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I am laying in bed thinking of you, and how much I really want to fuck you; and wishing my cock was real so I could fuck you the way I want to and feel it. I decide to surprise you, so I put my cock on and grab the lube, wearing nothing but my cock I walk into the living room and sit on the couch, patiently I wait for you to come home.

Expecting you home any minute, I lube up and start stroking my cock, pretending that it is real and wanting so badly to feel it. My desire to fuck you becomes so strong that I start to feel myself cumming. All I want is for you to come home and take over stroking my cock to take me over the edge. I am so turned on it’s becoming frustrating, needing to release the pressure of my orgasm I reach down with my other hand and start playing with my pussy. It only takes a few seconds before my orgasm reaches full strength, my body trembles as it crowns, all I can move now are the fingers on my pussy. I play with my clit until I cant breath, than plunge my fingers inside, letting out a slight moan. The feeling of my tight pussy around my fingers is so satisfying; I work through finishing my orgasm. As the intensity starts to waver I begin stroking my cock once more.

Suddenly I hear the garage door open and you pull the jeep in. Eagerly I await you. I become anxious as I hear your footsteps fall hard on the stairs. My desire to be inside you strengthens. You walk in the door and look at me surprised. You pause for a moment to assess the situation you have just walked into; me naked on the couch one hand wrapped around my cock the other buried in my pussy, my skin still slightly pink and flushed from the previous orgasm. I give you a look that tells you I need casino şirketleri you.

You give a slight smirk and sarcastically say, “Hi. Can I help you?” I don’t respond verbally, instead I slide my fingers from my pussy, lick them clean and walk over to you. I kiss you as deeply as I can, grab your hand and put it around my cock.

I undress you while you stroke me. Starting with your pants, I unbutton and slide them down; when they get to your knees I bend down and lift your cock into my mouth, swallowing as much of it as I can. As I slide my mouth off your hard cock you let out a moan of disapproval. I give you a look letting you know I’m not finished yet and go back to undressing you. I kneel down and untie your boots taking them off one at a time, and then I take your pants off the rest of the way. Stand back up and pull your shirt over your head, throw it on the floor and kiss you, pulling your naked body against mine. I push you towards the bedroom and you obey. Once there I turn you around and pull your hips to mine, pressing my cock into the crack or your ass, you push back telling me you want more. I persuasively push you to bend down and get on your knees on the bed. You obey my non-verbal instructions. I bend down behind you, running my tongue down the crack of your ass to your asshole. I immediately begin fucking your ass with my tongue, you let out a moan and push against my face with your ass, forcing my tongue as far into your ass as possible. I sit up and lick two fingers and slide them into your waiting asshole. Your breathing and the string of pre-cum oozing from your cock tell me you are enjoying this. I work a third finger, than moments later a fourth finger into casino firmaları you, fucking your ass with my hand. When I cant take it any longer and I feel you are ready for it, I side my pre-lubed cock into your ass.

I slowly build speed, watching my cock slide in and out of your ass, watching as your ass tightens around it, wishing I could feel it. Once again my desires take over and I begin to lose control. You suddenly feel the need to help this feeling along, reaching between your legs you slide your fingers against my soaking wet pussy, searching for my clit. Just the feeling of your fingertips touching my pussy is enough to make me cry out in pleasure as I feel the waves and explosion inside me as I cum again. My body slams against yours wildly as I ravage your asshole until slowly it passes; at that point you pull away. Taking over, you grab hold of me forcing me face down onto the mattress. You force your rock hard cock into my tight, pulsing pussy making me cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain. You grab a fist full of my hair and pull me up wrapping your other hand around my throat stifling my moans from the carry-over orgasm. It doesn’t take long for you to reach your breaking point as you pound me as hard as possible. Your breathing gets louder and heavier and turns to moans as you aggressively fill me with your hot sticky cum. Your pace slows as you pump every last drop possible into me before you pull out with a huff and a shutter. You grab the towel and clean yourself off then fall over on to the bed, too exhausted to reach for the cup of water on the nightstand to quench your thirst. You lie there and momentarily doze before I wake you and suggest a shower. güvenilir casino You agree and when I get up, take off my cock and start the water running you fall asleep again. This time I wake you with gentle kisses, starting at the neck and working my way down to your now soft cock. I shove the whole thing in my mouth and gently start sucking it the way I know you like, you stir and start lifting your hips in response, both of us knowing it’s too soon to start up again you follow me to the shower.

Once there we agree to wash each other. I start by gently soaping you up, working from your shoulders, slowly moving down your body, playfully playing with your cock and ass when I reach them, being sure to wash you to the best of my ability. When I finish you rinse off and go to work returning the favor. You play with my tender pussy and work your way to my ass, much to your surprise I am receptive to this and you continue. I reach down and play with your cock again feeling it star to get hard again. You gently work a few fingers into my ass using the suds as lube, when you feel you have stretched me well enough, you turn me around and put your hard cock to my asshole and gently work your way in, trying not to hurt me. The gentle stinging of feeling your hard cock stretching my ass just increases the pleasure, and I begin to moan. You work into a rhythm and in an effort to further increase my pleasure you reach around and start playing with my clit as you fuck my asshole. You feel me tighten in response and I let out a loud moan as I begin to feel myself cum again. You stop playing with my pussy and focus on maintaining my orgasm by maintaining your rhythm. Just as I finish you pull out, spraying my ass and back with your cum. I turn around and kiss you; you give a shudder and kiss me back, thanking me. We finish our shower and spend the rest of the night holding each other knowing we have fully satisfied each other enough for one day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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