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My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction. The names of my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


Viktor is a highly sexed older man who loves sexy blondes with enormous tits. He loves to indulge his fetishes of pussy shaving and dressing his women in sexy black pvc before quite literally tearing it off them. He enjoys seeing his women restrained and fucked by others too.

Viktor’s life was influenced as an older teenager by his mother. The first part of this chapter continues the story of this particular part of his background, but please be aware that it contains details of their short incestuous relationship.


It was the day of Viktor’s nineteenth birthday. In the morning he received presents from his mother as usual, but apart from that it had seemed pretty much a normal day. He had gone out for a few beers with his friends to celebrate, but soon tired of the evening and their company, and so decided to make his way home. As he opened the front door, he was aware of voices coming from the kitchen. The door was slightly ajar so he decided to take a look.

He was astounded. His mother was dressed in a one piece pvc catsuit, like something Catwoman might wear. Oh fuck! She looked so hot. It clung to her body, her huge tits, her large nipples poking through the tight shiny vinyl, and the front zipper was partially open to reveal her magnificent cleavage.

Dimitri was already tying her to the table, but this time there were two others in the room with him. They were removing their clothes ready to fuck her. His mother writhed around on the table as they headed towards her. Viktor could hear the pvc squeaking and rustling as she moved. It was turning him on terribly, his cock grew harder.

“Let’s open this up Bitch.” One of them said as they pulled the zipper down to her waist, then reaching in, he pulled out both of her enormous beautiful tits, her soft rippling flesh spilling over to her sides, before he roughly squeezed and sucked on them. The other man headed round to her head and leaning over, he pushed his cock straight into her mouth, fucking her with it.

Dimitri was now at her pussy with a knife. Viktor had his heart in his mouth as he watched him pierce the plastic with it, and then a loud tearing sound as he ripped it open all the way beneath her, revealing her already shaved pink glistening pussy. He and one of the other men bent down to lick her. She groaned as they ate her out.

And then Dimitri was crawling on top of her so that his body slid around on the sexy pvc. They all took their turns, enjoying the feel of the sexy vinyl clad whore beneath them.

Viktor thought he would explode before long. Oh my God he wished he could fuck her. He was frantically pumping himself when he accidently pushed the door open wider. Dimitri saw him stood there, holding his hard cock.

“So who do we have here?” He asked, as he grabbed hold of Viktor, his cock embarrassingly standing to attention.

“Oh my God, Viktor what are you doing? This is my son.” Anya told them.

“Aaah I see, so you like to watch mummy fucked do you?” Dimitri asked, laughing with the others as he held him by his collar.

Viktor hung his head in shame and said nothing.

“Don’t hurt him Dimitri please, it’s his nineteenth birthday today.” shouted Anya.

“Well then, let’s make this a birthday he’ll remember, shall we?”

He dragged Viktor to his mother’s open legs, “Eat your mother’s cunt.” He said.

“No! Don’t make him do that. Please!” She begged.

But Viktor was actually thrilled to be told to do it. “No mummy it’s ok. I’ll do as he tells me.” He said and took hold of the already ripped soft pvc relishing the feel of it in his hands as he ripped hard until the shiny fabric gave way further, splitting open all the way to her ass hole.

“Now eat!” Dimitri instructed, pushing Viktor’s head into his mother’s pussy.

Viktor stretched open the vinyl with his fingers and gently started to lick her soft fleshy cunt. He had dreamt of this day and lasciviously licked and sucked on her labia, holding open her pink lips to sink in his soft tongue, spooning out her soft creamy juices. It was beyond delicious. He took her whole vulva into his mouth before gently prising back her hood to reveal her pink swollen clitoris. He gently licked it and sucked on her hard little pebble. He had never eaten pussy like this before and loved the feel and taste of her on his tongue.

His mother was going wild. Her breathing was heavy and deep as she squirmed about on the hard table underneath her son’s tongue. Her pvc catsuit squeaked and rustled tantalisingly as she moved around in it. He held tightly to her gorgeous slippery legs and pushed his tongue harder against her, his mouth sucking up her juices. This was heaven.

“Oh God Viktor, make me come baby.” She cried as she pushed hard against him until her first orgasm of the night ripped through, her body quivering and shaking. Viktor cleaned up all her delicious juices with his tongue bursa escort bayan before climbing on top of her to get to her breasts. He suckled and chewed them while he writhed around on top of her, enjoying the feel of the slippery squeaky pvc beneath his skin. He was more than ready to sink his desperately wanting cock deep into that lush pussy.

But then he felt strong hands pulling him off her. “Now wasn’t that nice boy? Perhaps if you are good we will let you fuck your mother too.” Said Dimitri, “But for now you can watch and learn some things while the big men fuck her hard and rip her apart.” He said, as he dragged him to one of the chairs, tying him to it.

Anya Looked at him and weakly smiled as one of the men opened her legs and started to eat her pussy again. Dimitri came to her face and rammed his cock in her mouth while the third man took hold of her rippling creamy tits and sucked and smacked them. Viktor’s hands were free so he took hold of his cock and rubbed it while he watched them, in a huge state of arousal.

Her wet cunt was being plundered by them, each man taking his turn at fucking her while she groaned and came relentlessly. Viktor was desperate to fuck her too. “Please Dimitri let me have my turn now. Let me fuck her, please.” He begged,

“No Viktor you can’t do that.” His mother shouted. “It’s not right!”

“But he is your son, and it is his birthday. You should give him what he wants.” said Dimitri, then proceeded to free Viktor from the rope.

His cock was already so hard, he headed towards his mother, pushing aside the torn pvc and opening up her glistening cunt. He took hold of his cock and slowly started to slide it inside her until he was completely submerged inside her juicy creamy pussy. She gasped and he groaned as he started to fuck her, pounding her back and forth. It was like nothing ever before. Sex with his girlfriend was never like this. He withdrew from her then climbed on top, his naked chest against her soft cushioning breasts, and the feel of the slippery pvc beneath him, then entering her welcoming wet cunt again. He gasped as he fucked her, kissing her properly, his tongue inside her mouth this time. “You know I love you mummy, and I want this. I want to fuck you. I have wanted this for so long, and I know you want this too.” He told her.

“I know baby. Of course I love you too. I know this cannot be right, but just this once, keep on fucking me.” She said as he pounded her harder and harder. His cock throbbed now and he pulled it from her and sprayed his white cum all over her beautiful tits.

“Ok lad, you’ve had your birthday treat now. It’s our turn, that’s what we’re paying her for. Out of the way so we can finish her off.” Dimitri told him.

Viktor sat back on the chair while they started to untie her. “Get on your knees now whore.” They instructed. She knelt down as each one of them fucked her mouth with their cocks. Dimitri went behind her. “Get on all fours now.” He instructed and took hold of the already torn pvc wrenching it open further. There was a loud sound of tearing plastic as he split it open beyond her ass cheeks.

He stretched the vinyl over her buttocks then opened her cheeks, spitting into her ass hole before thrusting his cock in. She screamed as he pushed in hard. Viktor winced as he watched them all sodomize her. One after the the other they sank their cocks into her ass. In and out, faster and faster, harder and harder as she screamed, finally pulling out and showering her with their white cum, all over the black shiny pvc.

And now it seemed they were all done with her for now. They looked at their watches, time to get home to their miserable older wives. They smartened themselves up in their suits, ready to appear home after their ‘business meeting.’

Dimitri left a huge amount of money on the table, then snogging Anya he and the others walked to the door. “Until the next time, my beautiful little whore.” He shouted at her before closing the door. And then they were gone.


Viktor helped his mother up the stairs. He wanted to take care of her. He laid her on the bed and carefully cleaned all the cum off her with a cloth. The pvc was shiny again, but now he ripped it open all the way down her front so that he could strip it off her, but the sexy squeaky groaning sound it made as he tore it open made his cock throb again. He realised he didn’t want to strip it off her yet. He wanted to fuck her again while she still wore it. He climbed on to the bed next to her and suckled and kneaded her tits while she stroked his hair, but then the sight of her glistening pussy in the black torn vinyl became too much for him. He once again opened her up and sank in his tongue, licking out all her beautiful juices. She groaned as he lovingly and softly licked her delicious pussy. He couldn’t get enough, and before long he was sinking his cock inside her again.

“This is not right my son.” She gasped as he fucked her. “It can’t be right.” She said.

“Shush mummy. Just let your little boy fuck you.” He said, kissing her deeply, pounding her harder and harder until he was görükle escort close to exploding again. His mother dressed in shiny squeaky pvc, just all too much for him. He immediately pulled out of her, his cum once again spilling all over her beautiful tits.

He finally cleaned her up and peeled off the remnants of the torn catsuit. She was so tired she drifted off to sleep immediately. He lay down beside her taking her nipples in his mouth, sucking on them all night long.

It had been the best birthday ever!


Viktor woke this morning feeling a little miserable. It wasn’t great to know you had just turned 67. Only three more years and he would be 70. Truly into old age then, he thought to himself. But the main thing was he didn’t really feel it, and he didn’t think he looked it either. He still had all his faculties, he was reasonably fit and attractive, and he still enjoyed a lot of sex. He still loved to fuck beautiful young women and they were always keen to let him fuck them. He was a good, attentive lover and they knew that.

He had made arrangements to travel to his daughter’s house in the country. His wife would be there too. He would spend a couple of hours with them and the grandkids, having lunch, then back to London for his party. Not a huge party. Thirty of his male friends and acquaintances along with plenty of girls to go round all of them. He was looking forward to that most of all. He wondered if Lucy would be there. He had liked her very much the last time they met. She did remind him of his beautiful niece, Anastasia. He missed his niece.

The lunch was fine. Good to see his family occasionally, though his wife did irritate him now. He was glad they no longer lived under the same roof. All that had changed after they left Moscow. She couldn’t bear to be with him after the ‘niece saga’. Frankly, it suited him.

He was now on his way back to his London home in his helicopter.


He stared at himself in the mirror. Yeah, not too bad for his age. He liked the way the tailored black pants helped hide his ever expanding belly, but he did need to deal with it really though. Too much alcohol he realised. He buttoned the white silk shirt, leaving the collar and three buttons unfastened, then fixed the diamond cufflinks. He stroked his neat grey goatee and combed what remained of his grey hair. It was a shame his skin was a bit marked nowadays. Maybe he should have laser? At least he’d never needed a facelift. He was rugged and that was sexy wasn’t it? Yeah, not bad really, he thought.

He headed down the stairs to find the rooms flooded with the most delicious looking girls. Their tight sexy clothing revealing large tits and tight rounded asses, the way he liked them.

“Happy Birthday Viktor.” They all shouted in unison.

“Thank you ladies.” He said, grabbing hold of a couple of delicious asses as they all crowded in on him, snogging a few of the girls. This evening was going to be good. “Is Lucy here?” He asked.

“She’s currently in France.” One of the girls told him. He was disappointed. But hey ho, he was sure he could soon pick another one from this young bevvy of delights.


Most of his guests had arrived now. They had been talking, eating and drinking awhile, but now they were starting to give the girls their attention. The whores were all over the rich and powerful men, keen to bag one who might see something special in them. Many had now removed their dresses and were down to their scanty undies. Some of the men had already removed the girls’ bras and were starting to strip off their own clothes.

Viktor sat watching Alexey Petrov in particular, with two of the most gorgeous girls at his party. It was always important he was looked after well. Viktor didn’t like him, but he was an extremely dangerous and powerful man, Russian mafia. He was muscular, handsome and rugged in his forties but never to be crossed and always to be pleased. What or who he wanted, he got, and when he chose these particular beauties at Viktor’s party, Viktor could not object.

Alexey was now stripping the girls naked. unfastening both their bras so that their large tits fell out, then sitting between the two of them he took hold of both pairs of their delicious breasts, squeezing and sucking them. The girls lent over him, their creamy large melons dropping into his face. His mouth, his tongue, lapped frantically at their large pink erect, delicious nipples, sucking their rippling flesh hard and deep into his mouth. The girls threw back their heads in delight as he suckled them both. One of them then began unfastening his fly, his massive cock springing out at her. She took him in her mouth and lavished her tongue along his large silky shaft.

Viktor continued to watch as the man now had his head buried between their legs, opening up their crotchless panties, licking and eating their delicious pink glistening cunts, moving from one to the other. And now he was literally ripping off the tiny see through strips of lace covering their pussies and throwing it aside. He continued bursa escort bayan lasciviously lapping at their cunts, his face glistening from their sex juices, before fucking them hard with the whole of his hand, roughly pushing in and out of their dripping slurping pussies, the girls gasping and groaning.

He had now instructed them to hold their legs high and wait for him to fuck their cunts with his giant cock. He was removing his pants readying himself to push his prick into their cunts before plundering the small flowery holes of their asses. He pushed in and out of each girl hard as they screamed in ecstasy as the wide girth of his prick tightly filled all their holes.

Viktor knew Alexey had a reputation for treating his whores roughly and viciously. He had no respect for these women, seeing them as being there simply as providing a service to men. To serve him, his huge needy prick and his huge raging sexual appetite. But his power, his reputation and his huge prick preceded him and women fawned over him just to get fucked by him. They in turn found him to be one hell of a delicious sexy fuck and these two clearly loved being fucked by him this evening. It seemed a lot of these women wanted to be treated roughly.

Viktor could see his party was going well, everyone enjoying themselves, but now it was time for him to choose one of the girls for himself. He had chatted to most of them and decided on an attractive young blonde called Tina. She was only twenty and had huge tattooed tits and inflated lips which appealed to Viktor, slug like dark eyebrows and ridiculously long acrylic nails. Her strong Essex accent was awful, but he wasn’t planning on much conversation with her. She looked kind of ‘unwholesome’, in other words dirty! Definitely up for hard core sex he figured.

“Come with me Tina dear. I think you and I can have some fun together this evening.” She beamed at him, delighted to be chosen by the ‘main man’!

He unfastened her dress and let it drop to the floor, before telling her to sit with him. She straddled his legs as she sat on his lap and kissed him, their tongues lapping as they kissed erotically. She started to unfasten his shirt and kissed his silver hair covered chest, then unfastening his fly she pulled his hard cock out and rubbed it with her hands.

“Let’s take this off you now baby.” He said as he unfastened her bra. Her wonderful tattooed tits bursting out at him. He immediately sucked on them, leaving marks of his own all over them.

“Oh that feels so good Vik. Suck me tits ‘ard babes.” She said, as she held his head to her nipples while he nibbled and suckled, leaving behind little bruises to show he’d visited!

And then he looked up to see Lucian Natas walk through the door. He was accompanied by the two most gorgeous looking identical Barbie dolls. They were both dressed in thigh high vinyl boots and shiny black pvc body suits. Women dressed in black shiny vinyl always appealed to Viktor. Fuck! Sex on legs he thought and immediately stopped sucking Tina’s tits.

“Off my lap now darling.” He said as he shifted her and zipped up his fly. He was much more interested in what Lucian had just brought in with him. He took Tina by the hand. “Come with me Tina, I need to greet my good friend Lucian.” He said, leading her half naked towards the group.

He had first met Lucian shortly after moving from Moscow. They had hit it off immediately, sharing a great interest in sexy women and hot sex. Both having a real love of huge tits and sexy vinyl clothing. They had done many business deals together and Lucian was extremely successful and wealthy in his own right. Viktor had never got involved in his ‘dark scene’, but he had heard rumours of what went on. He wanted to stay on the good side of Lucian, knowing it was beneficial to him, and often accompanied him on various of his sex trysts, visits to clubs and orgies etc. Lucian knew Viktor’s tastes well.

“Viktor my old friend. Happy Birthday. I can see you’ve been enjoying yourself.” He said looking at Tina. “Mmmm, nice pair of tits, and I can see Viktor’s been at them.” He said, smiling, as he took hold of one and sucked on it, leaving yet another purple hickey.

She groaned while this gorgeous looking man sucked her nipples. “Meet Lucian Natas, Tina.” He laughed. “And who are these delicious ladies you’ve brought with you?’ He asked.

Lucian lifted his head from Tina’s tits. “Aaah these two are my birthday present for you Viktor. This is Ava and Harper and they are yours to do with exactly what you please until tomorrow.” He told him.

The delicious twins towered above him in their sky high boots. Their beyond enormous tits were covered with black pvc. Viktor thought there was nothing more beautiful and sexy than delicious huge tits encased in tight fitting shiny pvc, defining their voluptuous contours and huge nipples. He looked forward to stripping it off to reveal the true delights that lay underneath. They both put their arms around him and kissed him, the vinyl squeaking and groaning as they moved, their tits rubbing tantalisingly against him. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it with his hands. Oh yes he was going to have some fun with these two. He had heard of their reputation and knew they were up for absolutely anything. He would arrange to have them taken to his dungeon for their night’s fun together.

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