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See Traveling to Alaska in Erotic Couples for part 1. Traveling to Alaska Part 2 in NonConsent/Reluctance for more to the story.


I found my rental and drove the well-known route to my old childhood home where mother was staying. Dad had moved out but I didn’t know where for sure. I unlocked the front door to mom’s house and walked inside. It was awfully quiet on the first floor so I headed upstairs figuring mom was napping or something. I began to hear strange noises as I topped the stairs and I paused to listen for a moment. I recognized the sounds very clearly and followed them to the door of my mother’s room. I watched in a state of momentary shock at my mother lying on the bed naked, legs spread and a dildo up her pussy.

My dick responded instantly at the sight of a woman’s pussy and I watched for a few moments. Mom’s pussy had a small patch of hair but for the most part it seemed as though she kept well groomed. She was oblivious to me standing there watching me, of course she hadn’t been expecting me either. Mom was a pretty hot woman even for being 45. My mom, Sandra, was 5′ 8″ tall, 40B breasts that sagged just a bit but still awesome, brown hair and brown eyes. Mom had a little bit of African-American heritage in her too, as her great grandfather had been one.

I rubbed my cock through my jeans as I watched Mom play with herself. Suddenly I shed my own clothes and walked naked into mom’s room with my 10″ cock sticking out. “How about a real cock in there, mom?” I asked. She sat up startled at me being there.

“Oh, my gosh, I didn’t know you were coming,” Mom said and started to get off the bed. I rushed over and stopped her.

“It’s okay, mom, don’t be embarrassed,” I said. “You’re hot and you deserve the real thing. I told you that I’d be happy to help you wherever I could.”

“Kaden, we really shouldn’t,” Mom said.

“We’re both adults, mom,” I said. I pushed her back on the bed. “I’m sure it’s been a while for the real thing but I’m sure you’ll love my big cock.”

Mom looked down at me and gasped. “You’re huge compared to your dad,” mom said. “He was only about 7″ and thin.”

I took mom’s hand and said, “Touch it, mom. Touch your little boy’s manhood and the tool that makes me very proud.”

Mom’s hand slowly wrapped around my cock and she began to stroke me tenderly. I moaned at the gentleness and reached to touch mom’s bare breasts. I had a hand on both breasts and squeezed gently, rubbing the nipples between fingers and then rolling them with the tips of my fingers. I watched as mother suddenly opened her mouth and took my cock into it. I moaned deeply at the feel of her warm lips around my thick shaft and she began to fuck her own mouth with my cock.

“You like your baby boy’s cock?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” is all she said. I smiled proudly as I continued to fondle her tits. After a few moments, I pulled away and said, “Lie down on the bed, Sandra.”

Mom quickly returned to the position she held moments ago before I entered the room. I crawled over her and again lowered my cock into her mouth, then after she started her treatment on my cock again I bent and began to taste mom’s pussy. I kissed the inside of her thighs as I parted them just a bit further. I licked down her pussy and kissed my way back up. I didn’t even use my fingers to part her pussy lips but just queenbet güvenilirmi dipped my tongue inside and tasted her sweet juices.

“Very tasty, mother,” I said as she moaned. I began to fuck mom’s mouth, as my arousal grew stronger with each stroke. I continued my feasting of mom’s pussy and stuck three fingers inside her cunt and began to fuck her. Mom began to moan against my cock and suddenly shuddered through her first orgasm.

When mom finished, I pulled out of her mouth and turned around. I laid myself gently on top of her but didn’t enter her pussy just yet. I supported myself on my arms so not to crush my mother and kissed her deeply a few times. Then I moved down and suckle my mother’s breasts, which I haven’t done since I was a baby. They were awesome breasts and I alternated my mouth hands from breast to breast. I was becoming very aroused and I pushed myself up then back down and entered my own mother.

I began to fuck in and out of mom’s pussy as I ravaged her breasts. She was moaning and gasping as I did this and mom met me with her own thrusts. “Fuck me, my sweet boy. Fuck your mommy with that big cock,” Mom said. “Feed on mommy’s breasts. You are her baby. Suck on your mommy’s titties like a good baby boy.”

I pounded as hard and as fast as I dared into my mother and it wasn’t long before she began to go through another orgasm. Once she finished her second orgasm, I pulled out and told her to turn over. Mom did as instructed and I trailed kissed from her neck down her back and to her ass. I slapped her ass cheeks a little and she grunted but said nothing. I was trying not to hurt her but to arouse her with a little BDSM playing. I parted mom’s ass cheeks and began to lick her asshole even putting my tongue inside her asshole.

I stuck my fingers into mom’s pussy lips to lube them up and then insert one inside her asshole to begin creating lubrication for me to enter her. I did this for a long time and then finally I positioned myself at the entrance of mom’s asshole. “Hold on, mom,” I said. Then I pushed inside her rectum. She screamed just a bit but didn’t stop me.

I held onto mom’s hips and began to fuck her ass slowly. I reached around and began to roughly play with her tits. I was fucking mom’s ass so hard I could hear my ball slap her pussy each time I slammed into her. Mom was gasping and moaning with more sounds of enjoying it rather than pain. I slid one hand down to her pussy and began to finger fuck her pussy with three fingers. Suddenly mom erupted into a third orgasm and that sent me into my own orgasm. I shot three or four streams of cum into mom’s rectum before pulling out.

“Oh, baby boy, you’re so sweet,” mom said. “You know how to work your mother over. Your dad quit fucking me years ago and I’m always so horny.”

“It’s my privilege, Sandra,” I said and kissed her. “I’ll fuck you any time you want for as long as I’m here.”

Mom finally went to clean up and I went to the hallway to pull on my clothes. I put my bags in mom’s room because I figured she’d need a lot of fucking while I was here. Mom had already found an apartment to move into there in Anchorage and had already begun packing boxes to move. Dad was going to let her have the furniture from the house.

“Where’s dad living?” I asked mom.

“He moved up north to Fairbanks,” Mom said. queenbet yeni giriş “He got a job working for some trucking company and shares a duplex with one of the other drivers. The divorce is already final. We’re just waiting for the house to sell so we can split the profits.”

I helped mom move for the next week. She moved everything from the house to the apartment that she really needed. The things she didn’t want or need she sold at a yard sale. I continued to fuck mom that week I was there. I fucked her at night, in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the day whenever she felt horny. Mom loved it and begged for me to keep going. I fucked her until she couldn’t handle anymore.

Finally mom was all moved into her apartment and she was unpacking things when a knock sounded at the door. She asked me to answer it for her and I opened it up to find my sister, Lila, at the door. “Hey, Sis,” I said and we hugged each other.

“Hey, big brother,” Lila said. We’d been fucking for a long time whenever we were with each other. I slapped her sexy ass before I let her go. My sister was hot too. She was 20, brown hair and brown eyes like mom. Lila stood at 5′ 9″ tall and had big breasts for her age at 42C.

“Hi, Lila,” Mom said when she went into the kitchen where mom was unpacking.

“Hey, mom, thought I’d come see the new apartment,” Lila said as she and mom hugged. I watched them and felt my cock growing for the need to fuck them both. “It’s nice, mom,” Lila said as she looked around. “It was nice of Kaden to come and help you move.”

Lila had been attending the University of Alaska there in Anchorage. She was studying to become a nurse. “Thanks, Lila,” Mom said as she went back to work. “Kaden was a great help.”

“Mom told me how much you’ve been helping her,” Lila said and emphasized the word ‘helping.’ “We thought you should have us both after I told her about us. What do you think, bro?” Lila asked.

“I ain’t stupid enough to turn that down,” I said. “Mom’s apartment needs broken in anyway so we might as well do it right.”

Lila giggled like a little girl and said, “I’ve missed you, Kaden.” She flew herself around me and kissed me deeply right there in front of mom. I didn’t deny her either as I ground myself into her midsection and caressed her back and ass. Mom was on my right side quickly too and I pulled her to me as Lila broke the kiss off. I kissed mom with the taste of Lila still on my lips. I felt two hands rubbing my erection through my jeans as I squeezed an ass cheek with each hand.

Lila dropped to her knees and began to undo my jeans and I pulled my shirt off before reaching for the buttons on mom’s blouse. Mom slid the blouse off and then removed her bra for me and I dipped to taste one as my hand reached for the other. I felt Lila’s warm mouth on my cock after she had my jeans and briefs pulled away. I moaned and reached to cup the back of Lila’s hand. I felt mom’s hand there so I let mom guide Lila on cock sucking.

Lila was great at sucking cock and I paused a moment on my breast-feeding to watch her. Our eyes met for a few moments as she fucked my cock with her hot mouth. She pulled my cock out and stroked it with her hand as she reached to suck on my balls. I moaned deeply at the feel of her mouth on my big balls. I went back to mom’s breasts and got queenbet giriş rough with her because I was so aroused.

Mom stopped me after a bit and knelt next to my sister. I watched as they shared a kiss with one another and my cock jerked at the sight. Then mom and Lila shared my cock with each other as mom began to remove Lila’s clothes for her. Mom was naked already as she had removed her own clothes while I had been watching Lila earlier. Lila stood up and began to strip as mom took over sucking on my cock.

Once she was naked, Lila slid up next to me again and we kissed deeply. Then I bent to taste of her large breasts as well ravishing them with both my hands and my mouth. “Get on the table, Lila,” I said patting the kitchen table. Lila did as I asked and mom and I turned so I could face Lila. Mom continued to take care of my cock. Lila set back a bit and spread her legs for me revealing her beautifully shaved pussy.

“Mmm, so tasty,” I said as I bent to kiss around the pussy. Then I dove into it with my tongue deep in her cunt and my nose was even inside rubbing her clit. Lila whimpered at the feel of my hot mouth on her pussy. “Oh, mom, you’re going to get a treat,” I said and stiffened as I shot my load into mom’s mouth. She swallowed it all as I shot stream after stream into her mouth.

Once I finished, mom moved from under the table and I continued to feast on Lila’s pussy. Mom got up on the table and straddled Lila’s face. I stopped for a moment and watched in amazement as Lila began to eat mom’s pussy like she’d done it many times before. Mom fondled Lila’s breasts as Lila ate her pussy and I went back to feasting on Lila’s pussy. Almost simultaneously the two erupted into their own orgasms and I lapped up my sister’s juices as they flowed out.

My cock was raging hard once again and I instructed Lila to stand up and bend over the table. She did quickly and slid with quite a thrust into Lila’s pussy. Mom got under the table again and began to lick Lila’s clit as I pounded her pussy. Every now and then I could feel mom’s tongue brush my cock as I pulled out of Lila’s pussy. It was an awesome feeling. I reached to play with Lila’s titties roughly, as I liked to do and used them to thrust into her pussy hard.

Suddenly I pulled out of Lila’s pussy and in the same swift motion slammed into her asshole. Lila hollered at the sudden intrusion but this wasn’t the first time I’d fucked her ass. She was used to it and I began the same pounding to her ass as I had her pussy just seconds before. Mom continued to lick Lila’s clit and pussy as I fucked my sister. Just a few strokes more and I plunged into Lila as I began to cum inside her ass. Lila erupted into mom’s mouth and mom lapped up Lila’s juices.

“Let’s take it to the couch,” mom said leading me to the living room. I lay down on the couch and mom straddled my still semi-hard cock. She slid my cock that was soaked in Lila and my cum and slid it into her own pussy. Lila came over and shoved her big tits in my face. She knew I loved to smother inside them and she let me play with them as mom fucked herself with my cock. Mom knew how to ride too. Mom fucked me until she came and Lila too orgasmed just from me playing with her tits.

We were all spent and lay there for quite a while trying to catch our breath. Lila stayed until Sunday at mom’s place. We had several fuck sessions involving the three of us many times over the weekend. On Sunday Lila and I both had to leave. I had to return to my job in Las Vegas and Lila had to get back to the campus dorms. We had one final fuck session on Sunday morning before Lila and I headed off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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