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Under the Blanket

I come downstairs from my shower, walking past my mum who’s nearly done her first small bottle of cheap vodka, which is pretty good going for 7pm on a Wednesday, and into the kitchen. Scott’s already in there, looking through the veg drawer in the fridge to see if there’s anything we can add to the stir fry.

“Hey sis, wrinkly peppers?” He shakes the plastic carton at me.

I wrinkle my nose back in response, but take it from him. They’ll do.

We work together to chop the veg and dice the chicken, practiced in our routine of the 5 or so staple meals we can do. Weekends fall apart, with cheap takeaways and rounds of buttered toast replacing nutritious food, but during the week we try to be good. Pretty sure we eat more healthily than most 20 year olds fending for themselves on a limited budget anyway.

The sizzle of the chicken in the wok stops our chatter and Scott opens the back door to let the fumes out. The cold air blasting into the kitchen chills me, but the smoke alarm will set off if we shut the door so I put up with it. My fault really, for not putting a hoodie on over my pyjama shorts and top.

We dish up and I carry Mum’s in, putting it in front of her.

“Thanks Evie,” she mutters, not taking her glazed eyes off the telly, peering around me with a frown because I’m clearly in her way. I try to swap the vodka bottle for a fork, but her grip tightens so I leave her to figure it out. She probably won’t eat it anyway. It’s such a fucking waste of food when we’re making do on scraps anyway, but it’s not like we can leave her to starve.

I stomp back over to Scott, waiting for me on our settee, and as I sit, he pulls me sideways into him and plants a kiss on my temple. We don’t speak because there’s no need. It’s the same routine we go through every week day night.

After we’ve finished eating, we clear up, but Mum’s still in her zombie half-life state, loaded fork froze in mid-air, mouth open to receive said food, until she cackles at some shite on the telly and drops the fork back into the bowl to point at the screen. I turn my head into Scott’s arm to block the sight of her.

“Tough day?” he asks, throwing his arm around me. “Jeez, you’re freezing.” He rubs my upper arm as we pull the huge grey waffle blanket we share over our laps and I snuggle into him to steal his warmth.

“Yeah.” My shift on the checkouts of our local supermarket was a long one today and I’m shattered. “Double shift, though, so more for the pot.” The mythical pot of money that’s funding the plan to get us out of this crap existence; I work full-time while Scott does his degree and works part-time, he gets a graduate job, and then I drop down to part-time work and get my degree. We’ll still come out with shit-loads of debt, but we’ll support each other through it. And then we can finally afford to leave this place, but right now, it’s the only roof we can get over our heads, and while Mum’s name’s on the lease, we need to keep her alive. We’d never afford the renegotiated rent, even for a wreck like this, if she drinks or starves herself to death.

“Well done,” my brother says appreciatively. “Is your neck okay?”

“Not really,” I crick my head from side to side, hearing the crunch. He knows it gets sore from the repetitive strain of looking down at the scanner belt.

“Stand up,” he commands, then lies down, propped up on one elbow and pats the settee in front of him.

I lie next to him on my stomach, face down into the settee, angling my head slightly so I can breathe. The blanket is pulled over us and my world shrinks to just me and Scott; the noise of the telly and my annoyance at Mum fading away.

I feel his fingers massaging the back of my neck, squeezing the skin to make me arch up then releasing and rubbing the aching muscles. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I slowly relax and turn my face towards Scott as he moves onto massaging my shoulders.

“Sorry,” he whispers. “I hate that you’ve got the raw end of our deal.”

I shrug, “It’s the plan.” Just gotta keep the plan in mind on the bad days. “We’ll claw our way out of this shithole one day. Together.”

“Together,” he agrees, bending down to kiss my shoulder.

I get butterflies inside when he does this. Rationally I know it’s just me responding to someone showing me love, that they care about me, that they’re keeping me safe; and that someone has only been Scott my whole life. I get that; it’s just a physiological reaction to touch and comfort, but lately…my irrational side has taken my daydreams to places a sister shouldn’t go with her brother. Still, it’s only fantasy. Not real. I ignore that deep dull ache building in my core that suggests otherwise.

Scott’s hand swoops lower, in circles around my back, dipping under the hem of my sleep top to push the heel of his kaçak iddaa palm into the hollow at the base of my spine. I groan, then give a self-conscious chuckle.

I’m aware of his bicep in front of me, holding his head up. I risk a glance up at him and he’s staring down intently at me.

He does it again and I give another appreciative groan, quieter this time, for his ears only as I lean forward to press my lips against the bulging muscle coming out from his t-shirt sleeve. I look up again, my lips still on his skin and we lock eyes. Blue to blue.

He presses down on my back again and I roll my hips to match his movement. A slight whimper escapes my lips, trapped against his skin.

“Evie,” he whispers. There’s a pleading tone in his voice and I’m not sure if it’s because he wants me to carry on or because he wants me to stop.

I scoot onto my side, facing him, and tug his t-shirt towards me. He stretches out his propped up arm and lowers himself down, shuffling so we’re face to face.

I lift my head for a second and he curls his arm around me; my head now resting on the skin I’d just kissed as we settle against each other. With the blanket around us, we join at our torsos and I glance down, noting my breasts resting against his chest, our clothes acting as a shield between us.

I note Scott looking down as well. I want to move one leg to rest between his legs, but his groin is deliberately angled away from me so I stay still for the moment.

His left hand is gripping my right hip, his thumb rubbing over the ribs he can reach. “We need to feed you up; you’re too thin.”

“When we’re rich, we’ll eat the finest of foods every day,” I joke. “You’ll have to roll me down the grand staircase each day and have the servants hand-feed me.”


His breath warms my face and I breathe him in. We’re so close we’re almost touching. I inch my lips forward to just to the right of his lips and whisper against his skin, “Thank you for looking after me, bruv.”

He inclines his head to the right and whispers against my lips, “Always, sis. And we’re a team, looking after each other.”

Suddenly we’re kissing, lips drinking each other in, tongues swirling. The kiss of all kisses. The one that will wipe all other kisses I’ve ever had from my memory. He pulls my body against his and I feel his erection digging into my hip. I arch my back, grinding against him. We’re dry humping against each other, but Scott pulls back from me, pushing my shoulder to get some distance.

He whispers urgently, “Fuck! Sorry. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” He strokes my face and right on cue, Mum cackles, bringing us back into reality.

I shake my head to refuse his apology. “I’ve wanted it too.” I press my finger against his lips and kiss it, his lips puckering to kiss from his side.

I smile and turn onto my other side, grabbing his left arm to pull him in around me. He comes in close as we spoon, his erection pushing against my arse now. We gently rock together as he kisses my neck.

“Sorry, I’m gonna have to go and get rid of this,” he whispers, pushing his cock against me.

I reach forward to grab a handful of tissues from the coffee table, and wave them over my shoulder. “Don’t go. Stay.”

“I can’t!” he hisses. “Mum’s right there.”

I snort, “Look at her, she’s away with the vodka fairies. Hey, Mum? Kitten apple blue sky, Scott’s going to have a wank, turtle tomatoes. Okay?”

“Okay, love,” comes the murmured reply.

“See? Besides, the amount of men we had to listen to her fucking while we huddled in bed together when we were little means we’re long overdue to get our own back.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Scott grabs the tissues with a deep “For fuck’s sake” in my ear.

He wriggles for a moment and I feel his joggers being pulled down, his cock springing up to hit my arse, making me giggle.

He pauses, “No, I can’t do this, Evie. It’s too weird. I’m going to my room but I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Think of me,” I whisper as he clambers over me, joggers sadly pulled back up into place. He slaps my arse in response as he goes. I’d have liked to seen what his cock looked like. A fair meaty size, I’d have said, judged by what’s been poking me. I grin to myself, imagining his cock laid out on a butcher’s block next to rows of sausages. I wonder if other people are as weird as me in their heads.

It’s boring waiting for Scott to return and I decide to give him a little surprise, enjoying this reprieve from the depressing shitness that is our lives.

I get ready and he finally comes back, just in his boxers and t-shirt this time, getting into position behind me, then lifting the blanket and scooting back under it.

“That’s bett- What the holy fuck? Evie!” His voice wavers and threatens to break from the whisper as he comes up against my bare body. His hands explore my hips, skim down my thighs and back again, over my arse and up to my back.

He plants kisses on my shoulder as his hands kaçak bahis travel back down and splay over my belly, hugging me into him. “Do you know what you’re doing to me here?” I nod fervently, hoping I know. “I’ve just been upstairs stroking my cock as I thought about those sweet kisses you gave me, wondering what your sexy little body would look like, feel like, taste like, and then here you are, waiting for me in all your glory.”

I writhe against him and his fingers inch higher, stroking my skin, until they reach the underside of my breasts. I open my legs and lift my left one to hook around his left leg. His knee immediately slides up to rest against my pussy, sending a pulse of need across my body, and he raises his leg to force me wider open.

His hand plunges upwards to cup my breast and I gasp at the feeling of my brother’s hand on me. We rock together and I turn my head for us to awkwardly kiss over my shoulder.

“Touch yourself,” Scott orders quietly. “Make yourself feel good, Evie, like I just did. Now I wish I’d been as brave as you are.”

I trail my fingertips up his arm, over his hand on my breast and we knead my flesh together for a moment before I glide back down, my fevered skin clamouring for more.

The heat between my legs is palpable and as I swipe across my soaked pussy, I breach the seal of my puffy lips, my juices leaking out onto Scott’s leg. We groan together and I start to ride his thigh. I coat my finger and bring it up to his mouth over my shoulder, the inferno heat of his mouth matching the heat of my pussy.

I circle around my clit and I’m so aroused that I know it’s not going to take long. Scott rolls my nipple between his thumb and index finger and it’s nearly the trigger I need. “Do it again, harder,” I whisper.

He repeats, whispering in my ear that when he came, he was picturing what it would be like to sink his cock into my pussy and fuck me until we both came, if I wanted it. His words are all I need and the orgasm bolts out across my body, Scott’s hand coming up to cover my mouth as I whimper through it, my body convulsing.

“Shush, you two, Keep it down,” says Mum angrily, her eyes not leaving the screen as if superglued to it.

“Sorry Mum,” calls Scott, as I flop back against him, spent, and he peppers what skin his mouth can reach with gentle kisses. He taps my shoulder and makes a twirling lotion with his fingers when I look up at him. I turn over and he leans in to kiss me. I tug at his t-shirt and he pulls it off, both of us stealing glances over at Mum, but she’s fucking clueless as always, and he shimmies out of his boxers.

We’re finally both naked, skin to skin, his brown hair to my blonde hair, brother to sister, adult to adult.

I rake my fingers down his chest, enjoying seeing the white marks turning red.

“Ow, bitch,” he whines quietly, pulling a nipple and twisting it in retaliation. He dips his hand lower and I part my legs for him. His fingers explore the small tufts of hair I keep at the top of my pussy, tugging on them, like he pulled my pigtails as a child. He runs through the folds of my outer pussy lips, then comes through my slit, slipping two fingers up inside me. “Shit, you’re soaking. But you take me so easily, just imagine when it’s my cock sliding in here, in, out, in, out. If you want me.” He replicates his words with the actions, moving his fingers inside me, his thumb resting lightly on my clit.

I start to feel another orgasm building, the deep ache intensifying between my legs. “I want you, in all ways. You must know I do.”

“You’re so beautiful, Evie. I’ve always thought so, and seeing you at the end of every school day always felt like coming home. You’re my beacon, my little ball of sunshine.” He runs strands of my blonde hair through the fingers of his free hand. “I want you to be happy more than I care about my own happiness. The main driver for getting my degree is so that I can finally start to give you the life you should have had.”

I rock on his fingers. “Maybe our dads will come and rescue us.” It was our in-joke that either my dad or Scott’s dad would knock on the door one day and whisk us away to live in their mansion. But seeing as we didn’t even know who our dads were, other than Mum got knocked up with me only 10 weeks after giving birth to Scott, neither of them probably had any clue we even existed.

“No,” he shook his head vehemently. “I don’t want to share you. We’ll move away from here once I’ve graduated so you can start afresh for your degree.”

I scoff at the daydream. “That feels a long way off, but I’m pretty happy right now.” I cling to his arm, my hips jerking in time with his fingers as his free arm holds the blanket off me to disguise some of the motion. He crooks his digits inside me, locking onto my g-spot and I bite down onto his shoulder to muffle my cry. My senses are being assaulted and I give in, exploding yet again and melting into a wet puddle on his fingers.

Scott pulls me against him, kissing my forehead, illegal bahis his cock now back in action and pushing against me. I catch my breath, then open my legs again, welcoming his body to mine.

“We need a condom,” he whispers in my ear. “If you want this? Shall we go to my room?”

I want this.

But I need to reclaim the security and comfort she’s denied us. I shake my head, the tears forming. “No. I want to stay here. After this first time, in our rooms is fine, but I need to show her that I can love, that I do love, despite her monumental failure as a mother. I know this isn’t the conventional way of doing that, but you’re not just my brother, Scott. You’re the embodiment of every single type of love wrapped up in one person. Parental, sibling, best friend, lover; every facet of love comes from you to me, and I want to return that love to you. I need to tell her that despite everything, she got you right, that you are everything she could have been for us growing up, and now that we’re adults, you are so much more on top of that.”

I look behind us, beyond our mum, and my bag’s hanging up by the front door. I’ve got a couple of foils in my inside pocket. I push Scott away from me, roll off the settee and stand up, naked, walking behind my mum’s chair to reach my bag. “Hey Mum, rocket eggs dog pavement, Scott and I are going to fuck, vegetable garden rice cakes haircut. Okay?”

“Okay, baby,” comes the absent-minded response. “Enjoy.”

I could cry if I look at her, so I don’t. I march back over to Scott and throw three condoms at him, scowling and throwing myself back down onto the settee, pulling the blanket over my back. The tears leak out of my eyes, despite my best efforts and I brush them away furiously.

Scott just pulls me to him, moving his hands to cover as much skin as possible, murmuring that it’s okay, that he’s here for me, that he loves me.

I don’t believe it so I can’t bear to hear it and lift my lips to his to shut him up. He’s so fucking mistaken, because he’ll leave me behind as soon as one of his uni friend turns his head. I thought I was going to lose him to that Josh guy last year, but thankfully it didn’t last. It’s only a matter of time though, but I’ll fucking kill anyone who gets in the way of us. The strength of feeling I have for my brother scares me, and I cling to him shaking.

He unwraps a foil, rolling it on, and whispers, “Are you sure?”

I nod and clutch desperately at what skin I can, pulling him into me. His cock head stills at my entrance but I reach round to grab his arse cheek, forcing him forwards and pushing his cock into my pussy without any resistance.

He’s finally in me, filling me up and it feels like we were made to join like this. We begin to move, my body moulding to his. I devour his mouth with mine, trying to communicate how much I fucking love him and he seems to understand, reciprocating with his mouth, his hands and his cock.

I throw my head back off the settee, and look at our mum. “Oh yeah, Scott. Fuck me like that, fuck me with your big cock,” I call out, wanting her to acknowledge us. He holds me close, speeding up to pound in and out, his head buried against my neck. I shout out, “Oh yeah, brother. Just like that. I can feel your cock in my pussy. Fuck me good, fuck me brother. Fuck your little sister.”

Her head turns towards us and I throw my body back, pulling the blanket off us and letting my tits be on display as Scott thrusts into me. “Yeah, Scott, fuck Evie, just like that. Make your sister come around your huge cock, brother.”

He grunts in my ear, not realising I’m showing our mum what we’re doing. Her eyes widen as she sees her son and her daughter joined in the way other brothers and sisters shouldn’t, locked together from cock to pussy.

I flick my sensitive clit as my brother thrusts his meaty cock in and out of me. It feels so much better than any other cock this pussy has ever taken, and I lock eye contact with our mum as me and Scott both come, shuddering and grunting and screaming out loud.

“What- what are you doing?” asks Mum, confused.

“We just fucked,” I say, panting, and holding Scott tight to me. I don’t ever want him to pull away. “We told you we were going to, and now we have. I love my brother.”

“You-you told me?”

“Yes. And you told us to enjoy it,” I say defiantly.

“Oh. Did I?” she asks, perplexed.

I study her shaking limbs, frowning face, and unfocused eyes. I’m taking advantage of her, and no matter how time she did that to us as kids, revenge doesn’t taste as sweet as I thought it would. I sigh, “Did what, Mum?”

“Erm, I don’t know.”

“Oh, okay. Just forget it,” I say confidently, “It’s nothing.”

I watch her struggle with her hold on reality, lifting the vodka bottle up for another swig to block life out, and whatever it was we were even discussing just vanishes out of her head. She just saw her daughter and son fucking in front of her and she’s already forgotten.

The victory I thought I’d feel is hollow, but I turn my attention back to the only thing, the only person, the only one that matters. Scott. He’s resting against me and I lift his head, catching his lips to kiss them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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