her breasts and then down her stomach, and finally, inside Regina. She found a rhythm in her mind, and just as imaginary Michael reached down to tweak her clit, both imaginary and real Albas exploded.

Real Alba found herself leaning against the shower wall, one hand pinching a nipple, the other buried in Regina. She pushed herself away from the wall, working to catch her breath.

Alba’s breath returned to normal and she soaped up her body again. She smiled, wondering what it would take to clean her suddenly dirty mind, when she heard soft moans coming from a couple of shower stalls down.

She’d been so caught up with her own thoughts casino firmaları that she hadn’t even heard the other shower turning on. Alba rinsed off and turned off her own shower, smiling as the gasps increased a couple of showers down. Obviously, one of her classmates was taking care of some afternoon stress, as well.

“Shh…” Alba heard as she slipped her robe back on. Then, “Mmmm…you’re so hot.”

Ooh. That was a male voice in an all-female dorm. Alba packed up her shower caddy and then walked as quietly as possible toward the door. The steam from the occupied shower blew open the curtain, exposing the couple in the stall.

They were too wrapped up in each other to notice Alba, but Alba stopped in her tracks. The man was of average height, but muscled, with tight, round buttocks that Alba find herself fighting the urge to sink her teeth into. Two very pale, chubby legs, were wrapped around his waist. The woman’s wet, red hair streamed down the man’s shoulders as she lowered her head to bite his ear.

The guy had the girl pinned against the stall wall, and was thrusting in and out of her, to their mutual pleasure, if the girl’s increasingly wild moans were anything to go by.

Regina perked up again, and Alba briefly wondered what would happen if she invited herself into the intimate scene. Alba flushed, wondering if that would make her bold and adventurous or creepy as hell. Probably creepy, Alba decided, tearing her gaze away from the couple.

The image lingered but Alba was good at compartmentalizing and was already mentally moving into study mode. It wasn’t until later that night, after Alba had climbed into bed, that the image of the couple returned.

Regina purred at the memory, and Alba’s legs twitched restlessly as she caressed her stomach and resisted the urge to move her hands higher to her breasts or lower to an eager Regina. Masturbating to a private moment between two people she didn’t know was definitely wrong, right? Right. But Regina was still insisting on attention and Alba knew she’d never get any sleep until Regina was satisfied. Abby was still out on a date, and probably wouldn’t be back for hours.

Alba sighed reached for her laptop. She flipped up the screen and found the movie the professor had been watching when Alba had walked in on him. Abby had told Alba that the title was Professor Teaches Cheating Student A Lesson. It probably would have taken Alba forever it find it, but she logged onto Abby’s account and found it in her Favorites.

The idea that Abby had been masturbating to a woman who resembled Alba was flattering. Abby was the most beautiful woman in the world, the most desired by the most people. Alba had always thought that Abby’s attentions had been due to a combination of pity and nymphomania but apparently Abby thought Alba was – hot? Regina tingled pleasantly at the thought.

And the professor had been watching this video and thinking of her. This güvenilir casino reminder made Alba’s nipples perk up. She reached up and absently soothed one and then the other. It was almost too mind-blowing to contemplate that Alba might by sexually intriguing. Indeed, she’d always assumed that Michael’s attraction to her had been due to her intelligence. Alba slid onto her side, the laptop next to her on the bed.

She clicked play. A brunette walked into the professor’s office wearing a red cardigan, too-short plaid skirt, and white ankle socks with red high heels. The professor sat behind a desk, wearing glass-less frames, his ill-fitting blazer doing nothing to disguise his muscles. The woman was too old to be an average college student, and the guy too young to be a professor.

The professor looked up as the woman walked in. “Sit down,” he said sternly.

“Professor, I-“

“Don’t lie to me,” he said as she sat down in the chair opposite his desk.

He stood up and paced the room, ending up behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders. “I know you cheated,” he said. He thrust his hips forward, teasing his bulging crotch with the back of her head. His hands slid down, cupping her breasts. “And now I’m going to teach you a lesson,” he said.

That seemed to be it for dialogue, aside from moans like, “Oh, professor,” “give it to me big boy,” and “take it all, you little slut”. Alba was almost too amused by the cheesiness to be turned on, but the woman’s gasps and sighs were titillating. Alba remembered walking into the professor’s office earlier that day, his red face, his fat red penis.

She slid a hand down under the covers and teased herself through her panties. They were already wet, and the woman’s panting only excited Regina more. Alba remembered Troy’s hand moving up the inside of her shirt, the terror and excitement of Abby’s mother walking in and then leaving without a clue. Then Troy’s hand in her pants, then the professor’s thick cock, hard because of her, rubbing her through her panties.

Alba had always been a quiet and efficient masturbater, but now Regina squished noisily and a moan made it’s way through Alba’s lips as she remembered the professor’s lips sucking on Alba’s nipple through her shirt, then, later, Abby doing the same. “Mmm…” Alba moaned along with the woman on her computer.

She watched the professor’s long, thick cock slick with the woman’s juices slide in and out of her. Regina demanded even more stimulation. Alba complied, digging her fingers in deeper, her palm massaging her engorged clit. Troy, Abby, and the professor created mingled images in her mind, and then Michael and all of Alba’s imaginings of what his body might look like.

Just as she was about to come, she remembered the couple in the shower. She tried to banish the image, but instead, the memory of firm, round buttocks and wet, curly red hair sent Alba over the edge. She was immediately flooded with shame for getting off to that particular image, which just made the image return, and in turn, sent her off into another, even more powerful climax.

Regina sucked greedily at Alba’s fingers, and Alba writhed and rode the voyeuristic thrill to a handful of tiny orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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